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The rookie practice report

Ryan Tannehill had a good first day of rookie minicamp. That should not be surprising to anyone. He's the first-round pick. He said he knows approximately "80 to 85 percent" of the offense because it's similar to the one he ran at Texas A&M although "some of the concepts have changed."

So the rook is off to a good start.

Tannehill throws a very impressive ball on out patterns and comebacks. He also connected on a couple of deep passes that caught the coaching staff's collective eye. He threw what looked like a nine route to Rishard Matthews that was perhaps the play of the practice. He had another connection with UDFA A.J. Guyton that also went deep.

"He threw a couple of double-moves and deep routes well," coach Joe Philbin said.

Tannehill did throw an interception but it happened on his first pass in team drills when he hit B.J. Cunningham in the hands and the receiver couldn't come up with the football. The loose ball popped in the air and was intercepted by Vincent Agnew. Agnew had a nice practice today as he also had another notable PD later in the practice.

There were more than a couple of drops today. Free agent Derek Moye dropped one, prompting a coach to yell, "Catch the ball!"

Third-round pick Michael Egnew also suffered a drop although he was able to catch a couple also. Egnew, by the way, is Tannehill's roommate at the team hotel where players are staying.

Tannehill is obviously more familiar than any of these rookies with the offense, save receiver Jeff Fuller, because both have been in the Aggies offense. He can press his advantage here, but Philbin said he wouldn't say he'll be ahead of veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard in knowing the system.

"We've thrown a lot at those guys," Philbin said cautiously.

Second-round pick Jonathan Martin today began his indoctrination to the right tackle spot. "It's a little strange," Martin said, "but I'm getting it."

It was clear that some of these kids are out of shape. Seriously, it is 80 degrees out. There is a pleasant breeze. There is very little humidity. But some guys were "gassed," Philbin noticed.

Wait until it's July and training camp opens and they're in pads and the sauna is on full sweat mode. Some big boys better be in shape by then.

Former University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is here. He was running third-team behind Tannehill and Pat Devlin. He's a good kid. But he's not NFL caliber, in my opinion. I cannot fault him for chasing his dream, however, and he said next weekend he will attend the Philadelphia Eagles rookie minicamp as a tryout player. It was previously reported Harris would attend the Arizona rookie camp instead.


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You want even address the basic hypothesis.

Last week it was 80%. This week its 65 or 70 percent.

Problem is, talk is cheaper than many of Odin's suits.

Posted by: Jeff Scumland sucks foot BALLS. | May 05, 2012 at 04:03 PM

What are you doing in my closet?

You know, when you come out, it's not going to count. You have to come out of YOUR OWN closet ;)

If I changed my name to George, all of my friends would still know exactly who I am because only my name changed, not my looks. Hope you get it now. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 05, 2012 at 04:01 PM

You mean Boy George?

LOL!!! Tell me Brown Eye. Would the #8 overall pick in the draft claim he doesn't know squat?

Or would he claim to be better than he really is?

Posted by: odinseye | May 05, 2012 at 04:04 PM

OC's have learned how to make DC's tip thier hands on coverage schemes now. Its tough to disguise. OC's have learned if they move recievers around a little or a little inside, and a little outside. If playing man to man the defense will place a defender in his face. If not, its more likely than not zone coverage.

Zone or man to man coverage, a defense's best ally is its pass rush. An offense's best ally is its pass protection. Schemes are only as good as which team is winning the battle in the trenches.

If I changed my name to George, all of my friends would still know exactly who I am because only my name changed, not my looks. Hope you get it now. LOL

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 05, 2012 at 04:01 PM

You mean Boy George?

Posted by: Blip on the Gaydar | May 05, 2012 at 04:10 PM

Oops. Forgot the LOL!

I don't know, I couldn't get past the part where you called me Brown Eye.


I'm sure our conversations would go alot smoother if you'd just concentrate on Football instead of my Brown Eye.

NO Bottom' Up for you Sir!

Tell me Brown Eye. Is Tannehills agent and wife telling him to lower his standards or hype up his standards?

Practicing against undraft's and PHILBIN "MAKE RYAN LOOK BETTER THAN HE IS" SCRIPTS doens't mean a damn thing.

His play on the field will prove that Iredumb needs to go. So does Boss Ross and his celebrity cast of nimrods.

Huizenga said A.J. Feeley was the 2nd coming of Dan Marino. Many thought Henne was going to be the next Tom Brady. Ross said Henne was the next Dan Marino. Now Ross hopes to retire Tannehills #? Before he's played a down?? Puullleease. Like Henne, I think it'll take Tannehill years to get up to the speed of the pro game.

Posted by: Blip on the Gaydar | May 05, 2012 at 04:13 PM

No, honey. I met your mother at our little special parade. She's Boy George, snappp................. and we're going down in flames together girl! LOL

LOL...its doomed to fail when your horse face wife has more hits than you on the interwebs.

Maybe if she was the 3rd string QB Ross and J-Ho might sell some tickets.

First rule for making players around you better is winning over thier confidence. Tannehill seems to be off to a good start, at least day 1 of rookie camp.

The true test will be vet camp. If he begins to win the vets over, its on!

Bottom damn line. All these folks "claiming" what Tannehill will do don't know crap.

The only way to know is when he takes the damn field.

To hype this fool up during contract negotiations is foolish and simple minded.

He ain't proved nothing except being a fool by marrying a hot wife. Most you you nimrods knew better. The ugly the wife the longer the marriage.

The ugly the wife the longer the marriage.

Posted by: Ryan is HOF because he is already a Bust | May 05, 2012 at

So you're coming out of the closet and admitting youre married to "Boy George" right? LOL

The ORG is hyping him up so much they will have no choice but to pay him what he wants.

How can Ireland release or trade him NOW? RT can ask for the BIGGEST ROOKIE CONTRACT under the new rookie agreement.

They will have ZERO CHOICE BUT TO PAY IT. No way they refuse to pay him what he EXACTLY WANTS.

Posted by: Ryan is HOF because he is already a Bust | May 05, 2012 at

Sounds like someone's very upset Ryan Tannehill has a hot wife and isnt a gayby. LOL

Posted by: Ryan the Lion...Vulture Capitalist | May 05, 2012 at 04:29 PM

Geeze, youre switching in and out of multiple screen names just to attack Tannehill.

You sound like the jilted lover. What happened, did Tannehill turn you for a date? Or did he ditch you at the prom for a real girl? LOL

"turn you down"

But I'm pretty sure Ryan will tell his agent to take a small rookie contract for the TEAM.

LOL!!! He must have a dumb agent to think Ryan isn't in the drivers seat right now.

No way they REFUSE TO PAY WHATEVER RYAN WANTS on his rookie contract.


This should end this debate.


They have to pay him whatever he wants. BIGGEST ROOKIE CONTRACT UNDER THE NEW RULES.

Now I agree, Ryan can do the stand up thing and accept a reasonable contract. Problem is this, will his play demand a bigger contract down the road?

These guys want to get paid UP FRONT! One hit and its over.

Even I would look good against undrafted college players barely high school starters.

If Ryan plays hardball on his contract what will Ross and Ireland do?

They can't do crap except pay it. Or let him sit until he decides to put his skills on display for other teams. And I'm pretty sure plenty of teams would take him off Jeff's hands for two 7th round picks.

Posted by: Ryan the Lion...Vulture Capitalist | May 05, 2012 at 04:44 PM

Are you the only pro football fan in American totally unaware of the new cba last year? There's only so much hardballing he or his agent can do. He'll recieve less than Cam Newton last year, being only a #8 overall pick this year.


Yesterday's Breed...

Sing one your favorite songs for us.
How about I'll Tumble 4 Ya.
Go get 'em Boy Geor... er Dying Goon.

How silly would it look to NOT sign this guy? Ryan can ask for the world and they MUST PAY IT! They must pay it or the guy goes somewhere else. How foolish and simple to draft a guy at #8 and let him go?


How would it look if they didn't? Ryan is driving this train and Iredumb is about ready to jump out of the caboose.

School's out troll seeyas, dont wannabe yas! LOL

Football talk....

Always visualized Henne as drag queen in mini skirt dick tease.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone | May 05, 2012 at 03:38 PM

Please go blog at Jaguars.com. LOL!

LOL!!! Maybe you missed the part where I said he can ask for the BIGGEST ROOKIE contract in history.

Meaning, ahead of Luck and ahead of RGIII.



Incentives are still the same.

My God! Ryan's agent can ask for a million dollars if Ryan throws 2 TD's next season.


It'll take 3 years after Ireland is fired to rebuild this team.

Marlins won 4 in a row, Heat won 3 in a row, Panthers made playoffs, Dolphins stiil suck!

Ion you are a fool. Caught up in your own racist beliefs. I feel sorry for you as you will never know the peace. You are too full of hate

I am originally from south Florida . I lived in Miami for many years. I got along well with people from every culture. The only people that had a hard time with other cultures were the gangs, the drug dealers the users the thugs and the people looking for a reason to cause problems. The people who work hard and try to live a good life do not have any problem at all with the people around them. What category did you belong too?

You folks telling me if Ryan doesn't ask for the world Miami won't pay it?

How silly would that look?

Ryan's bond is stronger than oak.

LOL!!! Who were George Bush's drug dealers? He admitted to doing lines back in the day?

Oh wait! If a President does lines then its capitalism. If a gang member does it, then its the end of America as we know it.

FYI...no one on here can out wit me or out smart me less they look like a hypocrite.

I bet a lot of you dumb ass Floridians didn't even know Laura Bush killed a man. Ran him down like a dog in a drunken rage.

Ok, odin on your disclaimer!(I was dissapointed in you and I was going to jump on your ass). As for you YG, I'm also glad, you picked up on some Tannehill essence, but you have to observe and read faster, much faster. You know you's my favorite Pupil

well if he dosent work out at qb, maybe we just got a decent reciever,lol! just watched some older film on ryan and was quite impressed with some of his recieving highlights, i dont know who was throwing to him, but i thought he looked like a legit reciever, haha, just a thought, god let him be good at something, please.

Not interested in gossip, Ryan. What was that?

I don't know what Ryan will do. For all I know, he could be all world Holified. I accept that. For all I know he could run off 8 superbowls in a row.

QUESTION: Exactly how do you folks know he will in fact do that?

Answer me you miserable hacks! How exactly do you know Ryan Tannehill will be all world Holifield?

Ryan ='s Buster Douglas

I believe most People hide Things because of Shame.

Buster Tannehill needs to prove he can lead this team.

Answer this!

Why are you folks so sure he can? Winning superbowls is 9 tenths leadership right?

What makes you folks think Moore or Garrard isn't the true leader of this team?

Most people are too ignorant to even know what they want.

I think Ryan= got pissed.

We will see. I'm just trying to figure out what other EXCUSES everyone will come up with except the obvious.

Fire Irescum!

Here is what's sad to me. Even if Buster Tannehill is a failure, Jeff will keep collecting a paychek. Dude is a puppet of the puppet master.

Jeff won't get fired until Ross starts to truly loose money.

LOL!!! Stephen Ross quote coming at you.

"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."

Buster Tannehill violated everything this man stands for.

One, he drafted him out of fear. Two, he did something instead of doing nothing.

Ross is desperate. Miami is desperate. Everyone is desperate.

I give this buffoon 2 years before he sells the team.

I don't know what Ryan = - problem is, but first off u need to stop changing ur username, we are trying to have the most legitimate consistent Miami dolphins blog (about dolphins only) so we trysts trying to keep one username solid for everybody, the more consistent and maturely intelligent the convo the more people will come 'field of dreams' style....
About tannehill, I don't know many dolphins fans who feel he will definitely be a franchise qb, I think most fans are
Cautiously optimistic, and expecting the qb u picked at 8 to be ur teams starter for at least a decade is exactly what We SHOULD be thinking...no more, no less.
The problem is, us as a whole need to look not so much at his numbers this year but at his play.....I mean, if he puts up great numbers then hooray for us, we have a franchise man, but if he doesn't, that doesn't, in this case, mean he can't be a star. Example: bengals. Why were Carson Palmer and Andy dalton successful from the jump? Because Palmer had always, and dalton this year, have had major, MAJOR playmakers surrounding them. In fact, if it weren't for dalton having ice water in his veins in the 4th quarter for the most part, I would say that he was hugely overrated, but that is one of the most important parts of being a qb (the #1 reason henne isn't, nobody is worse in the 4th)...Palmer had ochocinco, houschmenzadeh, Gresham, Chris Henry, Terrell Owens, jordan Shipley, and dalton has half of those plus aj green, who jump-balled alot of tds and yards for dalton....
Tannehill will have no one. Not one playmaker to throw to, besides Reggie bush and maybe Lamar miller. Not one of our receivers can score tds, and all but two can't even run routes correctly let alone catch passes.
Finally, west coast offenses, if the qb is capable of running them, make alot of qbs look better than they are. And tannehill has proven he can run it. He will have more experience in his system than dalton and cam newton, obviously a better relationship with his oc, and he is more prototypical than newton and dalton, all he lacks is game experience and an open question on how he will read and react to nfl d schemes and 4th quarter play. Bottom line: there's finally something to be hopeful about again in Miami dolphin land.

Didn't mean for that to be so long lol, my bad

LOL!!! I can't wait until the "Sherman sucks" postings. Then the "Philbin sucks" postings. And then the IreGuru "still sucks" postings.

I can't wait! Most of you will run off like little biaches. Come back under another name claiming you told us so.

Example: Brown Eye will retire his nick next to all his other nicks and claim he told us so.

Claim he championed the mantel at how sucky Ross, Ireland, Philbin, J-ho, William hookers and Sherman were.

"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."


Okay, I get it. Its opposite day for Ross. Do the opposite and hope it works out for the best.

"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."

Buster Tannehill is the biggest do nothing in history.

"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."

Deal with it morons!

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