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Cameron Wake: 'An amazing, amazing journey'

The news of the weekend for the Dolphins continues to be the signing of Cameron Wake to a four-year extension through 2016. He spoke with the media in a conference call this evening.

This is everything he said:

(On signing his extension) - “It feels really good. Really good. It’s kind of like taking things to another level -- kind of like when I came down here from the CFL. You always try to get better. You always want to reach the next level and I’ve been trying to do that since the moment I stepped on the football field at Penn State. Having a situation like this…it’s going through the journey. There aren’t too many guys who can say that… being released from the (New York) Giants, being out of football, going to the CFL and doing well up there, coming back, being inactive my first few games here with the Dolphins, playing in the Pro Bowl -- it’s been an amazing, amazing journey. It’s definitely been an amazing ride.”

(On if there was a moment where he felt this extension wouldn’t get done) - “You know what…I had faith in the whole process. It’s one of those things where patience is best. You definitely need that going through the process that I was going through. Like I said, everything that happened to me up to this point…there were a lot of times where I thought (inaudible). Never let go of your dreams and it was a situation where I had to keep striving and hopefully good things will happen.”

(On how hard was it not let his contract situation impact him on the field and how tough was it missing some of the offseason workouts) - “I’ve said this before; football is a game for big boys. We are all grown men. There is a business side and there is a personal side. As a grown man, you start to better understand there is a business side and everything has its place and time. Going through the last couple of years, I have obviously felt a sense that you want to get something done. Nothing will happen if you don’t (inaudible). Having to go out there and do that…if I was out there every play trying to worry about ‘oh my God, what do I have to do to get a contract on this play’, I would miss a tackle or (be in) the wrong gap. That would put me away from my ultimate goal. When you are on the field…you have to block out all of the other distractions. Your contract, your girlfriend, if your leg (is) hurting, it’s hot, whatever those are. You have to throw those distractions to the side.”

(On how fans seem to be more encouraged about the team after the draft) - “I have a very strong opinion about this organization. Obviously for many reasons, the major one being I got an opportunity to come back and play football at the highest level of the game I love. This organization was the team at the forefront of bringing me out of the CFL and having me come down here and play the game of football. Obviously, I have a strong attachment. They are very near and dear to my heart. The decisions they make and the decisions they’ve made are to make sure that we are a winning organization. I’ve seen them do that and I am looking forward to this upcoming season for sure.”

(On his impression of Joe Philbin) - “So far. So good. I sat down and spoke with him one on one on more than one occasion. He kind of threw his philosophy at me and he wants to run his own ship and I like the way it is going so far. It’s fresh blood. I know you guys have, or maybe not have, seen the addition to downstairs at the facility. Just trying to make it a first class organization from top to bottom and making sure we have everything we need to be successful. I’m looking forward to many good things this offseason. We are taking big strides to make sure that 2012 will be a good season for everybody.”

(On defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle) - “He is another guy that I got a chance to speak with. He’s been…what he has already brought to the table is huge in the meetings that we have had. It (the defense) looks very polished and a lot of guys are excited about it. We’ve always have been as a defense at the top of the list in making sure we do our job on the field (rest inaudible).”

(On what he has been doing this offseason) - “Other than working out (laughing)? I’ve actually had a little time to spend with my family before we got back for the OTA’s and offseason workouts. I’m one of those guys that are an everyday guy. Family, dinner and a movie. I hang out in Miami, which as you know is a destination for most people when they get the opportunity to come down here. We are truly blessed to be playing in a city like this. Miami has a lot to offer and every time I have the opportunity, I want to take part in that, but like you said, it’s football time now.”

(On if he has a first purchase in mind with the new contract) - “I think my journey from where I’ve come from. I want to stay humble with it. I have never been one of those guys. I am not looking at a helicopter or diamonds or big tiger (laughing) or nothing like that. There is nothing out there I think I would go out there…I am kind of one of those guys that (gets) the things that I need and most of the things I want or well below my needs. Like they said “wine money with beer tastes”. I keep it pretty simple and hopefully (save money) for a rainy day in the future and hopefully for generations to come.


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Good for Wake- he's a good guy.

Philbin = Cameron 2.0

now, let us get Jake Long's contract.

Jake Long will probably get the franchise tag. They may not talk an extension, or new contract, until next season.

Most of these comments are just bored bloggers looking to get a rise.

Ireland sucks
Philbin is Cameran


Don't take the bait.

Not so sure about Jake Long. His injuries are too troublesome to give him another big contract.


Yup, team went into the crapper when Parcells left.

If Parcells wanted to coach this year how come there was no talk about him coaching the Fins?

Dont know where you girls are waiving in the injury prone pom-poms in favor of Jake Long. He only really had one injury that ebcame several other because Sparano never managed him and the first injury correctly.

Jake Long being s true warrior in bloodline never said no and continue to play thru them for as long as he could anyway. This will be the first since the beginning of Jake Longs 2nd season in Miami, he begins a regular season 1005 in jury free.

So dumasses, lets not give the so many injuries Jake Long the money he deserves. He'll be a fa in 2013, but Im sure there arent any dumass nfl gm's who see it as you dumasses do.



Some kind of sense of Humor Armando has! HoHo!

Skills pay the bills. Congrats Cam!


THE TUNA...........

Armando, again as I said before.... this guy is overpay, but is not my money

.... this guy is overpay, but is not my money

Posted by: tony in miami | May 06, 2012 at 10:22 PM

I guess 3rd grade at the most.

That's not even close to english. Come back when you learn the language-jeez.


did armandos original post REALLY say cam cameron signs four year deal with miami???...

OMG , almost callopsed dead after that one....your going to writers hell for that EVIL joke mando....

A clever combination of three and five.


2nd grade in your clever little case.

Obviously I'm expecting to much.

I mean you do follow a writer that mistakes Cam Cameron for Cam Wake.

Nuff Said.

Shut yo yap and get back in bed.

I keep it pretty simple and hopefully (save money) for a rainy day in the future and hopefully for generations to come.

Tannehill is the future generation.

Maybe Wake will buy him some accuracy and proper footwork?

Alright Cam.

Tough to be optimistic when we are so far behind the Pats we're not even in the race.

Grade A draft, 3 QB's on the roster and sick O line, we are gonna make playoffs this year, bunch a chumps most Miam ifans are, pathetic! go root for another team or learn about Football!

Super Bowl in three years!

On a total side note, a lot of analysts are question the fit of the west coast offense with the receivers on Miami's offense, saying Miami doesn't have the personnel. However, Reggie Bush is never mentioned. Isn't it reasonable to assume Reggie will play more receiver? Wouldn't he be the perfect player for that system?

You know what?....So far I think the fins are on the correct path..

The best thing to happen was getting rid of Sparano.Now I dont know how good Philbin will be but Sparano was TERRIBLE...

So far from what I read and observe, Philbin has some brains.
I really beleive that Tannehill will be a FRANCHISE QB...I do...he throws quickly and hits small windows...plus he is smart...I think he is the REAL deal....I may be wrong, but at least they pulled the trigger...

Im more worried about iur Secondary...SMITH is woeful...Vontae is patchy....our RG position is also not settled and we could use a STUD receiver....many holes still...but I think with MOORE this year and some decent mangement and coaching Im sayin 10-6

Good signing. He deserved some money.

Tony Sparano really fooled me. I thougt he was a straight up guy. He wasn't, just stubborn.

Everyone is worried about RG!! We got Murtha and Jerry battling it out. If John Jerry shows what he did at the end of the year, we might really have something.

I like when I hear that Wake has had few one on one with Philbin. Shows Philbin doesn't only speak with offensive guys, and he is excited about Kevin Coyle. Don't forget, Coyle was a DB coach. Perhaps he can straighten out the secondary.

Philbin has said that, in the future, under certain circumstances, Lamar Miller will be split out wide.


You awake too?

Marc, and you're Moron x 2.

I think the good thing is Philbin and Sherman have a clean slate with the WR's and these guys will have the opportunity to step up. I have total confidence in Philbin to package the best athletes and miss matches.

Here is one I'm not really hearing from anyone about Tannehill. He a multi facet player that can do a lot with his legs. If they make him the starter, he could rush for 500 yards. Especially in big spots.

That's one of the things with Tannehill, CLIP. The other might be designed plays for him, options, split wide in the Wild Cat + many other things.

Not to mention that Tannehill's wonderlick score was 38. Only one higher among NFL QB's is Eli Manning.

This guy can run, throw and has the brains to make quick decisions while the bullets are flying.

...we scored big time drafting him.

This was a good move by Miami. Some think Wake might not be worth it, but he's DEFINITELY worth more than the kicker (and if he stayed put, Carpenter would have been making more than him). It also shows they pay their good talent (for too long they've been more worried paying their acorns than anyone else).

Next up, Jake Long and the rookies. Long's signing would free up some CAP space this year, so not sure why the holdout (maybe they're building up their chips).

Glad to hear good news about the Dolphins though. It's been a long road.

WOW, There is someone I can actually buy a new nike jersey of... Thank God! :)


You dont run wildcat plays with your 8th overall pick at qb. Even if splitting outside at wr. Remember the Nfl has said the qb is fair game to take a shot at if split out wide as a reciever in the wc. Catch the ball or not.

You dont want to lose your 8th overall qb for the season on a stupid gimmick play. If we wanted to run a wc play we have Thomas and Clay for that. They both had college level experience running the wc.

Also, if you're running the Wildcat on offense, it means you have ZERO faith in your QB's arm or ability. Which teams run Wildcat: Dolphins, Jets, Broncos. All teams with crap QBs.

Hopefully, we'll never see the Wildcat again, because that would mean our QB is doing what he needs to be doing, running the offense the way it's supposed to be run.

Hopefully, Olivier Vernon can be that missing pass rush element opposite Wake. Though Wake only had 8.5 sacks in 2011, could easily have been 12 sacks, if not for oline holding. Both those called and not called against him.

Vernon to emerge is very important. Offenses cant primarily roll thier pass protect at Wake and it will force offenses to have to consistently play our pass rush more honestly. With both Wake and Vernon terrorizing in pass rush, it will also fortce offenses to keep a extra TE or back in to help.

Meaning that's 1 less reciever who can run a pass pattern.

My only concern about Wake is he must become more than just a speed pass rusher. Especially at this point in his career(30yrs old). With at least 2 more great pass rush moves, I see no reason Wake could not lead the entire nfl in sacks, possibly being a defensive player of the year winner.

somehow i went from cancelling my direct TV season ticket to poking around on stubhub. with the latest moves, and the selections they have made in the draft, i am no longer worried about the coaching aspect, rest assured, philbin and sherman will take care of their business. looking into the roster, it's not difficult to envision miami contending for a playoff birth. the defense might see a small drop in production due to the safety and defensive end positions, but philbin is totally aware of this, and i have faith in philbin, and if philbin knows what to fix, he can fix it.

After we lose the opener it'll be Barf for Barkley in 2012!

My only concern about Wake is he must become more than just a speed pass rusher. Especially at this point in his career(30yrs old). With at least 2 more great pass rush moves, I see no reason Wake could not lead the entire nfl in sacks, possibly being a defensive player of the year winner.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 07, 2012 at 09:42 AM

What is it your are smoking? At this stage of his career he is going to be losing dimensions, not adding them. DPOY, not even a glimmer of a chance.

Congrats to Wake...isn't it funny how they were saying Bush can't be a number 1 rb but he could be a 1 wr but now they're saying we don't have recievers...plus before Marshall every nfl media was saying all we needed was 1 alpha wr because we have all these "great possession" wr's but Marshall gone and same recievers but now they say we don't have wr's...if Philbin can turn our O into green bay wr O then we'll be better than fine causethey don't have an alpha receiver neither...Tannehill did real good in college with so so wr's so with our nfl caliber he should do great especially already knowing the offense...now if only he could read nfl defense.... With bush, bess, egnew, and fasano, breaking tackles, after a catch we should surprise teams this year. Just imagine Bush starting wr against a corner...DEMOLISH!!!! Go Dolphins!!!

I also believe this is a make or break year for Sean Smith. He no longer has Tony Sparano's skirt to hide behind. The new coaching staff may prove not nearly as patient. They didnt bring him in, so, they should have absolutely no problem shipping him out after another under achieving defensive season in 2012.

If this happens, I do believe, corner will be high priority on the 2013 fa or darft list. Vontae Davis seems safe, he just needs to stay focused when not playing against the nfl's upper echelon wr's, that seems to be his only fault.

Glad to see Wake get a contract. Hoping he gets some help with the pass rush this year

as for the offense, this is the year miami finally fields a better offense then the defense. it's difficult to NOT be excited with Tannehill, i like his drop back speed, his knowledge of each play will allow him to execute faster, his precision, his durability, his toughness, scrambling ability, leadership, competitveness, and desire, and above all else, this guy is really smart. i really think ross knocked it out of the park, of course only time will tell, and in miami's case, time will proove to be a benefit, time is now on miami's side, next years draft will really be exciting as miami will load up with talent, instead of filling in holes. the dolphins finally have turned the corner.


Our safety position isnt terrible, but not what it needs to be either. The worst of is just not getting enough big plays from the position.

Other than that, it's really no more great nor terrible than most nfl teams. No matter how great the safety play is, you'll still get 2-3 plays a year where the offense just makes a great play against you.

Our free safety play is fine just needs to begin making big plays. As far as pass defense, ss was by far the greatest weakness. Bell couldnt cover his own shadow, but, thank goodness he could make a tackle after the catch.

Probably a main reason Bell was let go, other than coverage woes, was Reshad Jones. I could be wrong, but Ive always felt Jones is more of a ss than fs, at least the University of Georgia felt so.

Jones is a hitter and better coverage guy than Bell was. I'll always believe, until Jones proves otherwise, Tony Sparano was trying to play him at the wrong position(fs).

At ss, I believe Reshad Jones could really emerge this season, and be an unexpected surprise on the defensive side of the ball.

Without Marshall we now have the worst WR's in the NFL. Whats Iresum doing about that?

Philbin, and his staff of coaches, like to teach the game of football and work on technique and fundamentals. They're going to concentrate on details and the speed of the game. So, we shouldn't be as disorganized on the field like we were with Sparano. Players will be put in a position to succeed, for once. The Find will exploit mismatches and make adjustments. This is what we've been missing for a long time.

Yes, we still have areas of weakness. And, another good draft should address some of those. But, we have a core of good young players mixed with a few wily veterans. No one wanted to play us last year and they're really not going to like playing us this year! We're even better and faster! It's time to "Believe In Miami"!


look beyond Tannehill, and you'll see that our team made huge strides on the offensive side, they shored up the right side(anybody other then that guy from dallas is an immediate improovement), they will hit on at least ONE of their drafted recievers(fuller is my bet), at running back, maybe thomas surprises, but the absence of a thumper(the missing short yardage game) has benn quietly addressed with the signing of Jonus Gray, if last years injury is not a factor he is going to surprise a LOT of dolphans, add Tannehill's abilities to the running game as well. at tightend, clay was one of my favorite players last year, look for him to be even better and now add Egnew. yep! i'm getting excited.

Give 'em hell, Joe (Philbin)!!!


yesterday's gone,

you need to watch a replay of last years miami vs, buffalo game,(i'm not sure if it was the home or away game)but nonetheless, if you indeed watch the game i saw, there is no way you retain your uninspired opinions of bell.

Why is the season taking so long to start!?! I'm getting excited thinking about what Sherman plans on doing with this offense and what Coyle is planning with this talented but sketchy secondary

i am a big fan of reshad jones, he is the ss i want, he has great instincts, and is a physical heavy hitter, i think he gets a good number of int's this year, i only hope he puts the same amount of time into preparation as bell did, if he does he will be very, very good. i know bell has said he won't play for the fins anymore, but if he changes his mind and comes back for less, bell and jones should be able to bring it this year.


Last I checked, no one considers us sb favorite this year anyway, even if Brandon Marshall were still a Dolphin. Marshall was a bad fit for the wco. He was a terrible route runner and won most matchups by pure physicality alon.

The wco is a timing offense and everyone needs to be exactly where thier supposed to be. This doesnt consistently happen with a por route runner like Marshall. Spacing creates mismatches, if the reciever isnt route running correctly it throws of spacing, which will effect the throwing windows.

Throwing windows are crucial because this isnt college where every reciever is always open. One guy running a route incorrectly make block a throwing window to another open reciever. Tha really sucks if your reciever blocking that window isnt open himself at the time.

That one milli-second of time can mean the difference between a great completion and great sack by the defense. Let's see how well Philbin's wco system works before condenming our wr's worst in the league. Its incrediously stupid to make that final assessment right now.


The problem with Bell is he was extremely inconsistent in pass coverage. Inconsistent doesnt mean he never made a play. It shows he was highly unlikely to make a play in the passing game unless it was a tackle after the catch. Now that he could consistently be counted on.

It's just that's highly unlikely to get your defense off of the field on 3rd downs. He was highly targeted on 3rd down passing plays by the offense. That's not to say he was the only db targeted on those plays, but it was obvious offenses saw him as a passing weakness.

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