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Rookie camp opens this afternoon

The Dolphins open a three-day rookie mini-camp today along with eight other teams. Practice is at 2:30 p.m. and I'd expect approximately 40 rookie draft picks, signed undrafted free agents and tryout players to be on the field.

The Dolphins have not yet released their list of signed UDFAs and definitely haven't confirmed their tryouts, such as former University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris, who is expected to attend.

But below is a rudimentary working list of some of the players Miami is expected to host today through Sunday. The signees and some tryouts:

Signee Trenton Hughes, DL, Maryland

Signee Shelly Lyons, OLB, Arizona State

Signee Jarrell Root, DE, Boise St

Signee Josh Samuda, OL, UMass

Signee Jacquies Smith, DE, Missouri

Signee Jonas Gray, RB, Notre Dame

Signee Derrick Shelby, DE, Utah

Signee Derek Moye, WR, Penn State

Signee Kelcie McCray, S, Arkansas State

Signee Kevyn Scott, CB, Syracuse

Signee Jeff Fuller, WR, Texas A&M

Signee Alex Alecxih, DT, Pittsburgh

Signee Derrick Dennis, OG, Temple

Signee Terence Brown, C, BYU

Signee Dustin Waldron, OT, Portland State

Signee Cameron Collins, ILB, Oregon State

Tryout Myron Johnson, S, Arkansas Tech

Tryout Jacory Harris, QB, Miami

I'll have updates before and after practice so come back throughout the day.


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Sorry guys, going to be off the blog for sometime while I deeply mourn the loss of Seau. I have candles lit and I am fasting.

Mostly O-line with 1 WR. Don't know if I should be happy they are comfortable about the WR position or nervous that they feel they still don't have the O-line they want.

Can't wait to see the daily camp notes!

I have complete confidence that both Philbin & Sherman will place talent on the depth chart at the WR position.

The days of the Diva Receiver are OVER! I watched Moneyball for the first time last night and was amazed at how they A's found talent where no one else saw it.

...Ireland/Philbin/Sherman - the new Trifecta, have those same traits, they can find talent!

More importantly, Philbin & Sherman can DEVELOP that hidden talent into a quality NFL player. Unlike our previous coaching staff.

"All we are saying, is give Joe a chance" (Hum the John Lennon song in your head an you'll get it).

thanks mando, I doubt we get anything informative out of this camp. Its more like a orientation than anything else

Tony Sparano and his Band Of Marauders couldn't find talent on a football team if they had 53 pro bowl players on their roster.

I feel sure that Philbin will simplify all aspects of the Team, specially at the beginning. You solve nothing by running a complicated timing route and it not working. This also, woould provide us another early gauge to measure Philbin's talent as a HC.


With more holes than draft picks, there was no way to fix everything in one draft. So no matter what position we didn't draft high someone would complain about it.

We have SEVEN WR's! Sheesh. Most would look better with better line and better QB play.

Learn peoples!

Mike Wallace couldn't find a team to give him a high contract because they don't have Ben to throw to him.

Do you think half of Peyton's and Brady's receivers would have looked good on our team? Not a chance, you'd call the same ones busts here.

I'm not as concerned about the wide receiver situation as others. I thought they were going to be looking to upgrade the position in the draft but it will be interesting to see how far the new coaching staff is able to get Gates, Wallace and Moore before the season starts.
Gates will need to prove he can catch the deep ball and Wallace and Moore need to be further developed but both of those guys showed they have ability but the previous staff didn't put a lot of effort into developing talent which was a big problem.
If Phiblin recognizes that he has talent that he can utilize I believe he will develop it and find a way to get it on the field so it can be used rather than have it standing on the sidelines.

Part of it has to do with the guy playing the quarterback position but a lot of it has to do with the coaching staff and how good it is at developing the talent on the team.
When Welker got to New England and started practicing with the team he probably had an ephiphany.

Professor Lou...Amen!

I believe Tony Sparano's inability to develop his players will become very evident this year, especially with regards to those receivers you mentioned, Wallace, Moore & Pruitt.

That's why Philbin traded Marshall, NO DIVA's in the huddle yelling at the QB to throw me the damn ball like Brandon was on almost every play.

I would tend to believe Philbin's methods of coaching and teaching are far above what this team saw when Sparano was coaching? the team.

I see Joe Philbin with Phil Jackson like qualities...he's very Zen in his approach to life and that will come through with his players both on and off the field.

Sparano was just another loud-mouth Jersey guy who, like Parcels would rub people the wrong way.

PS - I was born and raised in Jersey so I can bash Tony no prob!

I think we're all going to see a paradigm shift with this team and the approach to using the players that are on the roster.
Where the Saints would take a 7th round pick like Marques Colston and make him a starter because he did so well in camp the Sparano guys would say, "He did really well but Marshall, Bess and Hartline are veterans and they are the starters." They may have allowed Colston to see limited action in preseason but he probably wouldn't have seen the field much during the season. Colston had 8 receptions for 84 yards and 1 td's in preseason games in his rookie season. Wallace had 8 for 101 and 1 td. So, what was it that the Saints saw in Colston that the Dolphins didn't see in Wallace?

Exactly...and for all those naysayers who keep yelling that Tannehill is a 'long-term project', and will hold the clipboard for at least two years are smokin' crack.

Tannehill will start at some point this year and I would suspect the loser of the battle between Moore & Garrard will be cut before week one.

...to add on to last post.
Moore had 9 catches for 106 and 1 td in his rookie season. Then he had the catch and run for the td against the Raiders and had the 2 catches for 43 against the Pats the very next week. He averaged over 21 yds a catch in 2010 but, instead of working with him he still stood on the sidelines in 2011 until he was put on IR despite another preseason where he caught 6 passes for 102 yds.
Wallace and Moore will not be standing on the sideline this year.

Dont forget under sparano dolphins were "run first" power team up until last year. They didnt even have a package with 4 or 5 receivers or shotgun. Glad to see the fins hired a guy who is not going into the season with the blueprint that was vaild 10 to 20 years ago.

i agree tannehill will start at some point during his first year. ross needs to sell tickets and tannehill will do that. i also think newcomer RT martin easily beats out murtha "the turnstile". i believe philbin/sherman are the real deal and the offense will be up tempo.

and I think its a blessing in disguise that the fins missed out on Jeff Fisher. He's another guy who is still with the 1980's blueprint. He hasnt ever won jack. And his defensive coordinator got suspended for the year. Plus they got all those picks in the draft and picked all question mark guys.

I don't know about Tannehill starting some time this season. I didn't like the pick but, then again, I was still stuck in the past with the coaches this team had before.
However, unless Moore falters I think Philbin would like to see Tannehill sit and learn for at least one season before he "unleashes" him on the league.
Of course, anyting could happen but I'm thinking that the perfect scenarion, from Philbin's point of view, is that Moore can get the job done and not have to use Tannehill this year at all, except in preseason and in clean up situations.
However, if he does really well in those situations he will be hard to keep him off the field because Philbin will take too much heat from the media and fans.

The only Player on this Team that does not need for things to be simplified is Ryan Tannehill. He probably knows the whole Playbook by now.

I know what you're thinking. Then, Pardon me, but Cam Newton, out of the Draft, was a much more complete QB than RG3 now.

ALRIGHTY THEN! I'm feeling you guys today. Could not have said it better. We did not miss Ricky, Ronnie, or Henne. We will prosper without Marshall.

IF...Moore wins the starting QB job and wins a few, then looses a few, then wins a few (you know, a .500% team), does Philbin take the hit as an 8-8 coach in year one only to let his future franchise QB hold the clipboard and learn the speed of the game?

In other words...how short will Moore's leash be this year?

7 WRS and only 2 with average talent, great job again JEFF IDIOTLAND!!!! sign Plaxico Burress, Donald Driver or even Braylon Edwards, there are 3 WRS with real outstanding talent and experience!!!!

Phins78, You failed to reach the 4 paragraph requirement yesterday. FAIL!

You also failed by suggesting Solti was me, under a different name, ripping apart your Donald Thomas post. Btw, Donald Thomas was an olineman, not our current RB. Think Daniel!

Before you accuse people of things, perhaps you should have some proof? You won't look like such a joke.

I'm sure your buddy Armando, who you email to tattle tale on bloggers, can confirm that for you. I don't expect you to be a man and admit you're wrong however. It's just not in you.

I couldn't agree more. This collection of wr is so pathetic, it actually is the worse set since the invention of the forward pass.
Any of those three would help us immediately.
I still don't see how u pass on tommy streeter in those late rounds. Do me a favor, Ireland, and watch his production this year. Then watch OUR sixth round picks production. Or even our fifth...or second.

Apparently it's illegal in Florida to have a wr over 6 ' 2 that can catch the ball and score tds.

Apparently it's illegal in Florida to have a wr over 6 ' 2 that can catch the ball and score tds.

Posted by: inimounts | May 04, 2012 at 10:41 AM

Just South Florida. The Jags have Laurent Robinson & Justin Blackmon!

Anybody in here?

Ohio, Yes Ohio

oh good ole FYI

Why are you asking if anyones here? Don't you see posts up? Post what you wanna say & move along. Sheesh. Anything less is wasted blog space.

Mando, Wasn't Manrich's kid Trying out??

Posted by: LOL | May 04, 2012 at 11:09 AM

yet this post wasted way more space than mine :)

Oh Hi O is a lame-o. Got a football thought or is this a recruiting visit?

Why do people think Tannehill is not ready to play this year? He knows the system back and forth and has a strong enough arm to make NFL throws....

If Andy Dalton can step in from day one and take the BENGALS to the playoffs in that division, there's no reason THill can't step and play when our season is all but over 9 games in

Craig cap,

I'm with you on Tannehill but I do hope he doesn't play to be honest. I think he will be fairly even with Moore and Garrard (don't be surprised if he gets cut) but to stick him out there with the rest of the guys learning a system might make for one tough rookie season considering his lack of weapons as well.

I think he could play but not with the weapons currently in place. I'd rather he sit for a year.

Craig cap,

To follow up with your point from 11:26. I agree I'm fine him playing late in the season to get his feet wet around week 15.

Legedu Naanee had 41 catches playing at the #2 position with Carolina last season. Hartline had 31 for us.

Hartline can play all 3 wr positions, so can Naanee. We now have a seam threat TE, Clay is a seam threat from the h-back position.

Bush is a take it to the house threat in both the run and pass game, so is Lamar Miller. Gates gets a full complete camp to improve over last season. Hopefully he's been working on his weaknesses over the offseason.

Wallace and BJ Cunningham gives legit over the middle threats for our qb. Both Cuinningham and Rishard play st's well enough they dont have to be listed on our wr roster. That means 2 extra wr's we can carry into regular season games and can still scheme them into gameday action.

We may not have the big time #1wr on our roster, but the recieving unit as a whole is multi talented and diverse enough to make up for that supposed deficiency.

I believe our 2012 passing game will also be just fine "AS A WHOLE".

Naanee had 44, not 41 catches last season.

I also love the fact that Rishard Matthews and BJ Cunningham both can play st's well enough they can be listed as st's players, potentially allowing us to have access to up to 7 wr's on gameday.

Try keeping up with all of that if your a dc or pass defender. LOL

Tannehill needs to work on his mechanics, learn to read NFL defenses, and get up to NFL speed. Word is it only took him 3 hours to learn the new playbook. It's all up to him!

We're gonna do just fine at WR. There's a few pieces that Sparano never utilized on the team already; Wallace, Moore, Pruitt...

Prediction: Miami goes 9-7 this year and makes the playoffs within 3 years! Just due to better coaching!


La La La wait till I get my money riight.

Tracy troll android474 is here. Whoopie...........


Why wait a year to start Tannehill? If a dog doesnt bite as a puppy it wont bite at all. Recently we waited on Beck and Henne. How'd that work out for us? I understand the reasons why Tannehill should sit for a year but I'm a strong believer that QB's learn better on the job (starting games). The WR's will come along as Tannehill gets better. We still have to remember that it's only May. You never know who might fall into our hands months to come.


On Naanee but he also average only 10 a catch. We have that sort of guy in Bess dont you think?
Miami has some players but too many unknowns in Gates, Clay's development, Egnew and what ifs in Marlon Moore and Wallace too.

Im not knocking your assessment, I think this staff and maybe its more hope then knowing but I think they can develop a player or 2 more then Sparano ever could in the skill positions. But to think everyone will come along and develop is not realistic.

Tracy Troll-Android 474,

It did not take Tannehill 3 hours to learn the new playbook, it took 3hrs to go over it with him. He was being quizzed about everyuthing front to back and passed with flying colors.

The quizzing session took 3hrs, the learning session begin and ended at Texas A&M. Get Milk Troll-Android 474! LOL

And he's still crushing on me. This time because I typed the wrong Thomas. Why are you still talking to me, I don't know who you are. I have no interest in arguing with a stranger. If you want to continue this conversation you can email me at oreillys49@yahoo.com. If you like me this much maybe we should be talking in private. Or better yet why don't you keep engaging me in here against my wishes and get me really interested so I can start looking for you? That's what it seems like you're after here right? You trying to get me going so I start hunting you down? That sounds like fun, lets do that. Or you could stop engaging me. You're choice.


Ever think about that's way Carolina used him? Did you know Naanee ran a 4.4 combine 40 in 2007? Can Bess do that? No and hell no!

Naane also plays all 3 wr positions, exactly why Philbin brought him in. Remember, Philbin says he wants wr's who can play all 3 positions so he can move them all over the place to create mismatches? Naanee is a perfect candidate for what Philbin wants to do in his wr scheming.

HOLY CRAP GUYS!!! Tannehill did a roll out on the 2nd play and went down with a leg injury, he had to be carted off and was in obvious pain according to 640 radio!

WTF guys!

Many are looking at Naanee as a meaningless signing but he's far from that. No, he isnt a superstar #1wr and probably will never be. But, he can be an important cog that helps the other pieces work better when he's in the right system.

I believe Philbin believes he has the right system for Naanee. He'll help all the other pieces perform better. He has legit 4.4 4o speed so the defense better never hold thier nuts on him. LOL

FLAFIn, Please tell me your kidding?


Practice starts at 230pm according to Armando sooooo...

Thanks, Irtonian


I don't care what Naanee ran at the combine he clearly doesn't play at that speed in games. Again, not knocking you opinion more just saying not satisfied with the WRs. I'm not complaining though. Id rather let the WR play out for a year to see what Miami actually can work with at WR before moving on to see what type of stud WR they are going to need to compliment the rest.

I'm a Philly boy and I watched the chirade for years of supposedly not needing a star WR and the Eagles were a team that had success with it but until they go T.O. is when they finally got over the hump and into the Super Bowl and yes I know T.O. didn't play in the playoffs but they were a different team with him clearly. McNabb's best year was with him. And then the Eagles stopped fooling themselves and drafted early round WR after WR in Freddie Mitchell (1), Reggie Brown (2), DeSean Jackson (2), Jeremy Maclin (1).

And they finally got it right and have one of the most explosive offenses in the league now!

I don't want the James Thrash, Charles Johnson, Todd Pinkston etc etc type of effiecient but zero explosion methodical offense.

Best case scenario:


Miami Dolphin begin thier first offensive possession of the 2012 nfl season nopening with Ryan Tannehill at starting qb. He'll take his first nfl snap with 1st and 10 from the 25yd line.


1st and 10, Tannehill takes the snap, looks like play action fake. Tannehill drops back... he looks...he looks......

He heaves the ball deep.... OMG..... he has a wide open Clyde Gates streaking down the left sidelines... He makes the catch!

One man to beat....... and he scores!


Ryan Tannehill 75yd td to Clyde Gates! What a way for a rookie qb to open his career. OMG, unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dolfans just gotta be a little more patient. We had many holes to fill and not enough 1st and 2nd rd picks to fill them with. 2013 is probably the year we go wr 1st or 2nd rd.

QB and Oline to be properly addressed had to be done with 1st and 2nd rd pick. There was no guarrantee to properly address wr with a 3rd rd or beyond pick. Marshall's effectiveness seemed to disappear once our team got into the red zone, added with his other baggage, thats why I believe the team decided to move on.


With the gamebreakers like Naanee, Bess and Hartline (sarcasm) this is how I envision the season starting.

Announcer: Rookie Ryan Tannehill the Miami Dolphins rookie QB will get his first start today.

Play by play: Tannehill under center, takes the ball stops and fires a dart to Legaduu Naanee for 4 yards.


Also I dont believe we spent 8th overall pick on Tannehill to surround him with a bunch of "just ok" wr's. I believe 2013 begins the first year of trying to get him a big time target. Most likely via draft.

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