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My reason to wait-and-see with Miami's WRs

If you've been reading me via this blog or my columns, if you've been listening to my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640Sports in South Florida, you know I am uneasy about Miami's wide receiver situation.

It really isn't anything new. I've been uneasy about Miami's wide receiver situation since, oh, about 1995.

But as these Dolphins have zero to do with those issues dating that far back, let me explain why I'm uneasy with this administration's wide receiver situation -- the current wide receiver situation.

Let me start with history.

Frankly, this personnel department has been hit-and-miss with its wide receiver transactions. Yes, there have have been some notable successes, such as the uncovering of Davone Bess as an undrafted free agent.

But there have been some unprofitable transactions as well.

And the unprofitable stuff has seemingly out-numbered the successes.

An overview:


Ernest Wilford is signed as an unrestricted free agent: The Dolphins gave Wilford a $6 million guarantee. The guy was a presumed starter the first day of training camp. And then practices began and he started dropping down the depth chart. And then he barely made the team his first year. And then he couldn't get on the field on game day -- he was inactive nine games and caught only three passes. The next year, the club tried him at tight end. It was another fiasco and he was cut as a free agency bust.

Signed Davone Bess as an undrafted free agent. Outstanding acquisition. Bess was on the receiving end of more passes at Hawaii than a hot gal at a Luau. But his lack of speed got him overlooked in the draft. The Dolphins took him, used him immediately as a returner and slot guy and developed him into a solid team contributor and weapon. Bess eventually was given a contract extension and remains to this moment Miami's finest receiver transaction.

Extended the contract of Greg Camarillo. Camarillo was alread on campus when the current administration arrived and he was excellent in 2008 because he simply didn't drop passes. He was dependable, a good route-runner and very smart. So the Dolphins gave him a contract extension as he was leading the team in receptions. But one week after getting that contract extension Camarillo blew out his knee and went on injured reserve. Never a speed merchant, Camarillo didn't regain the explosion he had before the knee blew out and he was traded the following summer for Benny Sapp. It was nobody's fault. Sometimes stuff happens. But obviously, this is not a positive result.


Drafted Patrick Turner in the third round. Turner looks the part. And in practice he sometimes played the part. But he didn't learn very quickly. He didn't progress. To those who watched him at USC, this was not a surprise because he only had one good season there. In other words, he was a one-year wonder and he wasn't truly a huge wonder at that. The following year Turner came back stronger, bigger, faster. And he still wasn't good enough. He was cut as a draft bust. By the way, general manager Jeff Ireland recently mentioned him as a good player he drafted because Turner is still in the league with the Jets. Sorry, players no longer on this roster don't qualify as good acquisitions for this team. Just being real, here.

Draft Brian Hartline in the fourth round. The Dolphins doubled down on receiver in 2009 as they have done at other positions. Smart thinking because while Turner flubbed, Hartline flourished. He was immediately able to learn not one but several WR spots. He showed ability to get deep. In 2010, he earned the starting job and still has the job today. No, he's not a star. But this year he'll be given a chance to take a leap to being an impact player. I doubt he'll take a step backwards, although his durability is a question. There is also the chance he is what we've seen so far and only that, which is to say he's a complementary player. At any rate, a fourth-round pick who is a complementary piece is a successful acquisition.


Traded for Brandon Marshall for a second round pick in 2010 and a second round pick in 2011. It was controversial when the Dolphins added Marshall based on his history with domestic violence and other locker room issues. It was controversial when Marshall continued to have domestic violence problems and other locker room issues, including feuding with quarterback Chad Henne. And it was controversial when the Dolphins decided to trade Marshall for a couple of third-round picks this offseason. Was this acquisition a net plus? Absolutely not. It was a mistake that cost the team tons of cap space, multiple second-round picks, multiple dropped passes, including touchdowns, and more drama than anyone would ever want.

Signed Marlon Moore as an undrafted free agent. Moore came from Fresno State skinny and raw and fast. He didn't exactly wow in college. And with the exception of a 54-yard TD pass against Oakland in 2010, he hasn't wowed in Miami. This is his make-or-break training camp and season. He's either going to show he belongs or the experiment ends. Having said that, I cannot condemn the acquisition because, again, he was an undrafed free agent.

Signed Roberto Wallace as an undrafted free agent. See Marlon Moore. Same story except for the long TD pass and the fact Wallace has been a more consistent special teams contributor. Regardless, it's put-up or shut-up time. We'll see.

Traded Ted Ginn for a box of yummy hot doughnuts: The Dolphins felt compelled to do this because they decided Ginn needed a change of address and scenery. I get it. I do. I also get that Ginn is still better than any return option the Dolphins have had since he was dealt. He's never amounted to much as a wide receiver. But as a return man, he's always been good for a couple of timely touchdowns per season. In hindsight, it can be argued the Dolphins should have kept him in that capacity.


Drafted Clyde Gates in the foruth round. Gates was picked as the speed on the outside. His job is to blow the top off the defense. Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But it was a redshirt year of sorts. He gets more chances this year. The club is working him with starters early this offseason. Everyone wants him to succeed. Will he? No idea. The jury is still out on this one.

As you can see, Miami's recent history with wide receiver acquisitions is mixed at best and unproductive under a more critical microscope.

And as past performance is the best predictor of future performance, I am simply skeptical about the addition of receiver talent in the sixth and seventh rounds this year. I'm not buying anyone's word that either Rishard Matthews or B.J. Cunningham are going to solve the voids Miami has in the receiver corps.

I'll believe it when I see it.


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the only reason the bears got marshall was for cutler so he can relive his glory from denver. maybe it will happen but i'm betting that it doesn't.

You will know, mullets, who he is when you try to tackle him in open space.

Would I tackle him or Csonka in open space? Certainly. I go for their Achilles heels, perhaps bite it.

Check out this catch by are new QB..he's a football player..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpPfbpJPNOA

Henne was horrible. Cant judge Marshall on his time with Henne.

Trieed to find a clip of Brandon "Elizabeth Taylor" Marshall accidentally going way out of bounds during what should have been an easy TD run. I think it was vs. the jets. Has anyone seen it on Youtube?

JS in La,
did you pad your post with useless regurgitation about WRs like Ginn who've passed-through over the years?
Posted by: ralph ortega | May 03, 2012 at 05:11 PM

No, no padding. Just saying i think i'ts time to stand or fall on our acorns, projects and young receivers. Either they have game or they don't. If not, then we know what to draft next year. No more kid gloves, or retread back-up plans.

We need to find out. Receiver is not rocket science, Easiest and least reactionary position on the offense. By year 2 if you can't figure out how to run a route, or get open, ..see ya! Time to find out.

Rick, We agree that Henne was horrible but again , I just cant get past those TD possible catches.
Again just saying.

So many needs and so few 1st and 2nd rd picks to address them. Exactly when were in position to take a wr 1st or 2nd rd without having more urgent and pressing needs to address?

The year we took Pat White is the lone exception. We had 2 2nd rd picks that year. You might can include the year we took Odrick 1st rd, but, We had already signed Marshall.

Armando, sometimes I believe youre totally clueless about events happening right in front of your face. I suppose this year you would have us take a wr before Tannehill or wr before Martin(2nd rd). Then you would be b-tching we didnt adequately address the qb or RT positions in the draft.

Do you at times b-tch just for the sake of b-tching or what dude?

Either I didn't get the point of your post Armando, or you lost your train of thought at the end.

I mean all of us diehard fans know our WR status pretty well. According to the heading of your post though, I thought you were going to explain why we should "wait and see" on them.

The only thing your post told me was why we shouldn't wait and see. It looks like we could use better recievers now. Not later.


LOL At LA, Couldnt agree with more on that, It's quite easy according to scouts for the NFL, If you improve every year in the NCAA you'll more then likely do the same in the NFL., The only exception would be Injury.
Again, Iam just a simple poster making obvious observations.

Though Coalition is totally clueless one thing he's right about is the Drunken Idiot Savant Odin does need to be Banned.

I'm really puzzled by all the 'mismatch" talk.
Chris Johnson, who is CONSIDERABLY faster than either Miller or Bush proved to be NO mismatch last year for the Titans.
Average O-Line, no mismatches.

Our TE's are no mismatches for anyone.
Lest we forget, there are now LB's in the league that run 4.4/4.5 40's.

It's the SCHEME, great play calling that will determine that, but you HAVE to have better receivers than Hartline and Bess to get more than the same 6-7 yards.
We have no one at the receiver spot that can take a slant all the way. certainly not our present TE collection, including the new guys.

That said, if we can get our 3rd down conversion % up where the better teams are, I believe with the addition of Mille, and a healthy Bush, we can be dangerous.

But as this blog concerned receivers, I gotta go with Mando's assessment.
We APPEAR to have been unlucky with a weak receiver draft, quality-wise after the 2nd round.
Maybe next year.

Would I be suspended for biting a Player's Achilles heel. Sure. But he won't play again that Season. Not a hard bite, not to kill but disable. Huh.

Nothing to do with bounty hunting. I hate to lose.

Stop talking about ANYTHING but this post, or the dolphins in general, to those of u who don't get where we are at.
I absolutely love the Lamar miller and Olivier Vernon picks. Nobody has a success rate in the nfl like Miami, mainly becoming more than ur draft selection position.
And Ryan tannehill was the secondist obvious choice from where we were, besides trading up with a mere 4 and 7 to get Blackmon....but other than that, wtf was ireland thinking? We, officially and without question, now have by far the worst receiving core in the nfl. It isn't close. We don't have one legitimate starter at the position. Not one. And we don't draft one till the two nothing at the end of the draft? And egnew? That's our answer to compete with fasano....it's actually pretty unreal. I
I don't know how u pass tommy streeter in the fourth let alone fifth. Is there any doubt he will score for Baltimore? Travis Benjamin was also a player we were supposed to covet, and nope....
I honestly fully believe Ireland does not understand the nfl now, that it's a passing league. The wide receivers we do have, as bad as they are, are actually overrated! Look at the facts. They don't score td. Not at all. Hartline, who has regressed since rookie year, can't score td. And bess, the most loved of the group, not only can't score (had 3 tds in TWO FULL YEARS) but fumbles wayyy too much.
And that's it. That's our receiving core. We have no one else. Can't call them busts, but I've seen Moore, gates, and Wallace live, and the only time they are of even a tiny bit of value is in preseason playing against third string. U call them acorns, hoping for potential that if u and ireland would just spend five seconds to be realistic would see that they have maxed out.
Sorry Ryan, and sorry dolphins fans. We have never, NEVER been in for a tougher year. And that's with hindsight, even 1-15 we were still a historic major market team everybody wanted to play for.

Its going to take many years after Ireland is gone to rebuild this team.

Man..I don't know about Olivier Vernon. I got pissed off as hell when using a 3rd round pick on him. I just have to trust you Guys are right.

Dwayne Bowe in this offense would be amazing. He's much better than Marshall ever was, playing in KC with who (??) as his QB.....wonder what it would take to get him.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I would love to trade Dansby for him straight up. KD really thinks he is the best LB in the game. Just because he is the highest paid, don't mean he's the best. He's good, but come on now, seriously ? You think you are the better than Pat Willis and Navorro Bowman, Ray Lewis, Brian Cushing, D'Qwell Jackson.....You're not even the best in your division (Mayo) You might not even be the best on your team! (Burnet?)

How about you work on your game to become the best instead of trying so damn hard to convince everyone that you are ? Fudge that shizz, trade him for Bowe and let Burnett take his spot.

Green Bays receivers were not big name college players. These guys just fit the system and I think Bess will fit the system as well as Hartline.

Can't beleve I forgot to mention UM alum Jon Beason..whatever, point made, I think.

We are very thorough. And with no biases at all.

First off I don't watch college football and secondly Donald Thomas is a fine RB but will cause no mismatches. If you can't see the benefit of having two of the speediest rbs in the nfl on the field at the same time then you might not understand as much about football as you think.

Posted by: Phins78 | May 03, 2012 at 04:45 PM

What a pompous ignoramus you are. Ever heard of a power back to get the tough yards? Ever heard of a back that can wear down the D late in games? Ever hear of converting on 3rd and short, 4th and short?

Your ideas are both ignorant and plain silly. The harder you try to act like you know something the more obvious it is you know nothing, and here you are telling others they don't understand the game?

What a fool.

And another UM alum Vilma !!! Hahaha ok I could probably keep going, but point made...

David Harris. Now I'm done.

With all that being said, Dansby is a good player and I'm happy to have him on the team. But I would take Bowe for him in half a heartbeat. And I just really wish he would stop saying he's the best LB in the game. It insults EVERYONE's intelligence, including his own.

Bro, i wish fervently he is half the Player that Vilma is. I really don't know him.

Wow ,you know making your self feel better or look smater by bringing other people down is a sign of insecurity and other self worth issues. It has nothing to do with football so pleas refrain.You can't fully judge guys like Moore who IMO has a lot of talent they didn't see the field because sparano and company coached scared thewouldnt let these guys get a chance and they couldn't grow Moore reminds me of Lamar Thomas.Also there coaching did destroy Bennett they made him question himself they limited his growth.This Guy was a successful 4 yr starter in front of 100,000 people and has more come back victories than any college quaterback in history.He will probably become very sucessfull in the future

Sure, I know they don't need to use Thomas in the flats. Thru holes up the gut. Sometimes we get a bit overzealous. We know.

Very often, there is a correlation between productive WR's and good QB's. Many WR's at the time of Marino were not stars on the paper, however, they excelled in the field.
It is true that most of recent dolphins' WR have been from bad to mediocre, but the QB's have not push them to the limit. Even Marshall thought that. He started to show his real level when M. Moore began to perfom well.
So, if Moore keeps the same level as last year, be sure that the starter WR's will show more potential.
If we see that WR's drop passes whether they're short or long, then at that time we can judge them as bad.

In any case, it's true that this team requires a potential star on that position. Thus, for the 2013 draft, the Dolphins should focus on WR's , DB's and LB's, in that order. They should forget to draft any OL guy in any of the first four rounds, at least; unless one of the current OL "stars" gets injured.

Always thought we should habve kept ginn and satele. Both moves were obvious parcell moves in my opinion.

Wow Rishard Mathews highlights do look good. I hope he slid because his production went down without Colin Kapernick. He could be a steal.












Really O.J. Mgduffie and Orande Gadsden, come on neither one of them were very good. Now I did appreciate their effort neither one of them could get open with me covering them. Without Marino squeezing the ball into their covered hands they would never catch a pass. I will say Gadsden did make the best catch I have ever seen.


"I'm hungry as hell". The simplest statement that has ever existed.


Have you noticed that Yg has disappeared, ALoco? I am a beneficial influence in this Blog. Say it ain't so.

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?




I dont think Hartline could make any other team in the NFL. He's just terrible.

FAKE ALOCO @ 7:39.

I do have a big Midget between my legs, ALoco. Care to try It?

I don't know what the heck this post is about. Are we talking wide receivers on a Tony Sparano team? A team that never passed the bloody ball or couldn't pass the ball or ran the ball on 3rd an 12 when they were down by 8 in the 4th quarter. With Sparano running the team I didn't even know what a Wide receiver was. All of the receivers had to catch the ball from a qb that would stand there and stare them down and most times throw the ball high or drill the ball into them standing 3 feet away.
Rating these receivers was useless under the Sparano regime. Basically, I blame the offense on Tony Sparono and that tool he had for a OC 2 years ago.
And Ted Ginn was a wuss. For a first round draft choice coming in at 9 he was the biggest wuss ever drafted. He sucked as a wide reciever and left everyone hanging when he would drop balls that a baby could catch. And he would do his best to find a sideline as fast as possible. He also broke his foot celebrating a td. I don't miss that wuss.
I do agree, it is going to be a wait and see. I think the whole team will be a better team this year. They will be fun to watch.

An this Latin girl said to me upon our first serious encounter, "Co~o, me va a matar".

I am a bit confused, why are some people talking about our old gaurd Donald Thomas? Are they confusing him with our RB Danial Thomas?


Listen, man, I might reveal here that you don't eat Pork meat, with all its consequences.

Goodell, make those DIRTY players pay. Love every bit of that.

Really O.J. Mgduffie and Orande Gadsden, come on neither one of them were very good.
Posted by: Steve | May 03, 2012 at 07:14 PM

Stick to analyzing checkers. This game is too much for you.

Whoa, Fin 1984...You for real ? Hartline would probably be a 2 on a dozen other teams in the league. A 3 on at least half the teams. Nah, he's no star, but did you ever hear of Jordy Nelson until last year ? Laurent Robinson ? You think other teams wouldn't gladly take him ? Like, Idk....the Raiders, the Rams, the Jaguars, the Vikings, the Redskins, the Seahawks, the Browns, the Ravens, the Panthers, the Buccaneers....Name me one no. 2 on any of those teams better than Hartline.


Hartline is solid. Far from terrible. And hopefully he can over achieve under the new coaching staff. We will see.


Great draft, Great Coach, and i just can't wait. Friday it starts. BIM.


Bruschi is FOS, They tell you to hurt a guy, you better do it, or all your Teammates will be looking at you, askance.

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