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Cameron Wake signs extension, Dolphins on a roll

More positive news for the Dolphins: They will not have an ugly or contentious contract holdout from Cameron Wake this summer.

Wake has signed a four-year contract extension with the Dolphins that will pay him $20 million in guaranteed money, according to an NFL source. The amount of the extension is unclear although ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting it is worth $49 million. Schefter was the first to report the extension. The Dolphins have released a statement confirming it.

“We are pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with Cam and his agent, Paul Sheehy to extend Cam’s contract,” said Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland. “Cam has been a productive player ever since he joined the Dolphins, and has been a great teammate and an outstanding citizen. His work ethic and professionalism on the field and in the locker room has made him a leader by example. We also appreciate all the community activities he has done. We always try to reward our own players for their contributions to the team and Cam certainly deserves that recognition. I want to thank Cam and Paul for their hard work in getting this extension done.”

The true amount of the extension will be determined when the actual contract is signed and available for inspection.

Postive news has been a trend for the Dolphins of late, as I write in my column in today's Miami Herald. I make the point in the column that after a very, very, very rough patch in March, the club has climbed out of the mire and is getting some positive reviews from fans, the media, and others around the NFL.

The draft had a lot to do with this and, more importantly, the drafting of Ryan Tannehill.

I know a lot of you are going to ask where exactly the Dolphins are getting all this cap space for Wake. Well, the majority of the space being used is not in 2012 but in 2013 and beyond. I assume the deal has a big bonus payable this year that will be prorated over the life of the deal through 2016. That will serve in bringing Wake's pay this year, originally scheduled at $615,000, up to his current performance levels while only a prorated portion of it counts toward this year's cap.

Obviously, the Dolphins must sign their draft picks and have work to do in getting an extension with Jake Long as well but this deal should not preclude them from doing that


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"But until the season begins, these moves are all that matter. They have changed the mood. The Dolphins are not the Titanic now. They are, instead, sailing with the wind at their backs."


I may feel more encouraged by the Dolphins but "sailing with the wind at their backs???" Give me a break. The Dolphins started the season 0-7 last year. That's pathetic & a 6 win season is not going to erase that. In short--the Dolphins need to start this season with wins. If that happens & the defense plays lights out I think this team can win 8 or 9 games (at most) this season BUT this is not a team that is ready to compete for a Wild Card spot or a division for that matter. That's just not realistic.

IMO--I don't believe that day will come until 2013 (at the earliest) & that's only if Moore takes his game to another level in the new offense or if Tannehill becomes the next Andy Dalton & if we upgrade our WR's. Lots of "ifs" in that sentence...

Cora doing a great job of managing the Marlins.

I continue to be very impressed by Philbin's evaluation of Players and the position that suits them best.
Posted by: oscar canosa | May 06, 2012 at 06:47 PM

LOL. You liked Cameron too...before he coached a game.

Also, I can nearly guarantee you, right now the heavy duty money of the Pats salary cap is tied up in Wilfork, Brady, and that oline. Money has to be tied up in the oline because no matter how great the qb he cant throw lying on his back.

This why the Pats have spent so much more less. Oh, and Welker was resigned to big bucks too.


No doubt. Other than Brady--Wilfork & Mankins were the exceptions to the Pats strategy which is not to pay ANYONE big time money.

It's all just talk until game one. That's where the rubber meets the road.

Philbin is being evaluated on his actions as a HC, obviously not on results. But if he evaluates players correctly like a good HC does, if he situates players correctly like a god HC does then he must be a good HC. Sounds logical, to me.

I have a feeling that if by chance some of these Posters here ever meet me in the Streets, I will write no mo.

Bob Kraft is very cheap, and devious.

oscar..... Ozzie is the Marlins manager

Is he really?

I don't read other teams blogs, but I would imagine all their fans are always as equally pessimistic and miserable as they are here.

Bloggers here don't look for the silver lining, they look for the worst of all possible outcomes.

Probably, selzo.

If you want to criticize and hate Ireland, first to the justice of evaluating the other 31 GM's drafts over the last several years, player by player. Add up the hits and misses, then form an opinion.

Do you homework before ragging like a sexually frustrated washer woman.

I think its safe to say fans of the crap teams like the Dolphins are understandably pessimistic.

Never pessimistic, MJ. Frustrated, yes.

Wake you really need to deliver the goods now, big time!! You have the $$$ you wanted, now show us you can be a dominant player throughout the entire contract you just signed. The whole football world is watching.

How can there be a positive spin when we didnt get Fisher, Manning, Flynn, or RG3, and lost Brandon Marshall and Mike Nolan? This was the offseason from hell.

Posted by: Ron Son | May 06, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Because Fisher wanted too much control over personnel matters than Ross was willing to give him and has been an average coach for most of his career. Manning might not make through an entire season would have busted the 'Phins cap to sign. Flynn was asking more than Ireland was willing to gamble on a player that has had only 2 good games. RG3 would have cost us way more than the extra 2 1sts and a 2nd the 'Skins paid. Marshall dropped way too many passes for what they were paying him, especially since they're moving to a West Coast offense. Nolan I can sort of agree with, but want to see how the new DC does before passing final judgment on the move.

Philbin is a lot more likely to be another Cameron or Sparano then another Shula.

Posted by: Ron Son | May 06, 2012 at 02:47 PM
Based on what?

Based on the fact that Ron Son is really nothing but a sock monkey and doesn't really understand the game of football. and has a whilly the size of a 2 year old... HEY Ron Son! Go find another team ... not only are we going to change the culture of the team , but we are going to change the culture of the fans! so either jump on board or get out.... hope Joe Philbin becomes coach of the year... GO DOLPHINS! screw the trolls

awesome and critical move by the Fins... good to know C-Wake will be retiring as a Dolphin... 1 down, a few more to come...

Keep it up Ireland & Co.

The drafting of Ryan Tannehill was a huge negative. He sucked in college and was a major reach in the 1st round. Just because you take another second round talent in the first doesn't make him a first round talent. As for Wake, that is the first positive ive seen from the Dolphins.

Why don't the dolphins go after one of the free agent wide receivers currently unsigned? Even T.O. (Too Old) would qualify as an upgrade for the Dolphins!

they needed to get him signed

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