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4 down, 5 to go

David Neal, guesting for the vacationing Armando Salguero, coming to you live from today's OTA. How do they look? Like a bunch of big, fast athletes running around in shorts and missing their hip flags. It's an OTA day. Practice is closed to the public so the only living thing in the bleachers is a toad. In other news, the Dolphins have signed seventh-round pick, wide receiver Rishard Matthews. He's here along with most of the 2012 draft class. Stanford right tackle-to-be Jonathan Martin and Oregon linebacker Josh Kaddu aren't here. But Martin agreed to terms Tuesday afternoon.


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Can anybody tell me how the D-line is in the 4-3. Volin reported Odrick as LDE. I doubt it. Where is Wake playing.

Starks and Soliai playing the tackles.

Why isn't Martin there

Misi at RLB and Burnett LLB.

Oh, might use Odrick at LDE in the 3-4 with Wake occupying his usual LB spot.Good.

Guess Ireland doesn't want anyone to see Ryan bust during OTA's.

RGIII was on display to the public.

Didn't Ireland claim there was no difference between RGIII and Ryan? So why not show us?

Offense takes longer than Defense to develop, Jack.

Martin and Kaddu are required to finish their semester before participating in OTA. No concern, they can't be there. BTW Luck can't participate at the Colt's OTA either.

I said it 1st, that Rishard Matthews would make the team.
WR's are Cunningham, Bess, Neenee, Hartline, Mathews and (Tannehill, Lol).

JACKSPARROW-RG3 is going to take the same kind of NFL beating that m. vick takes every sunday. only difference is RG3 is a tad slower and not as thickly muscled to take the hits. and his team isn't as good. he'll be pretty dynamic... till he gets hurt and misses time. just like vick.

Thanks JEKAL,

I knew there was a good reason.

mark this down. david garrard will be the game 1 starter. barring any injuries i could see matt moore being cut before the 1st game. i don't think they will keep both vets. i like matt moore. but garrard is the better QB. tannehill's knowledge and draft spot will make him the back-up. i don't see moore being happy as the 3rd QB.

I see Ohio is back disrespecting Armando's request to not link his blog to his name.

What a pathetic, low class, parasite.

Jaison, you are an idiot, sir.

Aw I missed you too Mr. FYI :)

It's been awhile

Interesting, as per Volin, Odrick at LDE, Wake at RDE in the 4-3 D.

Oscar... don't you think is very early, but very early to belive or imaging where a player is positioning?

David Neal, take over this blog. PLEASE.

Not for me, tony.

In regards to individual performances this Practice means very little.

Most of you are very stupid.

Im back better than before matter of fact Im better than ever.

In what way, Better?

oscar, Im just sayin...

The Dolphins are garbage and the fans are finally realizing it. Who is going to pay big $ to watch this garbage?


The Dolphins are garbage and the fans are finally realizing it. Who is going to pay big $ to watch this garbage?

Posted by: Mel | May 22, 2012 at 05:36 PM

I'll pay for sure. This team is looking good. Ireland is doing a fine job, not many GM's doing better since he has been on his own.

Just because Tannehill only started 19 games doesn't mean he can't be a great QB. If Philbin, Sherman and Ireland all wanted him, what blogger can really say they know better than them?

Some of you turd balls wanted 7th round acorn Flynn and his own ex coach didn't even want him for more than low ball pay. His new team still drafted a QB that is how much confidence they have in Flynncorn.

Maybe its you bird droppings that know nothing? I think so.

Garrard is better than Matt Moore? Right, watch any football games last year? Specifically, the last 8 Phins games.

klndry < 0

Joe Philbin = Cam Cameron II

Allan...put down the pipe and stop with the hate.

Most Dolphans think Moore will start for one reason....They're DOLPHANS!!! I try to keep an open mind and look at things with an unbias opinion. If coach Philbin uses the same logic, there is NO WAY Garrard doesn't start, if healthy. He is perfect for the system. Garrard's quick reactions and arm strenth are superior to Moore's. Yes, Moore can extend the play well and does possess some coveted intangibles, but ask yourself this... Who would Tannehill benifit the most from playing behind??? Who will win the Dolphins more games??? Which QB has more wins in the league?? Which one has taken his team to the playoffs??? Garrard will start and he WILL PLAY until he gets hurt, or until the end of the season because the team will win games with him at the helm.. Tannehill can start when Garrard is ready for him to start. The only question is Garrard's health. When healthy, Garrard is mobile, clutch, has a strong arm, can make all the throws, etc, etc, etc. He will prove to be the best acquisition for 2012, Tannehill will prove to be the best for 2013 and beyond.

I'm talking about unchecked aggression dude.

Moore has more upside than aging, spent Garrard. They are both on a 1 year contract. They will keep Moore for the future and discard Garrard first, maybe before game 1 if he doesn't easily beat Moore.

I dont think Tannehill will ever beat out Matt Moore. Moore is a top 10-12 QB and the team MVP.

Moore did win some games at the end of last season, because Reggie Bush played out of his mind!! A QBs best friend is a stout D and a productive running game. Just imagine what Marino could have done with that! A QB gets too much flak when the ship is sinking and too much glory while sailing straight. Everyone will see the talent this team has with good coaching and CONSISTANT QB play from Garrard. They will win more than they loose and will create a great situation for Tanny to step into next year. Moore will be traded as soon as a contender looses thier starter, or Pete Carroll realizes he doesnt have a QB... Whichever happens first.

Donny must be black or Garrards mom.

You got a problem with my son???

LOL no dude, I just wanna see my team win games. Could care less what color the QB is. Truth is, we have seen Moore's peak, X2. He is too inconsistant to be trusted as a starting QB. Garrard is cosistantly above average, when healthy. With a fair competition, all players healthy, Garrard is the guy by a landslide. Our fanbase has got so used to loosing and sh*tty QB play that a guy goes out and goes .500 he is a savior. Matt Moore.. Fellas, MATT MOORE. C'mon MAN!!!

My 2 cents is that Matt Moore will win the initial QB derby.

I am in agreement that Garard will be the back-up plan/injury insurance in case the OL gets Moore crushed. For the record I would have taken OT/OG Cordy Glenn OR OT Mike Adams over OT Martin but time will tell on that.

As Florio and Armando were saying on PFT I think Garard will be in the mix even as a 3rd guy. As insurance and as trade bait in case another team gets needy if their starting options fall.

I think it's Moore's enchilada at this point and I feel he earned it with a nice stretch run last year and having zero OTA's or first team reps. Took over the quagmire that Henne helped create and pulled back on the yoke when most everyone has the Fins in the #1 overall draft position or top 3 anyways.

Even though I still think Tanneyhill was way over drafted, I hope he shines so bright that it makes the QB comp a mute point. I am not of the China Doll coddling mentality that playing football from jump street absolutely kills your career. They drafted him 8th overall so he should play this year at some point in time.


Cordy Glenn was already gone, people make comments and don't pay attention.

Who knows how Tannehill will be, but if they were high on him, so be it. He'll play when it makes sense, I don't think it makes sense to try to dictate ahead of time when that will be. People agree Moore will start. Well what if he is 8 and 2, do you pull him because Tanne was drafted 8? Of course not, let the situation play out.

Hey Rezo,

I guess if you are taking things from such a literal "hand that was dealt" sense...I meant that's who I would have targeted. It's not like it was some crazy jump like he went 21st in round one or something. Cordy Glen went 41 and we took Martin 42...whip skip. Not much firepower needed to jump a couple of spots in the second. Mike Adams went 56 so I guess by your math I could pencil him in without changing the draft other than those OT Adams instead of Martin.

I like Cordy as I think he has chance to be a Carl Nicks type G if the OT thing doesn't work for him. He may turn into a Marcus McNeil type as he is a mighty big man that can move.


I'ved watched Matt Moore since high out here in Los Angles and in college at UCLA then at Oregon State. The guy is a winner. Is he a top 5 QB in the NFL ... NO. But with his knowledge of the Dolphins offensive personel he is much more suited to get this team into the playoffs in 2012.

Moore & Girrard ARE JUST BACK UP QB's plain & simple!!! Moore will probably start tho, but I say get the kid in there as soon as possible!!! GO FINS!!!

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