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Former NFL star, Dolphins LB Junior Seau passes

Junior Seau has passed away at age 43.

The former linebacker for the Chargers, Dolphins and Patriots was found this morning in his San Diego area home with a gunshot wound to the chest. The North County Times is citing unnamed sources in reporting Seau's death is an apparent suicide.

Seau played for the Dolphins from 2003-2005. His time with Miami was primarily one riddled with injuries. It was the least successful of his NFL stops as he was an impact player for the San Diego Chargers for 13 years and later helped the Patriots reach the Super Bowl during his stint there.

Named Tiana Baul "Junior" Seau when he was born in Jan. 19, 1969, Seau was drafted fifth overall by the Chargers in the 1990 draft.

He was a local legend in San Diego, first at Oceanside High School, where he lettered in football, basketball and track and field. He earned recognition as a league MVP and was named by Parade Magazine to its high school All-American Team.

Seau played collegiately down the road in Los Angeles at the University of Southern California.

He was named to the Pro Bowl 12 times and made the league's list of All-Pro starts for 10 years. Seau was traded to the Dolphins on April 16, 2003 for a fifth-round draft pick.

In October 2010, problems in Seau's life became clear following a bizarre automobile accident. On Oct. 18, he drove his SUV off an embankment in Carlsbad and was hospitalized with minor injuries.

Seau told police he fell asleep hours after he was arrested on a felony domestic violence allegation and released, police said.

The Dolphins are aware of Seau's passing. The club is forming a statement.

[Update: Dolphins CEO has tweeted a statemet: “We are stunned and saddened at the passing of Junior Seau. During his time with the Dolphins he made a unique contribution to the team and the South Florida community.

“Junior was a fierce competitor whose passion and work ethic lifted his teammates to greater heights. His enthusiasm for the game was infectious and he passed that on to everyone who was around him. He loved the game so much, and no one played with more sheer joy.

“Beyond his accomplishments on the field, though, he was as well known for his charitable accomplishments to help those less fortunate than himself, especially kids. Whether it was in San Diego, South Florida, New England or everywhere else in between, Junior loved putting a smile on a child’s face during his “Shop with a Jock” program or during one of his countless school visits. He made a difference to so many people in so many places.

"Junior was one-of-a-kind. The league will never see anyone like him again. He will be missed, and on behalf of the Miami Dolphins we want to extend our condolences to his family.”]


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Sad to hear

RIP Mr Seau... If you commit suicide dont your normally shoot yourself in the head? Just curious

When can we expect Ross, Ireland, J-Lo and the rest of the buffoons to express condolences?

This team makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Brandon, check out what Dave Duerson did and why.

RIP Junior

So sad to read this.....

I remember when Seau retired from football just so he didn't have to play for the FINS anymore....he un-retired a few days later and joined the Patriots...I was pissed....

and now....None of that matters....its sad he couldn't find peace after his playing days.....I hope the finality of death is everything he hoped for....

This team makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Posted by: I'm Sick of this team | May 02, 2012 at 03:20 PM

Sure. That is why you come and blog here everyday.

According to some reports, Seau shot himself in the chest so that his brain could be properly examined. I'm in shock. Seau was one of the good guys.

This team makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.

Posted by: I'm Sick of this team | May 02, 2012 at 03:20 PM

Then go post at NYJ.com.
Their mental sickness should be a nice compliment.

Sad news to hear. Seau was one of my favorites and was glad to see him in a Dolphins uniform for a bit.

I remember Seau hated playing for the Dolphins so much he retired.

Damn. I had a dream about Seau two days ago?!?! Probably the first drea
I ever had with a football player in it. Seau is the last ex-player you'd think would kill himself. Crazy.

Sad to see 55 go out this way. He shot himself in the chest so that they could study his brain for concussion effects.

Appears that NFL full contact football is as brutal a blood sport as boxing and MMA Fighting.

I have Dvds from the Miami Dolphin games dating back to the early seventies and let me tell you the hits you see just 10 years ago would get suspensions now.

If you take your own life you are not allowed to enter the kingdom of Heaven.

Oh well, we still have an open Linebacker spot for our all heaven NFL Team.

My condolences to his family. Seau was a great player who accomplished a lot. During his years with Miami, he was a leader in the locker room & on the field. He retired with the Fins because he thought that he was done with football. Then, when he healed up, changed his mind and gave it a shot with the Pats and earned a Super Bowl ring. The NFL will miss him. This is tragic and sad. Those of you saying bad things about him and making fun of this are "HOMERS"!!! Go away....you're not true Dolphin Fans!

Dear I'm sick of this team,

You know what's worse than following a team that frustrates you? Hearing a bunch of grown men constantly whine about it like spoiled little children that don't get their way. Your wife/gf/bf/bff/cocker spaniel/whatever must feel disgusted by you every time you open your b!tch mouth.

Jr would have been a great coach. This is a very sad day indeed.

Then, when he healed up, changed his mind and gave it a shot with the Pats and earned a Super Bowl ring.

Posted by: Tracy474 | May 02, 2012 at 03:48 PM

Seau did not win a ring.

Isnt everyone sick of the garbage Dolphins?

Junior Seaus untimely death by suicide will no doubt magnify the debate about concussions and their lasting effects. While this certainly needs to be studied and addressed I also would point to the constant intake, either thru shots or by mouth of Human Growth pills and steroids. Junior was part of a generation of players that feested on these artificial stimulants to enhance their carreers. We don't know the lasting damage, both physical and mental, these artificial stimulants can cause to these players lives in the future.

Time to go to YouTube and watch Junior Seau highlights..

This is precisely why I absolutely support any and all efforts to reduce concussions and overall violence in the game. The hell with fans who think it's "wussifying" the NFL. They're not the ones PLAYING and putting their bodies and brains at risk (unless they fall down between the couch and the refrigerator). The number of retired players who have debilitating mental issues as a result of concussions is staggering. It must be addressed.

I certainly respect people questioning concussions & the effects they have on people. The repeat trauma to the brain has to have an effect. But, how much?

Wwhen I hear that someone is willing to give up their life to have their brain studied, I can't help but wonder if that person didn't have some kind of mental illness to begin with.

Seau didn't seem like he was suffering from repeated head trauma. His life certainly was spiraling downard with a divorce, then abuse allegations in 2010.

Maybe it was head trauam. Maybe it was personal crises. Maybe a combo of both. Maybe we'll know after they examine his brain if that is what he wanted done. I have not seen that reported anywhere.

Junior Seau, The latest Fallin' Acorn.

Once an Acorn, Always an Acorn. May you rest in Peace.

- Jeff Ireland

I feel terrible for the family.
I met him once, I will leave it at that.

If your gonna make make jokes about a guy's suicide, go do it another blog!!

Isnt everyone sick of the garbage Dolphins?
Posted by: Lets Go Heat | May 02, 2012 at 04:04 PM


Nope - just sick of negative people an this fan blog. Did not realize there were Jet/Heat fans. Of course after seeing the Nicks play, I understand why.

Oh, so you came up with another Entry.Of course Jr was suffering from Clinical Depression. Nobody saw, nobody listened. How about it, McClatchy?

Come on Mando, that's way more than 144 characters.

Chargers statement...check.
Patriots statement...check
Dolphins TWEET...check.

Always last to do anything.

This is precisely why I absolutely support any and all efforts to reduce concussions and overall violence in the game. The hell with fans who think it's "wussifying" the NFL. They're not the ones PLAYING and putting their bodies and brains at risk (unless they fall down between the couch and the refrigerator). The number of retired players who have debilitating mental issues as a result of concussions is staggering. It must be addressed.

Posted by: dr. roberts | May 02, 2012 at 04:07 PM

Do not use his death for an advocay campaign 1 way or the other.

PFT's article is suggesting that it had alot to do with his inability to occupy himself with anything but football after he retired.

This happens to alot of ex atheletes. Especially great ones. Some immerse themselves in TV(Danny Marino) & some take an easier way out. Possibly.

His mental state could have been altered by events in his life, not the hits he endured & delivered.

You didn't realize there were Heat fans here?

News Flash: This is the MIAMI Dolphins message board.

Go Dolphins, Go Panthers, Go Marlins, and Go MIAMI Heat.

AH yea I realize there are Heat Fans here. Read it again and notice the reference to negative post being Jet fans. If you hate the Phins and love the Heat, stay on the Heat blogs. But, thanks for the News Flash anyway.

The reality is the Miami Heat have been the best run organization of all the Miami teams. Thank Pat Riley for that.

This may not have been his first attempt. Remember he drove his car off a cliff a couple of years ago.
Sad day for any Football fan.

Concussions? What about guns? England seems to do fine without them. Whats the American facination with guns.

Concussions? How about a something that prevents people with concussions from getting ahlod of guns?

You say then only good guys would have guns? Hmm.... a helluva lots of former good guys with guns have turned bad guy because they had guns. Gunms have always created more problems than they've solved, no matter who owns them.

Of course everyone is negative about the Dolphins. There isnt much positive about 6-10. Or 3 losing consecutive losing seasons. Or no SB win in 40+ years.

No guns? So much for the 2nd Amendment. Lets just get rid of the 1st Amendment YG. Then I won't have to listen to you.

Agreed with the comments about doing something about concussions AND your comments on guns.

This country is addicted to violence. Love the USA, but that doesn't mean I have to wave pom poms and think everything about our society is the best. Our bloodlust and wild west mentality (while being sexual prudes) gets pretty tedious, truth be told.

Sick of Fake Fans---Sorry if I misinterpreted your words but the way you constructed that sentence made it seem as if you were dumping on Heat fans (or lumping them in with Jets fans)

You are right, there is nothing positive about 6-10 seasons or 3 consecutive losing seasons. But to have every one of your post whine and complain is nausiating. At try to istall a little humor in it.

Go to the next blog fools

Love the Heat. Used to have season tics when I still lived in SFL. Miss it greatly. That is what fires me up about all these posts. God forbid you get stuck in a one horse franchise town and have to depend on the Herald or "ugh" The Sentinnal to get your Dolphin News.


Sick of fake Fin Fans | May 02, 2012 at 05:10 PM

Back when the Constitution was formulated there were no grocery stores, except for maybe the few cities that existed. Those living in extreme rural areas needing them as a neccessity to hunt thier food.

There are only two needs for a gun.

1. To hunt out of neccessity( with major advancement in transportation even the most rural areas have access to grocery food).

2. Kill

The only reason bad guys have guns is because of good guys. Even good guys turn bad guy because of guns.

As far as the 2nd Amendant, translated it may as well read, Americans have a right to bear arms and shoot hell out of one another. Even if it thier own damn selves.

England's been around a heck of lot longer than us, yet seem to do just fine without guns.

YG, your such a puss. Imagine if someone broke in your house tied you up and raped your wife in front of you, bet a gun would come in handy then huh

Sad day. RIP Junior. A heck of a football player and always a team guy. 12 staight pro bowls at one point.

Sad that it appears his last days were troubled.


Where do you and your family live, in the projects? If not, its highly unlikely you'll ever need a gun to protect them. There's a greater chance a family tradgedy occurs within the members who live there than outside threat. How many times you a read a kid gets hold of the family gun, shoots himself or another kid in the home, go Columbine at the local high school, or a domestic dispute goes bad.

Home invasion? Almost never occurs unless that person is doing something illegal themselves.

Dude, I dont own a guin, never owned a gun, but know how to get one if I felt I needed it. But, that would probably be for an unlawful purpose too, even if I felt justified in my actions.

Only 2 things will happen when owning a gun:

A. You'll never have to use it.
B. Something goes terribly wrong and that terribly wrong wont neccessarily be an act of sel defence.

YG, your such a puss. Imagine if someone broke in your house tied you up and raped your wife in front of you, bet a gun would come in handy then huh

Posted by: Clue | May 02, 2012 at 05:28 PM

1. That's extremely unlikely to happen.

2. If an uarmed guy broke into your house, tied you up and raped your wife. If you arent man enough to subdue him hand to hand. Then I would hope your wife enjoyed and you enjoyed watching.

Again, guns come from so-called good guys, then fall into the hands of bad guys. Then there's the fact, many bad guys with guns, were once good guys with guns.

I am sorry for his family he had so much to live for, great player,I do not believe he ever got a super bowl ring like Tracy posted earlier though, very sad day.

Most so-called good guys with guns, and the bad guys too, are just cowards who are afraid to learn to fight. Probably at least 80% of all gun owners, good and bad, are puss cowards afraid to fight.

He was never a Dolphin. He IS a San Diego Chargers.

So much Hipocrisy. Have you ever suffered from Clinical Depression, yg? Keep your gun handy.


Clinical depression? Never once was it reported of Seau's clinically diagnosed depression.

Im pretty sure if diagnosed, thats what it was. However, those so-called loved ones around him suffered something far greater. Its called "hand out-itis".

Im sure they noticed something was wrong, but, as long as Junior kept giving thier handouts. Im sure no one confronted him on it. Even after driving his car over an embankment after a domestic dipute in 2010.

IMO, that was his first attempt at suicide. But, those around him probably never confronted him on it to get him the real help he needed. Even if he bucked against it. Same case with all the rich no matter what career choice. No one tells them what they dont want to hear for fear thier hand outs will be cut off.

Yg, It's not about learning to fight or not duck, how can you fight a man who breaks in your house holding a machete or a gun himself. Funny how your talking about fighting when you'll be the first to get your a** handed to you lol

Let's try this one for size, McClatchy. JFK was an honest Man but a poor Politician. The changes he wanted to implement here, this Country was not ready for. It is readier now. How about it?

It will be reported, YG, it will be. Tell you what, if it is reported as such, you will never write here anymore. Deal?

How about it yg. Deal?

What you think of my Political commentary above, yg(easier) if they don't delete it in 15 minutes Time?

sounds eerily familiar to Dave Duerson and the many more that were later diagnosed with CTE.

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