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The rookie practice report

Ryan Tannehill had a good first day of rookie minicamp. That should not be surprising to anyone. He's the first-round pick. He said he knows approximately "80 to 85 percent" of the offense because it's similar to the one he ran at Texas A&M although "some of the concepts have changed."

So the rook is off to a good start.

Tannehill throws a very impressive ball on out patterns and comebacks. He also connected on a couple of deep passes that caught the coaching staff's collective eye. He threw what looked like a nine route to Rishard Matthews that was perhaps the play of the practice. He had another connection with UDFA A.J. Guyton that also went deep.

"He threw a couple of double-moves and deep routes well," coach Joe Philbin said.

Tannehill did throw an interception but it happened on his first pass in team drills when he hit B.J. Cunningham in the hands and the receiver couldn't come up with the football. The loose ball popped in the air and was intercepted by Vincent Agnew. Agnew had a nice practice today as he also had another notable PD later in the practice.

There were more than a couple of drops today. Free agent Derek Moye dropped one, prompting a coach to yell, "Catch the ball!"

Third-round pick Michael Egnew also suffered a drop although he was able to catch a couple also. Egnew, by the way, is Tannehill's roommate at the team hotel where players are staying.

Tannehill is obviously more familiar than any of these rookies with the offense, save receiver Jeff Fuller, because both have been in the Aggies offense. He can press his advantage here, but Philbin said he wouldn't say he'll be ahead of veterans Matt Moore and David Garrard in knowing the system.

"We've thrown a lot at those guys," Philbin said cautiously.

Second-round pick Jonathan Martin today began his indoctrination to the right tackle spot. "It's a little strange," Martin said, "but I'm getting it."

It was clear that some of these kids are out of shape. Seriously, it is 80 degrees out. There is a pleasant breeze. There is very little humidity. But some guys were "gassed," Philbin noticed.

Wait until it's July and training camp opens and they're in pads and the sauna is on full sweat mode. Some big boys better be in shape by then.

Former University of Miami quarterback Jacory Harris is here. He was running third-team behind Tannehill and Pat Devlin. He's a good kid. But he's not NFL caliber, in my opinion. I cannot fault him for chasing his dream, however, and he said next weekend he will attend the Philadelphia Eagles rookie minicamp as a tryout player. It was previously reported Harris would attend the Arizona rookie camp instead.


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"You can't operate a company by fear, because the way to eliminate fear is to avoid criticism. And the way to avoid criticism is to do nothing."

Just for the slow of mind. What Ross is saying is this.

Avoid making the hard decisions. Play it safe!

Harris is eating up valuable reps, and will make every receiver look bad with his late throws.
Considering how valuable this camp is for Tannehill, having Harris there was another mistake from the FO.
Devlin deserves it, Harris no.

IMWriter. Every team in the league does the very same thing, whether they have just drafted a rookie or not.

But I know, bloggers know better than experienced, professional coaches.

Keeping Ireland for ANOTHER rebuild is insanity.

But I know, bloggers know better than experienced, professional coaches.
Posted by: Roscoe | May 05, 2012 at 08:54 PM

Uhh. The Dullfins dont have any experienced professional coaches.

Just back from dinner. Had to check in before I turn this thing off(The Brunette demands all my attention these days and I don't care).

From all the available information gleaned here today, I'd say somebody got their Govt. check and is lit up like the worlds fair.

Anybody else notice the Blog Hit Troll isn't even coherent. Judging from the content, I'm surprised he can type at all.

Tannehill drive bus.

Boss man Ross sucks.

Ire is scum.

Miami suck.

NICE WORK there Hot Shot - ROTFLMAO!!!!

Everyone's arguing about how much of the playbook does Tannehill already know. And, there's concern that other teams will look at Texas A&M tape to know what's going to happen.

Get a clue!

Of course they're using Texas A&M's WCO plays (with a few modifications) as their basic Training Camp install! Players with experience in the system, or a similar system, should be familiar with a lot of the plays & terminology. It's Rookie Training Camp! The coaches WANT everyone to be on the same page in a basic system. Some of the draftees, UDFA's, & Invitees have never ran a WCO! They have to get up to speed. And, our veteran players are in the same boat; some are familiar with it and some aren't. This is the basic INSTALL PLAYBOOK!!! Not exactly what we'll be using during games. Oh, game planning will use the same basic system, but with certain tweaks and a few new plays added in that aren't in the playbook that Tamnehill has in his hand! That's the way the NFL does it. Even Sparano did it! Remember, the team played differently AFTER the Bye-Week? Because another part of the total install was added. Gotta start somewhere and then add as you can, as the team develops, during the season. That's what NFL players do, learn new plays! That's why they spend time on a chalk board!

On another note, Armando has written a new article talking about a new attitude and a different feeling at Dolphin's HQ; a good feeling....a winning feeling. And, how sales for tickets are up since last week. Check it out!!! Then come back here and continue your "Doom & Gloom" "Woe is me" "We Suck" "This Team is a Bunch of Losers" etc., etc. garbage that you've been posting because you're so used to it that you have blinders on and can't see what's happening. Or, maybe it's just become habit, or something...

Tracy, what if you are wrong?

Who is going to pay $ to watch this garbage? Ross has to stop charging NFL prices for his Arena caliber team or he'll be buying boatloads of his own tickets again.

,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOVE IS EVERY THING .............

Dude...are you sitting there, in bed, next to your Girl... BLOGGING !?!?

That's not what's supposed to happen!

Just thought I would check in after laying some heavy duty pipe. Hey what the brunette wants he gets! Lou Al Do-uche Bag he doesn't care about my blogging. I took care of business now I GET me some me time.

Odin I thought you were all crippled up steven hawking style? How are ya laying pipe like super mario?

I guess this brilliant Writer here wants Tannehill's arm to fall off. Do you, pal?

On the Hopes and Aspirations...no chance. I just don't want to get hooked again. Show me results.

They know exactly what the consequences could be. It would be like asking a Professional Boxer to wear a headgear.

Sounds Animalistic, no? Yes, that's what we are.

Does anybody here know of a Blog where they talk Football, Sports in general, Art, Ingmar Bergman's movies, Katherine Ann Porter and Ivan Turgenev, Medicine, Bipolar disorder and Armando, Stephen Hawkings and the Metaphysics, and such. If you do, you let me know real soon, ya hear?

For me, Jake Scott has been the most interesting Player the Miami Dolphins have ever had. Some kinda Dude.

Just thought I would check in after laying some heavy duty pipe. Hey what the brunette wants he gets! Lou Al Do-uche Bag he doesn't care about my blogging. I took care of business now I GET me some me time.

Posted by: odinseye | May 06, 2012 at 02:40 AM


Best free entertainment on the web.....

Wait & See, disbelievers.....wait & see!!!

Soooo, when are we going to get a safety? I'm not so sure that our starting SS is even on this roster. The Bengals took an interesting prospect named george Iloka from Boise State.Huge kid 6'4" I believe. Maybe we start seeing taller safeties to counter the ever so popular two TE formation.

The Marlins won 5 in a row, the Heat won 3 in a row, Panthers made the playoffs, and the Dolphins still suck!

Just thought I'd pass by for a bit while my super hottie blondie is lying spread eagle in bed waiting for me. Thought I'd catch up on the blog and catch the feedback on the rookie camp before plowing ahead.

Wish I could stay longer, but it's the governers daughter! Official business, ya know?


I think alot of people here are missing the point. We didn't have a problem moving the chains last year. We had a problem scoring in the red. My question is simple: What have the Miami Dolphins done to fix this either in free agency or the draft? Secondly was it enough and will it work?

I'm guessing no one reads my posts because rarely does anyone respond.

But as no one is ready anyway, I'm amazed at the number of people who post who continue to criticize Brandon Marshall.

He has given consecutive 1,000 yard seasons each year he was with Miami. Has any Miami receiver done anything like that since Irving Fryar?

I'm just baffled as to how people evaluate players on the roster. Good luck this season without Marshall!

Cheapo Ross, pay Cam Wake!


.Marshall was the best player on the team. Going into Ireland's 5th year we have no talent and no cap space. Thanks Jeffy.

Buffalo Dolphan, I prefer to talk about the current players on the roster and move forward. I don't understand getting rid of BM either but I think once it's done it's over.I also don't think that BM was on his own a huge difference maker either.The great ones get open in the endzone and make the catch. I just didn't see that with BM. I don't think that BM would have made a bit of difference THIS season.

And, to answer your question...

If I'm wrong, then so are a lot of sportswriters; ESPN, SI, SS, Herald, Pro Football Weekly, etc.

So, I'm in good company.

What's your excuse?

ION, i think you may be racist. only because you're calling garrrad a great athlete. he is not. he is a pocket passer. he's not very fast. he's not a throw on the run guy. his big and hard to bring down. he's basically a less talented version of ben rothlisberger. would you call big ben a great athlete? no!! so why is garrard? because he's black?

Looks like the contract is done with Wake. 4 years @$49 million, with $20 million in guarantess.

Tracy474 youre overdosing on kool aid. Take off the rose colored glasses. We've been hopeful every year and are dissapointed every year. Like they say in Missouri SHOW ME FIRST! Vegas has the Dolphins winning 5-6 games next season and I'll take their opinion over yours anyday of the week. No talent and a novice HC doesnt bode well for the near future.

Tracy is drunk on kool-aid. LOL.

Looks like the contract is done with Wake. 4 years @$49 million, with $20 million in guarantess.
Posted by: Craig M | May 06, 2012 at 11:10 AM

Can he play QB?

Scotty, no talent? Really? Explain youself. don't just throw out insults. Use your big boy words.

Jacory is an interception waiting to happen!

ion, I think you are right - about racial tension in Miami

I grew up there, lived there from 1954 to 1990 (Saw the very 1st Dolphin game in the 60's - worked ZUM ZUM in the Orange bowl 1969-1972.

Blacks, Cubans and Whites never got along - it was always a problem in school, in social settings - you name it.

Why do people say Garrard is not an NFL caliber QB when he made a Pro Bowl before his injury? Making the Pro Bowl would seem to be the definition of an NFL caliber player.

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