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Ochocinco gets 85; Mahaffey gets a spot; Moye gets cut

Any questions?

The Dolphins announced this morning that Chad Ochocinco will wear No. 85, which had been worn by rookie Rishard Matthews previously this spring. I don't know if there was any money, goods or services exchanged, but I think you kind of get buffalo'ed out of your number when you're a seventh-round pick who hasn't made an NFL roster yet.

The Dolphins also signed fullback Ryan Mahaffey, roster filler for Indianapolis last season after they got him off Baltimore's practice squad. The franchise waived undrafted rookie free agent wide receiver Derek Moye. Save your money, guys.




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Negatives : the team lacks talent and playmakers
QB still a question
HC a question
GM a question
Bad receivers

Positives : The team is looking much better in many areas

RB best group we have had in years
TE greatly improved, Egnew is tall, fast, a playmaker
OL coming together, easily in top ten, maybe top 5
DL coming together, easily in top ten, maybe top 5
CB should be break out season for the whole group
K excellent
P excellent

All teams have weaknesses. You don't need Pro Bowlers at every position to win the SB, just good coaching and the right group of players.


Good coaching we dont have. LOL

This blog sucks and 95% of the posters are moronic children who can't string two sentences together to save their life. That is all and thank you. Back to not talking about football. Go.


Good coaching we dont have. LOL
Posted by: Clue | June 14, 2012 at 06:32 PM

Even that delusional homer admitted that!

The blog sucks because the team sucks.

Who cares about the hapless Fins?

Why is everyone so down on our coaching staff? How about actually giving them a chance to perform before judging them?

This blog sucks and 95% of the posters are moronic children who can't string two sentences together to save their life.

Posted by: Blog critic | June 14, 2012 at 06:40 PM

It's sucks because people like you change your name all day long and contribute nothing but whining.

Philbin = Cameron II

Horrible fan support

The unsupportive fans are about 75% of the reason players don't want to play for the Dolphins. I gaurantee The saints and packers don't have to put up with jackass (so called) fans......don't you guys don't worry...you'll chase Bush and Philbin away...that'll give you more to complain about!!!! I say if you can't support my team...take your ass to Jacksonville ot Tampa!


Cheapskate Ross and "hooka momma" Ireland are about 75% of the reason players don't want to play for the Dolphins. Dont blame the fans. Heck, Saints fans wore bags over their heads when their team was as bad as the Dolphins.


You are high on drugs. There are only 32 NFL teams in the whole world. These players are making HUGE $$$ and they will go anywhere. Just because a few players didn't sign here doesn't mean none of them want to. Most often they visit other teams just to get leverage.

Ross is not cheap either. He payed Marshall and Dansby very well. He isn't so stupid to pay 7th round acorn Flynn like a top QB.

These posters here are really REALLY fkin stupid and have ZERO life experience. It sounds like most of you have some dumb job a robot can do and have no clue how business works or the media.

sorry TGH but i disagree the fans play a huge part when it come to players finding new homes....with our current fan base i don't blame them too much. we need to support our team and stop whinning over someone like Brandon "i can't catch 2 in a row" Marshall. He was a decoy for us....in 2 years when the Bears are shopping him....you'll see. as for the Saints with bags on their heads>>>>>that was in the 70's and 80's. After the Hurricane they became 1 unit.

Prospective players arent clamoring to play for Philbin either not knowing anything about him as a HC. Matt Flynn didnt even want to play for him. YIKES!

Flynn's not in Miami because he wanted too much money. I thin Philbin and stAFF did a good job by not panicing andpaying to much for Flynn. If you ask me...we already have a Matt Flynn....you might know him as Matt Moore.

Thepurpose of picking up a "known-All-Pro" isthat he may put butts in the seats. Thismove is amateurish at best and ignorant at worst.! The fins are becoming the Clown franchise of the entire NFL. We can expectanother mediocre season while we watch this franchise wallow in mediocrity. What abunch of "Know-nothings"!

Flynn's not in Miami because he wanted too much money.
Posted by: Mad Mack | June 14, 2012 at 10:00 PM

That SOB Ross was too cheap too pay him fairly. .

Rodh, "mediocre" would be a huge improvement for these scrubs. They friggin stink.

I'd much rather suck a boner than watch this crap team play.


How much should we pay for a 7th round acorn with a whole two games experience? Get a clue.... ignoramuses like yourself buy into the media hype and would have paid him like an all pro. He still hasn't even won the job in Seattle a team with worse QB's than ours.

You are sniveling dumb idiot needing a diaper change LOL

I'd much rather suck a boner than watch this crap team play.
Posted by: MJ | June 14, 2012 at 10:26 PM


I dont blame you. Me too!

The Dolphins should learn from the Heat and stop being so cheap.

Coalition is using his "MJ" alias at 10:26 above.

He's impostoring me at 10:42.

After the game, at 1:17 above, he forgot to change his sign in name back. Hence the two posts from me nearly 3 hours apart.

This Meth Head is Brilliant - ROTFLMAO - AGAIN ;)

I think this was his way of saying, "NO WAY"

Come out, come out whatever "Alias" you using!

It's 2012 you P U S S Y, people are......well.......Gay Guys are coming out all the time.

YOU......can DO IT!


Even your Mom says you should "Come Out".

Actually she said she don't, "Give a shyt what that Gay Ba-stard does", but you get the picture.

BTW - Your Dad still says he, "Doesn't Have a Son", so I don't think he cares either - lol ;)

Come ON!

Come on OUT!

92 posts of nothing but scum talk. Are you proud of yourselves? Will you teach your children to grow up to be blog scum?

5-11 next season. take it to the bank.

Can they win 5 games without Brandon Marshall? He got double teamed almost every play. And losing Mike Nolan was another blow to this fragile franchise that no one is talking about.

I say 0 - 16 for the next 3 seasons until we get a real owner and real coaches.

One headache (headcase) for another??? None the less we got him cheap & not out a whole lot IF he even makes Philbin's team!!! Ross is JUST trying to sell tickets & that can't be done with a has been, he has to learn like all owners that THE FANS MAKE THE PAYCHECK SIR!!!

There is not one single player on our roster that would be a stsrter on any other team. Not one.

It's Probably True uses over 10 different names here

@MJ Son 77

Cam Wake and Jake Long could start for most teams.

Someone said it and I agree. I wasnt happy with the OchoCinco or the Garrard signings. We have to rebuild with youth not has beens. This lack of a clear direction just delays any real improvement IMO.

We can't rebuild EVERYTHING overnight.

It takes time. We have a complete new staff. A full enfusion of draft picks and one of the younger rosters in the league. You have to have some experience at certain position.

If you try to do too much too quickly, you'll end up like Cam Cameron.

Philbin has be doing a pretty good job working with the circumstance he hired into.

Garrard better not be in there , he`s another interception machine like Henne was , Matt Moore better be the starter , if Marshall and other receivers had caught his passes he was putting in their hands we would have won 3 or 4 more games , Matt Moore is way better then Garrard

It reminds me of when Father Scott made me suck on his nozzle when I was 8. Heck I didn't know what I was doing back then!

xtrenewaz7, Henne didn't perform well because of "SETTLE FOR 3" no balls Sparano!!! Henne will probably be starting week 15 & the only AFC South team to beat us!!! start Tannehill Moore is nothing more than a back up!!!

RoboHenne was friggin pathetic. Sparano got fired for sticking with Henne way too long.

Gotta wonder when Philbin will get fired along with Ireland....

who cares if we got Moss, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz it doesn't matter- we have nobody to throw them the ball! Brandon Marshall was awesome- but his TD stats and YAC dropped as soon as he put our uniform on. Marshall is a beast Wide rec- but we didn't need him- Welker was a small Speedy guy- but we didn't need him.

Armando does fine. If you guys don't like it- don't read it.

I agree Matt Moore did a nice job for us last year. Give him another year to develop. Matt Moore can't help if our offensive system and receivers stink. Crap- we just got rid of a pro bowler.

I don't know- there has to be something we don't know- anyone with a brain doesn't get rid of B Marshall unless the guy is causing trouble in the locker room and the other players can't stand him (a cancer).

Why,WHY does Odinsmell continue to pollute this blog?
Odin, I'am gonna contact the EPA.

Okay, I respect everyone's opinions, however, if one more person says 'Matt Moore should start' or 'give Matt Moore another year' needs to seriously wake up. Let's look at the facts: when he came here, he had not won a game, and that was with the team cam newton did wonders with. His numbers were awful, but we gave him a chance. Then he starts, and with the biggest stat of them all - HE GOES 6-6, in what has been by far his best performances. Let's add to that what this team had on offense: as much as u can hate on the line, we have a couple of the best in pouncey and long, in td key positions, and Carey was better than said, and, oh yeah, it gave Reggie bush by far the best year of his career. Moore had the pro bowl MVP to throw to, and , especially in the beginning, missed him and others especially in the red zone that were wide open. And he didn't have to do much, with a top five defense in pretty much every category but pass, mainly points per game, the most important.
6-6. He cannot do better than that, and it wasn't him that got us those wins. It was him that asked our defenses to step up every fourth quarter because we couldn't score with him at qb and put games away.
The goal is always to win a superbowl. And Matt Moore will never do that, and we all know it. In fact, u know that in this division with him as our qb, we have slim to no chance of making playoffs. So be realistic.
I haven't even mentioned the worst of Moore starting....it makes Ross and especially Jeff Ireland GENIUSES. If us as dolphin fans let this happen, then we are guaranteeing that Jeff Ireland will be our gm for this year AND next, because his fate is tied to tannehill and u know it. And if Moore starts, and we suck again because of all he's done, he still gets a pass until we see Ryan. And those of us that want him gone now, will have two more years of frustration and crap drafted players. What's worse? We need to know what tannehill can do NOW for two reasons. 1. Why pay him a very nice salary for two years before we possibly find out hes not nfl material when we could've paid him just 1, not to mention many qbs start as rookies with great success, and gameplay is his weakness and that's only cured by PLAYING....and theres a great qb class next year that we will miss out on without knowing more than we know now.
Those are logical reasons and facts. Tried to keep as much bias out of it, so if u respond please do the same, we need more open minds on this blog.

inimounts, not saying moore is a hero or a probowler, but he arrived here only 3 weeks before the season opener, and started a few games later on a team that had a brand new oc with no offseason. All this under the total dumb cluck sparano. and he still did better than henne who was here for years.

you are not there to see the practices day in and day out.

philbin and sherman have coached top qb's. i just say let the 3 qb's have a fair competition and play the best one. i trust them to make the right decision, they have far more experience and inside info than any blogger.

inimounts from espn today: (again, i'm not making a call one way or the other, but i'll leave it to philbin to decide. this is from jaworski whose opinion caries more weight with me than any blogger

Still, Jaworski spoke very highly of Moore. Here are some select quotes from Jaworski:
"One element I evaluate is how well quarterbacks execute versus the blitz. Moore had the fifth-highest rating in the league in 2011. And look at the names ahead of Moore: [Aaron] Rodgers, [Tom] Brady, [Cam] Newton, [Drew] Brees. You kidding me?"
"A couple of other things stood out as I studied Moore on tape. He threw an excellent deep ball with trajectory, hang time and accuracy. While Moore was generally very good, there were a number of deep balls that got away from him, that came out fluttering, that led to some missed opportunities, some touchdowns left on the field. Moore was most effective out of base-personnel packages. He was highly efficient out of two tight end sets, both attacking down the field and at the intermediate levels of the defense."
"Hey, I know the Dolphins selected Ryan Tannehill with the eighth pick in the draft, but right now, Matt Moore is a better NFL quarterback. There’s no question in my mind that Moore could be a rock-solid NFL starter."

Clearly, Moore is the best QB on the roster. Dont be shocked if Tannehill beats out Hartline at WR.

Miami is too stupid (as they have been forever) to do something good for the team..... they are idiots when it comes to good decisions... Whatever crap decision they can make to make the team crappier they do. Let's not make a good move for the team. Idiots.

I am a huge idiot, so I know idiots when I see them. This team is nothing but idiots.

I am a huge idiot, so I know idiots when I see them. This team is nothing but idiots.
Posted by: John | June 16, 2012 at 11:38 AM

cant argue anything there.

A glance at these posts and its obvious more than a few of you are extremely bored out of your minds. Go live your lives while you can. Find a hobby, read a book, something, anything has to be more rewarding than spinning your wheels idle with nonsense posts.

The Boston Herald reported last week that "Ochocinco just couldn’t learn the playbook to save his life.”

its sad to say but 85 is gonna be our best receiver next to D.Bess... Hartline is ok but hes more of a 2 than a number 1 WR... Bess is a beast coming out da slot but lets see how it plays out it should be fun..

Its frustrating going into season after season with absolutely zero chance at the playoffs. The only question to be answered is, do we or Buffalo finish in the cellar?

when you extended the cat i was heartbroken you kleft his stomach flat on the sandwich of france head you idiot. it is futile toilet gang in portland punk storm soccer jam you stupid ass. atoms atoms thrash juniper glass dummy you lunatic kangaroo juice peddler. you are philadelphia's shame of ham also the yam dolphin queen.

mrs. betty shula was don in dress. you knew this you imbeciles. you are the hawaiian pancake smell of cindy brady toothpaste gel.

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