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Ochocinco gets 85; Mahaffey gets a spot; Moye gets cut

Any questions?

The Dolphins announced this morning that Chad Ochocinco will wear No. 85, which had been worn by rookie Rishard Matthews previously this spring. I don't know if there was any money, goods or services exchanged, but I think you kind of get buffalo'ed out of your number when you're a seventh-round pick who hasn't made an NFL roster yet.

The Dolphins also signed fullback Ryan Mahaffey, roster filler for Indianapolis last season after they got him off Baltimore's practice squad. The franchise waived undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Derek Moye. Save your money, guys.




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BOYCOTT IS ON, is an idiot and is boycotting intelligence.

Go find another hobby, hater.



Who cares about the hapless Dolphins? LETS GO HEAT!

If you want Dolphins news, read the sports buzz blog on this site.

Miami has the Dolphins
The crapiest football team
They take the ball from 20 to 20 without scoring like no one’s ever seen
They’re in the air they’re on the ground they are always behind and when you say miami you’re talking high draft choice.


Don't quit your day job, Scotty. That was abysmal.

So they get rid of Marshall because he was a distraction in the dressing room and now they bring in this clown who is like a cancer. Crazy

Is Lekerkerker available for the OL

If Ocho Stinko couldn't learn in New England what makes Ireland think he can learn in Miami?

More smoke and mirrors folks. Jeff will go down as the worst GM in NFL history.


Yay jaison. I visit this site daily and I am amazed at the amount of trash talking that is done before the season even starts.

Another ACORN!!! Hooooo-effing-ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey hey hey DWade and LeChoke artist strike again. They make nice bedmates for the Davie losers.

And where are the Shiitcago Bulls?


THAT was abysmal. Let me guess? Drowning your sorrows? Again? As usual?

I don't even post here anymore and you're STILL impostoring me and bringing up my name?

Wow - LOL ;)

I'd say I've made a lasting impression.

Why do people always say "I don't post here anymore" while posting here?

You know the ONLY time I post here is when you keep incesstantly mentioning my name or impostoring me(like you did above @11:01).

So I DON'T post here anymore. I just stop by once in awhile to "Slap my name outcha Mouf" Bu-ooy!

Symbolically speaking of course.

PS: It's A Valid Answer ;)

I'm not the guy you're talking about.

Just noting that some people (you being among them) insist they "aren't posting" someplace by doing just that--posting.

It really isn't a gray area. You either are or you aren't.

Any further response from you just proves the point further.


I done told yo assss!

I ain't posting here! I ain't. I don't! Anna ain't Fin Ta!

Feel Me?

Why does no one bring up the fact that we got Chad for Veteran Minimum ? And if we cut him, we lose NOTHING. He's not even a lock for the team. There is nothing to lose with this signing -- everyone relax. There is no "BOYCOT ON". Non of the beat writers inform anyone about any facts. Thats the joke. Chads deal is all incentives. He needs 80 catches this year to make any money -- last year he had 15. If he makes 80 catches he then makes 2 million -- which would be worth it.

RELAX EVERYONE and CHILL OUT. Im just bummed that we have to listen to Chads annoying mouth. But if he helps us win I'll deal with it.

Yeah I do!

I done know'd dat!

You ain't foolin me yo.

I got dis!

The problem is we only have 10 late round WR's. We need a good 30 or 40 late round WR's to come up with an acorn.

Darn, I already bought my custom made 85 Rishard Matthews jersey.

Dummies @ 1:07 AM.....

I know....and I am sure many others do as well....but whats the point....if "He" found a place were he can be more civil and add to or join in the conversation...why not allow "Them".....

Would love to see some new uniforms. And i dont know why everyone loves the old fight song. it is so dated and boring. Time to modernize and inject some energy into the franchise.

What the hell are they changing about the uniforms???? I like the uniforms!

I'm also ALL for a uniform update. Yes, I know the history (went to my first game in 1968) but it doesn't change the fact that the Dolphins logo is ultimately an anthropomorphic porpoise wearing a football helmet and jumping through the sun. It's a cartoon, and it's silly.

A redesign to make the team look tougher while still retaining (some) of the history of the past would be VERY welcome by many, including me.

No problem with the old fight song, however. It's ridiculous, but it's ours.

They should have gone after Willis McGahee (a miami guy) and Laurent Robinson. I don't know what they are thinking.

Chad will change his name again to Tres Cero Cinco.

My point about the uniform, is that the colors we have are unique and historic. I actually like the logo also. If they want to un-cartoon it I am in, But if they go to that rainbow crap the Marlins went to I am going to be pissed.

Or change the color scheme completly.

So, whats the problem, Jeffery signed an old, used up WR whos last name is "Eighty Five". If this wasnt so pityfull it would be funny.

Ross is football clueless. The Dolphins are doomed as long as he and Ireland are running the circus.

I remember when this blog was actually interesting and relevant...

If Chad can help push one of the young guys during training camp, I'm all for it! He has a good work effort, goes full speed during practice, works on catching the ball, and is willing to put in extra effort and time to be better. What's not to love? So, he loves to clown around. Part of our problem is that a lot of these guys are so scared of losing that they need to relax and just go play football! If nothing else, he's sort of entertaining...

Does anyone remember when the Dolphins were actually interesting and relevant? Me neither.

Old players like Ocho Crappo and Garrard are no part of the rebuild. WTF is Irescum doing?

Poizen--agreed on the colors. They are iconic and I'm sure changing them would not be in the plans.

The cartoonish, logo, though could be VASTLY improved, in my opinion. Put some professionals in charge of coming up with a cleaner, meaner look that would rebrand the logo without erasing all vestiges of the past. That's what I'd like and (I think) that's the direction they intend.

maybe he will try to prove he is not done. he should be highly motivated especially against the Pats.

I do here he practices and plays hard. why not...

If a player cant make another NFL roster they cam always start for the garbage Dolphins.

James and Wade downplayed the loss.

“This was the feel out game,” James said. “We come here with a lot of energy, try to steal Game 1 and now we get an opportunity to go to the chalkboard, go to the film and have a better game plan for Game 2 since we’ve already seen what they’re capable of doing.”

Um, that is what you call a LAME excuse from Lebron Shames.

I wish the Dolphins were half as good as the Heat or Marlins.

Wade better stop shooting all those stupid jumpers and save his energy for defense.
To Spo, please bring Wade off the bench, do not start him. We can't lose to people wearing Sally Jesse Rafael glasses. Lol
I can't wait til the Fins open camp to the public. :)


I wish Dolphin fans were half as knowledge as Heat fans, Marlin fans, or even PANTHER fans.

By sweet jesu temperature in south flordia never dips below 70 and somehow the fans of a game that is played on ICE are somehow coherrent than Miami's iconic franchise.

moore to ocho. with a cake schedule we should see 6 to 7 wins. depending on when they insert tannehill. im guessing around week 8

Matt Moore (QB) -- 62%, 3800, 27/7
Bush 800 yards from scrimmage
D. Thomas 1400 yards from scrimmage
Clay 900 yards from scrimmage
L. Thomas 600 yards from scrimmage
AFC Champions
Super Bowl Champions

Am I missing the obvious here, didn't we retire #85 with Mark "super" Super?

I'm pouting even though my legacy is on the line too.

NO 85 was not retired.

85 should be but they wont retire a crack addicts number

Dolphins are a farce. Ross/Ireland just go thru the motions without a clue how to win.

Chad 85 seems to be a lot better at bull shatting than bull riding as you may note on you tube

The FO needs to admit and embrace rebuilding rather then sign old players like Garrard and Ochocinco.

If 85 can't perform like a superstar with Brady throwing to him, what makes the Dolphins think he's worthwhile?

offense was complex, he never got it. our offense much easier. so what if hes dumb, still has skills

Ross can sure get the talking part done but can never deliver on his words.

From many of the Miami Dolphin blogs that i read, I'm wondering just how many really are coming from Miami Dolphin fans? just saying...

Victor, I think many comments are from disgruntled fans. The team has stunk for so long. No SB win for 40 years and counting. No playoff win for 12 years and counting. Its pathetic how far this team has fallen and fans are pissed.

Old players like Ocho Crappo and Garrard are no part of the rebuild. WTF is Irescum doing?
Posted by: MJ | June 13, 2012 at 12:24 PM

Qoute of the day.

Ok People. I am a Dolphin fan since 1966 and will always be a Dolphin fan. Win or Lose. Period. I cannot believe all the negative comments from so called Dolphin fans. I expect negative comments from fans of other teams but not from our own fans. A TRUE fan never deserts their team, never bashes their team, and ALWAYS remains optimistic about the future.
I, personally, think that we are on the upswing. I expect our team to surprise a lot of people this year. No, I don't expect to go to Super Bowl but I do hold out hope that we will be able to hold our heads up. We have a lot of talented young players and I think within a very short time we are definitely going to be VERY respected. I look forward to seeing the progress we make THIS year as a rebuilding team.
As for all the negative comments about Ochocinco, I think this may be the perfect opportunity for him as well as for our team. We got him at a Bargain price and I expect him to make the most of this opportunity. This is a win, win, win situation because of the way his 1 year deal was set up.
Anyway, To all TRUE Dolphin fans, Lets be optimistic and back our team to the full extent. Lets be TRUE fans and stand behind our team. I am and will always be a MIAMI DOLPHIN FAN.
I expect great things from this team THIS year and even more in the years to follow!!

I've wasted enough time and money on these clowns. Losing every home game isnt fun. And going into every season with zero chance at the SB is more then frustrating.

Dolphins are a farce. Ross/Ireland just go thru the motions without a clue how to win.

Posted by: Mike L | June 13, 2012 at 04:12 PM


They take after your example of lame posts.

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