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Tryout players on the field as well

Aside from the 16 undrafted free agents and the rookie draft picks, the Dolphins have invited 17 tryout players to this rookie minicamp. They are:

QB Jacory Harris, QB, Miami

WR AJ Guyton, Central Florida.

S Albert Evans, Purdue.

S Elton Ford, Arkansas

S Rick Volcin, Norfolk State

DB Mike Williams, Miami

CB Justin Haulcy-Batemen, Cal Lutheran

LB Ryan Lewis, Bethune-Cookman

LB Chaz Walker, Utah

LB Cort Dennison, Washington

G Kyle Bogumil, Rhode Island

G Joel Figueroa, UM

C Kreg Hunter, Ball State

OT Addison Lawrence, Mississippi State

T Andrew McDonald, Indiana

TE Nick Mandich, Southern Connecticut State

DT Justin Smith, Mississippi

Seven first-year players, including quarterback Pat Devlin, are also here.

As for the play so far?

Jackory Harris fumbled his second snap from scrimmage. And first round pick Ryan Tannehill threw a pass that bounced off B.J. Cunningham's hands and was intercepted.

Jonas Miller is here but not practicing.

Oh well.




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My tax bracket probably places me somewhere in the middle class, not low class.......just an FYI :)

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 04, 2012 at 03:24 PM

Joey Porters tax bracket is higher, and so your point is irrelevent.

Jacory Harris over throws the sh** outta of a go route to I believe Derrick Moye by about 20 yards. Terrible!

Harris throws low and Lamar Miller does his best to get low and make the catch but traps it on a 10 yard in rt.

Harris holy crap throws ball over white guy 88 head on a 10 yard out to the sideline. Ball hits the fence.

Harris completes his first ball to Fuller on a 10 yard curl right in the numbers.

Harris completes nice post to #8 small black guy with braids

Dolphins should shut it down from media coverage, it's not going to be worth reading, focusing on the meaningless.

The good thing, some national media will be there, they are less silly then the local rag group.

harris is one of the worst qbs ive ever watched in college football. he should be lucky they invited him just because golden asked them to. zero chance of ever making any team

haha......FYI waited for Mando to put a new post up JUST to attack me again

miami should sign florence, solid vet cb

Armando, when will you handle this infestation of cockaroaches on your blog? Mainly Ohio Dolfan...


Thanks for your response on the last post. I knew you'd have a lot of good stuff on Martin and the other O-line draftees

FYI, what was the point of changing your name to Verdad?

Just curious

Ohio, Did you ever think it's just not me who doesn't like you, there are many more trust me.


The Herald talk to you about promoting/adverstising your blog, yet you still manage to log in with your name in blue and your blog link attached to your name. SMH. When will you learn?

Let's take a poll........

Who talks more FOOTBALL in here?

1) Ohio Dolfan
2) FYI (or any of his other aliases)

I think Armando appreciates the football chats I start with the regulars way more than your rants....

Anyone got any news on how the mini-camp is going?

Ohio, I wonder sometimes if you have the mental mentaility of a 4 year old. I dont have any other alias, and you've been called out by other bloggers with your constant thinking like this

I am not sure why there is an issue with Ohio and his site. He doesn't advertise so that means he putting it up for free and not making a dime. He's spending some of his free time maintaining the site from non-football talk.I do know what a pain that is.

So I for 1 say thanks Ohio and keep it up.

Now back to Miami football.

I would love to see the film of today's practice. The offense mostly but also want to see what Vernon can do on D.

I get it FYI, there are 20 of you all gathering together with one force to stop me from being so horrible.........just stop


How fast is today's practice? Is it no hitting?

let me fill u in, vernon is horrible. guy couldnt even do anything in the acc. waste of a pick. now to important things, hows tanny? is his wife in a bikini?

im so sick of watching you idiots arguing amongst yourselves. I wish you would get a room already. Talk football or shut the EF up!!

Ohio, I'll let you and your BF Texas get back to talking football.


so true ray

Let's take a poll........
Who talks more FOOTBALL in here?

1) Ohio Dolfan
2) FYI (or any of his other aliases)

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | May 04, 2012 at 04:04 PM

From what I see, you're never talking football. You're just asking questions trying to get talking points for your blog. Plaguerizing.

Don't sell yourself short, it's not just 1 person who dislikes you.

But hey, why not ask Armando to confirm for you? Or are you afraid to know the truth?

Don't bother, we all know.

I believe a 2 hr practice no pads so should be pretty fast. Should almost be over too. I am just waiting to see if they post highlights on the Miami Dolphins site. It is the only practice that will allow media all weekend. The rest are closed to everyone.

Probably won't get much out of this one Texas. Might still be fun to watch though


I'm not writing a dissertaion on your post....sorry....

Posted by: Kris


If the Dolphins need a water boy on the fiel, there is the right guy,....Jacory Harris

Yes 4:21, I'm afraid one or maybe 2 trolls dislike me.....my life would be over

I don't dwell on virtual reality quite as much as you do it seems.....

Do you have any thoughts on Tannehill starting at some point this year? Or do you just troll for a living?

Jacory Harris stunk in college. WTF?

I agree Ohio, we may not get much but with the media only allowed today and Miami drafting Tannehill such a big deal in the draft there should be lots of film on the practice. Or at least I hope.

Preseason is too far away!

Who cares about the crap Dolphins?

Didn't I just say I think you only come here to ask questions to get ideas for your next blog? And you follow that up by asking me a question about Tanny?

I guess you already know I wouldn't answer your question since I basically answered it before you asked it. LMAO

You have the attn span of a gnat & the intelligence of a cardboard box. Come up with your own thoughts for a change!

Ohio and everyone else who is bothered by this gnat. You don't have to worry what others think (I'm telling myself this as well and hope I can take my own advice!:) because the intelligent people in here can see exactly what is going on. The gnat is very good at making you feel like he may have proved some point and that you now have to clear it up to defend your name but that's not the case. His constant lies and skirting of the truth/facts are obvious to anyone who reads these "conversations". His ridiculously childish outlook on life is also very apparent to even the most clueless. There is no need to defend yourself to anyone.

We know the posters names who have been in here for a long time, they back up their opinions by keeping the same sign in name. The "new" person with the 100 different personas is a stranger. He is no one to be taken seriously. We all know it so don't worry about who is coming off looking like the d**che, it's ALWAYS him. It's why he changes his name so often. Ignore any posts that are written to you from people you don't know. By the time the season rolls around this idiot will be lost because no one will be talking to him, there will be too much football to discuss and he will disappear.

Tannehill threw an INT? Shocking!

Ohio, I wonder sometimes if you have the mental mentaility of a 4 year old

Posted by: FYI | May 04, 2012 at 04:10 PM

Lol, proper grammar says: "I sometimes wonder" (not I wonder sometimes) and saying mental mentality is redundant. Did you complete high school?

Is there a site where we can see there mini camp practice.

Ohio seriously, lets stop giving this oxygen thief power. DC, Kris, and the others (you know who you are) same thing. Can we all please just start ignoring this person for the good of the blog? It's really simple, I'll be the first one to start. That's sure to set him off on a 3 page tirade to me and about me. I won't answer to one post. He can call me every derogatory name in the book, he can question my intelligence, he can post under different names to create the illusion that he has friends, none of it matters. He's a stranger that hasn't spent any time in here paying his dues, talking Dolphins football, debating our opinions. Therefore he is worthless to this blog and not deserving of a return post. Watch as I ignore with pleasure. And watch how he gets more and more mad to the point that he stalks my every post,,,,and again,,,,I ignore him.

MiamiD20, Its called Public schooling, what can I say?

Phins78, I seen your pic on Ohio site, you look like you can be cast in the next Jarhead movie..

MiamiD20, Its called Public schooling, what can I say?
Posted by: FYI | May 04, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Ah the difference between Florida and New Jersey public schools

FYI lol. I wish I could be in a movie. One pay day and I'm out. I don't understand how these actors get paid 20 million a movie and then keep working.

20 MILLION? F**k that I retire after that. Buy a yacht, a big house, pay off all of my bills and invest a large chunk. Live like a king for the rest of my life. I just don't get why these people need so much money, where does it all go?!

Phins78, Investing nowadays is like dumping your money in the toilet anywways.

Family...friends and dumb ass purchases like 10 cars...3 homes....jewlery and partying.

Who's Jonas Miller?

If I have the money , Ima splurge it homie...

Wow Im glad we got that indepth look into practice..

That's true for most investments FYI, you just have to be smart about it and need to diversify plenty to protect yourself from the inevitable fail.

This has been the offseason from hell. No Fisher, no Manning,no RG3, no Flynn, no Nolan, no Marshall. I think we'll be lucky to 4 or 5 next season. But we could be in the Matt Barkley running which would be a little consolation.

to win


Are you there? Are getting interviews??


Ignore the trolls! Some folks are just starved for attention. It's because they didn't get enough love from their mothers!

I think Tannehill will push the rookie WR's to the limit, more than the other way around. It's good to see if rookie WR's start dropping passes or make mistakes on routes.

G Joel Figueroa, UM Played high school ball with him at North Miami. GL man we can use a RG.

hey guys all i got to say is that if QB ryan tannerhill is not the starter on day one and is on the side line as the #3 qb behind moore and garrad all it says is that tannerhill is 100% bust! it mans he ain't no good and it means he ain't better the moore and garrad! the reason why a rookie QB sits on the bench for a year and hold a clip board is to see the speed of the game and most importanly the reason why is because to learn the playbook to get familar with it! so guess what tannerhill knows the playbook more then moore and garrad and pat delvin so there is no need for him to sit the bench to learn the system so guess what if he ain't starting day one then he needs to be cut on day 1 period! but hey i'm hoping he turns out to be the next marino but if he don't start day 1 he is a bust because he knows the playbook 100% so he don't need to be watching as the number 3 QB

heavy deep report by armando. its almost like a transcript of wade's news conference. how did any udfa do? how about Mandich? come on be a reporter not ascribe. stop mailing it in.

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