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My reason to wait-and-see with Miami's WRs

If you've been reading me via this blog or my columns, if you've been listening to my radio show, Armando and Perkins on 640Sports in South Florida, you know I am uneasy about Miami's wide receiver situation.

It really isn't anything new. I've been uneasy about Miami's wide receiver situation since, oh, about 1995.

But as these Dolphins have zero to do with those issues dating that far back, let me explain why I'm uneasy with this administration's wide receiver situation -- the current wide receiver situation.

Let me start with history.

Frankly, this personnel department has been hit-and-miss with its wide receiver transactions. Yes, there have have been some notable successes, such as the uncovering of Davone Bess as an undrafted free agent.

But there have been some unprofitable transactions as well.

And the unprofitable stuff has seemingly out-numbered the successes.

An overview:


Ernest Wilford is signed as an unrestricted free agent: The Dolphins gave Wilford a $6 million guarantee. The guy was a presumed starter the first day of training camp. And then practices began and he started dropping down the depth chart. And then he barely made the team his first year. And then he couldn't get on the field on game day -- he was inactive nine games and caught only three passes. The next year, the club tried him at tight end. It was another fiasco and he was cut as a free agency bust.

Signed Davone Bess as an undrafted free agent. Outstanding acquisition. Bess was on the receiving end of more passes at Hawaii than a hot gal at a Luau. But his lack of speed got him overlooked in the draft. The Dolphins took him, used him immediately as a returner and slot guy and developed him into a solid team contributor and weapon. Bess eventually was given a contract extension and remains to this moment Miami's finest receiver transaction.

Extended the contract of Greg Camarillo. Camarillo was alread on campus when the current administration arrived and he was excellent in 2008 because he simply didn't drop passes. He was dependable, a good route-runner and very smart. So the Dolphins gave him a contract extension as he was leading the team in receptions. But one week after getting that contract extension Camarillo blew out his knee and went on injured reserve. Never a speed merchant, Camarillo didn't regain the explosion he had before the knee blew out and he was traded the following summer for Benny Sapp. It was nobody's fault. Sometimes stuff happens. But obviously, this is not a positive result.


Drafted Patrick Turner in the third round. Turner looks the part. And in practice he sometimes played the part. But he didn't learn very quickly. He didn't progress. To those who watched him at USC, this was not a surprise because he only had one good season there. In other words, he was a one-year wonder and he wasn't truly a huge wonder at that. The following year Turner came back stronger, bigger, faster. And he still wasn't good enough. He was cut as a draft bust. By the way, general manager Jeff Ireland recently mentioned him as a good player he drafted because Turner is still in the league with the Jets. Sorry, players no longer on this roster don't qualify as good acquisitions for this team. Just being real, here.

Draft Brian Hartline in the fourth round. The Dolphins doubled down on receiver in 2009 as they have done at other positions. Smart thinking because while Turner flubbed, Hartline flourished. He was immediately able to learn not one but several WR spots. He showed ability to get deep. In 2010, he earned the starting job and still has the job today. No, he's not a star. But this year he'll be given a chance to take a leap to being an impact player. I doubt he'll take a step backwards, although his durability is a question. There is also the chance he is what we've seen so far and only that, which is to say he's a complementary player. At any rate, a fourth-round pick who is a complementary piece is a successful acquisition.


Traded for Brandon Marshall for a second round pick in 2010 and a second round pick in 2011. It was controversial when the Dolphins added Marshall based on his history with domestic violence and other locker room issues. It was controversial when Marshall continued to have domestic violence problems and other locker room issues, including feuding with quarterback Chad Henne. And it was controversial when the Dolphins decided to trade Marshall for a couple of third-round picks this offseason. Was this acquisition a net plus? Absolutely not. It was a mistake that cost the team tons of cap space, multiple second-round picks, multiple dropped passes, including touchdowns, and more drama than anyone would ever want.

Signed Marlon Moore as an undrafted free agent. Moore came from Fresno State skinny and raw and fast. He didn't exactly wow in college. And with the exception of a 54-yard TD pass against Oakland in 2010, he hasn't wowed in Miami. This is his make-or-break training camp and season. He's either going to show he belongs or the experiment ends. Having said that, I cannot condemn the acquisition because, again, he was an undrafed free agent.

Signed Roberto Wallace as an undrafted free agent. See Marlon Moore. Same story except for the long TD pass and the fact Wallace has been a more consistent special teams contributor. Regardless, it's put-up or shut-up time. We'll see.

Traded Ted Ginn for a box of yummy hot doughnuts: The Dolphins felt compelled to do this because they decided Ginn needed a change of address and scenery. I get it. I do. I also get that Ginn is still better than any return option the Dolphins have had since he was dealt. He's never amounted to much as a wide receiver. But as a return man, he's always been good for a couple of timely touchdowns per season. In hindsight, it can be argued the Dolphins should have kept him in that capacity.


Drafted Clyde Gates in the foruth round. Gates was picked as the speed on the outside. His job is to blow the top off the defense. Yeah, well, he caught two passes for 19 yards as a rookie. But it was a redshirt year of sorts. He gets more chances this year. The club is working him with starters early this offseason. Everyone wants him to succeed. Will he? No idea. The jury is still out on this one.

As you can see, Miami's recent history with wide receiver acquisitions is mixed at best and unproductive under a more critical microscope.

And as past performance is the best predictor of future performance, I am simply skeptical about the addition of receiver talent in the sixth and seventh rounds this year. I'm not buying anyone's word that either Rishard Matthews or B.J. Cunningham are going to solve the voids Miami has in the receiver corps.

I'll believe it when I see it.


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Once again, Armando... I can see why there is concern, yet the examples given above were examples of WR's taken under a coaching system searching for a true "Alpha #1" receiver. Something we thought we found in Marshall. Regrettably, research concerning serious "Personality Disorder" (Marshall certainly qualifies as SERIOUS) shows that people suffering from that affliction tend to be unable to even realize they are being afflicted by it...


And not knowing your acting like an idiot or thinking your are acting "Normal" makes it unlikely even when you know you suffer from the affliction that the person will ever shed 100% of the afflictions effects on themselves and others around them. Something punching a woman in the face in New York even after Marshall was fully aware of his problem, he was STILL unable to control himself. That is why he is gone.

Yet I would contend that it is still very early to rubber stamp a Roster. The fact that teams are allocated 10 to 15 more players then ever before into their OTA's and Camps mean there is more talent for teams to look at. It also means teams may see some WR's Cap Hits as being too expensive when they can replace them with a comparable WR at a much more cap friendly cost... There will be more acquisitions in Miami, a better WR is almost a certainty.... But I agree also with a post above who believes Miami will lean heavily on the TE position. I believe many teams are doing just that... It may come to the point where WR are as plentiful and as easy to replace as a Good (not elite... Good) RB.

Times and cap are changing in the NFL... and trying to rigidly hold onto "The way we always did it"... is something we may need to finally let go of.

Ron, Just dont let him take your Truck for a Hooker run, If you know what I mean.

You looking up the word, YG? I told you, comic books will get you nowhere.

I might have a few other "hard" Ones for you, YG. Yous my favorite Pupil.


Correct me if I'am wrong but was'nt Cam Camron the next"BIG" name in coaching when Idiot Huizinga hired him?, I hope Philbin doesnt end up like that, But sgain We have a Idiot for a owner and a Idiot for a GM., If he fails I wont blame him., I'll blame the Idiot Owner and his MinI-Me Ireland., I am Out for the night..Peace Beatches.

Why you attack me, ALoco? We know that you're not YG.

Hartline will be cut as soon as we get some decent receivers. He's another Ireland bust.

Thread softly with Us. We have a tendency to know People, even on Internet.

I'm also not too thrilled w/the receivers on the current roster. If you look at winning/superbowl teams, not only do they have hall of fame/probowl QBs they have probowl quality receivers-some one others more than one. Looking at Welker, Wallace, Cruz, Manningham, Driver, (most all of Green bay's), Fitzgerald, etc. Marlon Moore, Roberto Wallace-don't see it there, just below average players. Gates-draft bust but early to tell. These new guys well??? So Ireland, after doing a great job at least with the first 4 rounds, must must go and get at least one balling receiver, i.e. Gaffney, Mike Wallace, etc. Most teams we play this year have excellent cornerbacks than can cover. We'll see.

Hate to say it but Philbin could easily be Cam Cameron the 2nd.

Hate to say it but Philbin could easily be Cam Cameron the 2nd.

Posted by: Fireland | May 03, 2012 at 08:13 PM

Hate to say it but Philbin might be a transexual vampire.

What a pompous ignoramus you are. Ever heard of a power back to get the tough yards? Ever heard of a back that can wear down the D late in games? Ever hear of converting on 3rd and short, 4th and short?

Your ideas are both ignorant and plain silly. The harder you try to act like you know something the more obvious it is you know nothing, and here you are telling others they don't understand the game?

What a fool.




You are an A hole, that is all.

To the stranger whom Ive never met and is new to this blog.Your post ,in which you pasted my previous post and then proceeded to talk about a different subject, makes no sense at all. Did you have a question or something? You're not talking about the same thing that I was. Very stupid and misguided. Go back to the moron board and draw up a new plan of attack. Also this crush you have on me is getting awkward, I think you're making the others jealous. But please don't stop cause it's super hot ;p

This is NOT Papa Tony's offense. "Ok, dis piece o sausage is the runnin back. Da two pieces of pepperoni are the receivers and da olive is da quataback."

Earnest Wilford. LOL. I forgot about him.

May as well have been Wilford Brimley.

Here's my post Armando DELETED earlier:

So many greater priority needs since 2008. When have we had the real freedom to draft a wr 1st or 2nd rd? Only once, 2009, when we had 2 2nd rd picks and drafted Pat White. Guess we also could have done it 2010 when we drafted Odrick 1st rd, but, by that time we already had Brandon Marshall didnt we?

Sould we bhave done it 2008 when we took Long 1st and Henne 2nd? Heck, John Beck was the best qb on the roster and CP hadnt fallen into our laps yet.

If we had drafted wr 1st or 2nd rd this year instead ofa qb and a RT 1st and 2nd rd, you would be b-tching we dont have a qb and RT as this blog topic right now.

Armando, sometimes it seems you cant see things that happen right before your eyes. Or you just b-tch just for the sake of b-tching. Which is it?

O.j.mcduffie most certainly did not suck. Dude was money on 3rd down.someone mentioned lamar thomas earlier. He was starting to come around when he broke his leg. I remember that game him and marino destroyed the broncos in 98.miami shoyld of kept tony martin.

If any here havent figured out Armando's a total idiot yet. Maybe you should consider you maybe in the same company.

mcduffie was the man

Top of the evening to ya fellas

2012 draft, obviously other priorities had to come first. Even had a wr been our #1 pick, there's no guarantee its nearly enopught to get us in the playoffs.

Still Im sure the wr's we now have will all be very serviceble. Im also sure with many other pressing needs we addressed early in this draft. 2013, a wr will be our 1st or 2nd rd pick.

Listening to Armando, he would have you believe a falsity we had a slew of 1st and 2nd rd picks and still neglected seleting a wr in the top 2 premium rds. Is this dude holding onto a bag of magic beans no one else knows anything about? LOL

Miami Heat now up 3-0 to the NY Knicks. Stick a fork in those turkeys theyre done.



I think the phins should bring in t.o and bowe....fact, n the rookies will learn for next yr

At this point in TO's career, its insanity to bring him to your roster for even 1 season. Not to mention a blown out knee injury so late in his career, youre taking on a player with clearly fast eroding skill and history of bad attitude too.

Thx but no thx to TO.

At this point in TO's career he isnt worth keeping around if he so much as complains about the food. Ask Moss how that worked out for him in Minny. LOL

We can't pretend were not in a tough position at WR.

I contend that it's not as bad as it appears.

First we have a new scheme that de-emphasizes the Prima Donna WR. We'll be using alot of timing routes and employing double TE sets.

Second, all we really need(at the moment with no draft available before the season)is for one of our ACORNS to have a breakout year in the new program. Just one of those guys.

Third, I'm holding out hope that a legitimate WR comes our way after being a Cap Casualty.

One of our ACORNS has a breakout year and a quality veteran cap casualty and we're not as bad off as we seem.

Someone mentioned Tony Martin above. S good example of a guy needing a little time to develop. We gave up on Martin just a bit to quickly. Whoose to say Wallace, Moore or Gates won't be the next Martin(or better)?

(Crossing Fingers Tightly)

owens is horrible

We didnt give up on Tony Martin. He was like odd man out when we had perrenial pro bowl wr's like Duper and Clayton.

Sometimes in situations like that Shula had been known to let a guy move on as favor because he belives the guys has a chance to be starter somewhere. Just not on his team when he's loaded at the position. Shula just had a nice way of doing things like that.

I'll be glad when rookies camp opens up this weekend! Maybe then. Mando will have something interesting to write about instead of trying to stir everyone up about our Receiving Corps. He loves to stir the pot and create controversy where there is none. His "wait-n-see" is due to the fact that no one really knows what we've got for an offense this year. Or, how Philbin-Sherman are gonna be as coaches. Instead of giving us something positive for a change, he's still in "Woe-is-me" mode.

Despite all this negativity, Miami goes 9-7 this year!

Just due to better coaching!


It sucked watching martin kill it after he left. And when fryar left. And when welker left.i remember when fryar killed us as an eagle AND a redskin.

mando you forget that we went to the playoffs with camarillo, bess and ginn in 2008. It depends on the scheme. I agree we don't look good on paper but you never know. i guess we'll see.

BLACKCEROTE: mike williams of the tampa bay buccaneers wasnt drafted in the "top ten" he did pretty well his rookie season......

Clayton and duper were old by then and got nicked up due to their size. Shula gives in martin but drafts mcduffie in the first?

rick, but the reason we needed a double team in marshall was because we had to keep fasano in to help block for colombo and carey. With better line we can send more players downfield and we don't necessarily need a reciever to be double teamed.


Youre an idiot for trying to attack on me earlier. Most times I think youre nothing but a animated Herald troll. Posted to you about legit subjects in the past and you never replied. Then the one time you ever mentioned my name it was an attack.

Is that you Armando generating blog hits? or Tracy474 are you just an animated Herald troll troll incapable of responding back. Either way I think youre an overbloated conceited idiot ok? Can I add dumb to that list too? LOL

Well gentlemen it is what it is and hopfully Tannehill can pull the franchise back out of oblivion..


We didnt go to the playoffs in 2008 because of the wr corp. We went because we had solid defense, decnet qb(CP) and an oustanding oline. It was not scheme.

Smiley/Grove gave us our best run/pass protect combination oline since the early 70's Dolphins. Just too bad only a year later thier injury history returned.

Anyone else notice the sudden inconsistency of the offense appeared within the same timeline as the Grove/Smiley injury, then departure? I did.

When both were healthy we finished top 5 rushing and like 10th passing. There's a direct link to the offense going downhill and Grove/Smiley reoccuring injury history and eventual departure.

Tony Martin's last stint as a Dolphin under Shula was 1993. he arrived in Miami in 1990.

martin was brought back to Miami in 1999 by JJ. he played the 1999 and 200 seasons here. Then played his final nfl season for the Falcons in 2001.

I still believe the kid Cunningham will surprise. He's a complete wr. If he was able to run a 4.4 40 the kid probably would have been a 1st rd pick.

It was only lack of blazing speed and one of the deepest wr drafts in recent memory that caused him to be available 6th rd. Had the wr class not been so deep, this kid may have risen as high as bottom 2nd rd, but no lower than upper 4th rd.

I believe we can thank our lucky stars in having him in that 2012 was such a deep wr class.

1st rd top 10 pick if Cunningham had 4.4 40 speed.

Marques Colston, taken in the 7th round of the 2006 NFL Draft, #252 overall, ran a 4.50 at the combine goes in his first season with the Saints and puts up over 1,000 yards and 8 td's.
Did anyone within the Saints organization think this guy, from Hofstra, drafted in the 7th round would come in and earn a starting spot as a wide receiver. I doubt it. The difference is, the coaches who can recognize and develop talent are the ones who put the best teams on the field.
Who is to say that Wallace, Moore or Pruitt can't do the same thing or maybe it's Cunningham, Matthews or Fuller who comes in and blows everyone away in camp. You here it time and again, the draft is a crapshoot. You never know what you have until you get them in camp and just because Wallace and Moore didn't do much under Sparano doesn't mean the Philbin and Sherman won't take a look at these guys and wonder why they didn't get on the field more.
Who will the Victor Cruz or Marques Colston on this team? If there is one, Philbin will find him.

As throwing the ball has become more and more the college norm, the residual effects of this is that wr's and qb's coming out should only get better and better.

During the wishbone era of college football, almost every qb and wr took 3-4yrs to develop into nfl capable stars. As the college passing game becomes more and more developed, so will the play of these athletes become when first entering the nfl. Book that Dano!

Anyone realize Mad dog Mandich's son is one of the rookie ufs'a in our camp this year?

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW-Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, Miammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We didnt give up on Tony Martin. He was like odd man out when we had perrenial pro bowl wr's like Duper and Clayton.

Sometimes in situations like that Shula had been known to let a guy move on as favor because he belives the guys has a chance to be starter somewhere. Just not on his team when he's loaded at the position. Shula just had a nice way of doing things like that.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 03, 2012 at 10:16 PM

Nice post YG. Shula did have a way about him.

But like that impostor was saying about you last night, I think you missed the point of my post-LOL.

Gates, Moore or Wallace could be that late blooming acorn we've been searching for.

Funny, no other team had any interest in Philbin.

Another reason to like Lamar Miller:

At 19 and 20 years old, he always looked like the best player on the field.

Especially his youtube highlights. He looks like a Senior playing against Freshmen.

The way he uses his vision reminds me of a quicker stronger Thurman Thomas.

Can't have receivers without good QB. Name one for the Dolphins?

Funny, no other team had any interest in Philbin.

Posted by: TGH | May 03, 2012 at 11:42 PM

Ha Ha Ha - THAT is funny.

Wait. My turn, my turn!

Funny, I bet the Packers disagree.


Everyone assumes Hartline is the best wr on our team right now. Actually Legedu Naanee had 44 cathes as starting #2wr for the Panthers last year. Hartline had only 31 catches as our starting #2wr last season.

Bess went from 79 catches in 2010 to only 51 catches in 2011. IMO, that can also be attributed to checkdown Chad going down game 4 too. Drafting one of college best punt returners in Rishard Matthews, better checkdowns options now available, and Bess plays only 1 wr spot. Dont be surprised if Bess is no longer with the team to begin the 2012 nfl season.

Naanee can play multiple positions, started more games, and ran a 4.4 40 at the combine in 2007. Bess may have all of a sudden become very expendable.

Remember, you heard it first here.

Mando, follow me at Twitter...Flipper13

OK, Bess COULD be expendable.

Still, Bess has been arguably one of the better slot receivers in the NFL over the past 3 seasons(with return skills as well).

Why would Naanee(44 cat. as Jax's no. 2 WR)replace our slot guy(Bess with 51 on an off year)?

What's more, you start your post alluding to Naanee becoming our No. 1 over Hartline. Why would finding our no. 1 make a good to great Slot expendable?

Who would we then get to play(at Bess' level) in the slot?

Wouldn't it make more sense for Wallace, Moore or Pruitt to be expendable?

I think Bess will excell in the WCO.

He will never be that YAC, take it to the house type.

But, I see him as a GREAT(what I call)situational mismatch maker. I see him making the tough catches, moving the chains and keeping drives alive.

An offense doesn't HAVE to score on every single play to be effective. Bess can play an important role in the WCO.

Ok I am getting a little tired of people complaining and bitching about Miami got rid of their best WR ans has not even tried to replace him. Why did they not take so and so in the draft? why did they pass on so and so who is 6'5 and runs a 4.44? I don't think alot of this fan base and people who write about the Dolphins are not aware that they have gone to a WCO. Jerry Rice ran a 4.71 and is in the HOF because of the WCO. Do some research and then tell me why Hartline,Bess the two 2012 receivers we drafted and a couple other receivers on the roster wouldn't flourish in this system. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Coast_offense
Go to the bottom: Requirements and disadvantages

Jeffery is on his way out after this season. This yrs draft reminds me of a Wannstedt happening. After the second rd, theres no star power, no talent and no players. I dont get it. Look at what Jeffery left on the table and who could have been drafted instead of what was drafted. Roberto Wallace looks the part, its time for him to pull away from the competition. The two new WRs are nothing but camp fodder. And did you see the comment made on PFT by Jeffery who stated "if we're right about our draft board, then we killed it" That comment can be interpreted two or three different ways. Lousey draft with out question. And I do hope Im wrong,,,,,,,,

Thomas, Clay and Bush can create mismatchs; run, catch and score.

Fasano can block and got 5 TDs last year, Agnew's size could create mismataches.

Bess and Hartline are decent recievers, Gate's needs to take a step up but can be useful to stretch the Defense and create space even if he doesn't make many receptions.

Then there's the developmental WR's. Moore, Wallace and the two draftee's.

Clearly the plan is multiple threats, adjustments and mismatches in line with the Packers and Saints, and our Defense is potentially better than either of theirs.

Coalition To Ban Ireland and Odin....we could have had a backfield filled with brand name beers but for the most part our team has just made us wanna drink em'! Not the aforementioned player's named brews
Miller = Champagne of pisswater
Bush = Miller's backwash
Beck = not a horrible watery alternative
Give me a player with the name WEST COAST IPA and I'm all in!!! Lol
This year is dress rehersal for next, when this team gets serious about a return to the playoffs. I think we do need a WR or 2. The talk of 3 TE sets is ludicrous. Philbin is hopefully a good coach for us but the guy isn't re-inventing the wheel here. We aren't comin' out with some hybrid hyped up never before seen variation of the WCO. We still have many holes to fill...lets hope this draft (not an Ireland fan at all, but hopeful) provides 2-3-4 answers toward the future. It'll be tough going through yet another season knowing we aren't going anywhere but the potential/development 'may' actually be worth watching this year.

Certainly Depression can be caused by concussion and other physical illnesses(infection, thyroid problems, etc). It can also be caused as side effects of non-psychiatric medications and therapies. Also by ETOH and other substances abuse. All this on top of the most common cause which are persons that inherited a predisposition for an imbalance of chemical substances in their brain . But not everything is physical and environmetal stresses can also alter that very delicate balance of neurotransmitters in our brain. Eveyone of us has experienced non-Clinical depression, called mourning, at the passing away of a dear to us relative. It feel the same as clinical depression, the devastating emptiness and feeling of loss, only difference being that mourning is self-limited. I believe this last cause of depression is the most common in Football Players and other Athletes after they retire from playing. The Glory and Fame and Competition they were used to, abruptly ends, and they fall into that existential vaccum. Many of these Athletes are able to fill the void they feel thru different means, but many can't and it is unimaginable to look at yourself and feel nothing there, for the rest of your Life.

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