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Update from Thursday Dolphins practice; Some good, some not-so-good for Tannehill

On Thursday, the final day of the team's offseason program, Ryan Tannehill got the most first-team snaps that he ever has on a single day since joining the Dolphins. Until Thursday, his snaps with the first team were very, very, very limited.

The results Thursday were mixed.

For a full report on Thursday's practice (including all the highs and lows from Tannehill); a look at everything Joe Philbin had to say after Wednesday's practice; and news and notes from Tuesday's practice, please click HERE on my Sports Buzz blog and keep scrolling down. You'll see the reports from all three days. We also have Thursday quotes from Joe Philbin from moments ago wrapping up the team's offseason program.

Shout-outs today go to Julius Pruitt (three touchdowns), Reshad Jones and Sean Smith (both made interceptions); David Garrard (remains pretty consistent; threw a TD to Pruitt) ; Anderson Russell (picked off Matt Moore); Roberto Wallace (very good the past month) and cornerback Quentin Lawrence, who got more work with Nolan Carroll sidelined.

Armando will be back in late July, when training camp opens.



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Where the hell is Mando?

Who the hell cares where Armando is? We're getting information - that's all that matters. And my God, it's the middle of June and there's not a lot of news to begin with. The man is allowed to take a vacation during the offseason. Just feel fortunate we have other Herald people who care enough to give updates here.

There's an explanation posted for Armando's absence. Apparently, it's legit. But who knows?

I hate it when the toughest game of the season happens to be the first game of the season. The Texans are projected to be in contention for the Super Bowl without a game played, and Miami has not ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever beaten them. I could throw in a few more evers to match the times the Texans have won against the Fins, but you get the point.

Thanks Barry. I like news about the Phins and if the rest of the turds don't care too bad for them.

Wow 5 weeks of vacation after the exhausting work of covering a coaching search and the Manning Sweepstakes.

I bet Armando does not even smell the Herald Building and does all his work from his gay mac book in his speedo by the Biltmore pool.

You don't see Omar Kelly taking 5 week vacations !!!!

who cares about armuddo, he can stay gone! the dullfins are going to be better than most think, just not good enough. just another crap season and another crap draft.

This site is now infested with idiots, stups and trolls. Dolphin haters who don't know a thing. This is sad.

"Barf for Barkley",,,Barf for Barkley, Barf for Barkley. Now everybody,,,Barf for Barkley!!!!!!

I think my blog of with no real reporters or access to the team is better than the real Miami Dolphins blogs because I only allow BS stories or what Walker thinks
(LMAO) stories about a team that I officially have seen once in person.
Although I was stumbling drunk as usual, do not emember much and passed out in the back seat of some dudes car, who dropped at the bus station.
I will try to get rehab next week and let Barry and Armando do their job as I really should try to sober up and spend some coherent time with my kids.

Please help my dad get to drug and alcohol rehab.He keeps promising us he will go and then we find him passed out on the floor and the smoke alarms going off.
No milk for cereal again,we will have to eat our generic fruity loops with no milk.

Daniel Thomas is a bust. No one would trade anything for him. Thanks Ireland.

In reality, there is nothing for us Dolfans to do now except sukk our collective dikks.

Yes, odin and Walker included.

Sorry, Ladies, your's can be done too, but by expert Lips.

Ross's "team" is pure garbage, a laughingstock.

If anyone finds anything encouraging reported about our 2nd round pick Martin, post the link. Philbin only says he thinks Martin can learn. But by when?

Ireland has already set the GM record for the most busts ever drafted. He's blazing into new territory now as long as Ross continues to allow it! LOL

If you have nothing to say, adding LOL at the end doesn't make it any better.

People who are funny don't need to laugh at their own jokes.

Yeah, you can always be assured that anybody putting an "LOL" at the end of their post has just written something decidedly unfunny. It's as if they are trying to convince THEMSELVES that they have created something witty and humorous.



this site have the worst fins fans a bunch of winny sad little man who lost there money on the fire Ireland plane. go back to the jests!!

Yo, Ron Son... take a long jump off a short bridge will you please!!!!!

HATERS: fall on a spike BITC!$S!

All understandable. Everybody deserves a break. Problem. Subscribers are charged whether info is being delivered or not. Company wants its cake and to eat it too. Take a month off or 2, but don't charge the subscribers for those months. Shut it down or hire somebody to run the blog.

Coaltion, can you add dumbo jeffrow to your name? Thank you for your consideration in advance.

4-12 next season if they stay pretty injury free. Could be worse if Moore or Bush or get hurt.


Does anybody else really like the way Philbin is as a coach an his views on coaching??!!
This guy is the one we should have been after all along!!!!
Screw fisher!

Philbin hasn't won one Game as a HC. The book is out on him too.

That's 2 Priests now that they have caught with Women. Shame on them!

Philbin = Cameron 2.0

They say Sandusky's wife doesn't appear surprised about her husband's charges. Shedoes appear to be a little heavyset.

They should have never drafted tannehill anyway. The game is always going to be to fast for him. He is just a bigger version of henne. They will find that out real soon. Go garrard!

Dumping Marshall was throwing in the towel for the upcoming season. They arent spending Marshall's money on another pro bowl acquisition. It was Ross pocketing money in lieu of a win or 2. Ross did the same thing when he honored a Dolphin opponent(Tebow and the Broncos). Hard Knocks also. Why should the fans care when Ross is ALL about the money and winning gets only lip service from Ross.

Dolphin 77,

Tannehill could probably beat out Hartline at WR if he doesnt make it at QB.

Drbullis, nobody is charged to read anything on the Herald's internet site. It's all free information. The Sentinel charges.

There is nothing I like about this pathetic organization. What a shame. Not one player on the whole team would be a starter anywhere else. Not one. Worst franchise in all of sports. Maybe sports history.

True Ron Son. Not one single thing good about this team. It's a total disgrace top to bottom.

All Hail the King! Tonight I found one of your brethren, odinseye, revelling in the Kings first championship. He was so over joyed that he allowed me to enter him. I must say it was cavernous but well lubricated. Kind of like a waterside. Fast. Wet. Fun. I would like to submit a special display to the Fairchild Tropical Gardens. Mr Odin allowed me to stuff several varieties of mango into his rectum. There are lovely pictures available which I believe are a microcosm of the rich diversity in culture food and people residing in this great city!

Ron Son, you need my taint in your face and it will all be better. Father O'Bannon has taught me the bedroom ropes. I will make you happy. In the meantime try ejaculating to your Dan Marino doll in Zubaz. Actually scrap that thought. Bringing that loser into the equation might make you end it all. Just think Lebron.

Coaltion, can you add dumbo jeffrow to your name? Thank you for your consideration in advance.
Posted by: REALITY CHECK | June 21, 2012 at 04:23 PM


ardummo can stay on vacation! he doesn't deserve anything but to go back to his comics or back to reporting pee wee football!!!

As a matter of fact with twitter on a smart phone. These blogs just as newspapers and TV News casts are obsolete.

I all ready had all this info I am reading from my sources on twitter yesterday as it was happening.

I don't need you to keep me informed like you would like to think I all ready know were to get the info I need while it is happening.

You folks keep asking for a new GM when its the owner thats the problem. We have the worst owner in the history of pro football. No im not saying Ireland is any better but This owner has got to go before we are going to see pro level football. Ross we beg you PLEASE!!!! sell the team to someone who can run an NFL franchise!!!!

Excellent Prediction again by NostraHomeUs

NostraHomeUs Hits Again!

Claiming the Heat would WIN 4 in a row and

Predicting the Heat would WIN by 16 points last night and MVP King James would get his ring

Go Heat!

Nice Job again HOME!

1st prediction made on my fan based blog and
Home predicted the exact 12 point WIN over in Game 6
against the Pacers!

Then Home says, Bring on the Clets and th old black bald guys and Heat will WIN in 7 games!

Exactly what happened!

Then Home calls for, "4 Heat WINS in a row" over OKC,
while the whole world says, No Way HOME!

Yesterday HOME predicts Heat win by 16 points

No One is Better with Miami Score predictions than our own HOME!

Home! Home! Home!

Right on Man!

Sometimes, when you’re witnessing greatness, it’s not easy to place it in historical context. So how does James’ postseason stack up historically?

We asked five Hall of Famers, with some calling it arguably the best since Michael Jordan in the 1990s.

“It’s probably one of the top 10 playoffs of all time,” Magic Johnson told us Thursday. “LeBron is now the most unstoppable force in the NBA, the best player in the league. Before, my biggest knock was he was playing off his God-gifted talent. He was just the best athlete. But he didn’t play with his head to match that. Now he [does]. Watch out – this guy is going to set the league on fire for a long time.”

ESPN’s Chris Mullin ranks James’ postseason “up there with the all-time performances, with every great player that ever played.” Some numbers to put his postseason in perspective:

### Only two players have averaged 30 points, nine rebounds and four assists in a single postseason: Oscar Robertson (1963) and James twice (2009 and this year).

### James’ player efficiency rating for the entire postseason, using ESPN’s formula, is third-highest among players who reached the Finals in a particular season (minimum 500 postseason minutes), behind only Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

“You’re talking only Oscar, Wilt and Jordan comparable as far as points, rebounds, assists,” Hubie Brown said. “And we’re not even talking defense. And to play 44 minutes a game at this level? People take that for granted.”

### James on Thursday broke his own record by scoring at least 25 points in a 15th consecutive playoff games. He fell three points short of becoming the fifth player to score at least 700 points in a single postseason.

### Of the leading points-producers in each of the past 43 postseasons (since 1970), James’ scoring average (30.3) would rank 14th, behind seven seasons from Jordan, two from Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and one apiece from Hakeem Olajuwon, Jerry West, Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson.

### If you compare the leader in points from every postseason, James’ scoring average is highest since Iverson’s 32.8 in 2001. But Iverson shot 38.9 percent; James 50.0.

### This playoff run by James is better, statistically, than any long postseason authored by Kobe Bryant, who won two of his five titles without O’Neal. Their point and assist totals are comparable – comparing James in 2012 with Bryant’s best work – but James’ rebounding and shooting percentage are far superior. Bryant shot under 46 percent in the playoffs during the two years he was Finals MVP.

### James is producing the best across-the-board playoff numbers since O’Neal averaged 29.8 points and 14.4 rebounds in the 2000 to 2002 playoffs. James’ points, rebounds (9.7) and assists (5.6) add to up to 45.6 – a number exceeded in the past 25 years by only Jordan (five times), O’Neal (twice) and Olajuwon (once). Tim Duncan (45.3) was close in 2003. Wade was at 40.0 in 2006.

ESPN’s Jack Ramsay and Heat assistant Bob McAdoo cannot think of a better playoff run – post-Jordan – than this one, though Ramsay ranks Bryant’s 2009 and ‘10 as comparable.

“This is better than Shaq,” Ramsay said. “What you see is LeBron really has lifted his game in areas he was deficient in. Taking the ball to the basket more frequently, more productively. Posting up. He made a commitment to defense this year.”

ThanX as usual Walker!

Good Luck with your attempted sobriety.

UR family will be proud of u !

Have A Great Day!

AS Home has stated all along

TanneREACH is not a a starting or NFL franchise QB

FIRELAND failed miserably on the 2012 Draft

The INT machine Tannehill has completed more passes to the wrong colored jersey safety Reshad Jones than any other player on the field

Even sean smith who leads the AFC with the league low of any starting CB with only 3 INTs in three years during regular season is easily picking off the acting QB Ryan TanneReach

Home, you were right all along about TannyPuke!

I dont know what I was thinking, I guess me and all the other fans that dont have your insight or awesome prediction ability were only desperate and drunk thinking this failed college QB at 6-6 was going to be a Miami Dolphin franchise QB.

Home, you are also right and the first to report that LT Martin is too weak and not worthy of a starting job at RT as now we see him getting tossed like a rag doll by an average DE in practice.

Also Egnew for Marshall was a horrible trade by clueless arrogant Jeff Ireland.

Again Congrats Home on the awesome HEAT Winning predictions and the failed 2012 NFL Draft by FIRELAND.

Sorry for being drunk and hungover and claiming I did not erase and modify your posts, Home.

I was lying because I was angry and am tired of you always being right and rubbing our noses in it.

Keep up the great work and dont kick my butt when you see me, besides I will bring cyber friends to hopefully protect me. lol

Good Show Walker

Apology accepted


have a HAARPy day :(

Home said the Heat would win it all last night by 16 points,which was darn close.
The Heat did win four in a row like Home said but won by 15 points last night.
I want to take Home to Vegas, that's for sure!

Tebow is a winner and would have been a much better choice for south Florida and the Miami Dolphins.

Sherman was fired and TanneHill is a huge let down.

These guys and our team will now suck.

Great Job on NBA predictions with the Heat, Home.
I dont know how you do it and it pisses me off, but you were spot on predicting the final 16 games.

Hope you are not right on Tannehill and Martin, but you also look right on these two BUST picks.

We should have got Tebow and Decastro!

Ross needs to take a lesson from the Miami Heat and STOP BEING SO CHEAP!

Home, I should have listened to you on Tanny, he does suck in the NFL and was a waste of a pick!

Right now Tannehill, the Dolphins’ first-round selection, looks like a green tomato during the OTA and minicamp sessions. He’s not ripe.

First-round pick Ryan Tannehill continues to struggle with the speed of the game.

You can eat a green tomato, but would it really be tasty?

While Tannehill might know the offense from his days as Texas A&M’s quarterback, it is abundantly clear to everyone watching his practices that the game’s moving too fast for him.

Tannehill is the little old lady on the express way doing 50 mph and the first-team defense is that jerk behind her honking his horn repeatedly.

Here’s an example of what Tannehill’s typical 11-on-11 series looks like.

First down: Would-be sack because of a late throw.

Second down: Dolphins run the ball to shorten the yardage for a first down.

Third down: Rushed throw, which is misfired, or something caught short of the first down.

That’s Tannehill in a nutshell at just about every practice the media has watched.

The No. 8 pick in the 2012 draft is either holding the ball too long, taking a would-be sack, not recognizing the blitz and being flushed out the pocket late, or throwing it too early and being off the mark.
But most of the time Tannehill is being sacked, and sacked, or throwing a dangerous pass that might be, or is intercepted.

“It is a faster gameand right now I cannot do it. The guys are moving around faster and I cannot eve do it in shorts, no pads and no hitting . The plays are going much faster. It’s just something you have to somehow get comfortable with,” Tannehill admitted following his minicamp start on Thursday. “It [takes] a long time, if ever for me, just seeing the reps. I feel like I’m getting kinda adjusted to it. It has been a slow pain full embarrassing process….I get more frustrated to it every day.”

After watching Tannehill for about half a dozen practices I’ve concluded the slow cooking or possible great white bust QB approach – which is the one I favored from the very beginning – would be ideal for him until the game slows down a little more.

The Dolphins can win games with Matt Moore and David Garrard at the trigger, but Ryan TanneREACH would cost the team victories at this point.

Omar Kelly
The Malcom X of Dolphins football

Omar Kelley(Sun Sentinel) is reporting that Ryan Tannehill is a bust.

Homely, homer home suffers from mulitiple personality disorder. Please ignore him just as his family does.

The only 1 who talks to him is himself. Through fake names no less. What an attn starved lil b*tc*


Home, I was having my coffee and burning a cig looking down into the water and have to ask myself, ....
How the heck did you know the Heat would win four in a row after losing the first game?

and how did you know and predict the Heat would win by 15 points last night?

Now Tannehill is stinking up football practice and LT Martin may not even start because like you said, he is to weak and cannot stop NFL DTs/DEs

Home you might be a nut job or the smartest man in the room when it comes to Dolphins/Heat

Take your meds and call me NostraHomeUs.

Nice Job HOME!

Amazing predictions on the 2012 NBA Champion Heat !!!

Sorry to say you are also right about are terrible draft.
Miller maybe our only hope :(

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