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Welcome Tyrell Johnson, Miami's newest addition

Yes, the Dolphins have been slimed by some notable NFL names as a team to avoid. Warren Sapp and Pittsburgh safety Ryan Clark have been critical of Miami and said players are staying away from Miami for various issues.

Free agent safety Tyrell Johnson, signed Thursday after four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, doesn't agree. He said his visit in Miami on Monday went well. He said he "felt comfortable" with Miami's coaches. And he disagrees Miami is a bad place to continue a career.

"I think that's a negative way to look at it," Johnson said Thursday. "I feel like any team in the NFL is a place to go play. It's a privilege to play in the NFL and any team can compete for a playoff spot. it's a coin flip every year. Look at the Lions a couple of years ago and look at them now. They're a playoff-caliber team every year now, I would think.

"I don't believe in that saying."

Johnson didn't visit any other team during free agency. He said he had another visit pending but cancelled it.

Johnson was a second-round pick in the 2008 draft but never quite met expectation in Minnesota. He started games sporadically but the Vikings wanted more and Johnson never provided it.

Johnson, meanwhile, believes he's ready to give more with the change of scenery. He will compete at both free and strong safety for the starting job as the Dolphins plan to use interchangeable safeties anyway.

"I've been through it," he said. "I've been on top. I've been on the bottom. I've been benched. I've been inactive. I've been hurt. You just grow up as a person, a player, as a father. You grow up as a human being going through some things. Sometimes you have to go through some things to get some things."

Johnson has been though some things off the field as well.

In September of 2011 he was arrested for suspicion of driving while impaired. Authorities said Johnson was arrested after registering a .12 blood alcohol level in a state where .08 is the legal limit.

"Terrible decision on my part," Johnson said. "Terrible judgment call. It shouldn't have happened. I paid my dues for it. I did everything to handle my business there and that's behind me ... You live and you learn. That's behind me. I made a mistake.

"I've apologized and greatly feel sorry for that mistake. You live and you learn and I'm focused now on getting better and making better decisions in the future. "

Johnson also finished the 2011 season on the injured reserve list after he tore a hamstring in November. Johnson said Thursday the injury is still not completely well. He estimated he's at "85 percent."


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They didnt want to give up draft picks for rg3, who is clearly far better than tannehill will ever be, but yet people say trade up to 3 or over pay or take tannehill at 8. That is the dumbest sh#t anyone can say or do. He will be a bust. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Weeden is a joke too. The guy is a backup thats it. By time he might be ready to actually start he will be 32 years old. Dont even bother taking him.

Ti valla sana Miami Dolphins miti bana? Van unata Philbin onasa quarterbacks etten nailan Tannehill vu haniba RG3. Imi polu ti yanta NFL Draft!

Dolphin 77

You should hook up with JackSparrow. You both just come here to make bitter and pessimistic posts. You both look to only see the worst side of everything. Never a hint of anything positive.

Its called reality. You should try it sometime.

Has anyone been to PLANO, TEXAS? It is possible that I will be there in June and I would like to know more about it.

It was awesome to wake up next to my partner this morning as see that "He is Risen" too!

Here is some reality, with all the controversy over Tannehill and where he should be ranked, nobody knows better than our own OC. Between Sherman and Philbin I can't think of any two others that could evaluate him any better. That is a positive, and it's reality.

It won't kill to see a positive light once in awhile.

What happens if our FO and Coaching staff feel there isn't anyone as good as what we currently have on roster at QB after Luck, RGIII and Cleveland drafts Tannehill? I made up a mock scenario if that is the case to look at what we may do and who may be available when we pick.

With the 8th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame - He isn't BPA at theis point but with the fact that it is a major need for Miami it sets his value a little higher than some other players here. I think the logical other 2 players that we'd take here in this scenario would be DeCastro or Kuechly.

With the 42nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Shea McClellin DE / OLB Boise St. Best pass rusher available here IMO.

With the 72nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Nick Toon WR Wisconsin - With the addition of Floyd and now Toon we'd have a dangerous WR group.

With the 73rd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Mitchell Schwartz OT California - We need a RT.

With the 103rd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Ladarius Green TE Louisiana-Lafayette - We need help at TE. And some red zone help.

With the 145th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Chris Rainey RB Florida

With the 196th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Desmond Wynn OG Rutgers

With the 215th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select: Jerry Franklin ILB Arkansas

Let me know what you think.

I think I just chunked in my pants.
Well that doesn't sound too bad bro. Those picks could happen..the pivotal part will be CLE-MIN and whom they snag...because that will paint the picture for our 8 pick

MIN's pick is just as important as CLE for determining out pick...what do you think Min will do mang?

No it's not reality. Normal people don't walk through life with only negative thoughts. Normal people have a mix of negative and positive. So that's your reality. You're reality is walking through life as a bitterly negative person. And what's worse is in your attempt to enlighten everyone to your reality,
all you do is push people away. You are a cancer to everyone around you. You will go nowhere in life, good luck with that.

This is a great blog! I'll be sure to be back every single day! Awesome!

Dolphin 77's posts consist of 99% opinion, and he calls his posts reality. Geez, could he be anymore clueless and narcistic. His opinions are all reality? Yeah, okay pal, is that what your mommy taught you? Moron.

nope, ditto for JackSparrow.

I don't get why people keep bringing up drafting Kuechy.

We already have 3 good middle LBers on the roster in Burnett, Dansby, and Dobbins.

The Dolphins are also talking about moving Misi inside and I think maybe Spitler plays inside as well.

Our new coach is an offensive specialist. Give him a present for his first year and draft an offensive playmaker. Draft Floyd.

Ozzie Guillen is anti-American. Us Cubans in Miami can smell his kind from far away. And this is the worst kind of fish, for he has become successful here in America. We don't want him here.

It is quite obvious the latinos want to take over America. They do not have the intellectual capacity or fighting capacity to do so. They can have more babies, pretend they don't speak ingles to irritate the locals, and petition the schools to speak in spanish. Fine. Their history is to remain subservient despite their big talk and their history will remain that way.

Our new coach is an offensive specialist. Give him a present for his first year and draft an offensive playmaker. Draft Floyd.

Posted by: ion | April 08, 2012 at 07:35 PM

I'm with you ion,

Floyd looks like the perfect fit and ar the right spot in the draft. Most of the experts have him going in the top 10 now.

so that bascially means we hired another bum that's going to leave recievers wide open down field??

William Frawley disgusts me. I wish he had served hard labor in an inhumane Turkish prison.

Tyrell Johnson has to be a moron to join the Dolphin cespool.

Did Ross sell the team yet?

Are you pleased with the results of your Brazilian Wax, MJ?

Funny how Floyd was not projected as a top pick a month ago, probably not even in the first round. But now he has "moved up" and we should take him at #8. Of course this same logic is not applied to Tannehill.

Funny how Floyd was not projected as a top pick a month ago, probably not even in the first round. But now he has "moved up" and we should take him at #8. Of course this same logic is not applied to Tannehill.

Posted by: thavafin | April 08, 2012 at 09:44 PM

You have to understand, GM's have their own scout teams. They don't give a crap what the sports sites say, they know nothing. It's the sports sites trying to figure out what the GM's will do. Its the Maycocks and Kipers that start out knowing nothing and trying to guess draft position. As time goes on, they get more inside info. If they say a player is moving down, its because they had them rated to high initially, and if a player is moving up, they rated them too low initially. The inside info they are getting as time goes on makes them alter their guesses at draft position.

I see you haven't figured any of this out yet.

The projections are nothing but guesswork by know nothing sports reporters who get paid to write about something and keep the interest alive during down times.

Most of you fail to see the sports pundits follow the leaders (GM's), the GM's don't follow them, the GM's don't give a hoot what any of those talking heads have to say.

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Kentucky, Idaho.

These are the names of four states where I have shaved cats.

Arizona, Wyoming, Lousianna, Alaska.

These are the names of states I have shaved beaver waiting.

Another throw away signed by us. The article never mentioned $$$$$$$$$$$. Johnson had no one else interested.He had another planned visit and signed with Miami? Does that tell us anything...Look at his record. Sapp and Clark are telling it like it is.

My God..... What the hell happened to THIS Blog...?

Leave the Country for a year or two and go kill a few Hadjees for the cause... Come back and My favorite Dolphins site has turned into a cesspool of idiots.

You guys have really screwed the pooch around this joint... Huh?

I guess this is what happens when your "Blog Leader" try's to become a "Shock Jock".... listened to his bile on the radio on Friday....

Oh well.... good to have friends with good blogs...

Adios....Morons.... Clean this mess up and throw out the trash and you will get a nice crowed back in here...

See Ya! dont wanna be ya...

Well you can fart in my face! Whaddya think about that?

What the heck is a "crowed"

Ahh it just hit me.... Crowd, got cha man.
Did you really get to whack some hadjees? I'd love to hear one of the stories bro

Ion...well said

Freakin Mayock I can't stand...he's never even played pickup ball in his middle class neighborhood when he was younger...but somehow they call him a draft genius... That's a good one..Hey Mayock...you are one letter "c" away from mycock

Wait and see is all we can do. He should at least be a good special teams player. You need those on every good team.

What an article. I'm sure this guy's phone wasn't exactly ringing off the hook and that's why he came to Miami. Yeah maybe he had another visit scheduled, but I think he saw the check that Ross was going to write him, and he decided to stay. I've never heard of this guy, and don't know if he's all that good, probably not if he ended up with Miami. Miami has essentially become the "Island of Misfit Toys", where all the broken players go, to get paid and collect a check.
You don't come here because you think you're going to win anything, because it's obvious that isn't going to happen here.

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