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Still recovering from draft so enjoy this video

I got no news. I got no opinion. I got no speculation for you today. I don't want to talk about Jacoby Jones. Or Jabar Gaffney.


I do have this video montage below, sent to me by reader Joe Alvarez. Enjoy:


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Another thing to consider: Tom Brady ain't playin' forever. His career is winding down (next 5 years or so). So now's the time to ramp up to competitiveness. Once we're fully developed into a perennial powerhouse, NE will be winding down their decade of domination. Then we can takeover the division like we once did.

DC, firstly, NE is on their 2nd decade of domination.

Pretty sad when we have to wait for the Pats to fall before we become relevant again.

I wonder if that was the mindset of the Cowboys in the 90's when they stripped the 49ers of their dominance. Did they wait for them to collapse to overtake them?

If that isn't pessimism, I don't know what is.


I have been watching Tannehill's youtube highlights and they have quite a few of his gmaes on there where it shows the entire game on offense and the more I watch the more I see why the staff liked him so much. With the way defenses play in todays game you need a QB with either ELITE quick release and feel like Manning(s)/Brady or a QB who can improvise and make plays with his feet when protections break down.

You aren't going to find too many Manning(s) or Brady's they are all Hall of Famers. So a QB who can create action with his feet whether it's rolling out and hitting a target or taking off on 3rd and 5 for a first down is crucial and aside from defenses (Patriots) giving Henne running lanes early this season let's be serious that wasn't going to be the way Miami hurts defenses.

Tannehill is really nice rolling to either side from what I have watched. Watch the LSU game he throws 3 ints but he looked great early on and then had NO protection is when his game went South. I watched the Northwestern game he made a couple bad throws but a lot of really nice ones as well. Also Oklahoma State which had no D all year but somehow A&M couldn't block for Tannehill at all. He was getting killed.

One more not from watching all these games was it's true what they say about the dropped balls. On so many crucial situations dropped pass after dropped pass in guys hands and chest.

Tannehill is going to be a good one. His decision making will continue to improve. He already has a leg up on decision making, look at his wife!

Don't think that's pessimism, I think that's reality. If we were EVER going to overtake the Pats, we would have done so by now. I remember arguing with a Pat fan co-worker in '04 that Miami would displace NE, and here it is 8 years later and we can't beat them unless Brady is out.

Yeah, it's disgusting. But all bad things come to an end. And the Patriots era is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Hallelujah!

Andy, lol. Are they married (I thought she was his fiancee)? Either way, doesn't matter. More important what he does on the field. And I agree, there's a reason 'Mr. Conservative I don't pick a skill position player in the 1st-round' took a developmental player at #8. The Owner, HC, OC, scouts, GM, were all on the same page here. They had to see this guy could handle the job. I'm excited to see him in action.

I like the pick the more I see. Ireland had a good draft, and last year was not so bad either.


I only read one sports blog -- this one. Are all others laden with unidentified people arguing amongst themselves about nothing, toying with multiple names for no purpose and trolling? WTF??


As stupid as this sounds and this totally non-football related but at the QB position don't you want a guy with a hot fiance/wife? lol. I think it says a lot about people when you look at their significant other. If they are with some slob, sloppy or just average girl you wonder. Call me shallow because I am when it comes to women and I know I will get crucified for saying this but did anyone else see the guy who was from to school in the cheese state and went to the rock/grunge city and his chick looked? Now does that bode confidence to you? Now look at Tannehill and his fiance/wife. You're like wow he did all this before he had money and was a NFL QB. Hats off bro!

My shallowness is in full effect today but when it comes to women I have friends who I say to myself "well he was always insecure so it makes sense for him". Then I have other friends where I say to myself "yeah he was a leader even when we was kids so it makes sense his wife is 10".

Just saying!

WTF are you talking about Andy? It doesnt matter one bit if the guy has a hot wife or not. To you she may be be hot to some other guy she might not be. Each is own and to say it gives you confidence that because Tannehill wife is hot is the the stupidest thing Ive read on this blog.

For only 19 games, don't you think he did well? Put up some pretty good yards for his first 19 games. Also, that WR experience is valuable, shouldn't be overlooked.

I think he is worth the gamble.

to say it gives you confidence that because Tannehill wife is hot is the the stupidest thing Ive read on this blog.

Posted by: Clue | May 02, 2012 at 10:24 AM

Even more stupid than your own comments?

No Way, At least I dont have to change my name to post a comment. SMH Puss!

Funny he liked his own post so much he decided it was post of the year :) It's cute when they talk to themselves


Top 5 Blog Gasbags | May 02, 2012 at 09:37 AM

Posted by: Post of the Year | May 02, 2012 at 09:44 AM

One of the best videos ever made.

Jeff @ 10:10,

I agree Jeff. All the Ireland hate was over board IMO. Armando reported a few blogs back about how Parcells/Ireland were going with this every other draft strategy and to me that's not a good way to build a program. Ireland makes a pick and instead of feeding off that pick to make his previous pick even better it goes to Parcells who has different ideas.

This is now Ireland's back to back draft and last years draft produced Mike Pouncey who is one of the most athletic Centers in the league and looks like a lock to be a very good starter for years to come. Daniel Thomas ehh he was banged up but he did run very hard and looked very good early vs Texans and Browns (still reminds me too much of Ronnie Brown, runs hard and looks great but gets nicked up and tip toes around). Clyde Gates we all knew was a project coming in so let's see if Philbin can develop him. Charles Clay was a very good find and productive for a 6th round rookie H-Back/FB/TE when given the opportunity. I expect much more from him in the West coast offense and under much better offensive minds and coaching.

Now is year 2 and although adapting to a new scheme the players from last draft coincidentally are a perfect fit for a WC offense. Pouncey is the athletic center needed in a WC offense, he can pull and get to the second level and make blocks on screens, shovel passes and WR smoke screens. Thomas good hands. Gates, remains to be seen. Clay a perfect H-Back, think John Kuhn with more athleticism in the WC offense.

1. Ryan Tannehill - Great pick whether you agree or disagree, whether star or bust he was the right pick no matter how you look at it.

2. Jonathan Martin - supposedly slipped because of overall strength but look at the Packers they drafted 2 players who had similar deficiencies supposedly as far as strength goes with Derrick Sherrod and Brian Bulaga and not sure about Sherrod but Bulaga is a good player on that line. Martin fits lean muscle up tempo style this offense wants to run.

3. Olivier Vernon - I will take the U fans consensus but hope he contributs. Don't know anything about him other then he would of been more productive if he didnt get suspended.

3. Michael Egnew - supposedly a reach to slight reach but we all have been crying for a pass catching TE for some time now and Egnew fills that bill. He has very good speed and size combo and great WC TE abilities to create mismatches with size and speed.

4. Lamar Miller - Great value pick and just great overall pick. Miami has Reggie insurance here and Miller is much younger with better home run speed. Much needed explosion and speed for offense and early on special teams.

5. Josh Kaddu - athletic OLB could be a good pick or very least ST.

Late WRs - both productive college WRs but not fast or whatever but I bet one of them makes the roster and contributes.

Ohio why are you here annoying us when you can banter with odin and the other nelly's on your own blog?


I have I ever spoken on this blog as if I was speaking for everybody here?

That is WAY more of you and Craig M's gig, I wouldn't want to steal that from you.


*Have I ever


You can eat a d***! I was trying to be funny and at the same time just saying the guy has some confidence in himself. You apparently have no significant other or she is beat!

Andy go easy on Clue, he is only 7 years old.


Point taken. It was a joke gone wrong with Clue. A friend and I watched the draft and were making a joke about well his questionable decisions will get better because well he has a hot wife. Gets lost in translation on blogs/text etc but apparently Clue decided to try and call me out and all who know me on the blog, knows I have no problem with make friends or enemies.

DC, "top 5" is not me. There really are at least 3 people who think you guys are annoying.

I do "top 5 tool" lists, not gasbags.

But you have dropped off of my list too, lately.

I'm also no fan of Aloco or Ozkar or that other dude who types in all caps--should have to be at least 25 years old to post here.

I told you already that the following QBs are tall:

1. Tom Brady
2. Peyton Manning
3. Ryan Tannehill
4. Ben Rothliesberger.

Pay attention.

Funny he liked his own post so much he decided it was post of the year :) It's cute when they talk to themselves
Top 5 Blog Gasbags | May 02, 2012 at 09:37 AM
Posted by: Post of the Year | May 02, 2012 at 09:44 AM

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 02, 2012 at 10:35 AM

For validating what I said in my post, you swap spots & move up to #3. You still don't get it. Post of the year is NOT me. EXACTLY WHAT I MENTIONED IN MY POST.

You firmly believe it's only 1 guy. LMAO

Using the same recycled comeback to refute the MANY who dislike you, will never make it true. Not matter how hard you try to convince people otherwise.

You live in a bubble of denial. Is it really hard to believe alot of people dislike you? Exactly how big is your ego?

That was an impressive rant gasbag

but I never claimed there was only one. Why do you take this stuff so seriously?

Andy, you tell me to go eat a di*k then your BF defends you and calls me 7 years old. SMH. Internet tough guys are we? Well you and your BF can go f yourslves. You POS.


ROTFLMAO-You could NOT POSSIBLY know if it's one troll, 2 trolls or a large group of legitimate posters.

Unless of course you have some mysterious "Insider Troll" information-LOL.

BUSTED - AGAIN! Your stupidity gets you caught more frequently than ever lately. Almheizers I'm guessing?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

I am not Oscar or Aloco or FYI or any of the other people you think are trolling you. That's how out of touch you all are. You think it's the same group of people. You can't even fathom how despised you actually are.

Deal with it, you've earned the attention you get by flapping your gums so much.

We are set at Special teams. <

Posted by: Top 5 Blog Gasbags | May 02, 2012 at 09:37 AM

How Ironic-LOL. You bust yourself again and prove YOU really are the "Top GasBag"!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

In Summation: BUSTED - AGAIN ;)

Glad Ross had the sense to tell Ireland to draft Tanny. You dont mind your owner meddling when you have Ireland for a GM. LOL


I am a fan of tall QB as well but particularly athletic and tall QBs. Tannehill obviously is both. That 6'2 range is tough for Qbs unless they are good at anticipating spots which is tough for most QBs but particularly young QBs.

odin how many more hours of your life do you intend to piss away cackling on about trolls and gaylords on the blog?


I agree, at least that is one less hurdle he would have to overcome. I'm Brees had to learn how to throw and not get it batted down with his height.

odin how many more hours of your life do you intend to waste away cackling on about trolls and gaylords on the blog?

Andy, Joe Montana, Dree Brees, Steve Young, Joe Namath just some of the QB 6'2 and under thats are or were great QB. Your football knowledge sucks..

great video. and thanks joe. loved being able to see the phone call from ireland and co.


What are you still doing here? I thought I told you to go eat a d***!

Clue is pouting now, talk about acting like a child. I guess he is not yet 7 years old.


Montana and Namath also played in an era where the average height was around 6'2, ok football historian!

Young elite athleticism helps create passing windows as well as the fact he hd what I was saying that most QBs don't the anticipation to find a guy before he is open.

Brees struggled for years and the #1 thing he always says is it took time for him going from the shotgun at Purdue to playing under center in the NFL because he isn't the tallest so he had to adjust his game and anticipate a guy getting open before he was.

Now run along.

Ohio, please learn how to read & write. Seriously, what is your highest level of education?

Here's a free grammar lesson for you.

When you say:

"Funny he liked his own post so much he decided it was post of the year :) It's cute when they talk to themselves"

You imply it's 1 person. Then when I call you on it, you say:

"but I never claimed there was only one."

Huh? Really? So are you dumb, can't read, a liar or all 3? You ALWAYS talk about how it's 1 or 2 guys. Then you deny it AFTER YOU IMPLY IT?

Are you still wondering why people laugh at you?

Why don't we make it official. Ask Armando to confirm whether Post of the year & myself are the same person. Then you & Odin can bow your heads in shame, hold hands & ride off into the sunset.

Or are you afraid to learn the truth?

Andy, Your so dumb, its more that obvious that you are "Solti" are you that immature where you have to post under a name thats never posted on this blog before? SMH how old are you?

I tell you want how about your girl come and eat my d***, I bet she'll love it :)

Gasbag.....your name fits you well

Odin, if we wanted to talk to an a**hole, we'd fart.

1. Ryan Tannehill - Great pick whether you agree or disagree, whether star or bust he was the right pick no matter how you look at it.

Posted by: AndyNJ | May 02, 2012 at 10:40 AM

Yeah sure the Chargers fans said the same thing about me.


Ohio why are you here annoying peopl? You have your own blog. You can chat with odin and the nelly's there.

By the way gasbag......THEY talk to THEMSELVES is what I said.

they and themselves are plural in the English language. Implying that I was referring to multiple trolls in here.

Who needs the English lesson?

Andy, please dont try and lecture me about football, I have more knowledge of football than your pea brain can hold.

Way to duck out coward. I knew you'd be afraid to learn the truth. Have to keep your ego in check!

Keep on denying though. The more meatballs you throw out, the more we'll gobble you up!


sure you do. Now run along son.

What kind of blog post is that Armando!? Is Omar Kelly guest blogging for you?

I'm mean, more than half the time you got nothing worthwhile to say, but you are always able to spin 400-500 words of vacuous and trite platitudes to cover this dearth of insight.

I mean...you not only write for a living...you write columns about the Miami Dolphins for living.

So give us some of the good stuff...the juice.

Dave Wannstedt mustache anecdotes.

Breaking down Yatil Green versus Randall Hill.

An Xs and Os discussion of Tom Olivadotti's lethal dime prevent defence.

A top 10 list of the lies of Nick Saban.

More pictures of people climbing out of Stephen Ross' helicopter.

Or -- in your favourite scoop of all time -- STAKING OUT THE DOLPOHIN GIFT SHOP FOR JETS GEAR.

Get on it. Get it done. We believe in you. We salute you.


I agree they needed to draft a QB, and I've accepted the fact they decided to in the first round. Now here's hoping he pans out.

Andy, You live in NJ, what a scumbag city LOL. So does the Sun even shine in that rat pack city?

Ooops I mean state

Stop trolling me Ohio. You've been owned. Schooled.

Get over me & under Odin where you belong.

Tannehill is the 2nd coming of Chad Henne. Another Ireland bust IMO.

Can someone please provide me with a comprehensive list of who the consensus blog trolls are.

I keep coming back to 'Blog Trolls in Depth' to find out, but people keep sidetracking the conversation by talking about the Miami Dolphins Football team.

If I wanted to read about football, I'd go to a football blog.


You don't think he even has a chance with a different coaching staff than Henne had?


Changing the subject, can you recommend something to get that condom taste out of my mouth?

GAry Stevens, You destroyed the Dolphins with your pathetic offensive. GTFOH

By the way gasbag......THEY talk to THEMSELVES is what I said.
they and themselves are plural in the English language. Implying that I was referring to multiple trolls in here.
Who needs the English lesson?

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 02, 2012 at 11:13 AM

LMAO NICE TRY GASBAG!!!!!!!! You're Pathetic. What did you say before your "PLURAL" excuse?

Lemme repeat it for you since you IGNORED it when I posted it back for you:

"Funny he liked his own post so much he decided it was post of the year :)"

You said HE twice. HE does not refer to multiple people. You imply I am both people.

Go back under your rock & take a dictionary with you. You're useless. Go cry to your momma, not here.


NJ is a state not a city, ok. NJ is also not near Alaska dude. Go to wikipedia and type Geography of New Jersey it will break down the weather and climate here. There is a whole section called climate, clown!

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