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Cameron Wake: 'An amazing, amazing journey'

The news of the weekend for the Dolphins continues to be the signing of Cameron Wake to a four-year extension through 2016. He spoke with the media in a conference call this evening.

This is everything he said:

(On signing his extension) - “It feels really good. Really good. It’s kind of like taking things to another level -- kind of like when I came down here from the CFL. You always try to get better. You always want to reach the next level and I’ve been trying to do that since the moment I stepped on the football field at Penn State. Having a situation like this…it’s going through the journey. There aren’t too many guys who can say that… being released from the (New York) Giants, being out of football, going to the CFL and doing well up there, coming back, being inactive my first few games here with the Dolphins, playing in the Pro Bowl -- it’s been an amazing, amazing journey. It’s definitely been an amazing ride.”

(On if there was a moment where he felt this extension wouldn’t get done) - “You know what…I had faith in the whole process. It’s one of those things where patience is best. You definitely need that going through the process that I was going through. Like I said, everything that happened to me up to this point…there were a lot of times where I thought (inaudible). Never let go of your dreams and it was a situation where I had to keep striving and hopefully good things will happen.”

(On how hard was it not let his contract situation impact him on the field and how tough was it missing some of the offseason workouts) - “I’ve said this before; football is a game for big boys. We are all grown men. There is a business side and there is a personal side. As a grown man, you start to better understand there is a business side and everything has its place and time. Going through the last couple of years, I have obviously felt a sense that you want to get something done. Nothing will happen if you don’t (inaudible). Having to go out there and do that…if I was out there every play trying to worry about ‘oh my God, what do I have to do to get a contract on this play’, I would miss a tackle or (be in) the wrong gap. That would put me away from my ultimate goal. When you are on the field…you have to block out all of the other distractions. Your contract, your girlfriend, if your leg (is) hurting, it’s hot, whatever those are. You have to throw those distractions to the side.”

(On how fans seem to be more encouraged about the team after the draft) - “I have a very strong opinion about this organization. Obviously for many reasons, the major one being I got an opportunity to come back and play football at the highest level of the game I love. This organization was the team at the forefront of bringing me out of the CFL and having me come down here and play the game of football. Obviously, I have a strong attachment. They are very near and dear to my heart. The decisions they make and the decisions they’ve made are to make sure that we are a winning organization. I’ve seen them do that and I am looking forward to this upcoming season for sure.”

(On his impression of Joe Philbin) - “So far. So good. I sat down and spoke with him one on one on more than one occasion. He kind of threw his philosophy at me and he wants to run his own ship and I like the way it is going so far. It’s fresh blood. I know you guys have, or maybe not have, seen the addition to downstairs at the facility. Just trying to make it a first class organization from top to bottom and making sure we have everything we need to be successful. I’m looking forward to many good things this offseason. We are taking big strides to make sure that 2012 will be a good season for everybody.”

(On defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle) - “He is another guy that I got a chance to speak with. He’s been…what he has already brought to the table is huge in the meetings that we have had. It (the defense) looks very polished and a lot of guys are excited about it. We’ve always have been as a defense at the top of the list in making sure we do our job on the field (rest inaudible).”

(On what he has been doing this offseason) - “Other than working out (laughing)? I’ve actually had a little time to spend with my family before we got back for the OTA’s and offseason workouts. I’m one of those guys that are an everyday guy. Family, dinner and a movie. I hang out in Miami, which as you know is a destination for most people when they get the opportunity to come down here. We are truly blessed to be playing in a city like this. Miami has a lot to offer and every time I have the opportunity, I want to take part in that, but like you said, it’s football time now.”

(On if he has a first purchase in mind with the new contract) - “I think my journey from where I’ve come from. I want to stay humble with it. I have never been one of those guys. I am not looking at a helicopter or diamonds or big tiger (laughing) or nothing like that. There is nothing out there I think I would go out there…I am kind of one of those guys that (gets) the things that I need and most of the things I want or well below my needs. Like they said “wine money with beer tastes”. I keep it pretty simple and hopefully (save money) for a rainy day in the future and hopefully for generations to come.


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If Ross knew he wasnt going to land Cowher or Fisher he probably would'vs kept Sparano.

To those whining about wake's productivity, not only was he chipped and double teamed all last season, but the total team sacks in 2011-2012 was a couple more sacks higher than 2010-2011. So don't pretend like his ability doesn't have an effect on the opposing offense. Plus if you're going to allocate priorities on a football payroll wouldn't you focus a little bit more on the guy who's job it is to counter the switch to this passing league attitude that most teams are trying to adopt? I swear, always negative nancies in here.

Does anyone else catch Armando's wave of optimism?


I used to think the Phins would finish 3-13.

Now I think they will finish 5-11!

Better days ahead!

Armando's optimism doesnt influence me. I still think 3-13. Bill

Well hey now c'mon, I mean seriously ? Are we for real people ? People ? Peep hole ? Humans being human beings being human. Oh the humanity. Be real....is a great rapper. I like candy...wrappers. Wrap my richard in plastic and let him go play in the pool; his movement so spastic, what a fool, he gone get the clap, it's drastically tragic...

p.s. - Go Orlando !


I meant the IQ under center. Professor, and not exactly Pouncey's asss.

ALoco is as much in Mass. as I am in Hawaii.

Competition for QB is open, as it should be, and the winner will open the Season. I just happen to think it will be Tannehill.

LMAOROTF Over Alocos 4:38 Post, Any hooooo, Like The kid Miller from the "U", I like the thought of having Bush and Miller in the back field, Just sorry they got rid of Beck a few years ago, could have used a Imported Beer in there.

Personal attacks? Childish, in my opinion. Bring something to the table besides a sixth-grade mentality.


Speak for yourself.

Tracy Android474,

I really appreciate your attempt top humor me @ 331 PM. However, one of your close family members already diagnosed my hardware and found its working just fine.

But I did promise her I would keep her name secret, being that Im usually a man of my word.

PS: Tell mom I said hello. LOL

What a mess it is in here. Came home from work and read the last two pages, thought I would join in a conversation. My bad.

Tracy474 keep that positive attitude and pay no attention to the idiots. As soon as training camp starts they will be drowned out by real fans.

Me cannot post allday. Me work as a Doctor.

Bro, Lamar is 6'0", 212 lbs. That's no midget!

And before I leave, Tracy474, most likely the posters Craig M and Yesterdays Gone are being impersonated. I could be wrong but they usually don't attack people like this. Especially the bit about your mom. It's not like those two to act this way unless someone says something really bad to them. I only read the last two pages but your posts didn't warrant all the belittlement, not sure what was said on the first two pages but whatever. I'm out, not getting sucked into this nonsense.

If David Garrard ends up day 1 starter, I can nearly guarantee, by game 5 Tannehill's the new permanent starter.

Garrard as opening day starter means Moore severely regressed and they'll take 4 games to make sure Tannehill's ready to take over.

I believe Garrad's only 2nd string insurance for the expected departure of Matt Moore in fa next year. Unless we trade Moore before the 2012 deadline this year. Never know which starter may go down before the 2012 trading deadline.

"78", Me too, Came home to get my feed of Phins and gotta weave through the "Poop" of the last few hours.Anyhoooo, Your thoughts on the fins new Back field of "Bush-Miller" ?
I hear there's a kid from Colorado By the name of Coors., Have you heard of him?


Idiots ? you mean, Like you ? Go back in your hole, you old fart.

It's good to have Wake signed. Now hopefully they'll start working on Jake Long. Using the franchise tag is an expensive way to go if you don't have to.

Hopefully Reggie Bush will like the new scheme and coaching staff enough where he won't try to break the bank next season.

I'm still a little perplexed about the recieving corps but we have made some decent moves of late.

It looks to be an interesting seaason in the making.


I did attack Tracy Android474, he or she attacked me first, just a fews days ago.

Phin78, I realize you cant resist coming to everyone's rescue, but sometimes make sure you know the entire story first. But you and me are still good.


You can tell CraigM is being impersonated. The real CraigM is "CraigM", not "Craig M". See the difference? LOL

Only old ladies go "anyhooo."

Why is Armando optimistic? Did Ross pay him? We are still in the Pats division and there is a serious lack of talent and another Cameron at HC. Tannehill wont beat out Moore for at least 1-2 years and there isnt a receiver on the team worth a chit.



Dolfan Rick,

No fear, if any player wasnt going to get a contract extension this year, it sure wasn going to be Jake Long. Long's will be the biggest of all, so, the fo is saving the best for last.

Long should recieve in the same neighborhood of what Joe Thomas recieved in his extension with Browns. However, if something goes terribly wrong, Martin could be moved back over to LT and we'll bring in a new RT next year. I believe this is highly unlikely to happen though.

I cant help attacking people that dont agree with me. Deal with it.

Craig M,

Your screen name is exactly why I dont take other posters accounts for events happening right in front of thier face. Clearly you posted as Craig M, not CraigM, and it was right in front of thier faces still they didnt catch it.

Then some here think they know what theyre seeing on gameday. LOL

We know that, YG. You're aware, you making progress.

Love it! Im getting troll love at 5:08 PM. Hell I was beginning to feel left out. Thx troll @ 5:08 PM.

PS: Did you give your mother a hug and tell her you love her today? LOL

Guys coming in saying they "just got off of work" are lying.

Tell the truth for once, admit youre just getting in from collecting beer cans. Tell us how much the salvage yard pays per pound for aluminum today?

There's no shame, it a honest living folks! LOL

All work is honest, YG, including being your Psychiatrist.

I post 24 hrs straight on here.... in the offseason. Is there something wrong with that?


What is your iguanna having for dinner tonight?

Does iguanna eat better than uemployed govt cheese program?

What does your iguanna wear to bed?


I'm hoping Long is completely healthy this year and returns to his pro bowl form. It would obviously make more sense to resign him or franchise him at that point.

If he has another subpar injury prone season then your theory could play out.

Maybe I'm naive but I don't really think the plan would be to teach Martin to play RT then move him back to LT.

The reason he slipped in the draft I believe is, he didn't look like a franchise LT.

I guess it's smart business, drafting guys like Martin and Miller for insurance, but I would much rather keep all the talented players we have and continue to add more.


Does your iguanna have a name?

Which relative is he named after?

Does he appreciate being called iguanna soup?

PHINS 78................


Dolfan Rick,

Never said Long was drafted as insurance, worst case scenario it could pan out that way. Personally, I believe we would trade Jake Long before we ever let him walk for nothing.

Again, Im not stating trading him, just get something if we cant resign him. Franchising him would be the first option, then if we couldnt resign him before the end of 2013, then you trade him.

I can definitely see franchising him at the end of 2012 if a deal doesnt get done. But I highly doubt Long's going anywhere and get a 7-8yr deal making him a dolphin for life.

Dolfan Rick, meant to say Martin wasnt drafted as insurance.

Clearly we should've drafted Matt Ryan instead of Long.

The term "pan out" maked no sense at all. What does it have to do with pans?

It's a stupid term. I'm not going to use it anymore.

Please dolFANS: don't turn tanehill's future into canon fodder by asking him to start from day one. He still needs coaching, more experience and a better offense to have a real chance in the NFL.

His eagerness to lead is a good thing, let's just keep it away from fan desperation for a little longer.

Yeah well. We can't go back. Gotta hope Mr Tannyhill is the real deal now.


What does your iguanna wear to bed?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 07, 2012 at 05:23 PM

A #12 Tom Brady jersey.

Clearly we should've drafted Matt Ryan instead of Long.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 07, 2012 at 05:35 PM

Moot point.
I would have stunted his development.
If he did get a hot hand in any game, I would have pulled him out for a bone-headed wildcat play.


I'm down with whatever this coaching staff chooses to do.

They've been coaching QB's and offenses longer than I've been Monday morning quarterbacking.

When Older, I knew a Priest that wanted to sukk my dikk.

Rick, Your a typical guy that has his "Rose Colored" Glasses on, I bet you see them going 11 and 5 this year,(More like 3 and 13 if you take those glasses off).

oscar canosa,

How can this be ? When your the only one who sucks. I here you like Deep Throat.

Just Sayin,,


NOT TO BE .........


Posted by: ALoco | May 07, 2012 at 06:08 PM

For example: instead of calling ALoco a dumb shyt just call him dumb.

lost america,

You don't know me from adam dude.

I've been a fan of this team for a long time.

I wouldn't begin to try to predict how we'll do this year, at least until mid preseason anyways.

As for the rose colored glasses. Though the jury is still out on Ireland's ability to be an NFL GM, there's no question this organization wants to win.

That's more than you can say for some. We have a new coach with a ton of experience, he has a good staff,and we have an owner with more money than sense.




yesterday's gone,

regaurdless if jones is an improvement(which i believe he will be) or not, the defense will suffer slightly in the beginning of the season until jones comes up to speed. he has a LOT to learn, hopefully he will be a fast learner. and the d-line does not have the depth it has enjiyed for the past 3 seasons. i believe our defense will be good, and the philbin variable makes this rating difficult, in addition, we have a new defensive coordinator. i like miami's chances to surprise this year, more so then the last 4 years, if by chance miami finds itself fighting for a playoff spot this year, we will need one very big thing to happen to have any kind of success, and that is we will need ONE player other then Tannehill to be a standout...gruntkouski, hakeem nicks... so what i want to know is WHO will be that guy? egnew? clay?... from a recievers standpoint, i'm thinking MARLIN MOORE, i really hope he becomes our hakeem knicks, marlin has the size, the heart, good hands, and not that he needs motivation since the only way he knows how to play is 100%, but i'm sure the competition at reciever this year will be crazy, and if i'm not mistaken, i think he will be needing a contract soon,

I have a strange suspicion the the majority of Posters here are YG/DB et el, and that Armando allows this.

Phins78....what are you talking about.....

go fins! more good news

D-Rick, Like I said before, All you have to do his take off those Glasses and you'll see.
Ross is a complete Idiot
He went after a Coach when he still had a coach under contract
He Kept Ireland....
He purchased the fins from H.G. Wayne Huizinga,The "God of Garbage"

That alone says he's a Idiot

How did this Idiot make so much Money?

Another words, Take off those glasses son..

How much are paying YG et al, Armando? You safe with me, nobody else will know besides Us.

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