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A dozen notes from OTAs

Barry Jackson making a rare (in fact, unprecedented) foray into Armando's blog to post a practice update from Tuesday. As usual, I have a lot of Dolphins notes in my Sports Buzz blog - which can be found on the Dolphins page to the right of this blog and on the sports home page - so I encourage you to check that out today and often.

The current Sports Buzz blog post has all the details about why Philbin told me (privately) that a three-way QB battle will be tricky for him, as well as what Philbin and the quarterbacks said publicly today, including their comments about Steve Ross' expectation that Matt Moore will start. It also will have reaction to Miami's up-tempo offense.

A dozen other notes:

### Moore and David Garrard took most of the snaps with the offensive starters, with Ryan Tannehill working mostly with backups. Lydon Murtha was first-team right tackle (Jonathan Martin - who agreed to a contract Tuesday afternoon - is still at Stanford taking classes) and John Jerry was first-team right guard. Joe Philbin and Jeff Ireland want to give Jerry an extended look at guard, after Jerry moved around last year between guard and tackle. Right guard is clearly his job to lose.

### Artis Hicks said he is playing tackle exclusively, behind Murtha and Jake Long. Ryan Cook is Mike Pouncey's backup center; he earned $1 million for 15 snaps last year (good work if you can get it).

### Three veterans told me in the past two weeks that Julius Pruitt has been especially impressive among the unproven receivers.  Pruitt didn't do anything notable Tuesday. Undrafted Jeff Fuller caught a slant from Tannehill.

Rookie B.J. Cunningham ran for a touchdown when he caught a Jimmy Wilson deflection. Roberto Wallace got outfought for a deep ball by Sean Smith, who picked if off. But Wallace also made a nice catch on a nifty roll-out by Matt Moore. Rookie Rishard Matthews failed to hold onto a deep, catchable ball from Ryan Tannehill and dropped a Tannehill pass on a slant.

### Expect to see Lamar Miller line up in the slot at times. He can do quite a bit of damage as a receiver because of his speed and elusiveness, and this staff knows that and will take advantage of that. Miller was as impressive as any player Tuesday. By the way, we're told that UM coach Al Golden told Ireland before the draft that if he picked Miller and Olivier Vernon, he would be getting two first-round talents a year early.

### The first-team defense, now with a 4-3 base, included Cameron Wake and Jared Odrick at end (Odrick was in ex-Dolphin Kendall Langford's spot), Paul Soliai and Randy Starks at tackle, Karlos Dansby at middle linebacker (he says he will be very good there), Kevin Burnett and Koa Misi flip-flopping between the other two linebacker spots; Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones at safety; and Sean Smith and Richard Marshall at cornerback.

Jamaal Westerman, Tony McDaniel and Olivier Vernon also worked into the defensive line rotation.

### Vontae Davis was very limited because of an injury that he suggested was not too serious. Former CFL fullback Jerome Messam also sat out after knee surgery, but he's hopeful of being back for training camp. Undrafted Notre Dame running back Jonas Gray also sat out.

### Not only was the entire practice up-tempo offensively, but the team portion began with Moore, Tannehill and Garrard also taking two plays in a frantic, no-huddle offense. Clay dropped one of Tanehill's passes in that sequence but looked very good otherwise.

### Undrafted Missouri defensive end Jacquies Smith stood out by getting pressure on the quarterback several times. He would have sacked Tannehill on one play if sacks were allowed. Ireland said recently that Arkansas State safety Kelcie McCray was an undrafted player who stood out to him at rookie mini-camp, but he enters OTAs with at least five veterans ahead of him, for now.

### All rookies were in attendance except Martin, Oregon linebacker Josh Kaddu and undrafted Portland State tackle Dustin Waldron.They're all still taking classes.

### Add Plaxico Burress to the list of receivers who would love to audition for the Dolphins. But Miami has shown no interest in the likes of Burress, Roy Williams and Braylon Edwards. Ireland said he "could be done" at receiver, but isn't certain. If the rookies don't develop this summer, Ireland might add a veteran.

### Former Packers Al Harris and Marco Rivera were Joe Philbin's guests at practice.

### Reggie Bush was used on some punt returns, as were Davone Bess (the incumbent), Miller, Matthews, Clyde Gates and Marcus Thigpen.

Please check out my currently-posted Buzz blog for all the QB news from today (and other Dolphins notes not covered here) and also check out David J. Neal's story on Miller and Vernon, which will be posted later.



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I hope they are practicing outside the bubble. No more freakin' air conditioned practices! That would reclaim 30% of their conditioning right there.

Why would anyone go to a blog in Ohio for Miami Dolphin news?

Marlins win, Heat win, Dolphins still suk.

I wonder if people realize that the Internet in Miami is the same exact Internet that is in other states......lol.


I wonder if people realize the local radio and tv stations in Ohio are not the same as the ones in Miami.....lol.


I wonder if people realize the Dolphins practice and play in Miami. NOT OHIO. Duhhhhh!

So many opinions...so much wasted space!

The facts are that everyone looks pretty good during the initial install of the new schemes. And, that Philbin has upped the tempo of everything so as to not waste any of the time the players have on the field in order to maximize their learning. It's an open competition at all positions! Such things give real Dolphin fans hope for the new season. And, the haters, cryers, and whiners on this blog just can't stand anything positive to be associated with the team that they love to hate. Get used to it! Or, go spread your pessimistic juvenile rhetoric elsewhere!

Tracy, lots of positives UNTIL THEY PLAY A GAME! LOL
The team is pure garbage and they show it every season. Have fun now before they start out 0-4.

Hope Matt Moore starts. Garrard is a sold back up but not a shining star. An Tannehill needs to learn

No doubt Moore is the starter. He's the team MVP. Its his job to lose.

After we lose the opener it'll be "SUCK FOR BARKLEY IN 2012"

Tracy, lots of positives UNTIL THEY PLAY A GAME! LOL
The team is pure garbage and they show it every season. Have fun now before they start out 0-4.

Posted by: Burger 305 | May 23, 2012 at 03:40 PM


Hey Burger Boy....Are you taking lessons on negativity from that loser dusty bottoms?

There isnt much positive about 6-10. Or losing out on both Fisher and Manning. Being positive now is like being negative after winning a SB. There's a reason the stadium is half empty on game days.

So much better without that joker Armando around. STAY AWAY ARMANDO.

couldn't agree more.. stay on your vacation Mando! no one misses u. great job, Mr. Jackson

Posted by: MJ | May 23, 2012 at 04:52 PM

MJ = Burger Boy

Most of these bloggers seem like they never had a girlfriend, bunch of wankers.

Good job Barry

I'm hungry for some tube steak.

The chinaman is not the issue here dude.

Some People saying that Long has to prove himself in the new zone- blocking scheme. Heh. Why do People create silly stuff just for arguments sake? Do you know, Armando?

Ross and Ireland have turned this once proud franchise into a laughingstock.

Yes. No.

Oscar the writing is on the wall. Martin was drafted as a cheaper replacement for Jake Long after this year.

We will be around 50 million under the cap next year with out Long.

We will be around 50 million under the cap next year with out Long.
Posted by: J.I. | May 23, 2012 at 11:04 PM


Cheapo Ross will pocket the money

Ron Son is even dumber than his name.

Long is not going nowhere. He is the best LT in football. If they dump long and move Martin to LT, then we are going backwards. Martin will play on the right side.

Some of you fools think Long is spent, you are wasted.

Hey SCotty, if Ross is so cheap, the dolphins would be 50 mill under the cap right now! But guess what! Only 3.9 mill under cap. WHO is signing all those paychecks again??

This blog is about as interesting as picking your neighbors azhole.

This blog is about as interesting as picking your neighbors azhole.
Posted by: ooooooo | May 24, 2012 at 05:18 AM

This blog is garbage just like the team.

Jonathan Martin is not a left tackle in the nfl, and couldn't replace long on his best day. Long is staying for his whole career, or at least the next six years.
Anyone calling Ross a cheap skate is an idiot. Bad owner, keeps Satan (Ireland) around as one of many bad decisions, check. But cheap?
Sometimes it would be nice if some of the comments on here were intelligent and about football. That might be too much to ask.

inimounts, Jonathan Martin has played NOTHING but left tackle for the laast 4 years. Get a clue, bro. Put 2 and 2 together. Its not rocket science.

inimounts thinks Jonathan Martin is a QB? LOL

If this Lamar Miller is so incredibly fast and great, why was he nowhere close to being in the Heisman discussion?

Da Fish will diffiantly be flying under the radar this yr. And for good reason. Ireland doesnt have a handle on WR. Why he went RT at #2 instead of a WR is still a mystery. We did need a RT but 3rd rd woould have produced one or two, and what a bust if Martin doesnt start. If Ireland doesnt sign a vet at WR I dont believe this season will have the results they (front office) is looking for. If the young WRs weve been keeping yr after yr dont pan out, and I dont see why they will, its going to be a very long season, over before it begins.
And ILl bet the mortgage Moore is the season opening starting QB. Dont care who makes that decision.

If we are not all idiots, then why are we here?


We have 7 WR's on the team. How many do you want? What makes you so sure any in the second round are better than what we have?

Has it ever occurred to you that maybe Ireland is actually working together with Philbin and Sherman and that maybe they didn't see the second and third round receivers a better option than who we took? Or are you one of those bloggers that is sure you know better than the coaches with decades of experience and have devoted their lives to this?

It's absurd how many of you actually think you know better than the scouts and coaches. You believe you have some inner instinct superior to those that work at this 80 hours a week. Everything you have ever thought of, they have thought of 1000 times. They have developed hundreds of players at various positions. They have watched more film than all the movies and tv shows you have watched in your life. When they see film, they see far more than you do. They may only get it right half the time, which means any of you would get it right at most 1/8 of the time.


I'm pretty sure any blogger on here would do better then Irescum.

MJ, I believe Ireland is doing a fine job, better than anyone we've had in awhile. Believe it or not, Ireland is extremely well respected in the league. Before criticizing his mistakes, take a close look at what the other 31 GM's have done in the last two years. Ireland has only had two drafts on his own without Parcells micro managing the situation.

MJ, not one blogger here knows enough about pro football to even get paid one penny for their efforts.

My friend likes baseball and I Football. He told me 2 years ago that Giancarlo Stanton would be a great Player for the Marlins. I'm beginning to believe him. Of course we have been watching Sports for over 50 years.

My friend likes cheese and I yogurt. Of course, we have been eating dairy products for many years now.

Ireland without Parcells = FLOP!

Cant attract any good coaches or FA's with Ireland as GM. And his drafts are pathetic.

my dog likes cheese

Tim is wrong and stupid.

Thank god everybody is not as shallow minded as Boycott Dolphins and other negative Gator acting dopes. I have been a Dolphin since their inception into the league and I will continue to do so. I refuse to listen to anyone so illiterate. You have the intellegence of a GATOR, ALL MOUTH AND NO BRAINS

This team is clearly not a championship contender but In hardly think it hyperbole to suggest thay ARE on the ascent. There's plenty of good, young talent on this team and I don't think the picture going forward is bleak AT ALL.

Pole stroking is fun!

You have the intellegence of a GATOR, ALL MOUTH AND NO BRAINS

Posted by: Swampbilly | May 24, 2012 at 02:07 PM


Shouldn't you at least be able to SPELL 'intelligence' correctly before commenting on others lack of it?

Let's face it. Only dumb bunker heads are football fans. Lite crap beer, chicken wings, processed garbage food, bonehead jobs, haven't read a book or know anything about literature, arts, sciences. That's why they are football fans. Shallow pan rah rah pom pom farting slob losers.

This blog proves you have to be pretty stupid to still be a Dullfin fan.

The irony of willie's statement is the arrogant sloppy close mindedness he is saying football fans are describes the entirety of his rant.
Losers has never been synonymous with football or it's fans, that statement stinks of envy of a club you never felt a part of, or maybe u are being sarcastic or joking, I didn't read any before.

I swing by the Herald for Fins info on OTA's and the top story with big bold headline on the Dolphins page is......the Niners signing their punter to a new contract?

Is this the same top story for peeps in Florida, or only those of us that live near SF?

Let's face it. Only dumb bunker heads are football fans. Lite crap beer, chicken wings, processed garbage food, bonehead jobs, haven't read a book or know anything about literature, arts, sciences. That's why they are football fans. Shallow pan rah rah pom pom farting slob losers.
Posted by: Willie | May 24, 2012 at 03:01 PM

You do realize of course, that ones view of others and the world around them is usually an indication of how one really feels about their self.

Just sayin

inimounts proves my point by responding with poor, grammatically incorrect English, not even worthy of trailer park trash. Then he implies I can not be synonymous with football as though to be admitted into the fan club requires anything more than wearing a football tshirt and acting like an idiot.


You may need a course in reading and comprehension. I spoke specifically about football fans, and not of others or the world around me, which is certainly quite different.

inimounts thinks Jonathan Martin is a QB. DUHHHHHH!

It is apparent to converse with you is as pointless as trying to spit in the wind. Good day sir.

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