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Dolphins sign a Lane

Apparently, the Dolphins philosophy has changed from rummaging through the remains of Dallas' 2000s disappointment to Texas A&M's more current disappointment. The team signed former Aggies fullback Jorvorskie Lane, who played under Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman when Sherman was in College Station.

Lane's also a brother of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley (most people would say Lane and Finley are "half-brothers" but I have a so-called "half-brother" and it feels an insult to call him anything other than my "brother.").

The fullback seems less like a Lane and more like an entire block at 5-11, 277. Not surprising, then that he Pete Johnson-ed his way to 49 touchdowns in 49 college games and 2,090 yards on 461 carries. He didn't get drafted in 2009 after he appeared unable to run at a too-robust-for-even-Woody-Hayes 290-295. He's spent time both the Indoor Football League and the Arena Football League.


My first thought was to wonder if he was related to former massive NFL fullback MacArthur Lane, a Pro Bowl back in 1970. Couldn't find any connection however.


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Talking Football......you know where....

He sounds like a bruiser.
Would love to run him the Pats and the Jets just to see him hurt somebody.

"at"the Pats and the Jets

Bye Bye D Thomas!!

Sparano would love him, wait, we dumped Polite before the season started. He can't do anything without a line, run him to the left to start the season.

Another acorn.
I'm not opposed, but it is curious why the feelers are out from Ireland's office to find guys that either should star in "The Replacements" or "The Longest Yard."

Yeah he's a bruiser, 277lb, and has had some production. Understandable interest.

But the NFL didn't want him before, and he's been out of football after a single season in the Indoor league. Something is amiss here.

Oh well, have a look at him.
Just hoping the A&M nepotism flag isn't raised any higher.

Indeed...more acorns. How many good free agent signings have we actually made in the last 5 yrs??? Waste of time with Lane who is already many cheeseburgers over a reasonable playing weight.

We need to sign a wr who can get open and consistently separate from coverage. For coach P to be such an offense guru how does he not see that our passing game will be embarrassing with who we will line up come game 1.

mando is that you? are you back?

You look at his 4.5 yds per carry and it looks pretty good. He will come in handy at the goal line to clear a path . And also to help with blocking for Miller nd Bush. If he gets into the open field i feel sorry for the guy that has to stop him.

Sherman, Tannehill & Texas A&M's leftovers.

While a lot of fans are goo goo gaga gaga over this past draft INCLUDING Tannehill I am not one of them.

The connection only shows that people know players and the players know the coach which normally is a good thing but when you pluck collage kids that failed including the Coach Sherman who was fired so exactly what does that translate for them playing at Pro level against REAL D?

I don't see any + side and at best a 6 W season. Don't misunderstand me one bit as I want to WIN and compete and go to the Superbowl just like all of us but I don't see that or anything different from the past except that the HC changes and his staff.

As a lifer Dolphin fan I am NOT settling for mediocrity and am NOT accepting that we give it another few years for rebuilding, new HC, bla, bla, bla.

THIS TEAM has to produce and that's that.

Just another season of promises and keeping my fingers crossed that I am wrong.

The Fins will stink again this year.

You're aren't alone NYG.
Many concerns, legit in my book, and I am one that will have to be shown to believe all has changed.
I don't believe Ireland "killed it" at all.
And Sherman's influence is starting to bother me.
Of all the people coaching or running things, Philbin is the only one I think has is screwed on right.

Hoping his influence previals.
But he's not untouchable either. He's just the only one I'm giving a solid pass to at the moment.
He makes sense when he talks.


I concur with you. I give Philbin my support as he as a new HC deserves that and will watch and see how that progresses.

Take care as I'm out for now.

Seahawks violated NFL rules for OTAs (contact).
What a surprise… Pete Caroll allowing rules to be broken.

Now they forfeit 2 OTAs and a workout as punishment.
Does that guy even read the rules in places he coaches?

Lane has a few snippets on You Tube,take a look.

Did, allwhite...
Dude resembles Bettis, Keith Byars. Obvious skills.

So what gives? Drugs? Drink? Food addiction?
Something kept this guy from even attending the season he was signed to play last year.

For people that are supposed to know more about the game than us fans, why do they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

I'm refering to HCs and GMs mainly.

We've seen this over and over but most recently with Ireland/Parcells/Sparano obsession with washed up Dallas rejects.

Look, we all know that coaches feel comfortable with players and assistants they've worked with in the past. And that's OK if they're smart and make decisions based on inside knowledge. But when it's not? We've already seen that movie.

I like Philbin so far but I thought his choice of OC was not good. So, I guess we'll see.

The Fins will stink again this year.

Posted by: JJ | June 05, 2012 at 04:41 PM


Why do you even post here?


Philbin has no chance to succeed when he's handicapped by the worst GM in the NFL.

I'd rather take it in deep than watch this team play, or give it deep to Ireland.


It's the GM's job to have absolute power on personnel, unless you bring in an ex SB coach who demands full control and then you are guaranteed to fail.

Back to the Lane signing boys...
Take a look at this. Nifty feet and can crush heads: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaDTBQfngL0

Good job leaving that garbage light bulb station!

Sparano would have done a lot better if Ireland had supplied him with any talent.

Sparano was a good man. He will do well with the Jets, big mistake letting him walk. We will probably only win one divisional game this year against the Bills.

Are you people really concerned about this? Give me a break. He will a camp FB that will either make the practise squad or be cut. What a bunch of dopes.

He is going to replace Thomas, that is obvious. Another 2nd round bust. We will be lucky to get a fifth round pick for him.

the team is a joke top to bottom. ireland, philbin and the rest will all be gone in two years and hopefully loser ross sells the team.


youtube highlights fwiw

looks like he has quick feet or at least he did when he was younger

dolfandave maybe if you actually read the posts you'd see that link was already posted.

that is why florida bloggers suck, they don't take the time to read anything, they just come in an start blabbing, repeating the same crud everyone else has already said.

If I were Reggie Bush, I would not mind having this guy running ahead of me through the defensive line to pancake a LB.

Reggie Bush says the team still stinks.

Anything less than consistently winning at least a playoff game each year stinks. You are not even on the map if you don't win a game in the playoffs.

Lane is insurance against Messam who is recovering from knee surgery. He blew up to 283 lbs when it became his time for a shot at the NFL. So, the guy has weight problems and my be only a cheeseburger or two from not playing again. But, he did play in an Indoor League & Arena League, so maybe he's learned his lesson and takes this second chance at an NFL career seriously.

There is no point in assuming, guessing, or speculating at this point. Right now it's about due diligence and looking at players. Let's just wait and see who makes the 53 roster. That's where the rubber meets the road.

That means you can pack it in until Sept.

No assuming, no guessing, no speculating. At this point just turn off Mommys computer and go night-night.

Buh Bye.

Lebron is a wimp in the clutch. He doesn't want the ball with the game on the line. Trade him. He plays scared when it counts most. Lebron is a coward.

Wade is the whole team.

LeBron didn't look scared there.

You couldn't even look him in the eye tough boy.

Lebron doesn't want the ball in clutch time. He gives it up fast, doesn't look to make a play like Wade does. Lebron was a mistake. Get rid of him. He is a loser. He choked in the playoffs last year and he is doing the same thing now. It will never change. Bye Lebron. You are no champion.

Saban loved LSU players that he coached and SEC players who he recruited while at LSU (i.e.,Travis McDaniels and Jason Allen). Sporano also did the same with many of his old Cowboy players. How did that work out for us Dolphin fans? Rhetorical question of course. Why are these guys so infatuated with guys that they used to coach before who ended up as failures. It is never like these guys go after a guy who was all world who they coached and did their best to get them. Personally, I am sick and tired of this trend with this team and organization. I didn't care for Sherman as the OC at first, but I said, "hey, give the guy a shot". Now that he is playing the Saban and Sporano game, it is starting to get on my nerves just a little bit.

All coaches on all teams go with the players they know best. It's the same everywhere. They take from their previous team or division whether in the pro's or college. Nothing different with the fins.

Here is an idea, how about waiting to see the finished product and what they do?

Or, I guess we can just hang them before we give them a chance to perform.

John Persh, we have a 2 man team playing 5. The Celtics are all good! Hard to play 2 on 5, think about it.....

go celtics ...........

paul pierce is my hero///////


All you posters on this blog are lost.. he is just another training camp body!!! just cause they sign somebody doesn't mean he is a automatic starter for the team LOL ... And get a grip all teams coaches sign guys they are familiar with, this is nothing new .. yall act like Sparano and Philbin/Sherman are the only coaches to ever sign a player they are familiar with LOL...

He is going to replace Thomas, that is obvious. Another 2nd round bust. We will be lucky to get a fifth round pick for him.

Posted by: Ron Son
I don't see any + side and at best a 6 W season. Don't misunderstand me one bit as I want to WIN and compete and go to the Superbowl just like all of us but I don't see that or anything different from the past except that the HC changes and his staff.

As a lifer Dolphin fan I am NOT settling for mediocrity and am NOT accepting that we give it another few years for rebuilding, new HC, bla, bla, bla.
Posted by: NY "G"
why do people like yourselves try to act like dolphin fans? we know you aren't really, so quit acting like you are!

D Thomas played injured his rookie year behind 2/5 of an nfl line , those 2 being a. Rook center and an injured lt. No right Oline, a qb that scared no one and a lame duck coach and no offensive scheme. You are going to cut him for to overweight long shot that never sniffed an nfl practice field ? People in real football cities like Pitt ny fb must laugh when they read all the posts on here from 10 yr olds and illegal flotsam . Way to show your football intellect .

right on "that guy"!
they aren't 10 year olds though.. they are dolphin haters trying to make the team and coaching staff look bad before they have ever had a chance. .... More then likely Pissed off Jet fans , cause of the way we rolled on them last year , and made them look like crap

Jeffrow, we posters are not all lost. I haven't posted in weeks because there's nothing to post about.....I want to see them in camp and preseason. That'll be the time to talk again.

Redsky, I see it the same way. But, it bugs me how much of a disappointment Lebron has been. I want him gone. I'm convinced he will never be a clutch player in big games.

Persh, we are all disappointed, but we can't blame Lebron, he's our leading scorer in the playoffs and NBA MVP. He's earned it, it's not on him. He's done more than his share, what's killed us is our free throw shooting!

redsky, stats aside, once again in the 4th quarter he didn't want the ball. He'd catch the pass and dump it quickly off to someone else and run away, even when it wasn't necessary. Wade attacks, he's got game when it matters. Lebron doesn't and never will.

Real nice way to start Armando.....

Seems like having your "Radio Dreams" dashed has put you a little "On Edge"...?

Even your those stupid twizzers seem to be a little "Whiny".....lately.

Indeed...more acorns. How many good free agent signings have we actually made in the last 5 yrs??? Waste of time with Lane who is already many cheeseburgers over a reasonable playing weight.

Posted by: Stra8ball | June 05, 2012 at 04:05 PM

Post of the Day., Still laughing over the cheeseburger Remark..

Have any of you listened to Armando’s radio show? Or him being interviewed on PFT? He talks slow like he just had a lobotomy and sounds dumber than rock. That is typical of the folks down there.

John Persh Says:

June 6, 2012 at 12:27 am

This from the circle jerk blog known as Ohio's Blog.
Dude, pick a site and stay with it, You sound like Dying breed/Yesterday's gone/ Flip... Wait a Minute, DB You came up with a new name.

so then coalition why are you over at the cj blog?

I'm more concerned about the replacement refs that will be calling the games this year. They may have more to do with whether Miami has a winning season or not.

Tracy..if they do have replacement refs....they will be reffing the ALL 32 teams....

Last years excuse was shortened camp....which BTW happened for EVERY team as well....12 teams still managed to make the plaoffs..and one even one the SB.....

This year many will try and blame the refs...the same refs that will be facilitating the other 31 teams....

Not saying your doiung this...i'm just saying....that excuse doesn't hold water...

Armando is working diligently to begin the next phase of his career. Covering the front of his cut off tee shirt with doritos and cheetos crumbs.
Good luck bud!

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