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A look at the Dolphins' veteran free agent pickups

With just 17 more shopping days until training camp starts, what's the early word on the Dolphins' veteran free agent pickups? 


Here's some feedback from NFL people:


I've posted three Dolphins columns here in the past five days, and I'll post several more of my Dolphins columns here until Armando returns in a couple weeks.



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Pretty weak. There's a reason the Dolphins are on Hard Knocks. They suck! Good teams don't do that show.

I won't be getting my high hopes too high this year. This is basically the same sucking team as last year! Nothing special added in free agency and the draft? Well we 'll see.

I'll take two weeks of non posting as long as Odinstank is gone...........

I hear that there filming in three weeks and "CHARGING" addmission(30 Dollars) While filming Hard Knocks., Are you kidding me?, 30 Bucks to see a Pratice?LOLROTF.

Armando must have had a relapse in his rehablation., OdinStank, What say you, How many relapses did you have?

dolphins lost 4 games last year when they had the lead with two something minutes to go. The defense screwed every one of those games up, and we lost. IF they lears how to win those close games, we might be better. We have a draft in April. We are going to the SB. Gotta keep hoping we finally start to get this ship straight up.

fraudian slip and wishful thinking. I meant we are NOT going to the SB. LOL

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