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Welcome Tyrell Johnson, Miami's newest addition

Yes, the Dolphins have been slimed by some notable NFL names as a team to avoid. Warren Sapp and Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark have been critical of Miami and said players are staying away from Miami for various issues.

Free agent safety Tyrell Johnson, signed Thursday after four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, doesn't agree. He said his visit in Miami on Monday went well. He said he "felt comfortable" with Miami's coaches. And he disagrees Miami is a bad place to continue a career.

"I think that's a negative way to look at it," Johnson said Thursday. "I feel like any team in the NFL is a place to go play. It's a privilege to play in the NFL and any team can compete for a playoff spot. it's a coin flip every year. Look at the Lions a couple of years ago and look at them now. They're a playoff-caliber team every year now, I would think.

"I don't believe in that saying."

Johnson didn't visit any other team during free agency. He said he had another visit pending but cancelled it.

Johnson was a second-round pick in the 2008 draft but never quite met expectation in Minnesota. He started games sporadically but the Vikings wanted more and Johnson never provided it.

Johnson, meanwhile, believes he's ready to give more with the change of scenery. He will compete at both free and strong safety for the starting job as the Dolphins plan to use interchangeable safeties anyway.

"I've been through it," he said. "I've been on top. I've been on the bottom. I've been benched. I've been inactive. I've been hurt. You just grow up as a person, a player, as a father. You grow up as a human being going through some things. Sometimes you have to go through some things to get some things."

Johnson has been though some things off the field as well.

In September of 2011 he was arrested for suspicion of driving while impaired. Authorities said Johnson was arrested after registering a .12 blood alcohol level in a state where .08 is the legal limit.

"Terrible decision on my part," Johnson said. "Terrible judgment call. It shouldn't have happened. I paid my dues for it. I did everything to handle my business there and that's behind me ... You live and you learn. That's behind me. I made a mistake.

"I've apologized and greatly feel sorry for that mistake. You live and you learn and I'm focused now on getting better and making better decisions in the future. "

Johnson also finished the 2011 season on the injured reserve list after he tore a hamstring in November. Johnson said Thursday the injury is still not completely well. He estimated he's at "85 percent."


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How much will Clairborne's Wonderlic "4" score make him drop?

Will the Fins pick him at #8 if the Bucs decide to pass him up?

Fins could see alot more coverage sacks and picks if he works out.

I was pissed after we didnt get a decent quarterback and didnt sign any top free agents. But after we go 4-12 this season, hopefully we can run both ross and ireland out of town and end this nightmare. Dolphin fan for life

Patriots have signed 20 players since March 15th.

Miami has signed 12
Jets have signed 12
Bills have signed 6 (although Mario was a good signing)

First of all, how is it the Patriots can sign 20 people but we can't even get folks to come visit. Why aren't they cap handicapped like we are? I thought you could be over the cap BEFORE the last day to be over the cap. Why does Ireland care about being slightly over when he has time to get below?

Second, the more players the more chances of finding that acorn. I say sign them all and let them fight it out. Then cut the waste by cap day.

There is still the draft. Pats load up on bodies year in and year out. They are good year in and year out.


Imitation is the best form of flattery.

Not sure if Tyrell will be a star, but any competition at safety is needed, and a potential star (even if he becomes a bust)is worth the signing.
Good job on this one.
Still want us to draft a safety too. Maybe 3rd-4th round?

nice post at 12:30 seems about right

Jack, we got rid of Bell because:

A) He cost too much against the CAP
B) He's only good at defending against the run
C) He's old therefore his best days are behind him

Not sure what there is there to keep. We're going to be a WHOLE different team. It's a new staff, implementing a new defense, looking for new personnel.

This TJ guy might be a bottom of the roster guy, but so what. He's obviously a filler if/until they find a replacement. And maybe he'll work out with the right Coaching. Like Mando said, this year is basically a throwaway. There are no goals of making the Playoffs or winning the division or anything. This is a rebuild year. SO, the team is rebuilding (in with the new, out with the old sorta stuff).

Bell should have been gone LAST rebuild. He's lucky he made it this long.

...I would hope teams pass on Claiborne all the way to 8..That would make our choice very easy IMO..First off the kid has a learning disability..So whoever outed him is a spinless gutless punk...They don't tell you this. Also cornerback isn't quarterback..The guy obviously has cover skills that translate to the football field..Claiborne in a Phin uniform on the field on Sundays would be a huge upgrade.He is one of the ELITE players in this draft..

I see that the Phins will be working out Quentin Groves..He was a "combine warrior" His stats, or production have never equaled his expectation. As a depth guy..You can never have too many pass rushers. Even if he is a roster casualty, it would be worth bringing him in. We need more depth here, especially if we draft a quarterback in the first round..

Personally, I don't like Players with low intelligence(Jason Allen). It would be a tough choice, for me, to select Claiborne if he falls to us, the guy covers like glue. That's why we have Ireland for.

GarbagePlate, did you notice how they mention Tyrell would be a good fit in a Cover-2 scheme, in that link you posted? I already posted a link showing that he did not miss one tackle in coverage last year. Yeremiah Bell and Reshad Jones each missed 8 tackles in coverage last year. You can't play a Cover-2 scheme and have safeties missing tackles in coverage. Yeremiah Bell is an in the box strong safety that covers the run and gets a lot of tackles as a result. However, it is well documented that he cannot keep up in pass coverage, and he misses tackles to boot! In our new scheme, that's the majority of his responsibilities, and he's already shown he can't handle that, and he's in a steady decline. I like him too, but he simply doesn't fit right now. Similarly, Tyrell Johnson did not fit what he was being asked to do in Minnesota. I think we may have upgraded here, especially when you take our new defensive scheme into account, not to mention youth, speed, and athleticism. BTW, check out the following link. Tyrell Johnson was timed at 4.41 in the 40 yard dash.


Probably the Wonderlic is not an intelligence test but one that evaluates general knowledge.

Bell cost too much against the cap!?!?!?

Why can't your same post be about Dansby instead of Bell?

"Jack, we got rid of Bell because:
A) He cost too much against the CAP
B) He's only good at defending against the run
C) He's old therefore his best days are behind him"

I'm looking at the numbers, Bells guaranteed money (if they kept him) would have cost us about 4 million in cap. Without a contract, he still cost us 1.5 in dead money. So what did we really save? 2.5 million? Apparently, they didn't even try to renegotiate his contract. Didn't Ireland say no one wanted him? So they released him? Why not resign him with a new cap friendly contract?

But I'm sure Ireland tried to low ball the man on a new contract. This smells personal to me. Just not enough evidence exist it was a cap move when other players would have saved way more on the cap.

I think Ireland has it all wrong. The saying goes like this: Its business not personal. Not the other way around.

Please pass along to Mr. Ireland that the signing of this no-name safety who was discarded by Minnesota and not wanted or recruited anywhere else is just as exciting as the Artis Hicks signing and the QB who didn't play last year who is going to compete with Matt Moore for the starting job.

I think we're ready for the draft now and I can hardly wait to see what holes he doesn't fill there. Good times.

Marino had a very low wonderlic and e did ok

Since the Dolphins screwed up the QB search, literally every other signing the make is meaningless.

Marino had a VERY low Wonderlic score and, truth be told, the guy is no Einstein in the general smarts category.

But this is why attaching too much importance to that test can be foolish. It doesn;t measure intangibles like heart, desire, and a great feel for the game.

Of course, you'd PREFER a player that has all those attributes AND has great intelligence, but it's a fairly rare combination.

"Fields, Baker and Carpenter serving food at the Broward Outreach Center in Hollywood, FL."

Two of our best players.


The reason Dansby is different is because he doesn't fit into B & C. He's pretty good at pass defense (just not Hernandez/Gronk type TEs). And he's not that old. So he still has years left.

I'm not saying I wouldn't mind them finding a cheaper option if they can, but he seems to be one of the best defenders we have right now, so I don't think he's as expendable as Bell.

Also, I think Ireland DID say he'd be interested in signing Bell for the right price. Maybe with all the other (more important) stuff he was working on (Manning, Flynn, etc.) he couldn't just do it initially, but as you can see, there's not much interest in Bell. There's still time to bring him back at the league minimum (which is pretty much his worth right now).

I think what you need to consider is if the defense will fall apart without Bell? My answer to that would be no. If you're answer is yes, then the 2nd part of that is, "so what if it does?" Not being glib, I'm just saying Miami isn't "in the hunt" this year. They have time to fill that position if no one works this year (from the younger guys they currently have).

These Coaches need at least 1 year with younger players to see if they can develop them in the new system. If they don't work after that, then toss them. But I think it's wise for them to at least make sure they don't have a hidden gem on the team (that the last Coaching staff overlooked or used improperly).


Dansby will be 31 this year. That's about time to start his slide. This from the slide he's already on.

"The franchise value of an NFL linebacker in 2010 is $8.3 million. According to the NFL, this number is derived from the salaries of the top five players in the position. In 2010 those players were Ray Lewis of the Ravens, Terrell Suggs (Ravens), Karlos Dansby (Dolphins), Keith Bulluck (New York Giants) and Keith Brooking (Dallas Cowboys)."

Similar players in Dansby's category.

Brian Noble, Mark Arneson, Don Shinnick, Carl Brettschneider, Steve Nelson, Derrick Rodgers, Galen Fiss, Will Witherspoon, D.J. Williams, Rob Fredrickson


with the exception of a few of you that try to stay positive, thank you. the rest of you are just obsessed with names. names don't make a great team just ask the Yet to really do anything Bets. I refuse to use their name. They don't even claim the city they really play in. I'm sick of the poor writing and negative responses by fair weather fans and fantasy footballers who don't know crap about football.

You people ripping Claiborne about his Wonderlic score haven't got a freaking clue. Try to learn something before making dumb comments.

Posted by: William Lip Gloss IV | April 06, 2012 at 01:47 PM


Y'all wanna crown Dansby also? Go ahead, put a crown on him. I've come to realize from owner to fans, we are a desperate group of people. Do anything to sniff what Belecheat and Brady have. And will have for another 5 years. They going to retire together.

Its obvious this team is going to try an suck for something next year. So let's talk about that.

Who is the best QB in the draft next year? Barkley or Jones?

I like Landry myself.

But I'm pretty sure Rodgers little brother will move up the board because he's Rodgers little brother.

I love my team and all, but how does a bust from another team become the starter for the Dolphins? Only Vonte gets picks in the secondary, no one else. And please dont tell me we are going to keep lining up Carroll on # 1 WR's again like Andre Johnson. What the hell was Mike Nollan thinking? Lol. Good riddance!

Jack Sparrow--

Good comment! I'll be you got some Dixie Crystals on your butt cheeks! LOL.

as tj already pointed out: "I think this would come as news to Paul Warfield".

i would like to add mark duper and mark clayton as well.

Posted by: 41phish | April 06, 2012 at 10:19 AM

While I agree whole heartedly, I have an add of my own.

Please don't forget about Nat Moore!

He might not have had the finesse of Warfield or the speed of Duper. But, looking over his ENTIRE body of work(he played with 4 different starters at QB), he has to rank right up there with Miami's Best All Timers!

PS: First Dolphin Jersey I bought with my own money was No. 89!

"I love my team and all, but how does a bust from another team become the starter for the Dolphins? Only Vonte gets picks in the secondary, no one else. And please dont tell me we are going to keep lining up Carroll on # 1 WR's again like Andre Johnson. What the hell was Mike Nollan thinking? Lol. Good riddance!"


Not sure if you're talking about Tyrell Johnson but if you are then we're talking about a signing that was for the purposes of having more depth at Safety. Johnson is still not 100% recovered from his surgery in Novemeber so highly I doubt that anyone actually thinks he is or will be ready to be a starter.

With that said the signing of Richard Marshall was to compete with Smith to be a starting CB. Could be crazy if Claiborne (not likely) is still on the board at 8 though. If this is the case & Ireland can't trade down I'm not sure if he could pass that up & then trade Sean Smith for a draft pick or move him to Free Safety.

As of today I'm all in if Tannehill is available.


I'd kill to have another Mark Clayton or O.J. McDuffie at this point.

I wonder if Sherman remembers getting fired EXACTLY one season after giving Tannehill the QB job by DEFAULT?

Sherman had passed over Tannehill numerous times in favor of a couple of "Wanna Be's". With Tannehill entering his Senior Season and nobody else to speak of on the Roster, Sherman basically had no choice but to start Tannehill. The REST of course is History(and so was Sherman and his entire staff).

I get the feeling that Sherman and Philbin have GRAVE reservations about Tannehill, thus, so too does Ireland.

You don't make Ginormous Reaches for a guy out of desperation and fear.

Dalton was deemed a 2nd to 3rd round talent by every talking head out there. Yet he's playing just like a 1st round franchise type of QB.

Screw the Talking Heads, screw Tannehill! Thank God Sherman and Philbin know better!

Posted by: odinseye | April 05, 2012 at 11:30 PM
Hope you're right Odin but get the feeling you're not.

Sign crocker now!

I am simply shrugging my shoulders in boredom at this signing of another crocked passed over player who can't get a job anywhere else.Perhaps we should leave the uniforms as they are and just change the name of the team to Miami Trashcans and be done with it.
Perhaps Ireland should pick your US Paralympic team,he loves signing disables sportsmen.

I want to go on record the Dolphins will win at least 11 games this year. After each win I plan on inserting various objects into my pleasure box. I would like to invite you all to assist with this endeavour.

To be honest, my loins are on fire just thinking about it. Once i am at full capacity I will sing the Dolphins fight song. We will use old pairs of zubaz to clean up any mess.

From Wiki:

Tyree Johnson

His best season came in 2007 as he earned third-team All-American, first-team All-Sun Belt Conference and was the leagues Defensive Player of the Year after recording 94 tackles and six interceptions.

He finished his career playing in 46 games, starting all of them, with a Sun Belt Conference record 363 tackles, 13 interceptions, and four forced fumbles. He also holds the conferences records for interception return yards in a season with 142 in 2007 and tackles in a game with 25 in 2005.

Professional career

Minnesota Vikings

When Johnson was available in the second round, the Vikings gave up their fourth-round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles and got their fifth-round pick for the rights to move up from the 47th overall pick to 43rd overall pick in the second round.

On October 6, 2008, Johnson made his first career interception against New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.


Johnson got off to a great start. The Vikes even traded up for him in a year they were missing their 1st rounder(I think).

It's hard to get excited about this signing, but you have to admit, he's(his skillset)is intriguing and interesting. He has great speed and set a college record for INT return yards.

Here's to hoping for a return to form!

My money's on Tannehill if he's there at 8. New HCs usually draft a new QB.

Odin you me some strawberries, whip cream, and a pair of his & his underwear are also intriguing and interesting.

Also speaking of returning to form there is a rather large bulge in my pants currently. How shall I deal with this?

Obviously, everyone can tell the DC comments from 3:07 - 3:15 is the tiny brained troll brigade.

If Armando isn't a closeted Gay, why does he only employ Gay Blog Hit Trolls?

Why does he censor and sometimes delete Football related posts, yet allows and enjoys the Gay Blog Hit Trolls CRAP?

To each their own, be as gay as you TWO want to be. But why do you two feel the need to force your life styles on others here?

No wonder people just keep on migrating to Ohio. I can't blame them.

But now I'm in blue. So the troll gnats will have to find someone else to annoy.

Odin we are running the same defense that he played in college and they didn't in his former team... So there is a good chancehe will succeed with the phins...

How many crowns does Miami have? They given them out left and right.

Great Dane,

The biggest news I found in the announcement of Tyree's signing was the fact that **APPARENTLY** we WILL be using a Cover Two a majority of the time.

With the hiring of Coyle I suspected as much, but still, I hadn't really heard any type of confirmation until now.

It makes me hopeful that Reshad Jones will start showing off the skills we all know he has. When he was so successful at Georgia(playing Free Safety), I believe they used more Cover Two's as well.

With a couple of great moves in the draft, I think this defense can be killer right off RIP!

I mean really...

Peyton wears a crown even after he went 1 for 9 in the playoffs.

Flynn wears a crown even though he had two starts (3 actually) in the NFL.

Garrard wears a crown since Ireland has sniffed his jock strap for over a year.

Henne wore a crown for all of one season.

Ginn wore a crown.

Dansby has a crown even though he's not the best LB in the league.

Bush wears a crown. He got that in the second half of the season

Long wears a crown. Not sure how shiny that crown is at this stage of the game.

I guess Tyrell is fitting himself for a crown right now.

The #8 pick will most definitely wear a crown. Why? Because this team is desperate and everyone knows it.

Let's be honest. All these folks wear a crown made of acorns.

Miami Herald bloggers: check out the new site in town.


I like this move, it shows the front office is at least doing what they can with what left they have to work with. If most of these "Beat-U-Up" bloggers had their way Miami would have 10,000 coaches and probably even more GMs. Like anything else with the NFL, it will come down to performance. If the team does not turn around soon, Ross will feel the pinch in the pocketbook and more leadership changes will come. But always remember, if you not putting up the money as an owner, your opinion is just that, an opinion. It's still Ross's team...unless you can get the city of Miami to buy it from him???
Anyway, I never like to watch the Fins lose, but I hate even worse not watching them at all. Fan for life since '72

Very cute troll. However, Jack can click on the name and see all your asinine posts and know right away it's not me. If he clicks on my name, then he knows exactly who is posting.

So looks like the joke's on you, JackAss!

Jack, when you haven't been to a SB in decades, you've gotta reach for something to feel better. I think you're getting yourself all worked up for possibly nothing. This could be the end of the search. Philbin might be the One we were all looking for. Aren't you even SLIGHTLY curious if he can turn the ship around?

I was pessimistic too. But Philbin has been doing things so differently than what's been done before, I felt like I HAD to give it a chance to succeed. I've been asking to change course for YEARS! I'd be hypocritical if I didn't see if it worked before I trashed the plan.

Yea I found that out listening to the radio on the day he signed. On 940 am here in Miami they have the phinsiders and the day he was signed he was interviewed and he said how he was looking forward to playing down here cause they are going to run the same defense that he ran in college and IMHO he will do much better in that same scheme... I belive any player that was successful in college (in a system) running the same system in pros will benefit player... So I have hope for him!!!

I believe that u can get it online... They are phin homers... Everything is always positive... A few exphins and a radio host... ( if you can't find it on radio they have it online phinsiders.com great place for phins news

Dc I agree with that although I will chop off both of my balls if they aren't taken 1 n 2 there is no way colts don't take rg3 or luck with first pick n after trading as much as skins did will they n

Not pick the one that's available after colts pick (IMO it will be luck #1... I'll be surprised if he isnt

Minny has said they want to trade out of the three spot DC. I dont think griffen falls or that miami would trade up. Although if ireland knows this is his sh t or get off the pot year you never know.........

Has anyone really acted like Tannehill was the guy they HAD to have? I don't doubt someone will offer Minnesota something for #3, but besides Blackmon, who is seen as special enough to trade up for?
Richardson? If another team has their heart set on Trent, and they know Cleveland would take him #4, this is reasonable.
Claiborne? Doubful. He seems more iffy now than ever.

Honestly, if someone is dying to get Tannehill besides us, and wants to trade with us for a later first, and some extra picks, I'd consider it.
Tanny just isn't worth it. I'll take Weeden or Cousins, and the extra picks any day.


For me to trade down the extra picks would have to be pretty darn good. Even if we don't want Tanny, my opinion is take the best player available......even if it's a wide receiver.

Can someone please tell what is the deal with this front office signing and wasting money on second and third tier free agents and players? The team is loaded with them and the cap space is eaten up by them. WTF gives?

I would love to get a beast pass rusher or WR with the pick at 8 but i'm not sure if i'm seeing one.

Blackmon looks the part but won't be there. Ingram and Coples don't strike me as a Pierre Paul.

Trading down might be an option if we could find a partner. Getting an extra pick and Mercilus as I've said before would be cool.

I wonder what it would cost to entice the G-men to give up JPP????

Rays and Yanks battling it out already. 6-5 middle of 7th.

I wonder what it would cost to entice the G-men to give up JPP????

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | April 06, 2012 at 05:39 PM

Why in the world would they give up a star young player that just helped them win a SB??? Teams have an entire staff of scouts that struggle to get even half the picks right, so when you hit the target on a great player you are going to instantly trade him away? No way, no how.

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