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Dolphins sign a Lane

Apparently, the Dolphins philosophy has changed from rummaging through the remains of Dallas' 2000s disappointment to Texas A&M's more current disappointment. The team signed former Aggies fullback Jorvorskie Lane, who played under Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman when Sherman was in College Station.

Lane's also a brother of Packers tight end Jermichael Finley (most people would say Lane and Finley are "half-brothers" but I have a so-called "half-brother" and it feels an insult to call him anything other than my "brother.").

The fullback seems less like a Lane and more like an entire block at 5-11, 277. Not surprising, then that he Pete Johnson-ed his way to 49 touchdowns in 49 college games and 2,090 yards on 461 carries. He didn't get drafted in 2009 after he appeared unable to run at a too-robust-for-even-Woody-Hayes 290-295. He's spent time both the Indoor Football League and the Arena Football League.


My first thought was to wonder if he was related to former massive NFL fullback MacArthur Lane, a Pro Bowl back in 1970. Couldn't find any connection however.


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why do you clowns feel the need to post news from other sites here we all have read???

anyone reading this lame arse blog is only coming here after they read the other stuff. armando is last on every dang story anyway.

Im close to the Lane family, and have been for years now. I worked out with him this year, and trust me, he is in better shape than he was at A&M. He is down to 260. Well before he left Dallas so please stop with the one too many chesse burger jokes cause even when he was overweight he still was a beast. He might not make the roster but he sure as hell will turn some heads.

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