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Update from Thursday Dolphins practice; Some good, some not-so-good for Tannehill

On Thursday, the final day of the team's offseason program, Ryan Tannehill got the most first-team snaps that he ever has on a single day since joining the Dolphins. Until Thursday, his snaps with the first team were very, very, very limited.

The results Thursday were mixed.

For a full report on Thursday's practice (including all the highs and lows from Tannehill); a look at everything Joe Philbin had to say after Wednesday's practice; and news and notes from Tuesday's practice, please click HERE on my Sports Buzz blog and keep scrolling down. You'll see the reports from all three days. We also have Thursday quotes from Joe Philbin from moments ago wrapping up the team's offseason program.

Shout-outs today go to Julius Pruitt (three touchdowns), Reshad Jones and Sean Smith (both made interceptions); David Garrard (remains pretty consistent; threw a TD to Pruitt) ; Anderson Russell (picked off Matt Moore); Roberto Wallace (very good the past month) and cornerback Quentin Lawrence, who got more work with Nolan Carroll sidelined.

Armando will be back in late July, when training camp opens.



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“Yesterday he threw bad balls into traffic with three or four guys, he threw bad balls, and you can’t do that,” Philbin said, referring to the pass Cameron Collins intercepted. “That’s part of the fun part though. I don’t think anybody knows those answers. I like the development he has made wearing a baseball cap on the sidelines, but I don’t think we really know yet.”

The Dolphins could rush Tannehill onto the field, but the outcome wouldn’t be desirable for anyone involved, and there’s nothing worse than a quarterback lacking confidence (see John Beck).

Speaking of Beck, I’d like to recommend the Dolphins unleash the dreaded timer that drove Beck crazy in 2008. I’m talking about the buzzer which gave each quarterback about four seconds to make a decision, encouraging them to get the ball out their hand before a buzzing sound blared.

Tannehill would greatly benefit from anything that can help him speed up his process.

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Omar Kelly June 21st, 2012 | 6:48 PM

Miami Dolphins fans wanted Ryan Tannehill to be ready to rip it as a rookie starter so bad, but Dan Marino isn’t walking through that door folks.

Right now TanneREACH, the Dolphins’ desperate supposed first-round selection, looks like a rotten green tomato during the OTA and minicamp sessions. He’s not ripe and needs to be discarded.

First-round pick Ryan Tannehill continues to struggle with the speed of the game and throwing to the right colored jerseys.

You can force down a rotten, green tomato, but would it really be tasty?

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The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Tannehill is a bust.

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The Sun Sentinel is reporting that Tannehill is a bust.
Posted by: jeffrow | June 22, 2012 at 11:47 AM


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Maybe Tannehill just needs better contact lenses?

I mean Tanny is almost as good as my QB Pat White pick ?

Posted by: FIRELAND | June 22, 2012 at 11:53 AM

white was a bill parcel's pick, so was henne. marshall was under parcel too.
ireland has been in charge for 2 drafts and off seasons. i would say he's done a very good job since getting control as far as bringing in HIS coaching staff and players and not getting others.

i'm glad our coach is and offensive minded coach and not a defensive guy like fisher. i wish they never chased fisher, although i'm pretty sure that was a ross decision.

i prefer the bengal guy coyle we got coaching the 3-4 defense over nolan. 3-4 fits our personnel better.

last year he aded moore, bush and burnett in FA. none got cheers from the fans when signed but all produced on the field. this year he again added guys who didn't get headlines in garrard, marshall and hicks. i predict all 3 will produce on the field where it counts.

we got pounce and clay who have already produced from last years draft. i think jimmy wilson will eventually be a starting safety. i see thomas being a stud at RB. he tried to play all last season with a hamstring tear. if you've ever even tweaked your hammy you know how painful that is!! if you saw him this offseason he is in shape and big. he will be the main yard getting RB. bush will get his share of carries, but he'll catch a ton coming out of the backfield. if you look at the packers they always have a big strong back running the ball. that's DT, not bush or miller. those 2 are the lightning to thomas' thunder. gates seems to be the bust from last years draft. this years draft on paper is pretty good. got talent that dropped with martin, vernon and miller, got a fast pass catching TE. got a couple late WR that fit the WCO. got a big DL prospect. we got a QB prospect who is green but has all the physical tools. you can learn the playbook, reads and speed of the game, but you can't learn size, speed and arm strength!! give the kid a year, let him take more snaps than a typical #2 QB. i'm thinking/hoping whoever loses the starting job battle (matt moore) will be cut. that way tennehill will absolutely get the time instead of splitting it with 3 guys.

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