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Ochocinco gets 85; Mahaffey gets a spot; Moye gets cut

Any questions?

The Dolphins announced this morning that Chad Ochocinco will wear No. 85, which had been worn by rookie Rishard Matthews previously this spring. I don't know if there was any money, goods or services exchanged, but I think you kind of get buffalo'ed out of your number when you're a seventh-round pick who hasn't made an NFL roster yet.

The Dolphins also signed fullback Ryan Mahaffey, roster filler for Indianapolis last season after they got him off Baltimore's practice squad. The franchise waived undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Derek Moye. Save your money, guys.




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Miami Seems to like things beginning with Chad

Mark makes no sense at all. After fans protested, Ross was calling fans on their cell phones and he still does.
The reason why Ross is so open is because fans expressed their dislike for the team.
The world is bad enough, hate to be in a world where u can't express an opinion.
Real fans don't shut up for anyone.

odinseye Says:

June 13, 2012 at 9:01 pm

Thanks for asking. Debo is doing great, ny neck, not so good.

On the brightside, my Pain Management Specialist has FINALLY found a Nuero-Surgeon that will take on my C-6 disc. It was touch and go for awhile there. My consultation is scheduled for the 26th

Mean while I continue to take the Medication(Yes thank you lord for pain killers)And I continue to live my life.

This from Odinsmell, Ohio's Favorite poster, This is jus sad peoplke, Iam sorry but anyone posting "Yes thank you lord for pain killers" Is just a sad excuss for a human.
Please odinsmell I hear Suicide is painless, Maybe you should check it out..

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Stephen Ross is the guy that swears everything is sunny in the middle of a thunderstorm.


The only part of my post you complained about, is the part you "ADDED" - ROTFLMAO!

You are so retarded you make stuff up and then cut down what you make up?

Snik!................Snicker...........Bhwaa Ha.......

Bhwaaaa Haaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

And you wonder why your blog is so pathetic - lol.

What the heck, I'll throw the dog a bone(you like bones dontcha boy?). I'll give you a hint:

Look In The Mirror-Bhwaaaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa!!!!

Nice Work Butt Munch ;)

chad is gettin the league veteran minimum to run srreaks for one year,

hes not num.1 guy, but somebody to force a saftey over the top at all times and open up the small pass game for our westcoast offense

my prediction, Devon Bess is going to have an amazing year, Also look out for our very tall TE's this year


Coalition, I didn't know closet hom o's were so jealous of Men that love women.

I always say to each their own, what happened to you?

I don't hate on you because your breath smells like the Rainbow Room.

You don't have to hate hetero-sexuals. That's SO 1980's-lol. Just brush your teeth and wash that a ss before you come out.........of the closet.

Yours Truly

Odin ;)

odins once again thanks so much for coming here to puke on the blog. why do you complain about trolls and then come over here to crap time and again?

why not stay over at the cj blog where you belong?

Rekstar, unfortunately bess can't have a bug year because he's overrated with no star talent. The first two full years he played he had 3 tds....in 32 full games starting. Can't score. Fumbles more than he catches tds. And he's our #2.
I think Ross and Ireland want these mooks to turn into a Vincent Cruz, when all he is is the exception to the rule - a very rare case.

And by mooks I mean the late round and ufa wide receivers. Why not get tommy streeter in the 5th or 6th? Makes no sense. Jimmy graham only played one year full and he turned out how?

Streeter ran one of the fastest times at the combine, he's 6 5, and if he had a qb to throw to him and a coach his firs three years that knew what an offense was, he would be bigger than Blackmon.


Ocho has a goo opportunity here, Low risk as far as the $$ is concerned vs the possible reward.

I like the way our coach is calling out the receivers publicly.

I like what I see from Philbin so far, things are looking up. IMO

Oh, the only thing I ask is to not lose the colors in the uniforms, you want to un-cartoon the dolphin that is fine...

Boycott, I have no clue if you are a troll or a serious phin fan.

But think about it.

If you boycott the phins the only thing you promote is moving the team out of Miami, and the excuse will be because of lack of support. your cause if your a true fan would be far better served to be a VERY VOCAL fan and show your passion following the team, so that every bit of anger is heard so that chages are made, JMO again...

How disappointing it is that I have to dredge thru 50 or so posts before I can read something where somebody actually knows what they are talking about. I hope that most of the people here are not actual Dolphin fans.....

when people talk about ocho being dumb because he doesn't understand the playbook you shouldn't kid yourselves. nobody is ever going to mistake an NFL player with an intelligent individual. NOT going to happen. most of them can't do simple addition.
if you want to see something really good watch a lamar miller interview. Whooo! education has nothing to do with how much money you can make in this country. NOTHING!

Stephen Ross = BS artist extroidinaire

You guys act like stupid little kids ... You seriously think Mr. Ross is making the Football decisions? you seriously think Mr. Ross signed Chad Johnson? Yall must think the name of the team is the Dallas Cowboys or think that the owner is Jerry Jones... Wake up!!! Our owner doesn't know anything about football, and has Zero say in what the football team does or who they sign .. he has said it many of times.. " I hired people to make those decisions, I just sign the checks" so Chad Johnson isn't a PR move. If you think they sign people just to fill seats you're stupid!!! NO TEAM DOES THAT!!!! teams don't give a player a Million Dollars just to fill some seats that they get like half of the million back on ...THATS CALLED A LOSS!!!
Really guys Quit acting so stupid!

Ireland is the cancer for this franchise. The only way to get him replaced is by boycotting the team. Real fans are tired of losing and want change. I agree with the boycott and wont waste a dime on this team until he's fired. But every one must make their own decision. If you want to waste your money on a crap product go for it.

@ dm1dolphan ,, do you really think they can't add? They are college graduates ... your post is seriously ignorant!!!

@ Fed up .. I doubt you were ever a season ticket holder ... And bet you have never been to a game ...GET LOST!

@ jeffrow. You'd lose that bet. Clearly you like wasting your money. The team loses almost all their home games. Its no fun anymore.

Quit keeping up with the dolphins "fed up" ... go away We don't want you as a fan. Real fans stick by their team through thick and thin... Go be a jet fan they love fair weathered fans like yourself!

jeffrow, who's we? Speak for yourself. The team will never improve if you continue supporting crap.

@fedup "WE" as in dolphin fans! you're not one. Someone else will get your seat if you were a season ticket holder. But i have a feeling you never were. Like i said GO BE A LOSER JET FAN .. they love fair weathered fans like yourself.

The Herald is down to 7 posters each using 4 different names

The circle jerk blog has about 8 posters most of which are the posters above that they criticize over there.

Who is fooling who? Certainly not VIO and his 2 musketeers.

And i can speak for whoever i what too.... And your comment makes no sense...the team will never improve if you keep supporting them? .. what are you like 12 years old or something? Like i said the Jets love stupid fans like yourself ..GO BE ONE!

jeffrow, you dont speak for "Dolfan fans". Most have already joined the boycott. Get a clue. Ticket sales are the lowest in 44 years for a reason. Fire Ireland signs have been flown over the stadium and paid for by Dolphin fans. More sign are planned....by Dolphin fans. Go to FinsNation.com if you'd like to contribute to the FIRE IRELAND cause. Ita all FINFANS!!

Just because you post under 7 different names "LOL" doesnt mean everyone else does.. DOLPHINS ARE BACK! and the stadium will be full of Real Fans.. glad the Fake fans aren't going to go anymore. We get new fans, New players, new coaches ... Love it!!!

All i know "fed up" is that you don't speak for dolphin fans... you dont know what ticket sales are!!! where do you get your info?

LOL and FED up are the same person and is a troll ...GET LOST!

You sure as hell don't represent ME, either, 'Fed Up.'

Frankly, I'm more than FED UP with guys like you delusionally thinking you represent me.

Miami hasn't had a blackout in over a decade or more! and i expect that to continue


Dont be silly. Jet fans dont want Ireland fired. lol

Yeah Tim "fed up/LOL" is delusional ... how many people were at the protest? like 10 PEOPLE!

Sure they do Scotty!!! they would love to hire him.. Just like they hire ever other miami reject!

No blackout cause Ross bought boatloads of his own tickets. The stadium was half empty on game days.

... how many people were at the protest? like 10 PEOPLE!
Posted by: jeffrow | June 14, 2012 at 10:57 AM

Thats more then attend the games! lol

fed up the stadium has never been half empty! this is how i know you are stupid

5,000 seats is not half empty. i bet if you look it up you will see more people go to dolphin games than half of the other teams.

Hey, to each their own. If you're happy with 6-10 and losing every season , go for it. I wont anymore.

There were 4 games with 25,000 in actual attendance. 45,000 empty seats. Fact!

Even Ross said the stadium is too big for his (crap) team. lol

Wrong FED UP!! i was there! there has never been 45,000 empty seats! KNOW I KNOW YOU ARE A TROLL!


45,000 empty seats. I was there too. Unfortunately.


lets just say for the humor of your statement that you are right... HOW COME THERE WASN'T A BLACKOUT THEN? and dont tell me that Ross bought up 45,000 seats! NEVER HAPPENED! Ross doesn't buy up the seats anyway, it was the TV station! the most there has been was 10,000... GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT!

Jeffrow, you have to be a sadist masochist to be a Dolphin fan these days.

Is jock itch contagious?

You have to be careful what 'merchandise' you grab these days.

lets just say for the humor of your statement that you are right... HOW COME THERE WASN'T A BLACKOUT THEN? and dont tell me that Ross bought up 45,000 seats! NEVER HAPPENED! Ross doesn't buy up the seats anyway, it was the TV station! the most there has been was 10,000... GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT!
Posted by: jeffrow | June 14, 2012 at 11:14 AM

its called NO SHOWS! And Ross did buy boatloads of tickets,GET YOUR FACT STRAIGHT!

I love being a dolphin fan .. so excited to see them this year. we could of easily been 10-6 last year if we didnt have a bad coach in Tony Sparano that lost the game in the 4th quarter .. Now he is with the Jets ..LOL Watch them go 5-11 this year because of his Lack of football knowledge ...LOL

watch!!! the stadium is going to be full come opening day.. mark my words! and yall won't be able to get your seats back ... and that will make me happy .. good riddance... We dont need TROLLS in the stadium :)

yeah well i didnt go to the last couple home games either because we were out of the playoffs ( without a chance of going ) Just watched them on TV instead .. But i'll be back in my seat come opening day

Funny, we never heard Joe Robbie oe Don Shula say the stadium was too big! lol

Ryan and Sparano are going to beat us twice. Tebow is a joke but he is tough and they will find a way to WildCat us into a loss.

Jets/Fins toss up for last place in the div

you are probably to Big to fit in a seat Scotty ..LOL

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