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Ochocinco gets 85; Mahaffey gets a spot; Moye gets cut

Any questions?

The Dolphins announced this morning that Chad Ochocinco will wear No. 85, which had been worn by rookie Rishard Matthews previously this spring. I don't know if there was any money, goods or services exchanged, but I think you kind of get buffalo'ed out of your number when you're a seventh-round pick who hasn't made an NFL roster yet.

The Dolphins also signed fullback Ryan Mahaffey, roster filler for Indianapolis last season after they got him off Baltimore's practice squad. The franchise waived undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Derek Moye. Save your money, guys.




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Huh ? You write like a 3 year old.

The last couple of blogs, Armando writing like he doesnt give a crap anymore.


ok so we would not look at Moss, who is still a beast, but we bring in a 2nd tier guy who has averaged 6 TDs a season even when he was young? :/

I told you 5 months ago to grab Moss, as a good team did. Remember? Moss blows it up this year. Ochocinco will do nothing.

I'm the only one who has mentioned that we passed on Moss 4 months ago and now we do this. I, therefore, remain the only person here who really understands things. Moss will have a great year. Chad Johnson is *done*.

Couch, are you an unhappy person?

Yes, thank you for asking.

Blah blah blah, both Moss and Ocho Cinco have seen their best years behind them. The fact Ocho Cinco lives in Miami and was probably on the radar for awhile is the reason he was picked. As far as I'm concerned, we coulda/shoulda kept Marshall who is younger and can still get it done, but whatever. Ocho Cinco will definitely bring a little controversy, a little mouth and some character to this team.

Chad still is better than any other WR on Miami's roster,give him a chance.

Hmm.... I wonder if Ocho-Cinco recieved a playbook or coloring book? According to Bill Bellichik, Chad should do much better with a coloring book.


If this is attempt by Ross to sell more tickets, the number of ticket sales should increase by the numbers of friends and family members Chad puts in the stands. Still, with only a 1 yr contract, Chad will be very judicious in how he chooses to dole out tickets to those parties.

After all, most likely this is the last nfl paycheck he may ever see. Because of this Im sure he's looking to save money for the retirement which could come before season's end. If not before season begins.

Stockpiling other teams rejects only makes us worse.

You idiots talk smack about Johnson like he was a horrible teammate and a terrible player. He was and is still a good persona and a great community guy. He was never TO.

What I want to know is, what color scheme does the front office plan on switching to for the new uniforms next year?

God I hope they don't go with all Orange that would truly suck. Stick with Aqua please as the main color, then feel free to alter the look.

A concerned Fin Fan


Screw Brandon Marshall. He's zero fit for the wco. Not to mention possible young qb killer. Marshall's only most interested in his own personal stats. Which would be great if they included an abundance of scoring touchdowns.

For a guy to touch the football 100 plus catches a year, scoring only 4-6td's, is pretty much unacceptable. Plus you never know what dumb off the field situation he'll get himself entangled in next.

He's a team unoriented ball hog who scores only 4-6% of the time the ball touches his hand. At that ratio he needs 200 catches per season to average 10 td's. That isnt even taking into account the number of times he needs to be targeted, also knowing his penchant for drops.

The only person I want to see leaving Miami is Armando.
He has given up on the fins, now we need to give up on him.

I agree. Chad is better than the ones we got. Maybe this might turn him around,and he become the cincinnati chad johnson again.

Um fellas, Armando isn't writing these posts.

Guys relax about the wr situation. Was anyone expecting sb this year? I certainly hope not.

We couldnt adequately fill every draft need this year. Marshall was a total wco wr misfit. Better to let him go sooner than later. Probably wouldnt have been any great benifit in the wco this year anyway.

On the bright side, it's nearly guaranteed in 2013, a wr will be chosen 1st or 2nd rd at latest. There's also the fa route in 2013, depending on who and what's available. Remember, Tannehill wasnt drafted this early to give him sham wr weapons. A premium wr is on the way, just maybe not this season.


Armando did write this post. It's his 1st day back.

Larry Riddick,

Chad's a 1yr stop gap at best. Remember, he still has to make the team.

At best, expect the Dolphins to challenge for 2nd place in the afc east. At worst, in 2013, we'll be drafting somewhere in the top 15 area and just outside of top 10.

We have like 12 receivers and it seems like 10 of them were taken in the sixth or seventh round or udfas. That is a little too much bottom fishing for one position.

We needed another RB like we needed another Tebow appreciation day.

So f-ing happy.

I have tried so hard to understand or accept the things that Ireland does, but I'm done.

Can't fake it anymore.
Best of luck to Fins this year. Even if they win, I'd assume it's the players overcoming, not Ireland's genius.
Next year, I will be on the bandwagon to replace Mr. Ireland. I'm done pretending.

Once again an acorn is moved to the top of the depth chart.

Howz about a campaign start...

T-shirts made up with the phrase "He killed it"

Or "we killed it".

maybe a jersey, with that phrase, and the #0.

I'm in a devilish mood. Need to stop, and work.

I could imagine Marshall acting as child, with our new qb

Marshall destroyed Henne, TG not Tanehill

Another Ross PR move that makes no football sense.

He is not an upgrade over our current receivers.

This does not help the team, Dolfans. Hopefully he gets cut in preseason before he does too much damage.

Yo Ross, when you clean house you dont leave the filthiest room(Ireland).

Tigre, Henne destroyed the entire Dolphin team and coaches. Sparano got fired for sticking with RoboHenne way too long.

Clearly, dumping Da Beast was another huge Irescum blunder.

I expect the Dolphins will be in the Matt Barkley running this year. 3-13 without Brandon.

I could imagine Ochocinco acting as child, with any qb

MJ don't be so stupid. They just drafted Tannehill at 8, they aren't taking a QB anywhere in next years draft.

You will probably have killed yourself by then anyway so it won't matter.


I dont think they can pass up Matt Barkley if the opportunity is there. Tannehill isnt anywhere near him.

Who's gonna pay $ to watch this crap team?

obviously fake Ohio at 12:27

For hating me so much he really misses me while I'm gone

I'm spending my money on the Heat and Marlins. At least they win.

If we get a shot at Barkley we can always move Tannehill to WR where he played most of college. He's probably a better WR then Hartline.

We couldnt get Peyton Manning or RG3 or Jeff Fisher so we got Ochocinco. LMAO!

Heck, lets bring in TO.

grrreatdane is as cheap as the dulfins!

Can we get Patrick Turner back?

Why the F''K did they get rid of Marshall? Now they're panicking with no WR's.

Is Brett Farve available?

Isn't Mando still on vacation until July? I thought his posts were being done by guest bloggers until then...

B.Marsh wanted to get paid like a Pro Bowl MVP and Miami wanted him to restructure his deal for less of a salary cap hit; hence, he was traded! That's what happens when you don't catch the ball because you've got a bad case of the "droppsey's".

Chad is a "hometown boy" who grew up just down the road as a big fan of the Dolphins. That story line was just made for Hard Knocks. And, if he's got anything left in the tank, can help the team, or teach something to the youth on the team, so much the better. He's cheap with a medium up-side. NE used him as a decoy to get the ball to their TE's and Welker. Our version of the WCO will be a little bit simpler for him to grasp just because it's being newly installed on a team with a lot of 1st and 2nd year players and rookies. Now, if only he can still run a crisp route...

Ochocinco gets 85

Mark Duper gets a gun


FYI, eel, or whoever is faking Ohio's name.......would you stop? Do you really want him to keep coming back here?

Think is faking Ohio.

Now look what you did!

Bhwaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

ok I must ask. I'm a newer reader here. Who is this 'Ohio' everyone is talking about? And why does everyone talk about him so much? What's the deal?

my god you sound like a bunch of old ladies on here!!

"like we need another RB"
it's camp. we ned lots of bodies. they upped the number to close to 90. it will be cut down to 52 plus practice squad.

"We couldnt get Peyton Manning or RG3 or Jeff Fisher so we got Ochocinco. LMAO!"
keyword is couldn't. manning wanted too much money, fisher wanted better draft position and control, we couldn't afford to move up to get rg3. is that hard to understand? ocho is a no risk signing. for not much money.

"I expect the Dolphins will be in the Matt Barkley running this year. 3-13 without Brandon."
first of all no way we go 3-13. and 3-13 won't get you the first pick anyway!! just changing coaching staffs should top our win total from last season!! sporano was garbage. the defense wasn't a good fit. we had poor QB play and marshall dropped too many TD passes. we have a better starter in garrard, and a talented guy in tannehill to learn the ropes. be have a better offense in the one run by the packers. maybe they will actually shake up the predictability of the offense!! better run blocking with the zone blocking scheme. fits both bush and thomas' style better. the 4-3 fits our personnel better. odrick, starks, the big guy and wake fit as a front 4. you got dansby, burnett and whomever wins the third spot at LB. that's a better way than the 3-4. i'm not all that worried about the WR situation. fasano, clay, bush and miller will be catching lots of passes.

I'm think that isn't really 'Ohio'

god I can never really tell who is talking in here

instead of faking him, why don't you just tell me what you're really thinking? whoever you are?

"The last couple of blogs, Armando writing like he doesnt give a crap anymore."

Posted by: BraMan | June 12, 2012 at 11:11 AM


I know!! He's even signing his articles with someone elses name!

Ross needs to stop charging NFL prices for his Arena caliber team.

Armando is not on 'vacation.' He is on forced furlough because the Miami Herald is nearly bankrupt and is trying to cut costs everywhere and anywhere.

He doesn't want you to know that, though.

I doubt Philbin in his rookie HC season will be better then Sparano was in his 4th season. 5-6 wins would be considered successful for this bunch.

This blog is done Armando is going to come back to house of the dead. Aye yaye yaye

Bad team = Bad blog

The last couple of blogs, Armando writing like he doesnt give a crap anymore.

Posted by: BraMan | June 12, 2012 at 11:11 AM
The byline says David J Neal?

I'm still amazed at all the negative comments about Brandon Marshall. Where are you getting your information from?

Marshall is a proven 1,000/yard receiver who has the desire to win. Does stocking shelves at Walmart provide your disgust for the man? It must be something.

Signing Ochocinco is one of the few things Ireland got right. Miami is forced to take a gamble on this guy considering what was left behind when Marshall got booted.

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