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Still recovering from draft so enjoy this video

I got no news. I got no opinion. I got no speculation for you today. I don't want to talk about Jacoby Jones. Or Jabar Gaffney.


I do have this video montage below, sent to me by reader Joe Alvarez. Enjoy:


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Show a little respect!

Lauren Tannehill deserves better than to be drooled over by you. I guess you DON'T have an attractive woman at home so you have to covet another man's wife!

As for football (at least this USED to be a football blog), I have high hopes for Tannehill but I have serious doubts about his ability to throw vertically. I went back and watched a couple A&M games and he either otherthrew or came up short on just about every deep ball he threw.

If we can't stretch the field then we are no better off than we have been since Marino retired.

Astute observations Odin if I do say so myself.

Pathetic how the troll has to come here and dream imaginary conquests. Silly as it is, it somehow meets need. He is so self conscious he has to feed himself fanatacies to bolster his own ego.

Were it not so pitiful, it would be hilarious.

How often does the dregg derelict come here and talk to himself? It's so patently obvious and he doesn't even realize-Ha Ha.

The life and times of a pitifully gay blog hit troll. Mercy.

How could Ross not even know Tannehill's Number?
Posted by: odinseye | May 02, 2012 at 12:12 AM


The guy is as clueless as they come when it comes to football. Even said the stadium is too big for his (garbage team). But he did tell Ireland to draft Tannehill (probably to sell some tickets).

I'm wearing my velour kittycat jumpsuit tonight. Purrr.

Who gives a flying f*ck whether Ross knows college uniform numbers?? On the list of "important things" I would rank this inbetween "favorite mouthwash flavor" and "best of Paulie Shore" rankings.

I know it's deep in the offseason and there's not much to talk about, but Christ.

I hope we get to see tannehil play this year and do well
Wouldn't that be a kicker to all the naysayers ?

I wonder, maybe if Mrs. Tannehilll is hired as a Dolphin cheerleader, perhaps Ryan will perform even better.

Imagine how Mrs. Tannehill would gag in horror if he saw some of you guys and your junk! Bet she'd be projectile vomiting within 5 seconds!

For Real is For Fake. What a self inflated turd. LOL.

I know it's deep in the offseason and there's not much to talk about, but Christ.

Posted by: seriously? | May 02, 2012 at 12:34 A

I didn't expect you would have the smarts to understand the implications. I knew this wouldn't interest you. Don't really care.

Unless it's talking about peeing, touchy Pee Pee's, or taking one in the rear for the team, you would have no interest.

Long story short, bend back over and take that iguanna boy. No whinning tonight either or no vagasil for bung hole Be-Atch!

Wassup odin,

I agree with your assessment of the Ross / Ireland situation.

Ross seems like a very wealthy guy that bought into this Billionaire Boys club called the NFL as a fan.

I had read where Ireland was so paranoid that someone might know his true feelings for Tanneyhill and try to screw it up by getting ahead of the Fins. The article says Ireland did not tell anyone (save his wife and one other person(not even Ross) about his great desire to draft Tanneyhill until just before the draft.

The Peter King segment on PFT says that after the Fins went 0-7 last year Ireland personally went on a QB scouting mission. He ended up at College Station and came away feeling that RGIII was gaining hype and notoriety but was not hugely better or possessing a substantially better skillset than Tannehill. He decided way back in November of last year that if Tannehill was available with the #8 pick he would choose him. Then ran around supressing his excitement to anyone in the organization so as not to have any "leaks" blowing his plan.

Darlington talks about Ireland being pumped... because Ireland feels like in his mind he got a player that is much more a toss up skill wise to RGIII but didn't have to pay the 3 #1's plus to get his QB.

I'm not flopping and would not have made Tannehill the pick at #8. I still believe that you take longtime starters that have more track record that early to make sense that early. I will say that after seeing the entire John Gruden's QB camp segment, seeing and hearing a little bit of the way Tannehill thinks and produce football plays, schemes, recall plays, fought so hard to realize his dream of becoming a QB...he at least wants it as much as the next guy.

Very questionable bringing his wife into his Fins pics at this stage. It seems to have taken on a life of its own. It didn't work out well for Quinn having his lady with him so I hope Tannehill didn't jinx himself...LOL.

I think Ross does a lot more "just signing the checks" than many people want to believe. So many paint him as a Jerry Jones type and I don't see that at all.

His own lack of knowledge on his freshly drafted #8 over all QB speaks volumes to that!

Good point my grog filled sleuth! RAGNOROK for you!!!


Thanks For Real,

But I could have handled the Butt Muncher myself.

I have to admit, you're a funny guy. Honest too.

What says you Troll?

For Real smoked yo arse!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Rob OC

If you feel the need to respond to Odin Gaylord Blog Polluter, you have serious issues. Realy.

It's mind boggling how some are soooo desperate for football talk they will engage the slime for response and acknowledgement. Sad sad.


Thank you. I figured it would go over the trolls head anyways. Just glad theirs another football fan(sane) on here.

You could have just about posted my feelings on Tannehill word for word above. Just to risky of a proposition for m at 8.

Nonetheless, I'm his biggest fan now. I hope he starts day 1 and makes me eat every negative word I've ever posted about him ;)


You've been on here talking to yourself for over an hour.

You haven't posted one thing about football dork. And you talk about ANTBODY else?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hip----Hip-----Hippocrit - ROTFLMAO!

Just write some garbage about peeing on yourself and most importantly - Shut Yo Mouf - Shut Yo Mouf - Shut Yo Mooooooooooooooouf!


Rob in OC,

Nice post at 12:42.

I couldn't agree more. I like the recent indications that seem to substantiate the fact that Ross is definitely not a Jerry Jones/Al Davis type.

You get him some good football minds in charge and he will be a magnificent owner.


Mando seems out of it because of the draft...well Mando we will replace you with a Mando Hologram like the 2Pac video and move on...sorry it's 2012 man...

odin sludge

90 percent of your posts are about trolls and gaylords and you don't let it go. You pollute the blog endlessly. Look in the mirror and get a life.

The guy is an alcoholic, jobless shut-in with gay sex obsessions. I wouldn't hold my breath on the "getting a life" part.

THIS is his life.

Today was fun. The pastor and I had tea and then played tennis. Before the sun was too high in the sky he suggested I take one in the pink and two in the stink.

What's up with Salguero? Is this his way of saying 'seeya in the fall?'

I don't tinky so sweety cheeks!

You can't hide from Odin, he sees all and knows all.

In other words, I got your number Cin - Da - Feller,(Wink, wink).

My Ex-Surgical Tech Girl Friend told me all about you wierdos and what you do with small animals in your Mommy basements-For shame ;)

Thing is Cup Cake, only the wierdest of wierd losers do that with reptiles.


My Ex-Surgical Tech Girl Friend

Posted by: odinseye | May 02, 2012 at 01:11 AM


Is that what they're calling inflatable dolls these days?

Hey, aren't you about due to totally flub one of your 'fantasy dates' by posting about the exciting evening ahead only to blow your cover by forgetting and posting again less than an hour later?

That was CLASSIC. Gotta say you can be a very funny guy at times!

Rob OC, see the post at 1:11

You are one of the very few serious posters here.

Now is that the type of person you need to respond to in order to get your jollies?

The guy is pathetic yet despite his 99 percent drivel posts, some choose to stroke his ego for attention.

He ruins the blog. Until everyone learns to ignore the constant trash bloggers it will never get better here.

Blog Hit Troll has now surpassed Flipper Breed for hours of non stop posting without a single coherent post.

If you're really that gaytarded dik breath, scroll up the page. Not only was I posting about football related to the blog topic, I was posting so in depth.........the main points and implications zoomed right over your head.

It made a GIANT WHOOOOSHING sound as it passed over your head(much like the noise your "blown out" hole makes when you pass gas(and torcher reptiles).


Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I can make fun of your Gaytardation **AND** post about football at the SAME time. You're just TOO EASY(in more ways than Three).

What was that you always say about it? Oh yeah, "Not that there's anything wrong with that".


Blow up dolls?

You still posting that same old dumb crap?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


FOR REAL, you've only posted that 500, 000 times. Duh, thinking up new material tuff for gaytard, Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

odin, I think both of you are pretty ridiculous but what makes you think that YOU aren't a troll?

Just saying you aren't doesn't cut it. I've been coming here sporadically for about 4 months and it's always the same crap with you. And I think a lot of others feel the same way judging by what I read here.

Yeah, I'm sick of trolls too but you're one of them!


GAYTARD SAY: Armanda, if you want me to keep doing that little thing you like me to do, you better get up and start deleting odins posts again.

He exposing me for sick pitiful digusting tard that I really am. Make him go away Armando of no more "Mr. Furley" for YOU!

Once again odin is polluting the blog with his non-stop posts about trolls and homosexuals. She single handily attracts more trolls than the entire board combined. I think she blogs more about the trolls than the trolls themselves blog. I knew it was too good to be true when she pathetically predicted the demise of the blog and proclaimed she was never returning. She lost all credibility at this point. Its really too bad she doesn't even have the education to battle the trolls.

I'll let the regulars here handle odin the pest from here on out.


Gaytard Troll, if everything I've ever said about you isn't the GOD's HONEST TRUTH, I challenge you:

Make one single coherent football post! JUST ONE!

Can't believe I'm asking this taret to discuss football, the only reason he's a so called fan is because of those tight little pants the players wear.

In his world, there's only one position on the football field. They're all Tight End!

What really gets me about odin is that she is too stupid to effectively create alter egos on this blog. For Real!

Armando: Hello?

Gaytard: He's doing it again, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Armando: Whose doing what? This better be good. Quit whimpering and spit it out.

Gaytard: What? You told me to never spit it out.

Armando: .............(sigh.........)............

(Oh I'm so sneaky. That screwy gaytard will never know it's me)

I agree with odin, the gaytard infestation has gotten out of control. Armando should do something.

Craig and the rest of you trolls, shut up and let odin post about football. All he does is talk football until you closet queens start up your sheet.

Now STFU and let the guy post football. You don't have to be so jealous of him. He'll teach you about football and then you won't have to resort to trolling.

Craig, quit being a troll cheerleader, we all thought you were better than that.


The 'Tampa2' defense is a zone package that is rapidly becoming less effective with the rise of dominant, speedy TE's.

Something controversial? Bob Griese doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame (but neither does Joe Namath)

The USFL was a great alternative league that was subsumed by greed (particularly on the part of Donald Trump).

'YAC' and time of possession are not nearly as important stats as many fans think. Turnover ratio is far more meaningful.

I've met Don Shula a half-dozen times, used to break down defensive game film for a South Florida high school, and have been watching the Dolphins forever.

The plastic turf at the Orange Bowl was 'Poly-Turf' by 'American Bilt-Rite.' The food vendor was 'Zum Zum'

Some other names the team considered when the franchise was founded were 'Moons,' Missiles.' and 'Mustangs.'

Joe Robbie's real family name was 'Arabi' He and co-founder were both Arab Americans.

Paul Warfield was my favorite Dolphin ever. Gene Atkins and Brian Sochia the least (you may need to look up why).

I think Miller was a terrific selection in the 4th round. No idea about Tannehill's prospects aside from prototype size and evident intelligence.

I could go on.

Nah, I don't know a thing about football.

Same old queer baits hanging around here. It's aLWAYS the same. Odin trying to post about football and Craig and his queers being jealous.

Does it ever change?

WOW, i thought this was a football blog. I see nothing but a bunch of A Rated Weirdos and Professional Cyber Idiots who do nothing but show how pathetic they really are.

Im almost positive that some of u sit on this blog all day and say dumb and obnoxious things just for kicks, and dont even have a REAL opinion on the miami dolphins! after all thats why this blog was created. To talk football. Not play with ur junk all day and act like a bunch of 13 year old boys on a 90's chat room.

In conclusion i will say that im pretty sure that one guy that feels the need to TYPE IN ALL CAPS and has convos with himself is semi retarded...


Actually, odin, if it were the internet version of 'Football Jeopardy' I would grind you into paste.


I'm laughing so hard I can't even catch my breath!

Armando: Hello?

Gaytard: He's doing it again, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Armando: Whose doing what? This better be good. Quit whimpering and spit it out.

Gaytard: What? You told me to never spit it out.

Armando: .............(sigh.........)............

Posted by: odinseye | May 02, 2012 at 01:31 AM

Whether you like Odin or hate him, you have to admit, that's funniest sheet I've ever read here.

And with that the troll will ducking and running. Who can blame him? He got toasted. Time for another name change troll?

PS: Quit impostoring me(at 1:25 and 1:30) or I will be E-Mailing Armando again troll.

Wasn't me doing that, Craig. Not my modus operandi at all.

Nah, I don't know a thing about football.

Posted by: Still Laughing At That One | May 02, 2012 at 1:40 AM

Are you freaking kidding me? Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I know the trivia site you got everyone of those facts off of.

You did slip in one or two points of your own, but other than that, you were cheating. How pathetic. You want me to post the link - ROTFLMFAO?

And just to amplify that a bit, I happen to think impostering another poster is lame as crap. See it here all the time and there's no question in my mind it's done by the 'regulars' here 99% of the time.

My beef is with nobody but this odin clown. I think he's ruined the blog. If you feel differently, hey, that's cool.

Why it take blog troll 30 minutes to finallyt make one football post?


No, dumbass. I didn't go to any 'trivia site' at all. I've been a freaking Dolphin fan for 40 years.

I would destroy you in any Dolphins trivia contest, rest assured.

I don't believe we have to wade through all this BS.

Odin is the least of the problem here. He wasn't even here and this pathetic crap was going on for hours.

Anybody can see it, it's all on this page. The trolls were talking about peeing on themselves and bouncing little philipino boys a dime a dozen LONG before Odin started posting about Mr. Ross and Tannehill.

You trolls really aren't fooling anyone.

Actually, please DO post the link to that 'trivia site.' I want to see where it had the freaking name of the FOOD VENDOR at the Orange Bowl and thname of the company that installed the Poly-Turf.

Post that link, Mr. confident.

Quick, odin, what was the original name of the Orange Bowl? What was Miami's first pro football franchise? Who was Miami's first draft pick ever (that one is easy). What city did the Dolphins nearly move to in 1968?

C'mon. Let's go.

Are you always this slow on the uptake? Wow.

Who beat out Griese for the Heisman Trophy? What baseball team drafted Marino? Why USFL franchise drafted him?

Odin came on and made a good post about Ross not pressuring Ireland on Tannehill.

Rob in OC answered him back and complimented his post.

From there on the blog troll attacked in earnest. It's all on the page above.

Odin posted nothing but football until he was attacked. It went pretty much like it always does,

People get sick of the blow up dolls and gay preacher jokes from "Still Laughing At That One(and all his other names)", so as soon as a real blogger makes a good post, he gets jealous and tries to attack, stalk and impostor. It pretty old, always the same old BS and pretty easy to see.

Just let the guy talk football already. Damn, Still Laughing, you had the blog "Odin Free" for two hours straight and decided talking about Philipino boys would be cool.

Get a life dude.

Why bother---you're WAY outta your league here.

Anyway, Roddy Burdine Stadium, Miami Seahawks (AAFC; 1946), Rick Norton, Seattle (a group of investors was conspiring to sell the team to interests there until Robbie quashed it), Steve Spurrier, Royals, Pittsburgh Maulers.

No internet help needed, sorry.

Well still laughing, it seems all the real posters and serious bloggers agree with me.

And why wouldn't they? What they say is true. It's all on the page above.

Let me guess, you gonna have Mando delete it now so everyone won't see how you degrade the place?

Too Late!

Now, can I please talk about the Dolphins?

I disagree with Odin on Tannehill. I think Tannehill will be a Pro Bowler in short order.

But when it comes to football, these trolls aren't even in the same planet, let alone league.

They're just jealous Odin, keep fighting the good fight Brudda.

Never had (or asked) Salguero to do a damn thing. You hinestly think I'm the ONLY guy who has a problem with you here? C'mon. Be pissed all you want but you know damn well that isn't the truth.

Want it level? This stems from back when you had that absolute meltdown and just blasted the board with the same damn, endless repetitions of posts over and over and over.

Did you ever even man up and apologize for that childish tantrum?

THAT would be a start.

Anyway, have your fun. I made the point I wanted to.

All the best.

Still Laughing,

You are special. That wasn't even me at 1:55. You probably impostored me about the trivia sight.

Is there no depths you won't stoop to, to make yourself look ignorant?

Go Away, PLEASE. Just Go Away. Nobody wants you here and others have busted you too. You did attack me after I made FOOTBALL ONLY POSTS! You Sir, are the epitome of PATHETIC!

Help out the rest of the good bloggers here and just GO AWAY. What part of NOBODY WANTS YOU HERE don't you get?


That is actually a good sign that Ross is letting his football people make the personnel decisions. I too caught that "number" moment and smiled realizing that perhaps we've been too harsh on the leadership. I think Ireland is doing a decent job cleaning the mess that Parcells left.

Tanny will be alright, liked the other picks too, the one I wish we would have made was picking Antonio Allen instead of the Jets.

Sad to say but as smart and athletic Tannehill is, he will be in for one major reality check if he is put on the field too quickly..IMO

So someone ELSE is here freaking impostering you people (it is assuredly NOT me) and yet you focus all the anger here.

How g-damned stupid is that?

Look, dude, it's a well-established fact you live in a fantasy world but this notion that you are viewed as some kind of 'leader' on this blog is laughable in the extreme. I see what is written here. And a LOT of it centers on you and your daily antics.

Yeah, some of the true 'troll' stuff is annoying as hell (and no doubt I'm annoying you right now) but there's a LOT of people posting here all the time who continually point to YOU as part of the problem here.

Denying that won't change it. Sorry.

Just let the guy talk football already. Damn, Still Laughing, you had the blog "Odin Free" for two hours straight and decided talking about Philipino boys would be cool.

Get a life dude.

Posted by: Consensus Says | May 02, 2012 at 02:09 AM

Thank You Consensus. You're not the only one that gets sick of this same old tired routine.

Nice post, you said it way better than I could. I get too aggravated. You're exactly right though. That's exactly what happened. It always happens.

Thanks for pointing out that it's all right there oin this page up above. It's not even open for debate.

Now, after listening to him troll up the blog for three or four straight hours, he's going to try and quiz me - ROTFLMAO!

He's probably got six windows open, all on the google page.

One question Still Laughing: Why Now? Why do you pretend to want to talk football now? You had 4 straight hours without me being here and you surely weren't talking football then.

Why now?

Again, you Sir are Pathetic. Good DAY!

Case Closed, Conversation OVER! ROTFLMFAO!

Why Now?

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