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Still recovering from draft so enjoy this video

I got no news. I got no opinion. I got no speculation for you today. I don't want to talk about Jacoby Jones. Or Jabar Gaffney.


I do have this video montage below, sent to me by reader Joe Alvarez. Enjoy:


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Excuse me Troll, but do you mind if I respond to Tiger Sam?

Can I have your permission to speak football?

A guy who literally had a childish tantrum and made this entire blog UNUSABLE by filling it with his endless, repetitive posts and swore to never return is the LAST person who should be giving anyone advice on how or what to post here.

You burned up any credibility right there and then.

And I'll decide when this conversation is over. Now.


I'm glad you caught that. I always wonder if I'm reading to much into something. Ross' question hit my ears and warmed my Heart-LOL.

He's a Billionaire Fan, not a football man. Apparently he realizes this and is truly letting Ireland do his thing. Whether you like Ireland or not, I believe he should be allowed to do it.

That way, if it's success or shyt hitting the fan, we know exactly where to look for accountability.

PS: On the Tannehill pick, I was dead set against it. Mainly because of the lack of experience. But, he's a Dolphins now, so suddenly he's my favorite QB. I'll rooting for him even more so than I was Henne. And that was ALOT-LOL.

Still Lauging,

I think you may have just btold on yourself. Stoopid Troll.

1. Your name has never been seen here before the "Bouncing Philipino Boys Post" and attacking me for what others thought was a good post(Ross not pressuring Ireland on Tannehill).

2. Who else ever, besides you, said I was some sort of "Leader" on this blog? You have some seriously unfounded animosity towards me, and believe me, we've seen it before. Others have told so TONIGHT.

You can't deny you were on here blabbing away about everything non football and the second I make a serious GOOD football post, you ATTACKED.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.........well, I'm sure you know what I mean. So AGAIN, can I please talk some football before everyone has to go to bed? PLEASE?

(Can't believe I have to beg a troll just to post in peace)

I've been studying the draft picks(that's what I do from draft day until training camp.

So far I've only studied Miller. This kid is a Baby compared to the Seniors and second years players. The sky is the limit.

The first thing that jumped off the screen is what a naturally gifted RB he is. A "NATURAL". This kid has definitely got the "It" we all talk about.

I think he'll turn out to be the steal of the entire draft. I would fast track him through the special teams duty and get him into the regular rotation ASAP.

Miller just turned 21 last week! He has a chance to have a LOOOOONG productive career. Lets get the party started. Let the Kids PLAY!

PS: I'll be doing Oliver Vernon next(I'm doing it in this order because these two are the guys I knew the least about).

PSS: Still Laughing, follow me on Twitter for The Odinsiders "Oliver Vernon Analysis".

In order:

1. I didn't make any posts earlier tonight, and certainly not about Filipinos or whatever (I would at least spell it right!) It's 'Philippines' and 'Filipinos'---not that that's important. In any regard, not me---nor was your 'imposter' earlier.

2. I already explained where the animosity stems from and why. Why repeat it again? As I said, an apology from you would have repaired some of the damage you did to this blog but I guess none is ever forthcoming. So be it.

3. I never "attacked" you or even made a single comment regarding Ross 'pressuring' Ireland on Tannehill. What I DID poke fun at was your making a big deal about Ross not knowing his college uniform number. Sorry, but I reserve the right to think that's utterly meaningless and not even remotely germane to anything important in regards to the team, but you are just as free to disagree.

Hope that makes things a tad clearer for you.

I agree Miller is a steal, however we better hope we find a passing game or neither bush, DT or miller will have any success when teams start stacking 8 in the box. We for dam sure dont want to put tanny in that kind of situation either if they decide to start him.

It's 'Olivier' Vernon, not Oliver.

What you should know initially is that he was hindered by injuries and of course being caught up in the Nevin Shapiro scandal at UM, which cost him significant playing time.

It's true that he likely would have been a low 1st, early 2nd round guy had those factors not been in play but I would caution he's also something of a project---I don;t know how much impact they're expecting initially. But a physical specimen with good instincts, yes.

Miller was/is a favorite of mine. He could easily spell Bush and has much the same skill set. Bigger/tougher than people think as well.

04/30/2012 - A closer look at the Dolphins' picks: Round 3/72 - Olivier Vernon, DE, 6-2, 261, Miami...This well-built, quick twitch edge pass rusher reminded the scouts a lot of Cameron Wake, whom the Dolphins discovered in the CFL. He had an average career from a production standout, but the film showed he's a solid player. Ireland specifically liked the way he set the edge on running plays. COULD SURPRISE: Defensive end Olivier Vernon: His production at Miami is underwhelming considering he only contributed 82 career tackles and nine sacks before declaring for the draft after his suspension-shortened junior season. But his athleticism, strength and speed measurables were off the charts, and won Ireland and his

scouts over during a workout. The Dolphins envision Vernon immediately filling Jason Taylor's old role as a situational pass rusher in the nickel package. - The Sports Xchang

Vernon missed virtually all of 2008 with injury. Suspended for most of senior season.

Being a situational pass rusher in the nickle sounds just about right. But, until I see more video, I'm thinking Ireland reached on this inexperienced undersized tweener.

Most reputable sites I lurk had him as a 5th or 6th round talent.

Still Laughing,

You make me sound like a Cyber Terrorist - LOL.

Just like it wasn't you trolling around earlier, it wasn't me that shut down the blog for those two or three days(times).

If you don't owe any of us an apology for tonight, I don't owe you or anyone else any apology.

Cyber Terrorist? ROTFLMAO!

Two things that really impressed me from that Video: Of course, Lauren Tannehill, but most of all, Ross talking very little.

And i wouldnt call Vernon "undersized" he has the exact same build as Lamar Woodley, which means he can easily be brought in for 3-4 sets to rush the passer. Also, Robert mathis and dwight freeney are a couple of very successful pass rushers in the 4-3 and they are about the same size if not smaller.

Disclaimer on Vernon!

I'm just posting my thoughts and feelings as they develop.

As I said earlier, I don't know that much about him - YET!

I like the skillset and potential, hate all the missed time(injury/scandal).

I think you People are making a mistake. odin is NOT YG/DB et al.

Can anyone tell me if and who miami signed as an undrafted FA?

It was a good idea to increase the # of bodies in Training Camp. Less wear and tear for the starters.

Still Laughing,

If you think my Ross/Numbers comment was meaningless, let me ask you a serious question or two.

1. If Al Davis was considering drafting Tannehill at 8 overall do you think he would know Tannehill's number?

2. If Jerry Jones was considering drafting Tannehill at 8 overall do you think he would know his number?

Make it three:

3. If Ross was SO sold on Tannehill, so much so as to pressure Ireland into drafting him, wouldn't you think he would at least know Tannehill's number? You know, from watching him play and scouting him?

I thought this was a big indication that Ross is doing exactly what he says he is when it comes to Ireland and aquiring talent.

Serious Football Talk.

Everybody logically wants instant bang for the buck (as I'm sure the Dolphins do as well) but I'm OK with it taking longer with some players if that has to be the case.

Specifically here, in regards to both Tannehill and Vernon. I just don't know if it's realistic (or even fair) to expect either to just leap off the page instantly. These are both classic developmental guys---at least seemingly so---with PLENTY of physical upside but also a lack of experience that may well may the pro game a bit bewildering at first, especially the speed of it.

Obviously, you hope they excel right away but if neither contributes a whole lot in 2012 I'm not going to take that as an indication of where their respoective careers may end up. NFL history is littered with guys (including Hall of Famers) who didn't produce much at the start.

Al Davis the young football maverick or Al Davis the Dracula-like walking corpse?

OK--seriously. THOSE guys would because they were football intensive. Do I think Robert Kraft or Paul Allen would? Probably not. Nor would it matter. I just don;t see it as anything significant either way (and in Davis' case, you could easily argue his football intensiveness eventually started HURTING that farnchise--badly--as the years passed).

This is just a total non-issue to me.

Just Listen,

You said. Kind of understated it too, in my opinion.

Tannehill, Moore, Garrard...........heck, Brady would be hard pressed with this receiving corp.

We need at least ONE legitimate THREAT to keep the box clean and back of the safeties.

They way it looks now, DC's will be putting 8 and even 9 in the box. They did it too us when we had Hennings and no Marshall. I saw it quite a few times - 9 FREAKING guys in the box!

Hopefully somebody will get axed for cap reasons or one of the youngsters will step it up.

It's definitely the biggest overall concern on offense POST draft.

Its not about how much they contribute their first year, its about just how easy the regime can make the process for them so that they can excel and reach their ceilings. The choices belong to them. Good coaching dosnt hurt either obviously.

Isn't this fun?

Talking coherent football talk at 3:30 in the morning at Dolphins In Depth. Will wonders never cease-LOL!

Woooooooo Whoooooooooooooooop!!!!

thats exactly what i was referring to...ronnie and ricky had their worst year and it didnt help that our offense was waaayy too predictable. im just hoping we dont see a repeat of that for 2012. Call me crazy but i really think this Mathews kid could blow up if given the opportunity. Mark it down, even as a rookie.

What I'm getting at (specifically with Tannehill) is that patience can be a virtue. Miami isn't winning a title whether or not he plays this year, so there's really no undue pressure one way or the other for him to see action before everyone involved feels he's completely up to speed.

I get the whole "throw them to the wolves" mentality, but most of the real learning comes on the practice field and film rooms and all the other stuff we really never see as fans. If he's ready to go early, great. If not, I'm not going to worry much about it.

NEXT year would be a different story, obviously.

Just Listen,

I agree, Vernon really isn't all that undersized. But I'd still like to see how ell he does with an added 9 pounds of muscle.

270? Sounds good to me!

With the new Rookie salary cap, Teams will be able to acquire pretty good Players that fit their system during final cuts in training Camp.

Allright---I need to get some shuteye.

Been an INTERESTING evening, lol.

(take care---yes, I really mean it)

The thing that Vernon needs is more burst off the line..kinda seems like he relied too much on his strength and power at the college ranks, but that wont work in the pros. So i agree that adding more muscle and quickness off the line would be the best thing. keep an eye on this Derek Shelby kid that we signed undrafted..he is a BEAST off the line.

bout time you guys talk like I know ya can and exchange ideas............worth reading

This is just a total non-issue to me.

Posted by: Still Laughing At That One | May 02, 2012 at 03:25 AM

You have a right to your opinion and I respect that.

For me, it was an indication that Ross was keeping his big NOSE(pun intended) out of it.

It would normally be a non issue for me as well. But coming on the heels of the allegations and rumors concerning Ross/Ireland and Tannehill, that one simple little questioned Warmed My Heart.

If Ross can keep his nose out of such an important decision as a 1st round QB, he can probably manage to stay out of the rest.

It's only in the Evening, Bro. That's why I've always loved It.


Not sure if you were being facetious, but thanks for clearing my name and not associating it with...........others(Ahem).........LOL..........

Not at all, odin.

Just Listen,

Riscard Matthews(sp.?)?

Are you serious? You think he's going to be all that?

Can you elaborate on that any?

I don't know ANYTHING about the kid. But after reading what you just posted about him, I think I'll take a look at him after I finish with Vernon.

Here's to hoping you're right!

Unfortunately, I still have to work for a living, so, GN.

I get the local news on all WAC teams where i live, and have seen him play in person first hand. He is a fast kid and knows how to run after the catch. He also has a strong build so he can get off of jams and shake defenders pretty well. 6 foot 217 and great hands. WCO relies on Y.A.C and this guy gives us just that with proper coaching.

Not me Oscar.

I feel like I'm on Death Row waiting for this neck surgery.

The pysical theraphy didn't help and the latest MRI's and X-Rays indicate that I need a "Priority" surgery on C-6. It's compressing my spinal cord to near dangerous amounts.

Might have to have a shoulder surgery too, depending on how much the neck surgery improves the shoulder injury.

Good Night All!

Hey, look! An odinseye post that mentions "sucking balls," "circle jerks" and various other allusions to gay sex and homoerotic themes.
It's obvious you can't help it. You're clearly a closet queen of the first order. Anyone that obsessed with making gay-themed comments (including hostile ones) obviously has some BIG internal issues going on!
Oh, well. I'm sure you'll soon concoct yet another ludicrous tale about a "brunette librarian" or whatever to desperately try to sound a super macho party animal rather than the sad, paunchy, jobless alcoholic closet queen you actually are.
Have a nice day.
Posted by: Your 15 Minutes Are Up | May 01, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Ohhh My Oh My, People beating up on Odin.
When will this end?

Oh yeah, Post of the day.

Just Listen,

Being here in Michigan I've seen alot of Cunningham. I had him in my mock to go along with Cousins.

Anyway, you think Matthews is alot better than Cunningham?

Any better?

Toss up?


I'll be right back.

I'm going to shoot up my oxy's and teach my 6 year old how to fake shave with a straight razor.


Guys I like the Miller kid, I can see him and Reggie running wild.


I'll be right back.

I'm going to shoot up my oxy's and teach my 6 year old how to fake shave with a straight razor.


Posted by: odinseye | May 02, 2012 at 03:58 AM

Oh Boy! Here we go. I knew it was to good to last.

Troll and Impostor Alert!!!!

PS: Coalition there's 3 L's in:


As much as you troll and impostor people, you'd think you would be better than this!

Wasnt Me Odin..

Odin, I dont have the time to Post such dirt, I keep it stright and to the Point.AND YOU KNOW THIS... MAN..("Friday" Qoute)
I was just wondering why people are bashing you.
I hate you but I try to keep it Civil At least, These guys just attack you. For no Ryhme or reason.
Just saying.


Do your Mikey routine tonight. It's always so hilarious when you're Mikey.

For some reason you always forget to change your sign in name back. It's freaking hilarious when you bust yourself talking to yourself.

Especially last time, when "Mikey" was telling you how right you were. Then you telling him thank you.

Except all 3 posts had the same sign in name: Coalition!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Well Odin, I have no Idea what your babbling about but lets get to Football talk and leave the Trash talk alone, Any Hooo, Your thoughts on "Miller And Bush"??, Could be great for beer sales.. Your Thoughts?

My thoughts?

I think One of them should change their name to Budweiser!


To Bad they didnt keep Beck.

hope not ,budweiser sucks

I'm Out.

If you notice and the end of the video Ross asks Tannehill if that was the number that he wore in college.

This should prove he knew nothing about Tannenhill before the draft and was not pushing for the Fins to draft him that report was bogus.

Also during the phone call to Tannenhill, Ireland makes a joke and Ross starts to laugh uncontrolably for 3 seconds and then just stops. Wierd.

The man is creepy and I would keep him away from young children.

Nice Video I dont have the talent to do that just write smack about the Fins.


Hey Armando, I agree with everything said!

Tannehill seems more comfortable in front of the media than Henne ever did.
I get a sense that this could be 'the one' who we've been waiting for...
Now it's time to see what he can do on the field, with bullets flying at the NFL level.

....please don't let us down.

And he doesn't even need to be Marino NH. Marino was one of the best EVER at his position, so good that he gave the Coaches a false sense that he could single-handedly win a SB. He couldn't, this is a team sport.

Tannehill only needs to do his job. Yes, needs to do it well, but doesn't need to break records or be the best ever. If he's above average, say Top 6-8 in the league, and the team is strong, then we'll have a good time as fans for the foreseeable future.


I noticed the same thing about Tannehill. He has much more personality and there are the exceptions like Troy Aikman and probably even now with Eli but for the most part you have to have a pulse for guys to respond to you as a QB. Look around the league Brees, Rodgers, Cam Newton, Manning, Brady they all have a personality that guys take to.

Henne was always so blah and it showed in his robotic performance.

Updated Top 5 blogger gasbags:

1. Odinseye (undisputed)
2. Craig M ( a close 2nd)
3. Aloco (illiterate)
4. Ohio Dolfan (poor advertiser)
5. Phins78 (Ohio's protector)

They have the same traits:

They think it's only 1 or 2 trolls.
They think they are well liked.
They think they speak for the blog.
They accuse anyone who don't agree with them as being a troll.

I am not Oscar or Aloco or FYI or any of the other people you think are trolling you. That's how out of touch you all are. You think it's the same group of people. You can't even fathom how despised you actually are.

Deal with it, you've earned the attention you get by flapping your gums so much.

We are set at Special teams. <

Top 5, I'm off the list? I demand a re-count!

Does this mean the blog finally respects my immense wisdom on all Dolphins matters? I'd be happy if that fog of war were lifted.

Top 5 Blog Gasbags | May 02, 2012 at 09:37 AM

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