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News, notes from Tuesday's practice

Barry Jackson, making another cameo in Armando's blog after covering Dolphins, Miami Heat and Boston Celtics practices today.

Tuesday was the second of six offseason practices that will be open to the media. David J. Neal has a story - next to this blog - on the Dolphins being selected to appear on HBO's Hard Knocks, something we mentioned was a possibility in my Sports Buzz blog over the weekend. A few notes from Tuesday's session:

### With David Garrard back home in Jacksonville attending to his storm-damaged home, Matt Moore was the best of the Dolphins' quarterbacks Tuesday, but FAR from perfect. Ryan Tannehill had difficulty in the red zone, overthrowing passes to Clyde Gates and Davone Bess and throwing two interceptions to Reshad Jones.

Moore continued to get more snaps against the first-team defense than Tannehill did, but Tannehill took some of the snaps against the No. 1 defense that Garrard got in last week's sessions.  Tannehill struggled during several of those snaps. Most of his completions Tuesday were screens or short patterns over the middle. His best throw was a terrific sideline throw to Marlon Moore, who beat Arizona State rookie linebacker Shelly Lyons.

Tannehill has shown good touch during previous media availabilities (rookie mini-camp, an OTA day last week), but wasn't sharp Tuesday. No need to worry or fret, but facts are facts.

For more on the quarterback play Tuesday and several other notes (such as what rookie was dropping more passes; the troublesome issue with Clyde Gates, and Tuesday's first-team change on offense), please click here on My Sports Buzz blog:


Here are a few more notes beyond the ones in my Buzz blog:

### Besides Garrard, Reggie Bush also was missing from the voluntary practice, and Joe Philbin refused to discuss it. Bush mentioned on his twitter account on Monday that "Vegas is the Devil," which suggests what he was doing over Labor Day weekend.

### Daniel Thomas opened with the first team in Bush's absence, but Steve Slaton got a lot of work. There weren't many holes for either. Paul Soliai completely swallowed up Slaton on one play. Asked about Thomas, Philbin said he likes his size but then suggested he needs to do a better job in blitz pickup. Thomas was responsible for at least one sack last year.

### Vontae Davis and Brian Hartline were limited and three rookies (Jonathan Martin, Josh Kaddu and Dustin Waldron) were not in attendance because their classes are still ongoing. Richard Marshall, who had been with the first team at cornerback in Davis' absence, missed the last hour of practice after injuring his leg.

Marshall was covering Jeff Fuller on the play and landed awkwardly. He limped around the sideline for a while afterward. Philbin said that before the injury, "I like how Marshall is doing and his progress. Not a lot of talk [from him]. Just a lot of action."

### Jonathan Wade replaced Marshall when Marshall went out, on the opposite side of Sean Smith. But Nolan Carroll got work in the nickel package. Carroll made a nifty play, knocking away a deep pass from Tannehill to Clyde Gates.

### Lamar Miller made another nifty play, taking a screen from Pat Devlin for a score. Miller often stands out when he gets the ball, and it's clear coaches will need to carve out a role for him as a rookie.

### Philbin continues to work Reshad Jones (a favorite to start) with Chris Clemons as the first team safeties, with Jimmy Wilson and Tyrone Culver playing in the nickel package. Clemons was badly beaten on a Moore touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano over the middle.

Safety Tyrell Johnson apparently hasn't done anything to push the starters to this point. But Philbin said he he really  likes how Wilson has adapted in his move back to safety (where he played as a senior at Montana). "Good acceleration, good instincts," Philbin said.

### Philbin has become a big fan of center Mike Pouncey: "Like his quickness. Some centers are [more] stout, but we like the way he moves. Got good awareness in the middle."

### Three long-shot signings who turned heads Tuesday: Maryland rookie defensive back Trenton Hughes, who picked off a Matt Moore pass; Ohio State defensive back Anderson Russell, who poked a ball away from Legedu Naanee to prevent a catch; and Boise State rookie defensive end Jarrell Root, who had a sack.

Arkansas State safety Kelcie McCray, who drew plaudits from Jeff Ireland after rookie mini-camp, blew coverage on a pass from Moore to Davone Bess.

### A Les Brown sighting! The former accountant, who's a strong possibility for the practice squad if he shows much summer, caught a couple passes, including a short one from Tannehill than he ran in for a score. He seems to get upfield quickly after the catch.

###Cam Wake, asked about the quarterbacks: "I hate those guys!"

### The defensive line looked good overall Tuesday, with backup Tony McDaniel batting down a Moore pass. Jamaal Westerman got snaps in the nickel package and was active.

### Moore continues to make considerable use of Charles Clay, who usually finds soft spots in the defense. Make no mistake: Clay will be a valued weapon in this offense.

### Marcus Thigpen, the former CFL standout, participated in kickoff return drills with Clyde Gates and Bess.

For more Dolphins notes, please click on my Sports Buzz blog link above, and check routinely there for Dolphins notes. The next Dolphins practice open to the media is June 11. David J. Neal or I will check in then, and David J. will post any significant news here in the interim.




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Congrats to Home.Good call on lat nights Heat victory.

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Congrats to Home.Good call on lat nights Heat victory.

Posted by: Monte | May 31, 2012 at 07:03 AM


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Posted by: JUSTIN CREDIBLE | May 31, 2012 at 07:35 AM

Kinda like your posts.

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God DC you are such a flippin' tool.

Ohio's blog is literally five or six guys in a circle jerk. I really don't think I'd compare it to a giant corporate entity or the capitalist economic model!

Ohio's blog is literally five or six guys in a circle jerk. I really don't think I'd compare it to a giant corporate entity or the capitalist economic model!

Posted by: Vic Tanny | May 31, 2012 at 12:42 PM

Five or six guys and Odin.

This blog is literally five or six trolls in a circle jerk

Ohio's circle jerk club:

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Ohio's circle jerk club:
odin gaylord bwaaaaah
Nobody we miss here.
Posted by: Good Riddance :) | May 31, 2012 at 01:11 PM

Yeah man, it would be a super bummer to have people around here that actually talked football and had solid discussions.

I for once called out Ohio for being a scumbage but will never personally attack his family, not my style. As far as his sausage party, maybe Jon enjoy readind posts only from his circle jerks.

The Herald can't possibly have a circle jerk.........it's the same guy that keeps changing his name

LOL @ 1:42.....

Yeah man, it would be a super bummer to have people around here that actually talked football and had solid discussions.

Posted by: thavafin | May 31, 2012 at 01:35 PM

Solid discussions with Odin Gaylord? Now that is an oxymoron.

LOL @ 1:53.....

I hate to say it and it may not be "popular" but I doubt Joe Philbin is will be any better then Tony Sparano. That being said, I think the majority of the blame for the teams failure goes on Jeff Ireland who has failed to acquire any talent in the draft, and has alienated FA's,agents, prospective coaches, media, and fans, with the Dez Bryant incident and his classless body of "work".

Strongly disagree DC
I think the fact that we still bring up the Dez Bryant thing is indicative of the lack of material people actually have to bash Ireland with.
But thats just like, my opinion man.

Didnt Ireland lie to Yeremiah Bell and to his agent?

Every time a team releases a player before their contract ends could it not also be considered lying?

Ryan is starting. They already rigging the QB competition.

“I think it’s very close,” Philbin told Rose. “I think it’s very close. I think they all bring different attributes to the table. I will say that the room itself, the quality of the individuals in the room, I think is excellent."

There is zero ways that Ryan is even close to Moore or Garrard after 5 or 6 OTA's.

Then Philbin goes on to say this.

“And then we’ve got a young guy (Tannehill) that has some familiarity with the offense but not a lot of familiarity with the NFL game. But he’s holding his own, very much so. So it’s been a good competition so far.”

This is horse apples!!!!!!!!! They already rigging it. Hard Knocks wouldn't be Hard Knocks if Ryan and his Wife doesn't start.

Ron Son,

Yup. On a phone call Ireland verbally quaranteed a roster spot to Bell's agent(Rosenhaus) 4 days before cutting him.

Moore is starting. Ross already said so.

That's actually a good point.

I see plenty of talent on this team. Great RB's, great oline now. QB will work itself out. Do some of you ever think how Hartline or Bess or the other WRs would have looked with Manning or Rodgers throwing to them? With our previous oline and coaching, no WR would have shined on this team, not to mention with throwing Henne too.

Ireland on his own now is doing a good job despite some questionable misses in earlier drafts.

eel said something about football!!!

whoa said nothing about nothing. Now watch him fake me and say something mean.............

LOL @ 1:53.....

Posted by: Kris | May 31, 2012 at 01:55 PM

and another name change for you.....over the past few weeks you have been on a brutal pace of trolling and talking to yourself HOME/OSCAR.......

you and all those voices in your head are EASILY among the most pathetic things I have ever witnessed on the net.....go outside and find some friends....or join a book club...go to the gym....there has to be a group of people that you are not SOCIALLY AWKARD around....go to a comic book convention....or Star Wars..or Star Trek......go hang out @ the peep show place.....do SOMETHING....ANYTHING.....besides sitting in front of your computer hitting REFESH day and night......

I'm excited to see if Tannehill pans out. I use to like Garrard when he was with Jacksonville and would like to see him return to form and win the starting job but Tannehill is getting paid too much money to sit on the bench.

Irescum is 6-10 without Parcells.

MJ is JackSparrow Pricemaster LoadSwallower

HBO is reporting only 3 of the 250 Dolphin fans have ordered HBO since the announcement.

There's plenty of good Dolphin sites out there with TONS of posters. No idea whay anyone would be fixated on this one or (especially) Ohio's laughable collection of nitwits.

I think with a little time Tannehill is going to rise to the occasion and take over by mid season. He has too much potential to stay on the bench any longer than that.

HBO?, HBO?, we don't need no HBO here, We KNOW.

MJ--I really think it all depends on a combination of how the team is doing along with Tannehill's learning curve.

If they are out of any contention by 9 or 10 games in and feel Tannehill can handle the demands, then sure, why not?

If the team is playing reasonably well and/or they feel he would benefit more by sitting and learning rather than taking a beating, I wouldnt expect to see him much (if any) in 2012.

I'm fine with it either way. No expectation on my part that Tannehill will be a significant producer for the team this year. Going past that, yes. He's pretty raw even iof the upside may be huge.

my dinner,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



MJ, Tannehill was nothing special in college. He lost 6 games as a senior. When does a a QB that lost 6 games his senior year get drafted in the 1st rd? Has it ever happened?

You will see eel, you will see what the coaches and scouts saw, in time. Not day 1.

I'm not getting HBO. I've wasted plenty of money on this team already. Went to 5 games the last 2 years all losses. I still root for the team but no more money on them.

John, nice blog name.

Looks like Armando's radio show has hit the skids and it looks now they have have relieved him of his blog too. However, it seems the Herald has allowed him him to keep his twitter acct, for now at least. LOL

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