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And then there was one (unsigned rookie) left ...

The Dolphins have announced the signing of tight end Michael Egnew and confirmed the signing of defensive end Olivier Vernon.

Only first-round pick Ryan Tannehill remains unsigned. The rookie quarterback and his representative were working to get a deal with the team throughout the day Wednesday and that is expected to continue Thursday.

The team's first practice is Friday and the club wants very much to have Tannehill done by then. Tannehill is one of five players selected in the first round that still have not signed.

Egnew was the second of Miami’s two third round selections (78th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft out of the University of Missouri. A four-year letterman and two-year starter with the Tigers, Egnew played in 51 career games with 26 starts, recording 147 receptions for 1,332 yards (9.1 avg.) and eight touchdowns. Born November 1, 1989, Egnew attended Plainview High School (Texas), where he lettered in football, basketball and track.


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welcome back Mando

What the heck is Tannehill thinking?

Does he WANT to miss time? Does he think he needs to come up with excuses ALREADY?

Maybe he's just been reading the Old A&M blogs again.


All the picks will sign it's a non-issue. New CBA pretty much assures it for rooks. He's in no position to holdout being the current 3rd stringer. The offset language should be in his deal as he's hardly a sure thing. That's the only hold up so they'll meet in the middle.

Ross is cheap.

Right now Tannehill sucks and Weeden is ready. Tannehill probably wants big money in case he's a bust. I watched his game on ESPN U, he was picked way to high! Can't wait for practice Friday though...

go troll someone else's blog haters!

^ What?

Tannehill is having the same problem as Henne did. The speed of the pro game.

You guys are all retarded. The guy will sign and he will do just fine in the NFL. Superstar hall of fame? Doubt it but effective and a game changer yes. So just sit down and shut up until he really starts giving you reasons to hate u bunch of haters. I love my Dolphins but hate all of you fans ur so negative and shi*ty all of the time. Just S T F U!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way Tannehill has looked in practice I wouldnt sign him either.

You have to wonder what kind of advice Tannehill's agent is feeding him. If you look at picks 1 thru 5 there seems to be a steady 5% drop off by position of selection from the 22 Mil over 4 Yrs. Luck got. Then in picks 6 thru 10 there is about a 20% drop off to Claiborne at pick 6 and his 16.25 Mil. were you would suspect the 5% drop off by selection to continue thru pick 10.

The contract that broke the pattern was the one Barron got from Tampa with a nearly 15% drop at 14.5 Mil after Caiborne at pick 7. If you skip Tannehill and go to Kuechly at pick 9 there is a re-emergence of the pattern in the 12.55 Mil range. Given that the market has basically been set for him I don't see how Tannehill or his agent expect anything over the 13 to 13.5 Mil over 4 Yr. range and if they want to get peeved about it they should talk to the idiot who did Barron's contract low balling the negotiating power of the players that followed in this draft.

Gee, I wish there was a place we could discuss it more........(ahem).......in depth.

dolphintalk -dot- wordpress -dot- com.....(hint, hint)......

Coalition to Get Coalition Out of the Closet | July 25, 2012 at 09:19 PM

Went to give it a looksy and the address sent me straight to Facebook, uhhhh!!!

The cheap Dolphins try to lowball everyone. They dont understand that talent costs money.

Long time no post... off-season almost done.

Tannehill will end up being middle of the road at best. Like Henne but maybe worse. Not hatin', just my best hazarded guess. With as many picks as he threw in college he is right to hold out for guaranteed $$. He may never get a shot at this kind of money again.

Sad as WR Michael Floyd will end up being a much better pick. Floyd will end up being like a WR Greg Jennings type and would have worked just fine in this offense. WR Chad Johnson may end up being a diguised blessing in confidence that seems to ooze from him.

Also G DiCastro would have solved the issue at G for a long time as well but alas, we have Tannehill. Hope he proves me dead wrong.

I hope Vernon can rush the passer!

Looking forward to watching Bush and Miller both on the field!


Gee, I wish there was a place we could discuss it more........(ahem).......in depth.

dolphintalk -dot- wordpress -dot- com.....(hint, hint)......

Coalition to Get Coalition Out of the Closet | July 25, 2012 at 09:19 PM

Went to give it a looksy and the address sent me straight to Facebook, uhhhh!!!

Posted by: fin4life | July 26, 2012 at 12:53 AM

Rob and Fin4life,

The Blog Hit Troll was using my "Odin" sign in name so much I now use this sign in when I'm here. Which lately, has ONLY been when he starts up talking smack or impostoring me.

Jon linked the site to Facebook, but I never used it that way. Just type in the address bar: dolphintalk.wordpress.c o m. It could be the search engine you use.

If you have the same problem aagin, just open up google and type it there. It SHOULD be the FIRST listing after the add.

I think you'll like it, looking forward to seeing you there.

Ross is cheap.

Posted by: KT | July 25, 2012 at 10:51 PM


Yeah... Yeah... Ross is cheap... sure....

That being fleshed out by the fact Miami is barely the price of a "Happy

Yeah... Ross is cheap.... That being played out by his willingness to spend $50 Million on Marshall before he went 100% head case and $40 Million on Dansby... Yeah.. Ross is cheap.... WE don't have enough salary cap space to pay the electric bill.... but Ross is cheap...

If you could READ...... Which I doubt you leaned in between gulping down swigs of Colt 45 Malt Liquor .... you would know there is little to no money negotiations involved with rookies these days... the new CBA saw to that... This issue with T-Hill was explained by Armando today... (and other for days now) Armando Wrote... "There was reportedly a snag relating to "offset language," which would protect the team should Tannehill be released during his initial four-year rookie deal.

But hey.... I know I'm wasting my time explaining anything to the HUGE percentage of those who post on this blog who are absolute idiots.... But just maybe a few of the better guys will get a giggle out of me treating you like the punk I know you are....

Ok,just saw the armando "i'm back vid on the water".Did ya get the stuff from cuba and mexico pal?call me

Armando, Ryan Tannehill's drafting may be the only reason why the Dolphins do not make the playoffs. Only preseason will tell us more about who the number one QB is but the Dolphins could sure use a quality blue chip type of receiver. Tannehill if he is good enough to beat out Matt Moore will not play for two years. The Dolphins are in a division that may be the best in the NFL and they need playmakers big time to compete. Not a hope this guy works out in the future, holding a clipboard with a hat on.

NFC has two divisions tougher than the AFC east

Problem is after the Patriots the other 3 teams suck

Ok so we signed an, "Egnew" for B-Marshall and Lovie Smith and the NFL world is laughing again at Jeff Ireland

Ireland is a complete idiot hiding under a shirt w too much starch

Who cares if Tannehill is here? He throws like a girl and he ain't gonna play this year anyway.

Face It Dolfans

Home was right

Tannehill was an extreme REACH

At best Tannehill is our 3rd string QB
actually at it's best if we don't sign Tannehill at all

Tannehill is not an NFL QB

Any college QB avg three game changing interceptions every game w a formidable opponent in college prob is not going to miraculously turn it around in the NFL


Look the draft is water under the bridge! But at #8 spot we should have pick a play maker and there were plenty at that spot, Tannelhill is not a play maker right now, can he be later in his career? That remains to be seen, but Matt Moore and Gerrard was good enough for this year, the only two QB coming out of college was luck and RG3 all the rest are reaches!! Any body knows that except
FIRELAND...we should have address the WR spot and pass rushers and safety. And depth at the D line and O line... Than hopefully next year with some luck we could of pick a QB that was successful in college! Tannelhill was not successful in college and only 19 starts C MON JI. Are you stupid You really think Tanny is going to start in the NFL this year. With 19 coming out of college!
Boy. I know I'm a Dumba s s but what is your excuse JEFF FIRELAND!!

Face it Home, no one cares about you or what you say. Stop acting or pretending as if they do.

Tanne is probably looking for WR money.

do some of you not know how to read?? the hold up has NOTHING to do with money!! i read this a day or 2 ago so i may word it wrong but the fins want a clause allowing them to move him after year 3 i think. i'm pretty sure it will be resolved by friday.

I'm going to make a bold & daring prediction, much like the moron, Home.

The Sun Will Come out tomorrow!

Home is a Turd is Right Again! You just wait n see!

"Home on the Herald " is dumb and ill informed enough to be a pseudonym for Salguero

Read up, has nothing to do with money, its some bull$hit language the Dolphins want to include in the contract. I imagine it gets settled before Friday.

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