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The rookie practice report

Ryan Tannehill had a good first day of rookie minicamp. That should not be surprising to anyone. He's the first-round pick. He said he knows approximately "80 to 85 percent" of the offense because it's similar to the one he ran at Texas A&M although "some of the concepts have changed."

So the rook is off to a good start.

Tannehill throws a very impressive ball on out patterns and comebacks. He also connected on a couple of deep passes that caught the coaching staff's collective eye. He threw what looked like a nine route to Rishard Matthews that was perhaps the play of the practice. He had another connection with UDFA A.J. Guyton that also went deep.

"He threw a couple of double-moves and deep routes well," coach Joe Philbin said.

Tannehill did throw an interception but it happened on his first pass in team drills when he hit B.J. Cunningham in the hands and the receiver couldn't come up with the football. The loose ball popped in the air and was intercepted by Vincent Agnew. Agnew had a nice practice today as he also had another notable PD later in the practice.

There were more than a couple of drops today. Free agent Derek Moye dropped one, prompting a coach to yell, "Catch the ball!"

Third-round pick Michael Egnew also suffered a drop although he was able to catch a couple also. Egnew, by the way, is Tannehill's roommate at the team hotel where players are staying.

Tannehill is obviously more familiar than any of these rookies with the offense, save receiver Jeff Fuller, because both have been in the Aggies offense. He can press his advantage here, but Philbin said he wouldn't say he'll be ahead of veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard in knowing the system.

"We've thrown a lot at those guys," Philbin said cautiously.

Second-round pick Jonathan Martin today began his indoctrination to the right tackle spot. "It's a little strange," Martin said, "but I'm getting it."

It was clear that some of these kids are out of shape. Seriously, it is 80 degrees out. There is a pleasant breeze. There is very little humidity. But some guys were "gassed," Philbin noticed.

Wait until it's July and training camp opens and they're in pads and the sauna is on full sweat mode. Some big boys better be in shape by then.

Former University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is here. He was running third-team behind Tannehill and Pat Devlin. He's a good kid. But he's not NFL caliber, in my opinion. I cannot fault him for chasing his dream, however, and he said next weekend he will attend the Philadelphia Eagles rookie minicamp as a tryout player. It was previously reported Harris would attend the Arizona rookie camp instead.


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Can't wait for training camp, need to see how the rooks do around the vets.

How did Garrard look?

I still would like to see jacory Harris in preseason with us, even though it won't happen. Becaus devlin (and Moore and garrard, for that matter), have proven that they are not nfl caliber players. Moore is a decent backup, but devlin and garrard should not have roster spots. So why not have Harris as a league minimum paid third option.
Still can't believe our pathetic wr list....none of these guys are nfl caliber, if we are talking about it. And hartline and bess, our 'stars' should look at their number of tds per season.

We might want to keep Devlin and use him for the WildCat package.

This has been the offseason from hell. No Fisher, no Manning,no RG3, no Flynn, no Nolan, no Marshall. I think we'll be lucky to win 4 or 5 next season. But we could be in the Matt Barkley running which would be a little consolation.

Ron Son,

whining about no Fisher? C'mom man!

No Flynn? Thank god. Why would you want a 7th round pick who had interest from only one other team that still drafted a QB. LOL.

Get over it. Flynn is less than an acorn.

Of course Philibin has to be dipolatic with the other QBs. But it is onvious that based on his mastery of the Offense and his talent, Ryan Tannehill will be the Opening Day starter.

I wish they'd bring daunted culpepper back.

How did Garrard look? It's ROOKIE camp.

I think it's funny that all these guys have been doing since Jan. is train for the combine & draft & they're gassed. Just shows early on who wants to play on an NFL team.

diplomatic. If you have a chance, take a look at how much Tannehill was in control of that Aggie's offense. That was what impressed me most when I first watched video on him.

Why would someone ask how did Garrard look? Meaning Phins78. Dude this is Rookie camp. C-mon man. And Whats up with inimounts? Moore played very well for us last year. Hell he did not drop the ball Marshall did, several times. And our D let us down. We will be better this year. And a new reciever is coming soon. Chill people!

You're complaining about who's NOT here? C'mon man! These guys are all trying to become part of the team. Most of them won't ever see football again unless they coach Pee-Wee!

Why don't we concentrate on who is here and who has a chance to make the team! Otherwise, it's sour grapes & spilt milk! Be a fan of the team! Offer constructive criticism where due, but support the Dolphins as a team! Stop ya bit#%ing!!!

Well lets see, we won 7 games last year with a chump for a coach, no off season training program after a complete offensive over haul, and a QB change due to injury.

We brought the entire defense back except for Bell who is over the hill and can't defend the pass. And we added an upgrade at nickle back over Will Allen as well as a couple of nice draft picks.

On offense we lost Marshall. The locker room cancer who dropped 7 TD PASSES LAST YEAR and can never get open in the endzone. We solidified our o-line and have a very deep rb stable. Only question mark is the WRs production in the new offense.

And for that we're only going to win 4 games? How did you come up with that number of wins? You have us losing to teams who were way worse off then us last year and also did nothing to get better. How did you work out those figures. Hahahahaha

People just pissed because Tannehill is looking good. We know People and their hangups and Hate.

Sorry we "lost" Langford as well. Who will ever fill those shoes? I mean someone better find a way to get two sacks this season or that will be a huge loss. He set the edge well in the running game in a league that is pass happy. What a huge loss.

How did Garrard look? Indeed... That is just the kind of talk I expected from you.

Yeah, not only does he not realize that Garrard is a vet but he also couldn't come up with his own sign inname and just copied mine. You're right, that is stupid.

Rookie coaches, new schemes, new players. 7 and 9 tops, probably won't even make that.

Friday night! Later losers. ;)

lol at Ron Son thinking we would draft Matt Barkley after drafting a QB in the first round this year.

Ini mounts
J. Harris is the no good as a player. He never should have been invited. I am a U fan but hated having him as our QB. I am so glad he is gone and I hope Miami let's him go.

Bark for Barkley everyone,wuff wuff !!

Let the weeding out process begin! Mixing in the rookies, UDFA's, and the Invitees. Wait until the vets show up and the REAL competition begins! Can't wait!

It's gonna be a good year for Miami Dolphin Football!


My forecast is 7-10 wins (i.e. between 7-9 and 10-6, more likely 8-8). Why ? I assume that Moore will play as good as the last 9 games. The Dolphins lost 3 or 4 games that should have won. True that we lost Marshall, but if Moore is as accurate as at the end of last season, some of the current guys can fill the gap. Moreover, Colombo is gone, and assuming Martin is as good as in theory, the OL will be much better than last year. The DB will need to prove themselves. If they allow plays like Brady's in first game, then we're lost. We have (in theory) one of the best group of RB in the NFL.
In summary, the big question marks (QM) right now are DB and WR's. I'd give a medium QM to Moore (it depends how well he's adapting to the new system). I don't want to question the OL and DL, I really expect that they will fill the expectations. If not, we all be very disapointed.
Finally, as concerns Tannehill, for me it is not a QM anymore. But even if he was Marino himself, we have to give him time. The Dolphins of today are not the same with Shula at that time, and that makes a big big difference. So we have to be patient again, but not for long. If Tann is as good as it seems, maybe in one or two years will be contenders again.
If next year the Dolphins draft a star WR and a star safety then we are in the right path.
Anyway, I fill much more optimistic now with Philbin as HC than with Sparano at the beginning of last season, even if Ireland and Ross are still around the corner.

If we're in a position to draft Barkley next year we have to do it. We can always trade Tannehill if we want.

Garrard will beat out Moore. He has a better arm, stronger runner and far more starter experience.

Garrard is done, over the hill. There's a reason no other team wanted him as a backup.

IMO...Garrard will be gone by opening day.

fin 1984...Barkley, seriously...u think the Fins will draft Barkley in the first round after taking Tannehill?

We don't draft a QB in the first round since 1983 and you believe we'll do it twice...in BACK-TO-BACK YEARS!

Get a freaking clue, Tannehill is our future so get used to it...short of him getting hit by a bus or eaten by a shark on south beach.

St Louis wanted him. He signed with Miami because there was a chance to start. Garrard has plenty of game left in him. You guys don't know what you are looking at. He is a far better athlete than Moore. You will see.

ion...Garrard has had accuracy issues since his injury. Training Camp can't come soon enough.

Yeah, not only does he not realize that Garrard is a vet but he also couldn't come up with his own sign inname and just copied mine. You're right, that is stupid.
Posted by: Phins78 | May 04, 2012 at 06:23 PM

Glad I read this. I was confused by your doppelganger's comment.
However, to be fair, Devlin was out there too. Technically, not a rookie.

Barrage was never an elite QB. He was good at best


Garrard says he is completely healed now. If he is, he is a better QB than Moore. So will see.

its the first day. The fact that no one was taken to the hospital is good.
When the real OTA's with the vets begin that's when things get interesting.

M.M did a great job for us last year, all things considered. Gerrard can not equal that performance by M.M

Re: The Canosa comments.
I have decided to render an attitude adjustment to
myself. Instead of being so judgemental about misplelled words and such, I'm gonna' give ESOL speakers the benefit of the doubt. After all, they speak much better English than I do their language.
Having said that - his idea's are rubbish and just another opinion( like mine ). Cheers, and Go Dolphins!

Miami fans are racists. If Garrard was white they'd like him better/ RG3 is the only black QB they would accept and thats because he carries himself like a white man.

I've lived in Miami. I've lived all over the USA. Miami is the most racially hostile place I know. They don't mix, they don't get along. Not just a neighborhood, all of Dade and Broward counties. Truth be told.

I am optimistic about this coming season for one thing I like our schedule very much, and I know Philbin hasn't coached one game yet but i think he will be a lot better then Tony , and speaking of Tony it has to help us that he is the jets OC . Now there are areas of concern on the team but we all know that we will not be in the Super Bowl next year anyways, all we really want as fans is steady improvement and intelligence which i think is on the horizon go fins!

No guarantee Barkley is a better qb than Tannehill at the NFL level. Doesn't it scare you that most USC qb's bust when they get to the league??? Could just be bi-products of a system that is loaded with very good offensive talent.

Sad thing will be that there are no elite wr's next year coming out of college. There will be no AJ Green...Julio Jones...Justin Blackmon type talent. I will be surprised if a wr goes in the top 15 picks next year. Not sold on Sammy Watkins.

Garrard may be cut before opening day if Devlin looks decent.

The only difference between my opinions and yours is that mine turn out to be correct 80 % of the Time and yours 20. See Ryan Tannehill.

Oscar, who do you like in the Kentucky Derby tommorow?

I don't bet on those kind of horseraces, TGH. Those are designed for suckers. When I decide to bet the %s have to be on my side; otherwise, I don't bet. I'm not a gambler.

I'm no Houdini. When I say Tannehiil will open the Season as our QB, this affirmation is based on probabity according to, his familiarity with the whole offense, his athleticism to evade the pass rush, his size and age making him less prone to injury and 1001 other factors to be condidered as compared to Moore and Garrard. That's the way my mind works.

If wanting players that have talent like RG3, and not wanting players that have very little ability like Gerrard the you can call me a racist. You are an idiot

Don't I hate Laptops!

I hate iPads it keeps changing what I type


You are a racist obviously. Twisting the words to fit your needs doesn't change it. Dressed in white with a hood there?

Bro, I ain't going to touch that Racism(Fear) vs Hate thing now. If you think that picking tomorrows winner in the Derby is hard, it is nothing as analyzing those two related Human emotions

Racism emanates from Fear; Hate,from Injustice.

Think about them. Someday we might need to discuss them.

I don't see us winning more than one divisional game.
AFC finish:

Ireland has been getting the racist reputation but to generalize the fans are racist is tremendously stupid, Ion.

Heck, after Daunte Culpepper, Cleo Lemon, and Pat White, its no wonder we dont want a black QB.

@Veetay: SF last year had "rookie coaches, new schemes, new players" (not to mention limited preparation time due to the lockout), yet managed to get to the NFC Championship game. I'm not predicting that Philbin will have the same type of success mainly because the 'Phins play in a much tougher division. However, I think they have the talent to be a 10 or 11 win team if he can bring a similar change in attitude.
@Ron Son: No Fisher- first, he's been a mediocre coach for most of his career. No reason why Philbin can't be just as good or better
no Manning- who would have created an even bigger mess of the 'Phins cap space to sign (the FO is already having enough problems signing Wake as it is, thank you very much) and might literally turn out to be a pain in the neck
no RG3- first, the 'Phins drafted Tannehill and it's too early to tell which will be the better QB, and, second, if the 'Skins had to add 2 extra 1st rounders (and, IIRC, a 2nd) to move up fewer spots, I don't even want to imagine what the price tag would have been for the 'Phins
no Flynn- Evidently, Philbin didn't think he was worth what Flynn was asking. Otherwise, I'm sure he would have told Ireland to do whatever it took to sign him.
no Nolan- let's see how the new DC does before lamenting his departure
no Marshall- no more dropped passes from an overpriced, alleged #1 WR, no more WR who caught 2 less TD passes in a meaningless (touch football) Pro Bowl than he did in 16 regular season games, no more diva attitude, no more... Granted, I'm not denying that he is talented, but too often, he didn't make good use of that talent.

Ireland has been getting the racist reputation but to generalize the fans are racist is tremendously stupid, Ion.

Posted by: TGH | May 04, 2012 at 08:58 PM

I've seen some of your posts. Tremendously stupid is you. I will leave it at that.

I stand by my statement. I've lived in the north east, south, up and down the West Coast. Miami is the most racist city I've ever lived in. All the colors and ethnic groups hate each other. That is just the way it is.

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