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Jason Taylor on Seau: 'A leader of men'

Jason Taylor was also part of the Dolphins defense when Junior Seau was traded to the team in 2003.

Seau, who had a way of acting like he knew you even when he didn't, obviously was that way with teammates as well as reporters.

As Taylor remembers:

"I'm shocked and saddened," Taylor said. "Devastated, really. Junior was one of the most positive, uplifting people I have ever known. He was always full of life and energy and had an infectious spirit that lifted everyone around him. Junior called everyone "buddy" and treated them like he had known them forever. It would be easy for me to say he was a great friend and teammate, and a tremendous competitor, but that would be selling Junior short.

"Junior Seau was an individual of great honor and integrity, a leader of men and someone with a deep rooted passion for giving of himself to make the people, the community and especially the children around him better. This is an immeasurable loss for so many. My heart and prayers go out to Junior's family, Gina and their children. I'm going to miss you, buddy."


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Maybe God sometimes twist the arms of these pro athletes a little to force them to become a little more charitable, where normally they would be not.

Many of you couldn't live without your cell phone or prescritpition medications, but when the people that invented them die, you are likely to not even know about it, and if you do, you won't be in tears on a blog about it.

Warped standards. It's a sad comment on society.

Those who make the greatest contributions to society often get minimal to no attention, but 'stars' in the entertainment field like athletes, actors, and pop singers, are revered to the highest standards.

It sure makes me feel like I got off the bus at the wrong stop.

Back to real Dolphin football:

It will be very interesting in 2012, to see how the new offensive pieces meshes with the old. The greatest upgrade should came at RT with Jonathan Martin replacing Mark Columbo.

We'll see how it goes with Tannehill, but I dont expect to see him as our starting qb until 2013. Noway do I believe he was drafted at #8 to spend his first2-3yrs on the bench. Tannehill's progress in 2012 alone should determine whether Matt Moore is resigned before being fa available or not.

If Moore isnt resigned by season's end, it probably signal's he our definite 2013 starter at qb. Which works very well for me.

Even though YG can be a prick sometimes he's right. There are people who commit suicide everyday yet the only ones that get the exposure are professional athletes or celeberties. If you killed yourself would anyone talk about you? Nope. So let the man RIP and lets get back to talking football.

As for the wr spots on the roster, I believe the most versatiles will remain. There's now a true logjam there. The greatest thing about the 2 newly drafted wr's are that both can play st's.

That's a HUGE BONUS! It means we can take both into gamedays without having to officially listing them as wr on the gameday roster. It also means we can slowly see what bthey actually have on gamedays to make our wr unit more interchangeable.


Why thank you buddy. Nicest thing you ever said to me. LOL

It would also be nice to see the light bulb of Clyde Gates begin to shine at the wr position this year. It would be a awful shame to see all of that speed potential go to waste.

This new coaching staff doesnt have to be committed to Gates. They didnt bring him in. So here's to hoping Gates slow development was due to Sporano's passing offense and lack of developmental efficiency by his staff.

The Dolphins cut or trade any player that plays well and deserves a raise.

YG, Im not sure Gates is any good, at least Daniel Thomas flashed somewhat he had 2 100 yard games but Gates, he struggled to get to the 15 yard line on KO and couldn't catch a cold.

Many are down on our WR's, but how would they look if Peyton or Brady or Ben were throwing to them? How would they look in a stable offense?

Our WR's are all young, and even though some have a few years now, they've had 2 or 3 different QB's, 2 different OC's, and the dunce Sparano running the show. I think our current crew is better than most realize.

I look for BJ Cunningham to be our best wr surprise this season. I know many of you dont think much of him. But think about this:

1. Marshall wasnt a true deep threat either.

He was also a poor route runner who used size more than skill to become semi-dominant. He caught a lottta balls, but had to be targeted even more to make that happen. His size also made him our best middle of the field threat at wr.

2. So what? BJ Cunniham can be even better.

Cunningham almost mirrors Marshall in wr size. He's already a better route runner than Marshall and can easily replace him as our primnary middle of the field threat at wr.

Size-wise he's just as physical, runs better routes,and his college production suggests he may have better hands too. Just a tad slower than Marshall.

Cunningham also had 9 tds recieving in his junior year. Then improved on that already very good number with 12 recieving tds his senior years. Yes, unlike Marshall, Cunningham's performance suggests it also translates into more points scored.

Isnt that uaually how games are won?


Nice stat on Cunningham improving his TD's from his junior to his senior year. It shows he stays focused and was serious about getting better.

Hopefully it translates over into the professional game

YG, BJ is slow as nails, So best case scenario he'll be a poor man's Plaxicco Burress

Assuming novice HC Philbin is better then Sparano makes no sense. If the Dolphins knew they werent getting Cowher or Fisher they probably would've kept Sparano.


That's why I posted, we'll find out possibly for sure this year, whether Gates was another Sparano development miss. Or can Philbin's staff press the right button.

Like I said earlier about Gates, Philbin didnt bring him in so Philbin doesnt have to be committed to him if Gates talents doesnt translate to the playing field.

But, if Gates does a great job on k/o returns he will buy himself at least another season. As a mid rd pick, unlike Ginn, he is cheap enough to translate there.

YG--Let's get our hair done at the mall today. Text me (and tell me EVERYTHING about that date with Bill!)


Jerry Rice was slow as nails too.

Jerry Rice ran a 4.7 40 at the combine.


BJ Cunningham wasnt brought in to be a deep threat. In the 40, he's posted times anywhere between 4.50 and 4.7. That efficient, but not great nfl speed.

Still makes him fast enough to play wr in the nfl if he's a great route runner. IMO, Cunningham will primarily be a guy to work the middle of the field and red zone boundries. With his great size, like Marshall, he can muscle the football alway from db's.

Clue, when are you going to get a clue? Everything you say is totally clueless. LOL

WHy do we compare every slow receiver to the best WR to ever play in the NFL, like that guy is going to turn into Rice.

Jerry Rice was a great route runner. He blew away db with precision, not blazing speed.

Even at 4.7, if you ccan get 3 steps on the db(precise route running sets it up) and a good angle, you can take it to the house after the catch.

YG and Troll, Were asking a lot from a WR who was drafted in the sixth round. For a sixth round draft pick he'll probably have to play special team. Well if your boosting his stock up this much, why did he fall all the way to the 6th round?

So are we talking football or politics today?

People also forget the 49ers had a pretty good TE, rb, and #2 wr That could gash defenses up if they became to pre-occpied trying to stop Taylor. That's why even with 4.7 speed, Rice was able to make long td runs after the catch.

There were huge amounts of space back there becauses defenses had to also honor other 49er offensive threats. No way Rice becomes all time wr great as a featur in a less potent passing attack. Then more defensive attention could be focused right at Rice.

Clue @11:38,

If the wr draft wasnt one of the deepest in recent memory. Cunningham probably falls no further than 4th rd. Exactly where Brandon Marshall was drafted.

Cunninham is pretty much everything you want in a wr, except he doesnt have blazing speed. I guarantee you, with all of the other skills he possess, if he ran a 4.38 combine 40. Cunningham would have been the 1st wr chosen, before even Justin Blackmon. Cunningham's the better route runner.

YG, Im intrested to know how do you know he's a good route runner, are you reading what scouts says about him? Have you seen him play?

YG, Your thoughts on Odin posting for a record 60 stright hours?, You got your work cut out foryou on this record.


Until a player, no matter the position, plays his first nfl down. All anyone has to go on are scouting reports.

Even if a player has a super A-1 scouting report. It matters very little if it doesnt translate on the nfl level.

Listen, no one's saying he's Jerry Rice, even Rice benifitted from the great talent around him. No one's saying he'll be megatron, a wr who would still be great with almost no talent around him.

Still, a player like Cunnungham could benifit immensely from being in the right scheme and quality of talent youre able to place around him. Tha's when these type of wr's stars begin to really illustrously shine.

IMO, he's kind of in that Hines Ward-like mold. Ward didnt threaten to become an all time great, but he was pretty damn great at what he did do, as will his many pro bowl thoroughly attest.

Hmm.., "Marino looked good since his first day of training camp", Don Shula. Right, "buddy"?

However, say what you want about Cunninghjam, he doesnt come highly ballyhooed. But, his college production suggests he offers a legit middle of the field treat at wr(replacing Marshall) and scoring tds(unlike Marshall).

We'll see how it all translates when the first nfl whistle blows. Until then, no one can cut him down as being only a 6th rd player. Maybe later, but, not right now.

How many of you knew that Jeff Fuller's father was a safety in the NFL and won 2 superbowls with the 49'ers before suffering a career ending spinal injury against the Pats in 1989?

I did not know that.

I also didn't realize that he wasn't timed in any events at the combine, due to having a stress fracture in his foot.

I read that he did run a 4.53 40 at his pro day, which means he's at least as fast as Brandon Marshall if not faster.

You must read, son, even if they are comic books.

Of course an autopsy has to be done in these cases to rule out foul play.

You see, in Whitney Houston's case it was a high probability that she passed out and drowned in the bathtub. Still, it had to be proven by Forensic Medicine techniques.

Has anybody needed to take a crap at work but goes to a diffrent floor so no one knows your in the stall?

Who gives a sh-t?

Would you like to undertake some Psychotherapy sessions with me, YG? I'm positive you guys will enjoy them.

WR speed is way overrated just like QB arm strength is way overrated. Montana to Rice is just one of many examples.

Dissociative Identity Disorder(Multiple Personalities), is much more prevalent than it is let on. At this moment I have 4 patients that meet criteria for it(all females). I have not seen the Other's in any of them yet, but I know They are there.

Odinseye, (from yesterday).

Someone was obviously impersonating you. So I got sucked in. I couldn't believe you were saying some of the things you were saying, I couldn't let it go. But of course it wasn't you, I should have known better and sorry for the misunderstanding.

If only there were a sign in and we all had to choose one name and stick with it! But no, I know how difficult it is to have to type a 4 letter name and your e-mail into a box. Too tough to figure that one out.


don't confuse multiple personalities with ugly mood swings.

Junior Seau came from a culture with deep family ties. And, the divorce from his wife and not having his children with him became more than he could bear, emotionally.

Could numerous concussions in the NFL have something to do with this? Yes! That's why they're so concerned about head injuries nowadays.

We don't know the exact why's of this tragedy. Nor, will we ever know. But, to speak I'll of the dead? That is even more tragic! It is immature and childish. And, shows a lack of class.

Wasnt it reported that B Marsh was suicidal before he got his BPD under controll?

I wish I can take a shot of Ciroc with Pac

No Tracy. No! He was allowed time with his kids. Unless he was abusive, father's rights would not be taken away. I came from a culture with deep family ties. My divorce has caused me to have less time with my kids than I want. I cry going to bed every night my kids are not with me and wake up crying when they are not there, on week days. But killing myself would be unfair to them and me--it would mean they NEVER see me again.

Now, the people talking about concussions and NFL players having mental issues related to that might have a point.

Odinseye, (from yesterday).
Someone was obviously impersonating you. So I got sucked in. I couldn't believe you were saying some of the things you were saying, I couldn't let it go. But of course it wasn't you, I should have known better and sorry for the misunderstanding.
If only there were a sign in and we all had to choose one name and stick with it! But no, I know how difficult it is to have to type a 4 letter name and your e-mail into a box. Too tough to figure that one out.
Posted by: Phins78 | May 03, 2012 at 12:43 PM

Phins 78, Dont be confused, Odin drinks in excess and forgets what he writes, Trust me that was Odin.
Now back to our blog.



I made a similar post this morning about some of the classless comments on here about Seau. YG, you continue to show your true colours, my man! 'Football is for the living'. Really? So I guess we should just forget about people like Walter Payton or Reggie White or Pat Tillman? You maybe couldn't care less about the pass of Seau and that's your right but sometimes it's better to just keep your mouth shut rather than spouting off and making yourself look like a jacka**. Sometimes skipping over comments and not having an opinion on evrything is the way to go, something I'm sure you'll be unable to do when it comes to this point.



Classless? Because I dont wanna tyalk aboput a damn dead man. Is he a f-cking relative of yours? Friend? has he ever paid a bill for you?

They're all f-cking jocks, even the ones who play for the Dolphins. At the end of the day not a one of those professional athletes truly gives a flying f-ck about you, me, or any other weeping willow wannabe in here.

Dude, you know me far better than you'll ever know a pro athlete and you know me not at all. You think you know me because of my post. But you have not a clue. Hell, at least you've youve gotten to talk to me. You never had a shot of talking to Junior Seau dead or alive.

You're only taking into account other people's opinions and experiences with Seau, not your own experiences. If I believe enough's enough's about a guy who never personally gave a flying damn about any of in here, and that makes me classless, then I'm absolutely honored.

If you wanna be a blindly weeping widow, thats totally up too you. But as almost always, youre own the wrong side of an argument, and condemning those who arent.

You want classless? Here you go, I dont give a flying f-ck about you are Seau, because I know neither of you ever gave a real flying f-ck about me. There's a difference between classless and plain honesty you twit head. LOL






AND MORE ........AMAZING LIES............


AQlso twit head, Payton didnt shoot himself, neither did Reggie White. Pat Tillman died in friendly fire. But the true tradgedy of Tillman's situation was the conspiracy to cover it up and report it as he died a hero. He didnt die a hero, he died as a result of a tradgic accident.

Tillman death was no more heroic than any other nameless soldier that ever went to war. It also doesnt make Payton and White hero's because they had stoic pro careers. Idiots like you always get things far twisted and eveyone who doesnt think like you is always automatically wrong.

Get a brain twit head.

Pretty slow day....

..Why does everything, and everybody have to have a label? Why can't Seau just be a good guy, that did some great things on and off the football field? Not everyone needs to be a hero to affect lives in a positive manner. On the other side, not everyone that commits suicide is a coward. Think about what it must take to come to that point where you want to take your own life?? Hopefully none of you know that place, or have had that mindset..



Whats a twit head?


You saw that right? The coward CraigM was trying to do a ninja drive-by on me because he didnt know I was here when he posted. That's the kind of brainless gutless coward he really is.

If you dont think like that idiot does, you are the enemy, he hates the truth.


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