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Welcome Tyrell Johnson, Miami's newest addition

Yes, the Dolphins have been slimed by some notable NFL names as a team to avoid. Warren Sapp and Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark have been critical of Miami and said players are staying away from Miami for various issues.

Free agent safety Tyrell Johnson, signed Thursday after four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, doesn't agree. He said his visit in Miami on Monday went well. He said he "felt comfortable" with Miami's coaches. And he disagrees Miami is a bad place to continue a career.

"I think that's a negative way to look at it," Johnson said Thursday. "I feel like any team in the NFL is a place to go play. It's a privilege to play in the NFL and any team can compete for a playoff spot. it's a coin flip every year. Look at the Lions a couple of years ago and look at them now. They're a playoff-caliber team every year now, I would think.

"I don't believe in that saying."

Johnson didn't visit any other team during free agency. He said he had another visit pending but cancelled it.

Johnson was a second-round pick in the 2008 draft but never quite met expectation in Minnesota. He started games sporadically but the Vikings wanted more and Johnson never provided it.

Johnson, meanwhile, believes he's ready to give more with the change of scenery. He will compete at both free and strong safety for the starting job as the Dolphins plan to use interchangeable safeties anyway.

"I've been through it," he said. "I've been on top. I've been on the bottom. I've been benched. I've been inactive. I've been hurt. You just grow up as a person, a player, as a father. You grow up as a human being going through some things. Sometimes you have to go through some things to get some things."

Johnson has been though some things off the field as well.

In September of 2011 he was arrested for suspicion of driving while impaired. Authorities said Johnson was arrested after registering a .12 blood alcohol level in a state where .08 is the legal limit.

"Terrible decision on my part," Johnson said. "Terrible judgment call. It shouldn't have happened. I paid my dues for it. I did everything to handle my business there and that's behind me ... You live and you learn. That's behind me. I made a mistake.

"I've apologized and greatly feel sorry for that mistake. You live and you learn and I'm focused now on getting better and making better decisions in the future. "

Johnson also finished the 2011 season on the injured reserve list after he tore a hamstring in November. Johnson said Thursday the injury is still not completely well. He estimated he's at "85 percent."


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Ireland doing what he does best...signing the discards. Are we sure he didn't spend time as a Cowboy? One man's trash is another man's treasure. More wasted cap space. The acorn saga continues...

Why in the world would they give up a star young player that just helped them win a SB??? Teams have an entire staff of scouts that struggle to get even half the picks right, so when you hit the target on a great player you are going to instantly trade him away? No way, no how.

Posted by: Think | April 06, 2012 at 05:43 PM

I'm well aware of that dude. Just trying to get people to think about what we need playing across from Wake.

A better pass rush would help our secondary alot more than Tyrell Johnson.


Oh... wait... An acorn! But an injured acorn and a Hammy at that - one of the worst recurring injuries a speed player can get. It's only at 85% after 3.5 months. That must've been quite a tear.

That's mostly Bench, what Ireland is signing now.

I am wondering if all of those here mocking this player as an acorn are the same ones who were hoping for the acorn Flynn.

Vikings let him go because he had trouble covering receivers. Seems to me that should be what a safety does best but what do I know?? Ireland is sweeping up the acorns that have been discarded.

JS all I was saying is if ireland feels he has to produce this year or else you never know what he might do. Im all for floyd 1st round then cousins 2nd round. Living in northern ohio ive seen him play quite a few times and I think he could be a good nfl qb.

Trade down to middle of teens, if possible.
Take Tannehille or Floyd, Based on HC/OC opinion.
With the addl 2nd Rd pick take the OLB/DE from Marshall and a WR/QB based on Rd 1 pick. WR/TE or WR/OT in Rd 3 if you think you can get a TE in Rd 4.
Then fill. Seems simple.

Will Tannehil or Floyd still be available in the teens?

Good question.
If you do not want to gamble, then you take one or the other at eight andd attempt to trade the addl third to move up to the 2nd Rd. Hope to fill with the 5 th Rd.
With the needs, fins need 3 in the 1st 64. In my opinion.

What do you guys think about Bruce Irvin? He looks like he could be a heck of a pass rusher but he's had some off the field issues.

Nobody is going to want to trade up for our #8, just not enough value there. We wouldn't get enough in return to make the trade up worthwhile.

Yea....best case scenario would be to trade and still get one........I'm a fan of grabbing best payer available Tampa, but I could live with your scenario paying out

Apparently the "L" on mt iPad wasn't working for my last post, lol

The draft is a real gamble.
Outside of Long, Pouncy nd maybe Davis in recent Rd 1s, who has performed.
Remember a 3 and a 5 that were dominant.
Haven't had many lately.

Your "L" and my "a".

Multiple WR's needed drafted.......even if it's later rounds

Based on what I have read recently,
numerous will be available Rd 4-6 that fit the the WC.
Local names and IL and IA players that already understand the system.

Battery dead.

Tim are you a Rays fan?

Bess and Hartline fit the system fine. Hartline is better than most give him credit for. He had a new OC or new QB every season. Not even Jerry Rice would have done well on this team in 2010, his second year, the offense was a disaster. Hartline can run, he is a track star, he has made enough tough catches, he is a solid #2 WR.

Good to hear Tampa.....would like to get some good talent in with Bess and hartline

Many of you are just far too quick to judge. You expect first and second year players to be pro bowlers or you label them busts. It doesn't work that way. Many, many HOF'ers need a few years or more to hit their stride.

Agreed ion...and I hate when Miami sends players away and they become great players on other teams

Gates is the bigger question mark. Yes he has speed. Can he run routes? Can he beat the jam? Can he learn? I don't know. But if he can contribute, we may be fine with adding one WR. I'd like to take Floyd even at 8. When was the last time this team drafted a dynamic offensive playmaker? Maybe not since Marino.

I'm interested in Gates possibilities this year....maybe Philbin gives him a chance

The more I look at Floyd,the more I think he may be slightly under rated.

He's big,fairly fast,and was very productive all 4 years at a major program.

I don't think he's too much of a reach at 8 and he has those workman like qualities that Philbin wants.

Maybe a 1st rd WR is not in their MO but it would be in mine before a project QB.

Best player available, so what if it's an OL?

Pick Yuur Acorn! @


Who is your acorn this year? Doesn't need to be someone Miami drafts but a guy you like who you think will make a team and make a difference.

My acorn is Nathan Palmer of NIU. Check him out. He's a WR with 4.34 speed, 5'11" 192lbs and he's got great hands, great burst after catching the ball and breaks ankles all over the field; and, he's projected to go undrafted.

Ok the draft is a couple of weeks a way and i think I am finally settling in on what I'd like to see in rd 1. Aside from the impossible Luck,RG3,or Blackmon..lol.

I've wavered around a little, At first I liked Ingram, then sort of got on the Tannehill bandwagon with some of you guys.

Here are my top 4 choices: (for the 1st rd)

1.Trade down (if possible)get an extra pick and select Whitney Mercilus DE in bottom of the round.
2.Select Michael Floyd WR at 8.
3.Select Reilly Reiff OT at 8.
4.Select Rayan Tannehill QB at 8.

I wouldn't cussing,fretting, or throwing things at my television if either one happened on draft day.

did someone mention acorns?


It's going to be interesting to see how many of the players everyone has picked in each round Ireland ends up taking.
I don't know who everyone here picked last year but I would tend to bet a lot of people were disappointed.
I picked Pouncey in the first and actually liked Thomas in the 2nd round, was a fan of both Gates and Clay. So, overall, I wasn't upset with what Ireland picked up in the draft. Even the Jimmy Wilson pick was something that could end up being somewhat of a coup for this team.
Anyway, I've got my guys listed on the mock site:
under The Ultimate 2012 Miami Dolphins Draft.

We'll see how it plays out in a little under two weeks to go. I'll be here to compare notes.

BUSTS FOR EVER ..........




As far as bloggers go, Aloco is a bust.


Aloco what is your purpose on this blog?

The progression is insane.



Can we blame Ireland?

"Johnson said he is 85 percent recovered from a hamstring tendon avulsion, which required surgery in late November and limited him to 11 games in 2011."

Sounds like he didn't even work out for the team. Seems risky to work out only 85% healthy. Plus he probably added 5 or 10 percent to that.

They basically signed the guy sight unseen. No way he worked out or passed a physical. Dude been laid up since November.

It doesn't mean jack who they sign now. Only the cut down to the final roster. Nothing to sweat about.

Sparrow has his pubic hairs tied in a knot finding things to worry and be negative about. That guy needs serious therapy. I'll bet his whole life is as miserable as his outlook on the fins.

Ireland better take a deep breath and forget about the cry baby segment of the fanbase.

His Bee-Hind is on the line with this years draft. He can't afford to be concerned with appeasing the average everyday Dumb Azzz.

With a top 8 pick, we can't be thinking 1 or 2 years down the line. With this pick we need to land a bonafide Super-Fcking-Star!

All things considered, I think it's obvious that our first round priority should be Wake's Bookend Twinn Brother. The Anti-Brady if you will.

A defensive back like Claiborne would be fine as well. As long as it's a pick that will fvck with Brady every chance he gets.

Can you imagine not going heavy on Defense during the draft? Then having to rely on Tannehill to keep up with Brady for the next 3 to 5 years!

Tannehill against Brady? With no major defensive help from the early rounds of the draft?


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Armanda's marriage must be a sham cause you can tell, he just loves him some G A Y Blog Hit Trolls!

Funniest Thing.

Been spending time trying to support the success of Ohio Dolfan's blog. Then come here and find he posted up to 20 times here yesterday and only once on the blog he created to be better quality than this blog.

Im totally mindboggled. Wow, I trying to support his blog far more than even he. Hillarious! LOL

Heck, no one's going to consistently support his blog when they find he spends far more time here. That's like he himself confessing Armando's blog is far better. LOL

It like opening up a store across the street from your competitor and letting your customers see you're still buying from him.

After seeing this, do you think your customers want to buy from you or your competitor? What a farce. LOL

Armando and his merry band of G A Y blog hit trolls took the day off(hence: no new blog).

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when the sky is blue, the sky is blue. so when the consensus of fans concerning a certain topic becomes apparent, it is that way, because IT is. if you ever experienced loosing money you didn't intend to spend, lets say, at a casino, the following day will likely be spent kicking yourself while thinking of ways to recoup your money, in most cases favorable options are very few. this is how ross must feel. the dolphins have a MULTITUDE of positions in need of quality players, their options are slim to none, they seem to be in over their head. this is exactly why a trade for RYAN MALLET becomes one, if not the only FAVORABLE option available. selecting tannehill might address miami's QB need, but he will be a COSTLY crapshoot, one that just might cost us our first and second round pick, this in my opinon would fall under the NON-favorable option category. where as RYAN MALLET, probably the better QB to begin with, will be more easily justifyable and could presumably cost as low as two third round picks giving the team it's badly needed leverage that would retain it's first and second pick allowing us to fill a few OTHER needs with quality players, this in my opinon would fall under the FAVORABLE option category. if both QB's are of comparable talent(in which they are NOT, mallet holds a distinct advantage), how could ross seriously contemplate actually signing tannehill?

Odin what up? Hunt with any hoodies or keefes in the u.p. ? Im for floyd in the first but if we can find a trade for dansby im up for drafting your boy kuechly.

Budtki no disrespect but mallet trade talk again?Are you Kris? NE trading mallet to miami is like lex luthor giving superman an anti kryptonite costume... gotta be a poisen pill somewhere in there.

Odin must be two-sheets to the wind, Odin What the Deuce are you babbling about anyway?

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I'm babbling about YOU Fee-AGG Bu-OY!

If the Fishnets and Fvck Me Pumps fit-WEAR EM!

Two sheets my Arse! How about THREE!

I'm babbling about YOU Fee-AGG Bu-OY!

If the Fishnets and Fvck Me Pumps fit-WEAR EM!

Posted by: odinseye | April 07, 2012 at 05:57 AM


Closet Queen 101.



Armando, When will you Ban Odin Forever, He's getting worse by the day.

Look at the fool, Babbling garbage now for the last 6 hours., Mando, BAN ODIN.

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