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Cameron Wake: 'An amazing, amazing journey'

The news of the weekend for the Dolphins continues to be the signing of Cameron Wake to a four-year extension through 2016. He spoke with the media in a conference call this evening.

This is everything he said:

(On signing his extension) - “It feels really good. Really good. It’s kind of like taking things to another level -- kind of like when I came down here from the CFL. You always try to get better. You always want to reach the next level and I’ve been trying to do that since the moment I stepped on the football field at Penn State. Having a situation like this…it’s going through the journey. There aren’t too many guys who can say that… being released from the (New York) Giants, being out of football, going to the CFL and doing well up there, coming back, being inactive my first few games here with the Dolphins, playing in the Pro Bowl -- it’s been an amazing, amazing journey. It’s definitely been an amazing ride.”

(On if there was a moment where he felt this extension wouldn’t get done) - “You know what…I had faith in the whole process. It’s one of those things where patience is best. You definitely need that going through the process that I was going through. Like I said, everything that happened to me up to this point…there were a lot of times where I thought (inaudible). Never let go of your dreams and it was a situation where I had to keep striving and hopefully good things will happen.”

(On how hard was it not let his contract situation impact him on the field and how tough was it missing some of the offseason workouts) - “I’ve said this before; football is a game for big boys. We are all grown men. There is a business side and there is a personal side. As a grown man, you start to better understand there is a business side and everything has its place and time. Going through the last couple of years, I have obviously felt a sense that you want to get something done. Nothing will happen if you don’t (inaudible). Having to go out there and do that…if I was out there every play trying to worry about ‘oh my God, what do I have to do to get a contract on this play’, I would miss a tackle or (be in) the wrong gap. That would put me away from my ultimate goal. When you are on the field…you have to block out all of the other distractions. Your contract, your girlfriend, if your leg (is) hurting, it’s hot, whatever those are. You have to throw those distractions to the side.”

(On how fans seem to be more encouraged about the team after the draft) - “I have a very strong opinion about this organization. Obviously for many reasons, the major one being I got an opportunity to come back and play football at the highest level of the game I love. This organization was the team at the forefront of bringing me out of the CFL and having me come down here and play the game of football. Obviously, I have a strong attachment. They are very near and dear to my heart. The decisions they make and the decisions they’ve made are to make sure that we are a winning organization. I’ve seen them do that and I am looking forward to this upcoming season for sure.”

(On his impression of Joe Philbin) - “So far. So good. I sat down and spoke with him one on one on more than one occasion. He kind of threw his philosophy at me and he wants to run his own ship and I like the way it is going so far. It’s fresh blood. I know you guys have, or maybe not have, seen the addition to downstairs at the facility. Just trying to make it a first class organization from top to bottom and making sure we have everything we need to be successful. I’m looking forward to many good things this offseason. We are taking big strides to make sure that 2012 will be a good season for everybody.”

(On defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle) - “He is another guy that I got a chance to speak with. He’s been…what he has already brought to the table is huge in the meetings that we have had. It (the defense) looks very polished and a lot of guys are excited about it. We’ve always have been as a defense at the top of the list in making sure we do our job on the field (rest inaudible).”

(On what he has been doing this offseason) - “Other than working out (laughing)? I’ve actually had a little time to spend with my family before we got back for the OTA’s and offseason workouts. I’m one of those guys that are an everyday guy. Family, dinner and a movie. I hang out in Miami, which as you know is a destination for most people when they get the opportunity to come down here. We are truly blessed to be playing in a city like this. Miami has a lot to offer and every time I have the opportunity, I want to take part in that, but like you said, it’s football time now.”

(On if he has a first purchase in mind with the new contract) - “I think my journey from where I’ve come from. I want to stay humble with it. I have never been one of those guys. I am not looking at a helicopter or diamonds or big tiger (laughing) or nothing like that. There is nothing out there I think I would go out there…I am kind of one of those guys that (gets) the things that I need and most of the things I want or well below my needs. Like they said “wine money with beer tastes”. I keep it pretty simple and hopefully (save money) for a rainy day in the future and hopefully for generations to come.


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Fold this Blog site. Its the right thing to do.

Dolphins WR core will be: Cunningham, Bess, Hartline, Neenee, Gates and Matthews.

Or Hoye.

I noticed the Sun-Sentinel stopped blocking their content.

Time to say goodbye to the dying Miami Herald.

Feel free to chat over at DolphinTalk.Wordpress.com, or just click my name below.

New article up about the free agent visiting the Dolphins tomorrow. Check it out

Thank Goodness they locked this guy up. He could possibly be the next Jason Taylor if we could only surround him with some good talent. Obviously we need some more defensive line talent, so teams can't just isolate Cameron in their offensive schemes. I'm glad he's going to be around.

Ohio Dolfan, thanks but I checked it out and it's just the same small group of people that was posting here all the time. A bit stale for me. I'd prefer to see some new names/voices/opinions.

Best of luck with it, though!


It's Been Real,

no problem sir, thanks for checking it out. I'll see ya around in here whenever it's back up and running!

On Wake's new contract - great move
on Jake Long staying a Dolphin - barring a major injury he will remain a FIN according to the FO
on the negative comments regarding the 2012 FINS - fair weather fans should root for another team - we don't need them.
on the 2012 season - this IMO will be the best season in years, ranking up there with the Chad Pennington season.
on the WCO - to run this type of offense the team has to be in great physical condition - the conditioning program they will go through has to be tough and demanding physically and mentally - I am betting the team will be better becuse there will be less injuries and more no huddle offense - something the pattsies killed us on in the past. I say this is a new year lets wait and see what coach Joe does with this team - IMHO he will not be a TS 2.0, rather a JP 1.0 - this guy is a special coach with a coaching mind - he is what this team needed at this time in history. Being a glass half full kind of guy I have hope this season will be the turn around season for the FINS. Make fun if you like but I am entitled to my opinion and time will tell - GO FINS 2012.

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I like when I hear that Wake has had few one on one with Philbin. Shows Philbin doesn't only speak with offensive guys, and he is excited about Kevin Coyle.http://www.goodlookingloser.com/2012/06/21/sizegenetics-routine/

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