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Ochocinco gets 85; Mahaffey gets a spot; Moye gets cut

Any questions?

The Dolphins announced this morning that Chad Ochocinco will wear No. 85, which had been worn by rookie Rishard Matthews previously this spring. I don't know if there was any money, goods or services exchanged, but I think you kind of get buffalo'ed out of your number when you're a seventh-round pick who hasn't made an NFL roster yet.

The Dolphins also signed fullback Ryan Mahaffey, roster filler for Indianapolis last season after they got him off Baltimore's practice squad. The franchise waived undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Derek Moye. Save your money, guys.




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Its estimated the franchise value of the Dolphins is 200 million lower then when Stephen Ross bought the team mostly due to losing the Marlin lease plus a dwindling attendance and fan base.

You can't beat our defense with trick plays Riley! we play better against the wildcat than any other team in the league.. we will continue to beat the Jets just like we always do

Glad the Marlins are finally out of the stadium! no more dirt field Should be great :)

I see TVI Odimsmell came trough here in the early AM,What a waste of humanbeing.
oOdinsmell Please stay at the parasite Ohio's Blog Where you and your circle jerk friend can circle jerk all day long.

What are you talking about jeff? We lost 10 games last year. We normally split with the Jets, this year Sparano will get his revenge, he knows our D's weaknesses.

Ryan and Sparano are going to beat us twice. Tebow is a joke but he is tough and they will find a way to WildCat us into a loss.

Posted by: riley | June 14, 2012 at 11:37 AM


Okie dokie there you little Jets fan you.

yeah well i didnt go to the last couple home games either because we were out of the playoffs ( without a chance of going )
Posted by: jeffrow | June 14, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Guess what? We're out of the playoffs again next season....before the season even starts.


Posted by: riley | June 14, 2012 at 11:47 AM


Okie dokie there you little SpaDrano fan you.

The Dolphins should move into the new Marlins stadium. Sun Life is a dump.

You mama's boys here are so weak all you can think of is to call everyone a jets fan if you don't like what they say. You guys are dumber than the ghetto boy players.

Guess what? We're out of the playoffs again next season....before the season even starts.

Posted by: Mike 77
yeah what makes you the expert!?! were do you get your crystal ball from?.. LOL .. you're a troll and a joke!

Some of you shouldn't be allowed to blog until you pass a course in how to act older than a seven year old.

who called who a Jet fan? .. I didn't say that. all i said was he SHOULD become one because Jets are the most fair weathered fans in the nation!

Some of you shouldn't be allowed to blog until you pass a course in how to act older than a seven year old.

Posted by: riley

And that should be you

jeffrow face reality. The Fins are pure garbage.

jeff sounds like a guy who has spent his whole life watching sitcoms, eating microwave food and drinking cheap beer.

What are you talking about jeff? We lost 10 games last year. We normally split with the Jets, this year Sparano will get his revenge, he knows our D's weaknesses.

Posted by: riley

Nice try troll
different defense, different scheme , different coordinator and new players... and Tony lost 5 of them game because he don't know how to coach and close out games. we should beat Mr. fist pump field goal twice this year, Just like we beat them twice a couple years ago... We beat the crap out of them last game of the season last year ..LOL.. kept them out of the playoffs .. we will have our way with them this year

Jethrow take your meds bro! LMAO!

where's Rocko when you need him

jefftroll lol

So yeah, we have a rookie HC and a rookie DC and a whole new scheme on both sides of the line and we are just going to beat a bunch of estabilshed teams with more stability and talent.

sure. drink up your bud light until you are numb and you will enjoy the season.

Is that Jethrow Clampitt? That explains everything.

jeffy, you're at the wrong blog. you should be over at cj homerville, a group of nice boys that stroke each others comments all day.

inimounts if u see this ,

i agree with you, but those are years and play called by old coaches and different schemes, do u really think chad henne or mat moore can deliver or allow bess to blossom his skills, we all know hes a Quick in and out slot guy

i am Predicting he will have a great year becuase of his skill set and the new offense we are going to run, not off his numbers in the past years

i love tannehill and i belive you dont Draft a QB 8th overall first pick too sit him behind,,,lol,,, mat moore,

Tannenhill is going to make Bess break out this year and be the next wes welker, becasuse if we wer to trade bess too NE or GB, he would have a break out year

Could Ross/Ireland have found a worse coaching staff? GEEZ!

So going into Ireland's 5th year the Dolphins are the equivalent of an expansion team without the draft choices.

Good news, Marc Columbo just got out of his final 3 point stance from January and is making his way to his locker to leave the team and retire.

that was lightning speed for good old Marc.


Ron Son, is your life that horrible that for entertainment you need to come to a blog and try to irk someone into arguing with you?

Would it kill you to make a positive comment once in awhile? Yes, I think it would. Try it and let's find out :)

It's just a game son, those boys are getting paid mighty well. Don't be down for them and no reason getting yourself down over a game.

Come out Come OUT wherever you ARE!


I dont argue. Just state my opinion.

ROn Son, They did find a worse coaching staff, Sporano and co.

If Ross knew he wasnt getting Cowher or Fisher he would've and should've kept Sparano. Doubtful that rookie Philbin is any upgrade. Lots of similiarities to Cam Cameron.

Ron, you only state negative opinions. You may hate every single thing about the team, yet, if you try, I'm sure you could find something positive to say. If not, maybe it's just not worth it to you to follow the team.

Burger, I disagree, Philbin has already shown big differences than Cam. He is far more vocal and authoritive at practices. That comparison is an easy one to make because they are both glorified offensive coordinators, but to date, they could not be farther from each other with coaching style.


It's just one or two bloggers that come by to say the most negative thing possible, either to try to get a rise out of someone or they are just bitter, unhappy people.

My point is, there is no use in responding to them. They are beyond reason.

Please don't feed the animals!


It's just one or two bloggers that come by under various names to say the most negative thing possible, either to try to get a rise out of someone or they are just bitter, unhappy people.

My point is, there is no use in responding to them. They are beyond reason.

Looking forward to this Season and seeing my favorite team on HBO.


Yea, I am not sure what happened to the blog after the last couple months. I go away and take a break, and come back and no one is here. :) I have my bad taste in my mouth about recent events with the team, and will be vocal about them, but I am a dolphin die hard, and have been dying latly! :)

I like the moves we have made so far, but we have a ways to go... I hate to say that I do still have a bad taste about Ireland. that can change but I am not sold on him AT ALL at this point. The mkoves this year will prove his worth.

Kong, I don't see anything positive about 6-10 or 3 consecutive losing seasons. I dont see anything positive from Ross, Ireland, or an unproven rookie HC. I dont see anything positive about a crap WR group. Sorry to dissapoint you.


You are the one disappointed. Not me. Nice try. I'm happy. I see us moving in the right direction. This is the best I have felt about the team in a long time. I think they are very close to being seriously competitive again. We'll see. I'm eager to watch and see how things unfold. If they get rolling again, great, if not, it's just a game that really has no bearing on anything beyond Sunday entertainment.

I guess you don't believe we have one good player on the whole team and every GM HC OC DC on the other 31 teams are better than ours.

Criticism is fine, but if you are down on every single aspect of the team, why bother being a fan? What's the point? I don't get it.

There are some obvious positives to even the most critical of fans, yet you simply refuse to acknowledge any one of them.

I don't know if you just swing by here trying to get someone riled up or you are just basically miserable and need an outlet. I think its a little of both.

Yes, pretty much every owner, GM and HC on the other 31 teams are better than ours. Its you who will be dissapointed as you probably are almost every season in recent memory. My expectations for this bunch are very low.

Heck, if these scrubs EVER ho 8-8 they'll throw a friggin parade!!! LMFAO!! Irescum suks!!

Ryan Mahaffey?? How low can we go?


You are just being unreasonable for the sake of it. You are probably like others that will say Philbin has no HC experience, yet the same could have been said for Payton, McCarthy, Tomlin. Every SB coach had to get their first start somewhere, you are not born an HC.

You are just too happy to believe Philbin is the worst coach in the league before he has even started. So that shows you have no interest in objectivity and your sole purpose is to come here and claim the worst doom and gloom outlook you can muster up.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a point, and for the other bloggers to see, that some here are not being objectively critical, but critical for the sake of it, and I think you and a few others do it just to get a reaction. I wanted to see if you had an ounce of objectivity, but you don't, so any further debate with you is utterly useless, and I would encourage the other bloggers not to respond to you and the few others like MJ, if you are not all one and the same person LOL.

The well being of my life is not how well a football team does. Sure I want a winner, but in the end, it's entertainment on Sundays and I'm already intrigued to see how things will unfold. That is good enough for me.

Id Be happy with 8 and 8, but with the current group(New HC,New Offense) You never know.
Go Phins.

Then again,I could also see them going 5 and 11, Like kong said before, It's just entertainment on a sunday afternoon to me., These guys dont pay my bills or feed my kids.

Kong lay off the kool aid!!!!!! The team suks AGAIN!!!!!!!

Hey All

I am organizing a party at Ron Son's place on Saturday. We are going to drink cheap whiskey and discuss until dawn all the miserable and gloomy aspects of the fins. Then we are going to play Russian Roulette until we are all dead.

Come one, come all. LOL

Kong the team is 6-10. There are obviously a lot more negatives then positives. Tell us what those negatives are in your opinion.

MJ will start of the proceedings by playing Russian Roulette with six bullets. LOL.

Let's pray the world ends before the season starts, that will save us from any disappointing Sundays.

Hey Mike

Congrats, you at least admitted there are some positives. You need to sit down with Ron and MJ and explain to that to them. I won't respond to them. And I have a sneaky suspicion you and Ron and MJ and a few others are the same dude.

You act like I'm predicting an undefeated season LOL. I'm only saying there are some positives and the team hasn't looked this promising in a long time even if it does take a couple more years. Hey, if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. So what? I'm looking forward to game 1!

Kong, Is this going to be a RSVP type party that MJs having? If so, When should I expect my invitation?

I'm always optimistic and I'm always wrong. But who cares?

King Kong, no negatives on the team? Thats how I thought you'd respond.

Interesting David, Id like to see a picture of that.

5:01 PM

Cool. Now that you are faking me means that I nailed you!

Well, I'll be on my way for now. Have fun with my name while I'm gone. It's a great name.

Good Riddance Kong you DUMB dufuss!!!!!!!

The Mole that is, Not the three Penises.

That guy was delusional. Couldnt answer a question. Typical.

Shut yo mouves!

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