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Practice notes and Philbin confirms Chad workout

Not much news out of today's Oranized Team Activity except that Joe Philbin a) isn't happy with the number of drops from the Dolphins receivers and b) confirmed they've already worked out Chad Ochocinco.

"It was recent," Philbin chuckled when asked about timing.

I'd take that to mean early this morning. If Brian Hartline's injury that's caused him to miss OTA time turns out to be more than a minor calf problem, then the Dolphins might have a hard look at signing Miami Beach High graduate Chad.

Cornerback Richard Marshall stayed on the sidelines with the groin injury suffered May 29, but Vontae Davis was back taking regular reps.

Running back Reggie Bush said his absence from the May 29 OTA was excused and caused by a family matter.

For more news and notes on today's practice - including quarterback stuff - click on Barry Jackson's sports buzz blog to the right of this one.  He has a new post up.


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I doubt OchoCinco can help us much. It's a big red flag if he can.

WOW. Chad Johnson, if we could get him it would be nice, but OchoCinco, forget it. :)

Does anyone think he will ever wear a gold jacket unless he puts it on himself ? I remember an old receiver we signed from Minnesota that sucked. Chad is chopped liver now, look what he did last year wit Brady throwing to him. Pass.

How , He can be not worse than The last Bipolar bit... WR Miami release because he like hit woman like you like and you are another hater from Boston, or NY, You ca use OCHO CINCO for a lot thing and He is CHEAP, You F team Boston will not make the Playoff

Will Ochocinco have to change his name again if he can't get #89?

Camilo sounds like a real idiot. Its getting late. Get on your bike and get to work.

Did he try out for the football team or the reality show??

Chad Ochocinco

Jeff Ireland inquiring about whether anybody's parents work in the sex trade.

Possible Reggie Bush / Kim Kardashian sighting

More bizzare Karlos Dansby predictions

Cameo appearances from minority Owners -- J-Lo, the Williams Sisters and Jimmy Buffet.

The inexplicable scene of a bunch of slack-jawed gawkers drooling over Lauren Tannehill, even though they live in South Florida which, quite probably, has more eye-candy than any other place in the world.

Yes -- Hard Knocks this year is shaping up to be great.

Chad is done Gary. And Lauren is hotter than anything you've woken up next to.

Chad Johnson is better than any WRs we have on the roster right, which other WR can say they been to multiple Pro bowls. Sign Ocho Cinco!

Not sure if this is the depth we are looking for....

Ohio still scumming?

Ocho Cinco is eqvalent or better than Hartline who's a number 3 WIdeout at best

Who did the drops come from? Ryan, Matt or David? Seems odd every team he plays for has an unusual amount of dropped passes. I'd drop them too if catching it meant I was going to get laid out cold.

Oh yeah, there is no way Ireland is serious about Chad Ocho. Just more image rebuilding nonsense he is trying to do.

I can't wait until the season starts. Going to be some sad sad typing coming from the homers.

david garrard is starting to pull ahead of moore and tannehill just as i suspected he would. he's by far the most polished of the three.

Garrard is a starting QB who made the probowl one year , he should be able to beat a rookie & a guy who has never started a whole season, before... I think Matt Moore should start though, even though Garrard is better, If Moore plays well & improves on last years play he will carry much more value in trade or to the team, than a 35 yr old garrard... in 2013.

Moore is a fukkin back-up at best. Theres a reason why we couldnt win close game or ever make a comeback for a win, cause he's wildly inconsistent.

Start Garrard, or start the rookie so we can get another top draft pick. Face it were the new Detroit Lions might as well start the re-building process like they did and suck for years to come.

The Fins will never win with Ireland/Ross.

I hope the Fins are not seriously thinking of taking this clown in.If you want major distractions you will get it with this loser,how low is this team willing to go, he did'nt bounce all over the NFL for nothing. He is a traveling HO.


If Tannehill proves in the preseason that he can handle the backup role, Garrard will be cut before game 1. A 35 yr old QB is no part of the rebuild.

Not sure if this is the depth we are looking for....

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | June 11, 2012 at 02:51 PM

Well we are sure that your blog definitely is not what anyone is looking for. (other than your five cj bloggers and the few you delete and censor for disagreeing with your wanker boys)

Clearly, they should never have gotten rid of Da Beast. They cant replace him.

The team has no direction. Sign old players like Garrard and Ochocinco or rebuild? What a joke!

Not sure if this is the depth we are looking for....

Posted by: Ohio Dolfan | June 11, 2012 at 02:51 PM

yez, dats are boy ojerko. comes over here fishing for bloggers.

long after every major site posts that chad had a work out in miami, ohio puts up a blog of two sentences saying the same thing. yeah, depth, original, thought provoking.

ohio has zero contacts in the sports world. none with any team, none with the press. he has no chance to ever get any information that isn't already posted on the major sites. why even bother?

the "depth" I was talking about was at WR position. I was talking about sports again.......probably why you didn't understand me I guess

you can now proceed with your rant......

Who would go to a blog in Ohio for Miami Dolphin news?

What a queer you are. Constantl whining about some guys blog that has nothing to do with the herald. Whaaaaaaaaaahhh ohio does this ohio does that, get a f#**ing life, no one in here wants to hear your endless biatching. You talk of circle jerks so much its obvious your jealous youre not invited. Hom,,,,,,,,,,,,O

Hey, give the guy a shot. I hope he does well and kicks butt.
Anyone ever think that he just didn't fit in New England? The only guys that they had to throw to were Gronk and Welker. Why waste any passes on other receivers? You drop one and they never have to go back to you.
I wish him luck.

No more Chads in Miami. They dont work.(Henne,Pennington,Ochocinco)

Hanging Chads dont work either.

dolfdan13 -- your comment is far too politically literate to be included on this blog.

The only political opinions permitted on this blogs are delusional rants about '9/11 was an inside job' and, ocassionally 'chemtrails'

If you are going to insist on historical or political references, could you at the very least conceal the comment by first smearing another poster as being: a) Gay, b) a Troll, or c) A Gay Troll.


The Dolphins should trade for Wes Welker. I'm not saying that New England would do that. Maybe the Dolphins offer a number 1 and see what happens. We already know that it would greatly improve our receiving corp. but if they could pull off this magic trick, it would hurt the Patriots. This will never happen. I would just love to see the Dolphins try though. I know. I know. Keep dreaming.

Hey Ohio, Still fishing for cliants for your circle jerk blog I see.
A lil advice, Get rid of the Village Idiot Odin, If you have that clown there it will bring your blog nothing but drunken talk as you probably already know by now.

Brian, Wes is like in his 10th year in the NFL, Not much life left in the tank IMOH.

Why all the Moore bashing? Bad O line,and plenty of TD drops from BM19. Did a respectable job.

Chad did not bounce all over the NFL...he played for 2 teams, the Bengals and the Pats last year. The Pats cut him because it is reported he couldn't grasp the playbook and the routes. If he can't grasp the Pat's playbook then I doubt he can grasp our's with the new Westcoast offense. I don't think we'll sign him and if we do he better not cause any distractions.

The Dolphins under Ross get rid of their best players and replace them with cheap scrubs. Its no wonder they're 6-10 and non competitive. He has hired the cheapest GM and HC money can buy. Last year he had the cheapest trio of QB's in football. This year he has the cheapest receivers in the NFL. they get rid of all pro Brandon Marshall saying he's a diva, but bring in Ochocinco for a tryout? WTF??

The Dolphin receivers suck. They sucked last year, the season before, before, before and before and before.

I went out all "Pre-Draft" that we MUST draft a play maker WR and Justin Blackmon was it along with others available and all I got was that Blackmon was no good, etc, etc, etc.

So once again even Coach Philbin said it best in the above report.

I know about the Blackmon DUI arrest as well as his record. Does that make him a bad NFL Player?

Bottom line... As I said earlier we are at best a 6 W team.

Until Jeff THE SCOUT Ireland is fired and we purge all the left over Parcells crap, we will be drafting what we get, picking Acorns and value picks.

If you as a Dolphin fan are satisfied with cheering for a mediocre team each season, then more power to you. But as a lifer Fin fan I will NOT stand for being mediocre and will stand here and shout the truth that Ireland sucks.

I fully support the new HC Philbin as that's the least that I must do and give him his honeymoon chances.

I'm out of here so feel free to call me names and do as you deem necessary but...

I stand by my post.

NY "G",

If we were mediocre that would be a huge improvement.

The Dolphins would need to add 2-3 pro bowlers to be "mediocre".

Brandon Marshall was nothing if not a playmaker.

Dolphins' problem is quarterback, every other position and players is irrelevant.

Ireland may have lucked into a franchise quarterback in Tannehill, chances are he didn't.

This franchise is doomed until they find a GM who respects the importance of that position - Ireland thought Henne was good enough with three years of NFL tape on him.

Also, Philbin's a joke who has never designed or called an NFL offense (fact).

But he's also irrelevant, if Tannehill is a franchise quarterback he and Ireland will be fine. If not the Dolphins are doomed to another half decade of irrelevance until we get a new owner or a GM who treats the quarterback position as all-important.

NOOOOOOOO !!!!! What are our coaches thinking? What is Ireland thinking. This guy couldn't catch a pass on a team who threw 80% of the time, yet we want him. I'm just SICK- CLUELESS!!!!!!

Bunch of retards on here....the fins r better than last ye... and they could of won eleven games last year..go back n look...with the staff and player changes we will be good...I'm happy bout Chad Johnson ...he will have another pro bowl year ..I would love to sign plaxico too...the wide receiver group is already that much better with c.j. but with plax we would be better cuz Bess and heartline r 3rd wide outs fact...but I have faith this ye. Start Moore ...and tannehill after eight. Games if we suck..if we r good n Moore gets hurt start Gerard...Reggie n Miller..omg what a threat :) so pay attention Ross will not move on and irealand is good...no more tuna down his throat ...watch n see haters

Lt. Louis Einhorn lol wow... That is actually really funny... (ace Ventura for those of you unfamiliar

"Clue" wants to overpower everybody with clueless posts but I think CLUE Is a Gator. All Mouth and no brains.

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