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Cameron Wake signs extension, Dolphins on a roll

More positive news for the Dolphins: They will not have an ugly or contentious contract holdout from Cameron Wake this summer.

Wake has signed a four-year contract extension with the Dolphins that will pay him $20 million in guaranteed money, according to an NFL source. The amount of the extension is unclear although ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting it is worth $49 million. Schefter was the first to report the extension. The Dolphins have released a statement confirming it.

“We are pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with Cam and his agent, Paul Sheehy to extend Cam’s contract,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Cam has been a productive player ever since he joined the Dolphins, and has been a great teammate and an outstanding citizen. His work ethic and professionalism on the field and in the locker room has made him a leader by example. We also appreciate all the community activities he has done. We always try to reward our own players for their contributions to the team and Cam certainly deserves that recognition. I want to thank Cam and Paul for their hard work in getting this extension done.”

The true amount of the extension will be determined when the actual contract is signed and available for inspection.

Postive news has been a trend for the Dolphins of late, as I write in my column in today's Miami Herald. I make the point in the column that after a very, very, very rough patch in March, the club has climbed out of the mire and is getting some positive reviews from fans, the media, and others around the NFL.

The draft had a lot to do with this and, more importantly, the drafting of Ryan Tannehill.

I know a lot of you are going to ask where exactly the Dolphins are getting all this cap space for Wake. Well, the majority of the space being used is not in 2012 but in 2013 and beyond. I assume the deal has a big bonus payable this year that will be prorated over the life of the deal through 2016. That will serve in bringing Wake's pay this year, originally scheduled at $615,000, up to his current performance levels while only a prorated portion of it counts toward this year's cap.

Obviously, the Dolphins must sign their draft picks and have work to do in getting an extension with Jake Long as well but this deal should not preclude them from doing that


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Good job FINS.....good job Ross.....

I think Wake just took us to the cleaners...... But if anybody deserves it...it's Wake....

where did they get the money though?


Can he play QB?

where did they get the money though?
Posted by: dolfandave | May 06, 2012 at 11:38 AM

. From the fans. Duuuhh.


I agree. But the alternatives didn't look that appealing (ie. trade or nasty holdout). Armando's right, there's a nice positive buzz around the team right now and this move continues that. If he falls flat on his face, hopefully the team has ways to get out of the contract.

All this being equal it seems like the right thing to do.

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Wow, I didn't know Wake could kick field goals ;) Seriously though, signing a 30 year old to a $50 mill deal may look risky but Wake started late and only has 5 total seasons (2 CFL, 3 NFL) wear on him. This is a good deal.

How about spending that money on a guy that can actually score points?

Wonder if this means a Jake Long deal ($11.2 mill in 2012) is incoming, or perhaps a Tony McDaniel ($3 mill in 2012) is outgoing.

This is a guy we simply can't afford to lose.

Armando, don't you think this guy has been overpay with the announce deal?

don't know why all the complaining--this is a solid deal, pass rushers can good ball well into their mid 30s (look around the league)--this is just the reality, folks.....good players get paid good money, and this is not even that large a deal--and of all things we couldn't afford to lose, its a pass rusher--might look a little rich in the last year or two, but all these deals do.

Agree Craig M.....necessary evil....and it's for the good of other players morale....the vontae's and Smiyh's.....

Well he is rated the best overall outside linebacker in the league and still isn't the highest paid. I would say it's a good deal as we desperately need him. Lets hope his play mirrors someone who is hungry to continue improving and not of someone who is now content and satisfied because he's rich.

Oh and this clears the way for Jake Long to be franchised. No way they extend him before the season with his history of being injured. They will wait and see if he can make it through a full season before making a decision either way.

hopefully we'll see 2010 cameron make in 2012, or better.

Dolfansf.....good post....that is the Wake we need to see...

So Philbin gets hired. Ireland starts listening to Philbin.

Now there's a positive buzz around the team?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds good. Carry on!

I'm happy for Wake and the Dolphins with this extension. Can't wait to see Wake back at DE.

I know it is your job but while your columns may be week-to-week, your assessment of the Dolphins is either that of someone who is wither (i) negotiating access to the Dolphins information in exchange for helping with fan support or (ii) someone who suffers from a bipolar psychological disorder -- your opinion changes every week or two with one or two moves and even here, any consistent reader of your column shall see that they contradict each other.

Last month, you were complaining that the Dolphins had a mediocre team but had no cap space left (even had to let go some players). Now you are enthused that the Dolphins signed an acceptable player to a contract worthy of a very good player. Doing this with many acceptable players shall lead to an acceptable team, not a Super Bowl contender. If the Dolphins pay every player who is for contract renewal and is acceptable a lot, you would cheer the individual moves and then criticize the end result when they could not pay for a great QB or their salary structure was higher than a better team (just look at our offensive line payments and their relative performance).

Please report with a long term view of the Fins and with the goal that the Fins should have -- be the great team it was in the 70s and 80s. Acceptable means 8-8. Ask yourself, does this contribute to the long-term building of a consistent play-off team? If yes, good move..if no, not a good move.

Being in a position to have to pay an acceptable player a lot of money because you have no other choice is not a great move! It is one of a team with no choices. Paying a lot to sign players is not something to be commended in this era of salary caps, especially when you are mortgaging the future (as in this deal) meanwhile we all recognize the present team is not a play-off team.

You are cheering the very sort of move that maintains this team perennially mediocre.

Taking a chance and drafting for a potential franchise QB -- that is a potentially high reward move. I have no opinion of Tanehill but if he is a bust but the nest time we find our franchise QB, even two firsts are worth this foundation.

Rick Wake is a beast not an ''acceptable'' player look at just look at his numbers

You are correct Rick! This is about Armando helping with fan support for better access. Its why he brought up ticket sales which have nothing to do with Wake. By the way his #s have gone down every year and we mortgaged future cap space for an average player who doesnt score points. Just an opinion.

That is great news

"The process is not complete, you must be patient and let it play out". You do remember that, don't you?

There is a positive spin every EVERY offseason in Miami. Till reality hits when the season starts. After we lose the opener it'll be Suck for Barkley in 2012.

The Crow-eating Era for most Dolfans has begun.

How can there be a positive spin when we didnt get Fisher, Manning, Flynn, or RG3, and lost Brandon Marshall and Mike Nolan? This was the offseason from hell.

Rick that is YOUR opinion and yours alone. Find one player, coach, reporter, astronaut, gas station attendant,,,,anyone who thinks Wake is merely acceptable. He is the highest rated OLB in the league. The ratings are based on every play, not just sacks etc. so saying he is simply acceptable is short sighted. He is a top 5 OLB in the league and is being payed less than he's worth, period.

How can there be a positive spin when we didnt get Fisher, Manning, Flynn, or RG3, and lost Brandon Marshall and Mike Nolan? This was the offseason from hell.

Posted by: Ron Son | May 06, 2012 at 01:19 PM

Got rid of SporDrano!


Flynn is already proving why Philbin didn't want him and we will all see soon enough. Seattle paid him all that money and Carroll is insisting there will be a QB competition. If he's so great why aren't they handing him the job? Is Manning being asked to compete? Please, he beat the worst defense in the league and put up points on a very bad New England defense. Glad he's not here to become Miamis 18th loser qb.

I liked Mike Nolan but lets be honest. His defenses were beatable, the players were out of shape and getting injured, and they could never stop the big pass play. Lets not make this guy out to be Ditka or Ryan.

What a bunch of P@#$$ you guys are. All I read in this blog during the year is that the Dolphins are not making any moves, well they are now and some of you guys still craying like p#$$%$


My, you certainly do have a bee in your bonnet today. Gracious me!

Buddy that is. And Marshall was a cancer who couldn't get open in the red zone, let little Derell Revis out muscle him for a td, and dropped 7 td passes! What are we trying to hold onto here?

James Davis that was funny! Lol

not a bad deal at all for us. only 4 years, he'll be 34 at the end of the deal, he hasnt played a lot of football so i think he's a young 30, and it puts him at least in the neighborhood of the other top pass rushers in the league. and this guy's still getting better. n0t sure how someone can think this isn't a team friendly deal. with regards to long, i predict he won't be with us next year. unfortunate, but way too much money. flip over martin and fill rt


Still the same JERK, as last year. Are YOU stupid or what ?

Ron Son,

Are you serious bro! Fisher? We would have been in the middle bounty gate the Rams. Forget all of them!!

Agree with you so far Phins78. Kept a top tier OLB for not top tier $. Only time will tell but so far so good.

Folks this is what Jeff Ireland meant by waiting until the process was complete. 6 weeks ago people wanted to hang him in the streets(some still do) and now look at the direction of team. We have locked up Wake and now have the franchise tag available for another player. Every player we have signed this offseason is to a 1 year minimum deal which means Miami will be in very solid salary cap shape next off season. We have our QB of the future and had an excellent draft. What a difference a month makes.

Good move by the Fins. Better with Wake than without him. Simple as that.

But can we put this "off-season from hell" BS to rest? It's mostly a media fabrication. Consider the following:

1) Peyton Manning went to Denver and John Elway, who had a blueprint for the rest of Manning's career. Fins never had a chance, honestly. Not a failure.
2) Flynn went to Seattle, who paid him a ton of money and THEN drafted a QB because they're not sure -- just as Philbin was not sure -- whether the guy can be THE GUY. Not a failure.
3) Fisher went to the Rams because he knew he could trade the #2 pick, stock up, and shape the team the way he wanted. They sucked worse than the Fins. Not a failure. (BTW, I like the coach we got, so far. We'll see)
4) I liked Brandon Marshall. He was a true beast in a few games. Like the Jets in 2010 (loss), and Dallas in 2011 (loss). But remember the drops vs. San Diego? The drop vs. Houston? The drop vs. Cleveland? Running out of bounds vs. the Jets? Whipping the ball to the sideline after catching a first-down pass in 2010? And on top of all that, throwing our QBs under the bus? Downside outweighed upside, in my opinion.

Not sure wether I like this move or not, on one hand its a move/signing that benifits us NOW, but its not like we are a Super Bowl contending team NOW. With that being said, the moment I heard of the Terrell Suggs injury, the first thing that came to my mind was this is when you can get a VERY HIGH DRAFT PICK for an aging player, though still productive (ala. Richard Seymour) from a team that is contending for a Super Bowl. A team such as Baltimore knows the loss of a pass rusher can and will likely end all hope of a Super Bowl. This is when you move a player thats best days are probably already behind him.

Flynn, Henne & Garrard all got the same contract: $3.5mil/season

Fins 78,
First, read this column for others' opinion of Wake -- I want him and the Fins to do well but if you think Wake is one of the top 5 OLBs in the NFL, I am certain that I am not the only one who disagrees with you. He is merely acceptable -- acceptable means he is no JT in his prime; no Zach Thomas in his prime; no AJ Duhe (remember him). I am glad Wake is on our team, but the point is not signing an individual player ay any price, it is about how you amass the most talent within the salary cap.

Second, it is the job of the TEAM to get as much talent as possible at as reasonable a price as possible so that there is space in the salary cap. If you think we have a good track record of this, simply compare our player performance versus what we pay against teams like the Patriots or the Packers. Rooting for a high contract for a player is rooting against this Fins' objective.

Third, I do not like the Fins doing deals today that in any way are at the expense of future salary cap. Right now, as they rebuild they need to spend within their means, even if Ireland and party are nervous about their jobs short-term.

Last, there are two things I fell good about now: (1) we brought in people from organizations as the Packers and (2) there are finally signs we are taking risks at getting a franchise QB -- whether we have or have not is up for discussion, time will tell.

I agree with Gregory Hutchinsons' comment above

Rick, I appreciate you reading my columns but let me clear up things for you:

I've been covering this team for many, many years and don't worry about access because people will talk to me as long as what I say and write is true. I do not trade my words for access. Be clear about that.

Secondly, you obviously have comprehension issues with what you read. A month ago I said the team was having issues, among other things. That doesn't mean it is a permanent state. Only a hater would see the situation change and continue to stand on a soap box and preach that the team is forever sucking.

I am not a hater.

When things are going poorly, I will say so. When things are getting better, I will say so. My column today did not say the Dolphins have cured every issue. They still have WR problems. But I can still see and write about the things that are improving. That is not bipolar.

This is honesty.

SMF, where do you get your numbers? Henne is 6.75 million for two years, Flynn is 26 million with 10 million guaranteed for three. Conceivably they might have similar tax returns for a couple of years, but these contracts are not the same, not even close.

Philbin wanted Matt Flynn badly. He's on record saying he had no idea why Flynn chose Seattle over Miami. Some homers just convienently ignore the facts.

Only 20 mil guaranteed on a a young fresh 30 yr old top 5 pass rusher...

Never thought I would say this twice in a 2 week span
, but Good Job Ireland.

Tony, I want to see the actual numbers before I give my opinion on the contract. Frankly, numbers reported initially are often inflated because they come from the agent.

We shall see.

It could easily be that this deal, which goes through 2016 when Wake is 35, is backloaded. And that will mean that Wake won't ever see the back end of that deal.

The number to concentrate on is the guaranteed number of $20 million over five years. That is a good number for Miami compared to the $50 million guarnateed Mario Williams got from Buffalo.

Not landing Fisher was disaterous to this franchise. And pretty shocking.

Not landing Fisher was disaterous to this franchise. And pretty shocking.

Posted by: Ron Son | May 06, 2012 at 02:27 PM

Please elaborate.

Guys, whoever is on the Dolphins is great and whoever we dont get or leaves the team stinks. Whats so hard to understand?


The Dolphins previously had 3 novice NFL HC's. Saban, Cameron, and Sparano. All had losing records and are no longer NFL HC's. So the Dolphins hire ANOTHER novice HC!! Total insanity!

Ron Son - Fisher is 0.542 lifetime.
That doesn't make me jump up and down with excitement.

Ron Son - Fisher is 0.542 lifetime.
That doesn't make me jump up and down with excitement.
Posted by: Tim in Tampa | May 06, 2012 at 02:43 PM

Its a lot better the 0-0 and no experience. Shula, JJ, and Wanny all had experience and all had winning records here.

Philbin is a lot more likely to be another Cameron or Sparano then another Shula.

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