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Still recovering from draft so enjoy this video

I got no news. I got no opinion. I got no speculation for you today. I don't want to talk about Jacoby Jones. Or Jabar Gaffney.


I do have this video montage below, sent to me by reader Joe Alvarez. Enjoy:


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Mr. Ross, fantastic job.
Mr. Ireland, fantastic job.
Mr. Philbin, fantastic job.

i must say, i haven't agreed with a lot of the decisions that have been made for the past few years, but i sincerely believe you finally got it right. philbin was a great choice, and i believe, in his hands, miami has already started to turn this thing around. Tannehill is worth every bit of that #8 overall pick, and under philbin's and sherman's care he is on the road to greatness. i am making my ryan mallet retraction now. i have a sense of excitement similar to the hiring of parcells, but with philbin it is different in a better way, i actually feel like i can trust every decision from here on out, it is plain to see that miami has changed course, the draft selections were very good, i feel confident that the team is in very good hands, and i feel that philbin will play the best guys and those players will know exactly what to do, i love a few of the undrafted selections(fuller, jonas grey). nice going guys. good luck.

Breaking news!!!!!! Junior Seau is dead. He got shot. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!!!


Junior Seau is dead. He was shot!!!!!

You heard it here first!


Man, seems like these concusions are driving some former football players to become mentally unstable

No doubt. You havent considered he could be a bust.

Posted by: Reality | May 02, 2012 at 01:59 PM

Of course I have. But if he is, I'd rather find out sooner than later and I'm not seeing the benefit of sitting him behind other QBs that have to learn a system he already knows.

It's not like as if he's Aaron Rodgers who had to supplant a living, and still active, legend like Brett Farve.

I think that's the reality, Reality.

Sounds like Junior bit the bullet. Literally.

Didn't he try to drive his car off a cliff a year or 2 ago after he got into a fight with his wife & got arrested?

Question: Why wasn't Sherman in the War Room?

A bunch of idots siting at a table. Get rid of Ireland.

Breaking news! Ross crashed his scooter with an unknown blond on the back.

Was Tannehill running after him?

Damn! Junior dropped off the radar for a few years.

Just goes to show, when the media leaves you alone they really leave you alone.

God speed Junior. You were one of the best to play the game.

Clueless, Yes he did, some ppl say that was his first attempt at sucide.

@Blog Fodder

Exactly! Its not like Rodgers was sitting behind Garrard.

This pisses me off! If I was a head coach of a superbowl winning team that had Junior on it I would make sure to keep in touch with him.

Not sure what's going on but folks saying he whacked himself.

That's just unacceptable to me. Belecheat needs to whack himself if Junior whacked himself.

Damn! Why would he whack himself? This is so depressing to me. Not sure if its true but if it is, then its depressing to me.

TMZ reporting he whacked himself so his brain could be studied.

Damn you Goodell! Damn you to hell you MF.

Just ban the trolls this is getting disgusting I am done reading this bs until it's fixed

Dam shame!! I liked Junior, and he was a good Dolphin!

I'm excited!! Can't wait to see Tannehill wear the Aqua & Orange!
Go Fins!!!

Can we get some rookie camp coverage!!! Something!!!

Armando, there are some hungry people on this blog that need to be fed!!!

Hurry Up!

The man had been haunted for a long time. We could gather that. Do you see now that Depression is the most terrible of all diseases?

The One that suffers from untreated Clinical Depression and decides not to take his own Life lives in a perpetual nightmare. Alive, but submersed in Blacker than Black, cannotseehasnodirectionworsethanDeath.
Your choice.

What, McClatchy Corp. you gonna delete this one also?

Just learned that my favourite pub (bar in American terminology I suppose)here in Huddersfield,England,has lost its gorgeous American barmaid.What a loss,she was hot,bugger(or 'bummer'in US speak).

I think this draft is THE best thing Ireland has done for this team. Now go get us a couple receivers in free agency Jeffy!

stephen ross had to ask if #17 was the number he wore in college? Are you kidding me? You are the owner that just drafted a player in the 1st round and you didnt know his college number?

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