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Update from Thursday Dolphins practice; Some good, some not-so-good for Tannehill

On Thursday, the final day of the team's offseason program, Ryan Tannehill got the most first-team snaps that he ever has on a single day since joining the Dolphins. Until Thursday, his snaps with the first team were very, very, very limited.

The results Thursday were mixed.

For a full report on Thursday's practice (including all the highs and lows from Tannehill); a look at everything Joe Philbin had to say after Wednesday's practice; and news and notes from Tuesday's practice, please click HERE on my Sports Buzz blog and keep scrolling down. You'll see the reports from all three days. We also have Thursday quotes from Joe Philbin from moments ago wrapping up the team's offseason program.

Shout-outs today go to Julius Pruitt (three touchdowns), Reshad Jones and Sean Smith (both made interceptions); David Garrard (remains pretty consistent; threw a TD to Pruitt) ; Anderson Russell (picked off Matt Moore); Roberto Wallace (very good the past month) and cornerback Quentin Lawrence, who got more work with Nolan Carroll sidelined.

Armando will be back in late July, when training camp opens.



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The Dolphins are irrelevant. No one goes to Dolphin games. They dont matter in S Fla any more. Its all about the Heat, Marlins, and Panthers these days...and South Beach, golf, gambling, and fishing.

yeah BJ!

don't take no crap! wasting your time with lengthy updates on someone else's Blog! ridiculous. thanks for showing up to work like the rest of us!


Phins, please draft a 1st round QB! oh, never mind

Wish I had a 5 week vacation.

Wish Miami had pro football.

Hi Everybody!!!!

Come one, come ALL :)


This was the offseason from hell following the season from hell. No Manning, no Flynn, no RG3, no Fisher....and then LOSING Da Beast and Mike Nolan!! YIKES!!

The natives are restless, still crying about every thing, perhaps that is there life style, cry, cry, and cry some more. Bill

Is Armando dead?

Yes, Armando passed away peacefully last night. He was happy because Bill Parcells was with him.

Thanks, Barry, for keeping us informed while Armando is napping.

Miami knocks Jets out of playoff contention .....


And the only people i see crying Bill are the Dolphin haters :)

@Coalition for the Coalition .. and the 3 teams that needed to lose to get the jets in the playoffs lost! So we did knock the jets out of the playoffs! learn some football before you run your little trap Coalition for the Coalition ... what loser you are! LMAO

except for the titan's which lost by one point to the texans.... But who cares .. We beat the jets and ruined their hope of making the playoffs... You gotta love that GO DOLPHINS!

Did the Herald fire Armando?
Nobody gets a 4 week vacation these days....Armando, are you there?
Give us a clue...

Nice to see Chad Johnson looking good in practice, that never happened once in New England.

The hell with the HEAT. Do you damn job.

Armando is not here. Stop asking for him.

This could be the year the Fins get the #1 draft pick, Matt Barkley. And how bout our world champion Heat??

Ochocinco will cause a number of INT's because he rarely runs the correct routes. But heck, Ross thinks he'll sell a few tickets, lol.

except for the titan's which lost by one point to the texans.... But who cares .. We beat the jets and ruined their hope of making the playoffs... You gotta love that GO DOLPHINS!
Posted by: jeffrow | June 20, 2012 at 06:52 AM

Now it's who cares? What happened on the last blog where you were calling someone stupid & how you were right? SPOKE TOO SOON DIDN'T YA?


You're like all the other spammers who USED to reside here. Acting & talking like your sh*t don't stink. Guess what dumbRow? It does!

Thankfull, they're gone. May you soon join them too!

Stupid, fat & ignorant is no way to live life.

Don't you guys get it?

Armando is NOT on "vacation." What IS happening is that the Herald is struggling financially and has furloughed Salguero (again)...this time for a VERY extended period.

Understandably, he hasn't shared that with the readers here since it's a bit embarrassing to acknowledge that your employer is shrinking in size and relevance and that your job is not deemed crucial enough to fund 365 days a year, but that's the reality of it.

The "vacation" stuff is silly. Only the very naive would believe that.

YO Ross, replace Ireland with a competent GM, get some star players and the fans will come.

You dufus short term memory Y generation useless punks are a sad lot.

Mando was gone all of June and part of July last year too. I'm sure its vacation and furlough combined for cost cutting reasons during the down time.

Your daddy Mando will be back kiddie poo's

You're like all the other spammers who USED to reside here. Acting & talking like your sh*t don't stink. Guess what dumbRow? It does!

Thankfull, they're gone. May you soon join them too!

Stupid, fat & ignorant is no way to live life.


I've been posting on this blog for 6 years.. don't think i'm going anywhere :)... and they didn't know they weren't going to the playoffs if they didn't win that game. They gave us there best and still lost... You need a reality check. :)

Meant to say "they thought they still had a chance if they won that game" ... either way we beat them , they didn't make the playoff's .. and they won't again this year... I never said my poo doesn't stink ...LOL you are the one that thinks your's doesn't .. well i got news for you as well ..IT DOES.

The fins stink. Worst coaches, worst players, worst franchise in all of sports. They stink and their fans are stupid. Except me.

The fins stink. Worst coaches, worst players, worst franchise in all of sports. They stink and their fans are stupid. Except me.
Posted by: MJ Ron 77 | June 20, 2012 at 01:39 PM


Agreed, ya have to be stupid to still be a Dullfin fan.....or a sado masochist! lol

LOL .. yall act so immature .. sometimes i feel like i'm on a blog with a bunch of kids with snot running out of their noses. Time to grow up guys and get a life ..K?

everybody here needs to shut their stupid trap

Can't wait till there is someone to report on in football. and we actually have something to talk about and discuss. rather than just acting like immature little kids

i thought the offseason was well played. FINALLY got rid of sporano and his staff. so glad fisher went to the rams. his time has past. it's a new game. i wouldn't want him or cowher!! we picked a great coach!! a guy who wants to practice fast, play fast. one who will mix the tempo and keep defenses guessing. i love that we grabbed david garrard!! he is more skilled than flynn and didn't cost much. i'm glad we didn't pay manning, a now end of the road QB, for 15mil+. that would have been dumb!! i'm glad we didn't even attempt to outbid the redskins for RG3!! for what they gave up this kid needs to be the next tom brady! i see him as the next mike vick. he'll make some amazing, highlight reel plays but be hurt a lot and never win the big game.i'd rather take tannehil and keep all those draft picks. they may not have signed big name, flashy players, but they did sign guys who can play!! marshall, hicks and garrard top that list. i'm glad to see the TD dropping, woman beating marshall go too!! we got pretty good return of him too. i don't think, with all his issues he was worth 2 2nd round picks!! i like our draft!! we have a great prospect to be the QB of the future. we snagged guys who were great value who should have been gone long before we got them!! i love the new DC!! nolan was supposedly the sack guru with his zone blitzes. it didn't word too well. the cinch guy taking over is a better choice. we have the right personnel for the 4-3. the front 4 is gonna really be great. other than WR this is the best staff and players fitting a system since shula/marino days. i'm very optimistic about the progress with this team. 9 or 10 wins.

Ohh .. I forgot .. We don't do that here no matter what time of year it is. We just yell back and forth to each other. and call each other names. and fight off jet and Patriot fans

I'm with you jaison .. my thought exactly . Things are looking up in Dolphin~land. Fans have been hurt so much over the years they always expect the worst.. but from what I've been seeing it doesn't look like we are doing the same ole mistakes we have made in the past.

We won't know until the Pre-season games are played who our starting Quarterback will be. But, I wouldn't be surprised to see it fall as Garrard-Moore-Tannehill; just due to experience. It will be interesting to see who makes the final 53 players on the roster. We have a lot of talent on this team; more than a lot of people are giving us credit for.
I would love to see the Dolphins start strong out of the gate and win against the Texans! That would shock the NFL who have already penciled them in for the Super Bowl. Hey, it could happen.

Drawing a game AT Houston for the opener is about as tough as it gets. There (might) only be one or two teams--and even that's debatable--who would go into there as favorites.

A win would be great but I don't expect it nor will I be too upset if it doesn't. Even if the Dolphins were a complete team ready to compete for a title, this would be a very tough win to get.

Houston isnt that good. Its a good thing we dont play the Saints, Giants, Packers, 49ers, Broncos, or Ravens LOL

Why do people add "LOL" to things that aren't even slightly humorous? Such a weird habit.

After they lose the opener the "Suck for Barkley" chants will begin.

Mando's not here man but Dave is.

Houston isn't that good?!? Maybe you better start watching some football, Stevie Wonder.

Houston is an EXCELLENT team that was ravaged by injuries last year. They have young talent all over that roster and some of the best playmakers in the game on both sides of the ball.

Easily one of the NFL's five best squads when healthy. Even if Miami were playoff caliber they would still be underdogs at Houston.

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Do you blog here?

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Hey, odin, where are you? It's the Evening, you know?

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It is my perception that you Guys have lost your Fun. Can't imagine why.

Fear makes cowards of us All, modified from Vince Lombardi.


Oscar, How you Been?
Is Odinstank still poosting 24/7 on Ohio's Blog, If so sorry to hear it.

Sorry, I was eating my Congri done in the original way, with Pork fat(pretty good). I'm allright. odin has been unusually quiet for him, I think he was having problems with his neck and other things.

Let me check if he surfaced on Ohio's Blog.

Nope, he's not there. You're going to have to tell him yourself.

Well, I still have some work to do, but not now. Later.

How did Omar Kelley graduate high school? The guys spelling and grammar are worse then a 3rd grader. Really.

@david g, Houston is just slightly above an average team. They beat out Tennesse by one game. And dont forget no more Mario Williams.

How did Omar Kelley graduate high school?
Posted by: JIMBO | June 20, 2012 at 11:14 PM


He didnt!

I am so depressed. I don't know what I will do next. Life sucks.

It's a bummer when you are sitting on the couch with nothing to do in life and then not even your farts stink. I could have used a whiff.

I criticize the fins but really it's my own life that stinks. I just look to make others down so I can feel better a little bit. I'm a loser.

Let's trade Daniel Thomas for Percy Harvin. Then we will be unstoppable!!!

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