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The rookie practice report

Ryan Tannehill had a good first day of rookie minicamp. That should not be surprising to anyone. He's the first-round pick. He said he knows approximately "80 to 85 percent" of the offense because it's similar to the one he ran at Texas A&M although "some of the concepts have changed."

So the rook is off to a good start.

Tannehill throws a very impressive ball on out patterns and comebacks. He also connected on a couple of deep passes that caught the coaching staff's collective eye. He threw what looked like a nine route to Rishard Matthews that was perhaps the play of the practice. He had another connection with UDFA A.J. Guyton that also went deep.

"He threw a couple of double-moves and deep routes well," coach Joe Philbin said.

Tannehill did throw an interception but it happened on his first pass in team drills when he hit B.J. Cunningham in the hands and the receiver couldn't come up with the football. The loose ball popped in the air and was intercepted by Vincent Agnew. Agnew had a nice practice today as he also had another notable PD later in the practice.

There were more than a couple of drops today. Free agent Derek Moye dropped one, prompting a coach to yell, "Catch the ball!"

Third-round pick Michael Egnew also suffered a drop although he was able to catch a couple also. Egnew, by the way, is Tannehill's roommate at the team hotel where players are staying.

Tannehill is obviously more familiar than any of these rookies with the offense, save receiver Jeff Fuller, because both have been in the Aggies offense. He can press his advantage here, but Philbin said he wouldn't say he'll be ahead of veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard in knowing the system.

"We've thrown a lot at those guys," Philbin said cautiously.

Second-round pick Jonathan Martin today began his indoctrination to the right tackle spot. "It's a little strange," Martin said, "but I'm getting it."

It was clear that some of these kids are out of shape. Seriously, it is 80 degrees out. There is a pleasant breeze. There is very little humidity. But some guys were "gassed," Philbin noticed.

Wait until it's July and training camp opens and they're in pads and the sauna is on full sweat mode. Some big boys better be in shape by then.

Former University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is here. He was running third-team behind Tannehill and Pat Devlin. He's a good kid. But he's not NFL caliber, in my opinion. I cannot fault him for chasing his dream, however, and he said next weekend he will attend the Philadelphia Eagles rookie minicamp as a tryout player. It was previously reported Harris would attend the Arizona rookie camp instead.


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Decline with the rookies? Having to compete with Tannehill and that guy from the U? He's toast! Better start packing.

Miami goes with Moore, Garrard, & Tannehill this season. Moore proved he can lead the team. Garrard is the veteran back-up. And, the rookie fills the 3rd spot. If Moore struggles, Garrard comes in. If the game doesn't mean anything (or we're way up or down with nothing to lose), Ryan comes in to get some reps.

Next year, the two vets have to fight it out for one spot behind Tannehill and Miami takes another young QB in the later rounds.

Philbin has zero chance to succeed. A cheap terrible owner, incompetent GM, and a team void of any talent will insure he fails no matter what kind of coach he turns out to be. Which is another big question in itself.

"Devlin" not "Decline"! Stupid spellchecker!

Hmm...although he is declining in the roster too!

Maybe this thing knows more than we do, huh?

Now that Ireland is on his own, he is doing an outstanding job. Parcells got at least something right hiring him.

I don't go to racetracks anymore, TGH. Internet betting. Twinspires.

good to hear tanny looking solid, now wheres his wife

Very conflicted City, ion , yes.

Hope that Tenne is the day one starter.....

Daryl D....from the last blog.....you asked me a question.....I refer you to Ohio's blog....where JS in LA guest authored....and wrote a peice that I just about covers everything I would have said.....

"UDFA A.J. Guyton"
I thought his name just had a ton of initials until I thought about it.

How can you call yourself a "fan" of the Miami Dolphins if all that you spout is "Doom & Gloom"? If this team is SO terrible and SUCKS so bad, why don't you go and root for another team? The Jets would love to have you! As would 30 other teams! We're trying to look at things in a positive light around here in hopes that we can pull ourselves up out of the cellar and become a winning franchise again. You are not helping things! Become part of the solution, not part of the problem!


Go away, stupid trolls!!!

6-10 breeds trolls. If and when the Dolphins ever become competitive again the trolls will vanish.

Rest In Peace MCA

I think my opinion of tannehill is changing just bc of his wife. Holy crap! She's smoking hot! If he can get something like that he can't b that bad.

There are no trolls here.

yes his wife needs to attend practice in bikinis

Anyone else rooting for Nick Mandich, son of Jim Mandich, to at least make the practice squad? Anyone?

Anyone else rooting for Nick Mandich, son of Jim Mandich, to at least make the practice squad? Anyone?

Posted by: Tracy474 | May 04, 2012 at 11:43 PM

Ummm. Nope. Who cares.

3-13 next season


Jake Grove just Raised his Glass
(and his extra 14 Million)
to the Dolphins..

Cheers !

Jake Grove will be donating his brain to science...


He'll be keeping his 14 Million !

Tannehill does NOT become an "INTERCEPTION MACHINE" !!

Tannehill’s first pass in team drills nailed sixth-round pick B.J. Cunningham between the numbers as he slanted over the middle 10 to 15 yards downfield. But the ball got popped away from Cunningham’s grasp and Vincent Agnew, an undrafted free agent cornerback, collected the loose booty.

Tannehill must throw to hard. He throws uncatchable balls to much.

Aloco is right again. If Henne do this everybody say Henne fault he throws to difficult to catch.

Goose and Ganders

Tannehill's passes are caught by the right people !!!









I think Florida is **&( place to live, rasied childern, and education). But we worried about a black QB man what is this world coming oo..

I dont care if jacory harriss pink QB he no good.

no thanks neext

Try raising children in

No no don't try raising your children in overtown.

My word no.............


That's amusing

Whats the world coming to when a troll makes a good point. Tannehill is the biggest one year wonder of the draft and Ireland deftly spends an 8th overall on him.

I didn't even think of it but Aloco is on to something.

Except for Martin all of our high round picks are one year wonders. This kind of changes my whole perception on our draft. I had it graded as a B-. Now I'm thinking C to C- at best.

What happened to drafting solid 3 and 4 year starters?

Ireland says he does not reach then drafts a boat load of one year wonders.

Instant fail.

IAMOZKAR need to imagine higher ..

Ireland is a waterboy. No wonder the team stinks.




All of the NFL pundits are raving about Tannehill and the rookie camp that was held today. They say lots of good things about the kid and about the rookies, undrafted free agents, and those that were invited to camp. Others are talking about how the veterans (especially the veteran WR's) are excited about the changes being made. How things are being presented in more detail. And, how explosive this team will be this year.

But, all of you think that we're headed into the toilet...again! How none of the new guys are any good and how bad this team sucks!

And, you still have the audacity to call yourselves FANS???

Call your therapists! You need your Meds adjusted!!!

6-10 breeds trolls. If and when the Dolphins ever become competitive again the trolls will vanish.

Posted by: Anthony | May 04, 2012 at 10:08 PM

I don't know (Or Care) if YOU are a troll or not. And care very little respect fore those who extenuate the negative and discount the positive.

However, I do know this... to think like this post is written makes a poor excuse of a fan. I'm not "Pleased" with 6-10... however, I have read 100's of posts from those with "Trollish" tendencies who write ridiculous things like "Miami is the worst team in the league" or "Ross is cheap" and "This team will never do anything"...

First, Miami was exactly 11 points away from being 11-5 instead of 6-10. They also had a defense ranked very high in certain categories and good in all categories. Basic common sense should tell anyone this...

"When a team is only 11 points shy of changing their record from a meager 6-10 to a 11-5 season. Likely also having a postseason appearance. That team suffers from making stupid mistakes... NOT from having their azzez handed to them every week"...

Miami suffered from Henne getting hurt and Moore not being quite ready. Miami suffered from a Head Coach who was way over his head with responsibility. Miami suffered from a TERRIBLE, LACKADAISICAL preseason and Training camp... causing them to start the season out of shape and not ready to compete.

In the first game of the season against NE on Monday Night, Miami players were falling out like fly's... That is why Benny Sapp was cut September 13th of 2011 after the MNF opener against NE. He was so out of shape and gassed he couldn't cover a quarter with 3 fingers.... The entire team was that way until 4 or 5 games into the season... That is COACHING... Both head coaching and Strength coaching. Something Miami has replaced on both ends.

I'm not saying Miami will run the table... But I am saying being behind and supporting your team is a far better way of helping them get there then is sitting around whining on this blog about everything you are clueless about but are certain you don't like...

BTW... When I hear things said about people being "Racist" when it comes to White and Black QB's.... First thing I do is ask them this question... If your team had a WHITE Running Back as their feature RB... and had all White Guys at WR... your going to look me in the eye and say you have no worries about that team...?

Or does it only count when Black guys are involved...? Is that it...? It only matters when it fits the Beotch...?

I for one have no issue with Black QB's... Just like I don't have issues with White Running Backs... But I CAN TELL YOU which are more successful at the given positions... And I don't feel it is a matter of Racism... It is a matter of "Best Man for the Job"... no matter the Color.

Dear Tracy,


(I can send you a copy of the Memo if you wish...)

Tracy474 aloco and ireland strikes didn't say any of the things you accuse them of in those last posts.

What is wrong with you man? Are you losing touch because of the frustration?

Answer these questions honestly because this is all they said. Is Tannehill a one year wonder? Was Vernon, Egnew and Miller?

You know as well as I do they were. But sionce you are the one really doing all the whinning I want to hear you say it.

In my opinion they werent being all negative, they were stating the facts. Good or bad however it turns out Ireland did draft a bunch of one year wonders this year. That's called being a realist.

Philbin = Cameron

The Miami Dolphins 2012 draft class focused on filling team needs, and getting some great value in the picks they made. However, ESPN's Mel Kiper, Jr. doesn't necessarily see the Dolphins' draft class as full of value - although a lot of that seems to be based on the fact that Kiper did not agree that Ryan Tannehill should be selected with the eighth pick.

I think most Dolphins Fans are a frustrated that the team hasn't acquired a talented Receiver during the offseason.

few believe the Front Office when
they issue statements
that they're "perfectly happy" with the current Receivers on this roster.
having said that,

Rome wasn't built in a day.

I hope the team does well this year


According to all of you experts, all of our draft picks are one-year wonders who will be out of the league by 2014.

Wow! Hey, why don't you look into your crystal balls and give us some lotto numbers?

Odinseye, I know I shouldn't feed the trolls and it's best to ignore them, but they're really on a roll of stupidity lately. I'll be glad once the Dolphins are winning games again and all of these guys go away. They complain & complain, but have no valid arguments other than their whining, crying, & be-itching!

Looking forward to a good year for the Fins!

I've become bored with this childishness! Going to bed now. I'll be back when someone actually wants to talk about Dolphin football instead of trollish garbage & perversions. I hope Mando bans some of the idiots who post here!

I am glad to see that our first round pick can pass. How many times in the past 5 years have I heard, he overthrew or underthrew receivers all day long. Who needs that trip again. So I am getting happier about this. Even Armando is up on the team. That is something to read.
And it is rookie camp.
Another thing is the schedule. Every game has to be played and teams that seem easy are never easy. So why bother looking at the schedule when it means nothing.

To: Longtime PhinFan, C'mon man! Misplelled words? Lol.

To Rick and Ion: Any NFL team that let race factor into a decision about a player would be puting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.Aside from being moraly reprehensible it would be bad business.You dont really think these multi-billionaire owners got to where they are by being bad bussinessmen do you?

I think Garard and Moore are pretty much even and a notch or two below elite.That is not to say they arent capable of leading a good team deep into the playoffs.They just arent likely to drag a mediocre team there behind them like a Peyton Manning or a Tom Brady might.

the brain you are an idiot. If You're not a fan when times are bad, don't be when they are good. Get a life Dude. You are Pathetic.

This team will be good for at least 10 wins. Changing the D to cover the TE seam routes with dual purpose safeties will neutralize Brady.
Our stable of running backs is arguably the best in the league. Columbo is gone 52 sacks is abominable we are lucky Moore hung in there after Henne was knocked out.
I like the rookie LB from Oregon we needed some more speed there.
This draft will produce a lot of players that will contribute right away.

Wow, all this hate. Gerard had some good years in Jacksonville. Moore had a good year in Carolina and then his second year as starter he struggled and never got to go through it. Lots of players struggle in their second year. Moore played well for us last year. I love open competition at QB and can't wait to see what camp brings. May the best QB win. I don't care who it is. Just give them all even playing ground and put the best we have out there no matter who it is. My opinion is that Moore will win and Gerard will be backup. Give Tannehill at least half a season riding pine to get aclimated to the NFL game before throwing him to the wolves. Marino didn't even start right out of the gate. If you want to worry so much worry about WR or OL or DL or LB. We are ok at QB for now. Like it or not we are married to Tanehill for a few seasons. I pray he is as good as some have said.

In an age of athletic parity, success comes down to what you know and how you use it. It's like thunder and lightning, and you're in control.

One good thing that would come out of Miami being bad enough to be in position to draft Barkley would be that it could allow them to get a draft pick haul similar to what the Rams got for Griffin.

Miami would not draft him one year after investing a high first in Tannehill. Give the kid a chance.

Fin 1984, Ok that's it I'm tired of reading all these misinformed posts. First Fin 1984 Garrard was a Pro Bowler in 2010, he has a lifetime 85% QB rating. He's only 34 which isn't old by QB standards, also 2 years younger than Manning. And his back operation was less complicated than Manning's neck operation. Does all this mean he will beat out Moore and Tanny, I don't know, but he isn't over the hill.


BOYCOTT IS ON, are you stupid or what. No one is boycotting anything. Good draft, there is excitement about the team. If you want to boycott, go ahead and do it moron. BTW take off your cap locks that makes you look like an even bigger moron.


Yeah Lou Marlins are playing well now. Heat too.

You won't catch me making fair weather remarks! I'm not a quitter. I think it makes celebrating our wins that much more meaningful.Do I like to see us lose...no. Am I gonna whine or hold my breath until they win (like a small baby). NO. You see, when we do start winning again I don't want everyone reminding me of all the disparaging remarks I made against my beloved team. I just want to enjoy it without looking like a hypocrit, crybaby, sissy, fair weather fan.See you at the game.

Hypocrite...not winning any spelling bees.

I have seen the FUTURE!

When full camp starts I see a Rookie coaching the team.

NO! Not a rookie Head Coach.....a Rookie - rookie.

This will be unprecedented in Dolphin history.

I see a Rookie Coaching up incumbent Matt Moore and veteran back up Garrard on the nuiances of Philbins/Sherman WCO.

WAIT! There's more!

I see this Rookie Coaching up a group of fledgling receivers. I see him teaching them how release and run routes.

Then my vision changed. The future of the Rookie and the Team was about to be revealed. I saw Newspaper reports and ESPN clips coming into focus. I could almost read the statisitics and the wins-losses.

Just as ALL was about to be revealed.........the phone rang and this Chick asked me if she had left her thongs here last night.

(How do Thongs look so sexy Friday night and not so sexy crumpled up on your floor Saturday morning?)

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