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Update from Thursday Dolphins practice; Some good, some not-so-good for Tannehill

On Thursday, the final day of the team's offseason program, Ryan Tannehill got the most first-team snaps that he ever has on a single day since joining the Dolphins. Until Thursday, his snaps with the first team were very, very, very limited.

The results Thursday were mixed.

For a full report on Thursday's practice (including all the highs and lows from Tannehill); a look at everything Joe Philbin had to say after Wednesday's practice; and news and notes from Tuesday's practice, please click HERE on my Sports Buzz blog and keep scrolling down. You'll see the reports from all three days. We also have Thursday quotes from Joe Philbin from moments ago wrapping up the team's offseason program.

Shout-outs today go to Julius Pruitt (three touchdowns), Reshad Jones and Sean Smith (both made interceptions); David Garrard (remains pretty consistent; threw a TD to Pruitt) ; Anderson Russell (picked off Matt Moore); Roberto Wallace (very good the past month) and cornerback Quentin Lawrence, who got more work with Nolan Carroll sidelined.

Armando will be back in late July, when training camp opens.



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June 22, 2012 at 4:05 pm

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First off CONGRATULATIONS MIAMI HEAT!!! As far as Armando is concerned, he has taken the same vacation every year, from the Draft to Training Camp, nothing has changed.

So Trannyswill is a bust? Great. Predictable.

Tannehill is having a huge problem with the speed of the game. That usually means IF he develops it wont be for quite a while.....

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