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6 down, 3 to go

Sorry about the relative lateness of this posting. Both Barry Jackson and I have had problems with the TypePad mobile site so this post got delayed by my run from Doral Golf Resort & Country Club (no, I wasn't getting in 18, yes, it was work -- see my FIU blog soon over at http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports) down to New Chinatown for a week's worth of Chinese food.

So you've probably already read elsewhere -- maybe even on my Twitter feed, http://twitter.com/DavidJNeal -- that the Dolphins signed Univesity of Miami running back Lamar Miller to a four-year deal this afternoon. Miller, a fourth-round pick, is the sixth Dolphins draft pick to sign. Remaining: Ryan Tannehill, Olivier Vernon and Michael Egnew. 

If you haven't read it elsewhere, you just did here and thank you for reading.

Armando will be back from vacation sometime in June. Or July.


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whens the new maxim mag hittin the stands?

Lets hope Miller turns out better then D Thomas did.

Ross, save the Dolphins. SELL THE TEAM!

Irescum does not have even one player that qualifies to start from his 2012 NFL Draft....on a 6-10 team!! YIKES!!

I'll admit I was furious at Miller's drafting, picking up a guy for a position where we had 3 starter quality players already, one of them off his rookie year. That said...

Miller may prove very valuable if they do what they're intimating they'll do which is move him around everywhere, including slot. Thomas will be odd man out despite his confidence that his blocking will get him on the field in passing situations. If I had a guess into coach's mind, I'd be thinking the opposite.

I thought Thomas was a mistake last year (we passed up DeMarco Murray for him), and I still think so.

Can we trade him for a receiver?

I see two players that can start on any team in the NFL, Miller being one, and Martin at tackle the other.

Can we stop with the 'Armando's on vacation' charade?

It's another furlough, clearly.

Remember, masturbating is the best thing to get you through up til Ireturn in all of my magnificence.

Keep Salguero on indefinite vacation. Readers have not missed him a bit. Barry Jackson is informed, precise, brings a variety of sports to the paper and does not go out on a limb on matters. A true professional I say.

I heard Omar at the SS is getting laid off also. I guess there just isnt that much interest in the Dolphins these days like in the past.

Dolphins will remain cellar dwellars for the near future.

Love the Miller signing...I think he'll be a play maker, even though others think he wasn't a needed pick

Join the discussion.....

This blog has been up for almost 7 hours now.

11 TOTAL comments, only 3 of which contains more than 1 sentence(not counting JS of course. He's not a "regular" anyways).

NICE WORK Blog Hit Troll! You've managed to ward off all the dull boring people that like to talk stupid old football ;)

But that's OK sweet cheeks, you just click your heels together and blame it on that mean old Ohioan!

(A "ROARING" - Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!)


Blog Hit Troll.......oll........oll.......o........o...

Does It Sound Funny In Here........ere.......ere......ere...?

EXCELLENT work if I do say so myself Twinkle Toes.......oes........oes........oes...



bunch of phony fans on this blog. purely pathetic. congratulations.


We'll see how long the garbage this blog has become lasts when traing camp starts and it is a more scrutinized forum... If the Herald, Post and SS are not careful, the 3 or 4 private moderated blogs will empty these forums of all but the trolls and those like "Home" who have been booted from at LEAST one private blog I know of.

To the Miami fans who really care... try and get a site to a real blog... They are out there, but they will never put up with what you see here... these people who have destroyed this blog would be booted day one....

I am a Dolphins fan from the Dan Marino days!

Paul, what do you mean. Thomas was the 2nd leading rookie rusher in the AFC, and 3rd in all of the NFL. That's not too shabby. In his 1st 2 games he rushed for over 200 yards, what so bad about that. Maybe you should know better.

Here are probably starters or large contributors from the 2012 draft

Tannehill - Starter by the 10th game.
Martin - Starter day one at either RT or RG.
Vernon - 3rd down rusher, may win a start.
Egnew - seam TE, will catch 40 passes.
Miller - 3rd down back, will be as effective as DT 600 yards.
Kaddu - ST contributor situational LB
Cunningham - PS
Randall - back up tackle.
Matthews - 20 to 30 receptions, put returner.

Not a bad draft. If this happens it's a B+ draft.

People that say D Thomas was a bust never wathed him run a down. It's a stupid uneducated comment because he didn't rush for 1,000 yards on the stat sheet.

Miller looks like a reggie bush type. Remember, Bush is only signed through this season.

Daniel Thomas?? who is he? Oh hang on a minute he was that dude who ran well for 2 games out of 16,yeah thats right.Crikey I'd almost forgot about him.What is he doing now,collecting the trash? Best place for him.

Miller might not have been a "position of need" pick but you don't pass up a 1st round talent when he's there for the taking in the 4 th round.

Bush and Miller on the field at the same time? talk about mismatches.

And if Reggie goes down for a few games, or more. The O does not miss a beat.

allwhitemiam, the reason his production went down was that he had a hamstring injury. And you mean the guy that ran for 44.7 yard a game, had a long of 28 yards, was a solid pass blocker, was 3rd ranked rookie rusher in the NFL. Only a stoop would think he;s a trash, or has no concept of football.,

I was VERY impressed with Thomas during those 2 games when he was healthy - he is a very smooth runner.

Quick to the hole and never went down on first contact and has a few moves for a power back.

allwhitemiam, don't post without knowing.

How is it that odin, with his endless meanderings about total crap, is not considered the #1 troll? The guy is a slum dog, he is already slumming down ohio's blog.

How to make a bowl of odin.

1. Buy a box of dehydrated dog vomit from your local pet shop.

2. Empty contents in a large bowl.

3. Add 1 quart boiling water.

Stir and enjoy!

phins78 is a silly crybaby...looks at this post from the other site? will someone change his diapers?

phins78 Says:
June 2, 2012 at 9:46 am
Jon please read some of the posts from last night. This is obviously the same guy who is trolling at the Herald.....he uses the same exact style of attack he used there. Either way he went overboard even when confronted with initial kindness.

The Dolphins would never have added Jerome Messam(CFL MVP)and drafted Lamar Miller, to add to Reggie Bush unless they know D Thomas is a bust. D Thomas will be the 4th RB option this year and a likely cut after this season.

Join the discussion.....

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | June 01, 2012 at 11:27 PM

This is the hypocrite god lover boy's way of saying on Armando's blog to come over to his blog.

Some of you read too much into the Miller pick. There is no way pre draft they could have expected Miller to still be available in the 4th round. He was, and they seized the opportunity to pick up a steal. Speed, moves, hands. It doesn't mean that they lost faith in Thomas, it means we now have two fast break away backs and a great inside pounder. It's called depth.

Phins78, add him to the list of wussies too afraid of the real world that they need to ask bible thumpers to censor and protect them.

waah waah mommy help me | June 02, 2012 at 11:44 AM

Hey waah,

Phins78 is a puss italiano, just like the french, they let hitler into their country while they sat back and ate pasta and soft cheese. We had to storm Normandy to push Hitler out for them otherwise they would have swastikas on their deeks right now.

Fin 1984, Messam is ticketed for the practice squad, and Miller is a premium pick, that is a safety net for because Bush is injury prone, and in the last year of his contract. Nothing to do with DT. Come on get a little knowledge.

Those few those bloggers that proclaim themselves to be the 'good' bloggers that the 'trolls' scared off have been bickering like old washerwomen on the other blog for the last two days. They sound like six your olds with their endless tit for tat over total nonsense.


Believe the Miami Dolphins finish the season 5-11

not feelin this 2012 NFL Draft

Think Jeffrey really phucked up here w TannyREACH and
LT Martin is weak and now transitioning to RT where we already have incumbent RT who is better and stronger

Call him a finesse player if u like but
Martin bench presses 225 lbs 20 times
The LT we already have Jake Long bench pressed 225 lbs 37 times

This is only one example of Martin’s weakness

Sorry Dolfans
Will always root 4 our team, but it aint happening the next 2-3 yrs

U will see as the season unfolds and these draft picks by Jeffrey expose themselves

Jeffery’s trade compensation for the MVP of the Pro Bowl, #1 WR that always demands double coverage
was an, “Egnew”

R U Kidding me

That’s 3 picks and 3 strikes for FIRELAND

Soon u will agree

Think Philbin is a good practice coach at OC and a great football guy to sit down with at Dunkin Donuts and have a coffee and chat some football

However Philbin has absolutely 0 experience on game day in the NFL as an OC calling plays and absolutely 0 experience as an NFL HC

Philbin is competing w HOF & multi SB winning coach Belichick and a steller defensive draft to compliment the SB runner up team, Rex Ryan who has brought his team to 2 AFC Championship games in the last 3 yrs is now teamed w OC Sparano w winning QB/FB Tebow and excellent deep threat WR Hill as well as the best DE pass rusher in the 2012 Draft, and
The Bills have vastly improved in FA in the off season, esp in pass rush w Williams and Anderson, If FitzMagic gets back to his winning form and the NFL’s leading rusher(prior to injury) is healthy again then the Bills will also be a contender

Alfred looks objectively at the whole AFC east big picture

and believes Philbin will be good chalk board coach as the fish will have a cute little team to play on the playground on Sundays

The Miami Dolphins as of this year
Have NOT won a Play Off Game in 12 Freakin yrs

Therefore ur outdated corny lil song does not work or make sense anymore

“The greatest football team”
“When you’re talking Miami , You’re talking Super Bowl”

R U Freakin Kidding , Dmann?!

Miami was 8th from worst out of 32 teams last yr and
has not sniffed winning a Super Bowl in 44 yrs or 2 generations

The Dolphins unfortunately are the laughing stock of the NFL and have been banned due to lack of performance and embarrassing themselves on ALL NATIONAL NITE GAMES. No MNF, No SNF at all this season as the league does not want theses jesters embarrassing the NFL and themselves any longer
(one token Thurs nite game against the Bills that nobody cares about)

Miami has had 5 losing seasons in a row including a perfect losing season until Baltimore HC Brian Billick threw the game and was subsequently fired after the game 1-15 and then the lucky turnaround
(X-Jet QB fell in our lap after the Draft and dinked & dunked us to a humiliating 1st round Play Off loss)which only Home HARDCORE predicted in preseason- the Dolphins winning the AFC east
After that it was 3 more losing seasons in a row w Jeff Ireland including 1-8 at home games and then 0-7 start
Now Ireland has a 2012 NFL DRAFT of which NOT EVEN ONE PLAYER picked is going to start this season

We are all fans here but
Fans of a low hapless losing NFL Home Team further decaying and stinking in the hands of perennial loser Jeff Ireland

Biggest disappointment this year, Facebook stock plummeting and maybe diworsifying into the cell phone biz to further drive down the vastly overpriced stock or

The fact that Jeff Ireland, despite looking like a “high character guy”
in a white collared starched shirt and shiny dome,
does not have even one player that qualifies to start from his stupendous picks in the 2012 NFL Draft ?


I quarantee you Messam is NOT gonna be on the practice squad. They think he's as big a find as Cam Wake from the CFL. If anyone goes to the practice squad its D Thomas.

//Could anything be more laughably boring than that other blog?//

Omg who cares about other blogs. Why do you guys always talk about what goes on in other blogs? Are you that bored because I thought we were here to talk about the Dolphins. The other blog you speak of seems to be more fun than in here. I wonder if they constantly talk about this blog like you guys do theirs. Anyone have a link? The other blog is actually starting to sound good after hearing so much about it.


RB Daniel Thomas will have his 1st full yr this season

Thomas will DEF NOT be going to the practice squad
Jeff Ireland traded away 2 draft picks to move up and get Thomas

So if Thomas does not prove to be a good RB
Expect FIRELAND to be the one going to the CFL

tim,Ohio's blog isnt as fun as this one.

I dont think D Thomas is going to the practice squad. I'm saying he will RB option #4. I expect Messam to be almost as good as Reggie and to be RB #2 with Miller 3rd and Thomas 4th.

Home, I seriously doubt the CFL wants Irescum.

I don't know Ron Son but these guys talk about it an awful lot. You would think if it sucked they wouldnt be goin over there all the time. And I havent found this blog to be very fun so far. Seems like a lot of kids here

What is the link to Ohio Dolphin's blog?
I Checked out blog where a lot of Omar's lost cronies regurgitate at and found it to be second hand stolen information. There is some desperate lonely broad, think New Jersey's old discards looking for another dirty dick pretending to know something about football. LOL.

So hook us up with link to Ohio' blog.

whos ohio? Is he the blog onwer they talk about?

Ok this is boring, im out.

tim, Kids are fun. And its Ohio and his aliases that talk about it mostly. He gets free advertising from here.

On Ohio's blog and some of the other homer blogs they talk about how great EVERYONE on the Dolphins is yet offer no realistic explanation to why we have 3 consecuive losing seasons. Everyone on the team is great and everyone not on the team stinks according to them. LOL

Low blow "hook me up"

The blog is pretty cool and although they re almost all blind delusional homers that refuse to see the truth, they are over all decent people

And dont be picking on the girl

She is good people and contributes a lot there

Home was blogging there for awhile, but they could not handle Home getting his first prediction of the year 100 % correct as it trampled on their egos (not exactly sure why they have egos ;) lol

NostraHomeUs only made one prediction there in the afternoon of Heat Pacers game 6:

Heat will win the game and series tonight by 12 points

10 hours later after posting prediction

Heat won by exactly 12 points

Best prediction and a happy time for all HEAT and Florida residents

Yet not one Congrats to Home from the X-Omar Kelly worshipers

Instead they act like assses & rude

Home predicts our team will be ad ths year and Jeff Ireland at best earns a "D" in the draft as not one pick even deserves a starting position on a 6-10 team


and the jaded Miami Dolphin bloggers cannot see it
except for "Old Dolfan" another blogger like Home that actually goes to the games (although Home makes all the practices and Training Camps) and sees much more than the tv viewer or desk chair reader of other peoples coverage

5-11 for the Dolphins this season and Ireland's Draft SUCKED big time, no starters, not one!

I could be wrong, but I don't think Daniel Thomas qualifies for the practice squad.

He was on the active roster last year and played in enough to make him ineligible I believe.

"......played in enough GAMES to make him ineligible.........."

Mike, Philbin said we are using Lamar Miller in the slot.
Remember he ran track for NCAA and is one of the fastest people in the nation.
He will be far more productive than Daniel Thomas this year because we have no recievers.

I think you're right odinseye

I just think Messam and Miller will be studs. That would make Thomas expendable by trade/cut.

The other blog you speak of seems to be more fun than in here.
Posted by: tim | June 02, 2012 at 01:59 PM

They bicker like children over there. Then there is odin with his usually annoying rap that makes the trolls look like Shakespeare.

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