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6 down, 3 to go

Sorry about the relative lateness of this posting. Both Barry Jackson and I have had problems with the TypePad mobile site so this post got delayed by my run from Doral Golf Resort & Country Club (no, I wasn't getting in 18, yes, it was work -- see my FIU blog soon over at http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports) down to New Chinatown for a week's worth of Chinese food.

So you've probably already read elsewhere -- maybe even on my Twitter feed, http://twitter.com/DavidJNeal -- that the Dolphins signed Univesity of Miami running back Lamar Miller to a four-year deal this afternoon. Miller, a fourth-round pick, is the sixth Dolphins draft pick to sign. Remaining: Ryan Tannehill, Olivier Vernon and Michael Egnew. 

If you haven't read it elsewhere, you just did here and thank you for reading.

Armando will be back from vacation sometime in June. Or July.


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And Miami didn't play in Joe Robbie stadium back then .. Joe Robbie stadium wasn't built until 1987 ... Get your facts Straight!!!

Maybe NYG is a fan, but he is stuck on wanting to hate and can't see anything positive, to the point it seems he hopes for the negative, that after game 7 we are out of it again.

The team is on the right track. SB's don't come easy for anybody.

Is Tim still around?

Klause thinks we cant evaluate a QB until his stated anount of time goes by? WTF Dude!

Klausey, there aint much positive about 6-10. Or 3 consecutive losing seasons.

@Klause ... if NYG is a dolphin fan .. he is the worst fan Miami has. never talks good about the team . would talk bad about the team no matter which direction they went. uses the name NYG as his screen name. probably cheers when the other team scores. Me ,myself would wish the "so called" fans like him would just give up on the team and go support another one. he likes the Giants, should become a Giant fan then. We are starting a new culture here. New coach, new team, and yes maybe we need to weed out some of the fans as well... Bye bye fair weathered fans, Get lost!

jeffrow, its no fun watching the team lose all their home games. Its getting old. Way too many dissapointments from every QB and coach and GM thats worked for this franchise this century to be an avid fan.

It's easy to be miserable being stuck on the past. I'm talking about now, nothing else matters, you can't changed the years past.

Many of you have fear of taking an objective view of where we are now. You prefer to sit around bashing Ireland and it seems more like you hope the team fails than succeeds. If you want to say none of our draft picks this year will make the pro bowl, therefore everything is a failure, well that is nothing but a defeatist attitude. I can't help you.

The team today, which is the only thing I care about, is in better shape than it has been for many years. Try making a convincing argument otherwise.

Criticism without objectivity is nothing but negativity. There are many things to be critical of, many mistakes have been made, but other teams make the same mistakes just as often. To just harp on what went wrong and refuse to acknowledge any of the positives is simply a defeatist attitude, someone wanting failure to prove them correct. Sad. Would you teach your kids to be like that?

Klause I think its you that has problems with objectivity. 6-10 Klause. And a pathetic FO.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother reading the Comments section of this blog! It's always the same old stuff over and over again; trolls looking for someone to play with them, the uninformed spouting opinion as fact, those who never bother checking their facts, an occasional fan who is basically clueless about the team and it's history, and here and there, an actual football statement or question. Mostly, it's a zoo with the monkeys in charge! It's always at its worst during the off season; crude, rude, and vulgar! It makes me tired. Someone wake me when the season starts...

Miami goes 9-7 due to an easy schedule, better coaching, and the retirement of Sparano's ex-Cowboy Right Tackle, in my opinion. However, the biggest hurdle is the new systems in place; WCO & 4-3 Defense. It usually takes at least a year in a new system before everyone gets on the same page. I expect that if Tannehill is to start this year, it will be after the Bye-week. But, I don't have a crystal ball so I really don't know any more than any of you guys. No one knows who will step up and who will struggle. Or, who will get injured and when and what effect that will have on the team.

GO DOLPHINS! Looking forward to the new season.

TGH, so tell me how many more years you are going to cry about last years record? Why not take an objective look at all positions now, including coaches, and ask your self if the team is going forward or backward? At least make an objective argument regarding the team today, yesterdays team is irrelevant.

TGH, so tell me how many more years you are going to cry about last years record?

Posted by: Klause | June 03, 2012 at 12:32 AM

Until I see more talent and lots of W's.

The pundits, for whatever its worth, rated our draft pretty good. But half the fans here like NYG insist not one player is a starter and they would all be on the bench on any other team.

Sorry, that is beyond ridiculous. There is such at thing as reasonable criticism and unreasonable criticism.

Jeffrow, Klause, MJ and "AlL of you many MANY different posters" who are not one in the same(trying to drum up blog hits under multiple aliases)-ROTFLMAO):

I would just like to hand out an award under my newest Category:

THE: **Instant Fail of the Day Award**

This new prestgious honor goes out to Jeffrow.

Jeffrow spent over an hour making post after post accusing NY G of being wrong for claiming The Dolphins played in the AFL. Jeffrow(and his "MINIONS"......(ahem).....lol)even went so far as to call NY G a LIAR for making this claim and promptly admonished him to "Learn His Facts" next time.

All except for one small, but IMPORTANT detail, Jeffrow was really "Taking It Too" NY G.

The small, but IMPORTANT detail?

NY G NEVER actually made this claim(GuuuuFFaaaaaW)!

Judge for yourselves(I guess I should say YOURSELF(singular)in Jeffrow, Clause and MJ's case-lol). Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anybody though, it's a highly guarded secret around here. They/He(lol)wouldn't want everyone to know he's the only poster/troll left around here-ROTFLMFAO!

Anywhoo, judge for yourself:



Listen kid.. I been a Fin fan before you were even a wink. Benn through it since the AFL merger. AFL means American Football league kid. The Dolphins merged with the NFL and I was even a fan back to Dolphin Coach Wilson days.

So to call me a jet fan or any other fan you are ill informed. And for the record.. I LIKE the Giants and what Dolphin wouldn't? The Giants are patriot Killers and saved our undefeated record and beat them twice in the Superbowl. If that doesn't make you happy like I am I don't know what will.

Jeffrow, I've read this post and all of the relevant ones following. NY G simply never said what you accused him of saying.

If you were a real man you would simply apologize and move on. Anything other than that, you have earned and deserve the NEW **Instant Fail Of The Day Award**

Woooooooo-Whoooooooop!!!! CONGRATULATIONS-JEFFROW!!!!

PS: I doubt that you'll understand what I'm typing, but what the heck, I try to help out when I can:

JEFFROW, you might want to consider brushing up on your **READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS**. This will help reduce the amount of times you make yourself look like an "Utter Goofball" ;)

PSS: I typed that REAL SLOW for ya. Don't mention it, you KNOW you're WELCOME ;)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Posted by: NY "G" | June 02, 2012 at 06:32 PM



I'm well aware of NY G's post at 7:35.

But that's NOT the post you were erroneously responding too for over an HOUR now was it?


You Sir are the very FIRST winner of the all too prestigious **Instant Fail Of The Day Award**

Sit back and ENJOY my Good Man, you have MORE than EARNED this Award!

Blaaaaaah Haaaaaaaaa Waaaah Haaaaaaaaa Whoooo-Whoopty WOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!

BhwaaaaaaAAAAAA HaaaaaaAAAAAA HaaaaaaAAAAAA!!!!

Silly TROLL!

Tricks are for Hooka's

Silly TROLL!

Tricks are for Hooka's

Posted by: odinseye | June 03, 2012 at 04:32 AM

Your endless, annoying, drivel babble banter makes you the King Blog Polluters (KBP) and worse than all the Trolls combined. Why don't you stay over at the OCJ blog and squabble with the likes of crybaby Phag78 and gang?

@ odinseye | June 03, 2012 at 03:07 AM

So now the Village Idiot Odin (VIO) is complaining people are talking about football and calling them trolls too?

He sounds jealous others are talking football without him.

I guess he desperately wants us believe that only the two or three people that ever respond to him now are worthwhile posters and everyone else is a troll.

This blog would get back to normal fast if he were banned. He'll never realize how much baggage and crap he brings here.


1. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

2. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

3. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

4. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

5. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

6. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

7. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

8. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

9. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

10. I will not debate, cajole, engage, or respond to Odin about anything ever again.

Gee, you totally skipped over the fact that NY G schooled you and the whole time, not only did you NOT EVEN realize it, you were babbling away blissfully on in your ignorance-ROTFLMAO!

I just love laughing at dumbasses ;)

BTW, whoever mentioned Phins 78?

Oops! That would be YOU. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........posting incognito over at Ohio's blog are we?

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

In case you're COMPLETELY missing it(and you usually are)I've only been coming here, when you show up over there-Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!

Capische? No? Well, maybe Armando will come back some day. Then he can explain it to you and tell you what to think - ROTFLMAO - Like Him Always Do ;)

Stay the fvck off Ohio's blog and I'll stay way the fvck away from this Gaytarded Piece of Shyt you call a Blog.

Got it DoucheBag?

Now go brush the Rainbow room outcha mouf and suck on some Mint Tea!

Feeeeeeeeeee - Agggggggggggggggggggg!!!!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Silly Troll, Dolphin Talk is for REAL Fans!

I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but I'm going to repost this so everyone over there can see the curious **TIMING** and Mention of Phins 78(after all, Phins 78 hasn't been mentioned here for days and days).

It's pretty ironic that this was posted 20 minutes after my comments on a riff between Ozkar and Phins 78.

What are the odds?

Seriously man, we can have a truce if you want. I'll say it again. You stay here(as in not THERE AT ALL)and you will never see me here ever again.

It's that simple man. That's the only option you get. Otherwise, I will continue to come here as often as I see you spreading your trailer park trash over there.

odinseye | June 03, 2012 at 05:48 AM

Another endless contribution of muck from the ever present Village Idiot Odin (VIO).

Odin is suffering from Chronic Troll Syndrome. If you don't talk football, you are a troll. If you do talk football, he still calls you a troll. He is suffering from Paranoia that every one is a Troll out to get him.

Oscar, this is up your alley. Have you had any patients with similar psychotic trauma and is it curable?

Odin is losing his mind over at the other blog (I guess he didn't have one to lose). He is on a psychopathic meltdown over there asking that certain posters be banned. He is bringing that blog down to soap opera central too. What a total nutcase.

I've advised the paramedics to bring tranquilizers, they are on their way....


The trolls are EVERYWHERE Man. Their gonna get me!


Dude, you slip up 6 ways from Sunday. You know you do.

If you show up over there, I'll be here pointing out all your stupid worthless **ROUTINES**.

Your just pissing sour grapes cause I got your number - ROTFLMAO!

Hey! Before I go, do that stupid immigrant routine where your the foreigner coming to America for the first time to see the Dolphins play.

You remember, it's the one where you ask everybody about public transit from the Airport to the stadium.

That one is funny...........NOT!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Actually we do have one guy over there acting like Dolphin In Depth Trailer Park Trash.

We don't need that boring trollish bullshyt over there. He's usually half drunk, throwing around F-Bombs and never really making any coherent points.

Just your average, run of the mill Dolphins In Depth Trailer Park Trash.

If it were up to me, the guy would be banned already. The Sentinal surely wouldn't be putting up with you.........ah......his antics.

HOPEFULLY Jon will see it the same way.

Thanks For Asking Though.

Odin is threatening to leave the other blog LOL. Isn't that like threatening someone that you will do them a huge favor? LOL.

How many blogs have now ostracized odin now?

a. 3
b. 7
c. Every one he ever posted at

Yes, if you chose 'c', you got the right answer!





Bhwaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Tell the truth. You feel like that gumpy fat kid that always gets picked last at recess don't you?

(Oh God, I crack me up ;) I got a belly laugh out of that one)

Gumpy Fat Kid.

You get it, Heh, heh?




BRO, Heh, heh?

VIO should take a moment to read his rants here and on the other blog. Any sensible person would quickly see that his endless babble is the #1 problem, but then again, he isn't sensible.

Why is it VIO and his buddy phago78 are the only ones constantly asking that others be banned? Hmmmmm. Verrrry interesting....

Hey, is there any truth to the rumor that Armando isn't on vacation, but on Administrative Leave?

I'm in charge now.
I am the eyez and eers of the Dolfins!

I root for all the home teams, Heat, Marlins, Panthers, but am disgusted with the Dolphins. Its been painful.

Any fan that claims they have more confidence in Philbin, then they did in Sparano, Cameron, or Saban (all failures), is lying.

You put the lime n da coconut eat da bowl up

I dont seeing the offense moving forward minus Da Beast.

what was that you guys were telling me about how they bicker like school children in that other blog? Sounds just like this one.


Isnt bickering the purpose of blogs? Its just difference of opinion. Embrace it.

I agree mr. but I was asking to be linked to the other blog and they wouldnt help me out and were saying all they do is bicker like children. i don't care but if you say someone bickers like children and you dont like it but then do it your self for hours at a time it seems stupid.

Tommy Lee, what's the website address where Pamela is riding your snake?

You guys are the greatest. Where is "T" ?

I used to trip on T and acid and mushrooms and....wow!

Did u guys ever watch me hump a fish?

Where's my Dildo?

Freakin NJ loses his dildo at every party.
I'm listening to Pink Floyd!

Ask NJ if he is EVER going to return Colon Pokey!

U guys

Must Be Crazy?

U Must Be Nuts!

I'm out of here!

Home is kookoo.

As crazy as they try and say Homey is and he can't even stomache this place.

I don't blame you Homey. Their sitting around talking poop jokes, dildos and cork sizes.

These fvcking pukes wanna blame EVERYONE ELSE for this place being the Ghetto of ALL sporting blogs.


LOSERS - Bhwaaaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaa!!!!

Terrible team = Terrible blog.

I just took a giant odin, Now I'am flushing it.WOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH

They'll even try and blame what they did to the blog - **ON THE TEAM** - ROTFLMFAO!

Truly these guys are the epitome of P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!

Blame it on ANYBODY except yourselves-lol. You know, you guys that actually talk poopy, dildos and coch everyday all day long ;)

Fvcking Pukes(guttural laughter). Blaming it on the team now, that has to be an all time low, even for lowlifes such as yourselves-lol.


I just took a giant odin, Now I'am flushing it.WOOOOOOSSSSSSHHHHHHHH

Posted by: Coalition to Ban Ireland And Odin. | June 03, 2012 at 02:24 PM

You're not fooling anyone. That WHOOSHING sound isn't your toilet. It's the sound your butt makes after a Hard Days Night "working" the Rainbow Room.

Most people make farting sounds when they pass gas. Not Coalition "The Rainbow Room Queenie".

His shyt is so BLOWN out, when he passes gas it makes a GIGANTIC WHOOOOOOOOSHING SOUND - LOL.

Odin, You all Alco/Druggie, How you doing??

Odin, Sorry, Ment to say "How you Doing today"?
Having key board issues like kris had a few months ago.

Armando will be back from vacation sometime in June. Or July.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2012/06/6-down-3-to-go/comments/page/4/#comments#storylink=cpy

Gotta get a job like Mando, Vacationing for two months..

Well I finally got my 3 yo toilet trained, now he just has to remember to flush his odin down the toilet.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Just checking out Ohios blog, Did you guys know Odin's been posting since 330 June 1st till now?
Odins been posting for almost 48 stright hours now.
You go Odin, Break that record.

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