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Dolphins add Eric Steinbach as RG

Eric Steinbach knows Joe Philbin because the NFL veteran lineman played for the coach at Iowa.

And now he'll try to play for him with the Dolphins.

Steinbach today signed a one-year deal with the team.

Steinbach didn't play in 2011 because he suffered a back injury that landed him on the Cleveland Browns injured reserve list. The injury required surgery. He was cut by the Browns but has drawn interest from the Ravens, who worked him out recently.

Steinbach, 32, also worked out for the Dolphins who were much more aggressive in making a decision on the veteran. The signing is indicative of Miami's uncertainty at right guard where neither third-year player John Jerry nor veteran free agent addition Artis Hicks seemed impressive in camps and OTAs.

The Dolphins waived Derek Dennis to make room for Steinbach on the roster.

It is unclear if Steinbach is completely healed of his back issue or will require more time. The Dolphins have mitigated their risk on Steinbach by signing him to a one-year contract.

Steinbach, 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds, began his career with Cincinnati from 2003-2006 then joined the Browns until he was cut. The former second-round pick has started 124 of the 125 games he's played.  I'm told the reason the Dolphins excited Steinbach because he expects to start in Miami.

If he's healthy, that's a practical certainty.


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dude was a stud pre injury.

Anybody knows when you have back surgery, your never the same again. Ireland picking up scraps again.

Worth the risk, good move.

Yes indeed Mando

We are in trouble w below average or fat, slow inconsistent players at RG

and Martin is not working out at all for a starting RT

so Murtha at RT and ? at RG

Dolphins reaching for strings, here we go again

Betcha Ireland wish he drafted elite lineman David DeCastro now, instead of TannyPUKE who now he is even afraid to sign this disastrous 3rd string QB project

This is welcome news. The last I heard Philbin had a a sack of potatoes pencilled in as the Dolphins starting RG.


Sack of Potatoes
Artis Hicks
John Jerry

It remains to be seen whether Steinbach is better than a sack of potatoes (oddly enough highlight reels of RG play are hard to come by online) but I can say, sight onseen, that he's better than Hicks or Jerry.

This move can't hurt us, not like the player we're going to cut is going to pull a Danny Woodhead or anything

Blah signing, sort of like Colombo last yr. Steinbach was good 4-5 yrs. ago, now he's in decline. Back injury is a concern, especially for a lineman his age, could be chronic type of issue. He is right that he'll probably start at RG, especially considering that there's no one currently manning the spot. Hicks is strictly a backup type, Jerry is overweight, and the others are unprovens. Doesn't speak well that we continue to rummage through Cleveland's leftovers...

Gruden never develop a QB or even drafted a good QB! So Gruden to me is a unproven evaluator! If he was a good evaluator or a great coach, why isn't a lot of teams breaking his door down to offer him a contract! But I could be wrong on Gruden maybe he doesn't want to coach, or be a GM!! But what I know I'm a Dumba s s dolpfan!!!!

ray | July 26, 2012 at 01:32 PM

In fairness Gruden took an after thought journeyman QB in R.Gannon and made him into an NFL MVP, there is no understating that, I remember when the Raiders made the move and thought it laughable. He then took a mediocre Brad Johnson who was as up and down through out his career as possible and won a S.B. with him and before people post about that Tampa D under Kiffin it's worth noting as well that before Gruden the Bucs were perennially at the bottom statistically on O through the Dungy era and Gruden turned them into a steady bunch that more than did there part in their 03 run. He also never drafted a QB with a high pick they were all project picks with the exception of C.Simms and he played his best ball under Gruden as did career 3rd stringer Gronkowski. The problem with Gruden is that as an analyst he only sings praises while waxing poetic on everybody which is wearing very thin.

There goes JI covering his a s s on his draft picks! I wonder if any of his draft picks start this year... Let's see John Jerry bust, let's see can anyone help me out on JI draft picks that are not on the team or busts, since he been here! Any starters? Oh yeah poncey, who else!

Nothing like Coldumbo! Coldumbo was never good at all.

If the Ravens signed him, Genius Move!!!

The Dolphins sign him, worst move ever...

Excellent post on Gruden fin4life as Home eluded to on previous blog

Gruden is another sports figure folks love to hate on

wierd species humans are esp w all the cross breeding

No wonder the NWO is causing severe droughts and weather of mass destruction w HAARP as they control the ever increasing price and food supply top the slaves while soon reducing the population by up to 6 Billion

Fin4life! Thanks for pointing that out!
That's why I ask you guys I forgot about all those players! But yeah man Ross is a really dumb owner not even interviewing Gruden! Or half of the NFL owners! Or fin4life is it the Gruden burn his bridges?? I thought when he was in Tampa and raiders he was a really good coach, something it's up with him that he is not coaching in the NFL!


Home has and will guarantee that not even one of Ireland's draft picks will earn or be deemed a starter unless Ireland mandates that Martin must start to save his sorry backside



Welcome back Armando!!! Football is back!!! WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Look I love my team since 1970 I been a fan. I don't want the PHINS to fail! But since Parcells JI been here how many draft picks start for this team! In 5 years. Not many I think!

There goes JI covering his a s s on his draft picks! I wonder if any of his draft picks start this year... Let's see John Jerry bust, let's see can anyone help me out on JI draft picks that are not on the team or busts, since he been here! Any starters? Oh yeah poncey, who else!

ray | July 26, 2012 at 01:58 PM


You took the thought right out of my mind, lets see there was the 1st pick of Rd.2 in 08 P.Merling passing on Calais Campbell out of the U who has 15.5 career sacks to Merling's 2.5. In 09 we pass on USC tackling machine Rey Maualuga for Pat White (throwing up in my mouth)while also passing on R.Gronkowski twice with the S.Smith pick!! We also passed up Jimmy Graham in that draft as well as Aaron Hernandez for AJ Edds. The trade for D,Thomas with R.Mallett and DeMarco Murray still there Rd.3 last Yr. Lets not forget underachieving Misi or Bones Odrick holding up on those legs with Dez Bryant and Jahvid Best still on that draft board and now Jerry is a scratch while taking a pure project at pick #8 as our future Marino!! Throwing up all over the walls!!!!

Good move. Team is not being complacent with unknowns. This could even prove to light a fire under Jerry, who knows? At worst, we know we have someone capable out there.

Colombo was good but that was b4 he broke his leg and played for over a decade, then Jeff ireland once again went thru Dallas's trash pile and signed up Colombo asa Dolphin starter

Way to go Jeffrey!


I am not Home.

Posted by: Tim Couch | July 26, 2012 at 01:25 PM

Yes, you are. The fact that you say your not is proof positive that you are! Everyone knows you clown!

Now stfu idiot & go do something productive with your life instead of talking to or about your self!

Perhaps an occupy protest or taking a shower?


I usually agree with you but it looks like J.Jerry is getting ready to be shown the door and if you remember we passed on Jimmy Graham in Rd.3 when we took him, hell if you read my last post you'll remember we passed on 3 Pro Bowl T.E.'s in that draft because we were set with Fasano!!

More cheap scrubs. Just what we need! lol

Cannot blame Gruden for not giving up his awesome MNF contract
Gruden just signed a nice long lucrative contract to cover the most awaited NFL football game every week

just one game

great travel

treated like royalty doing something u love and getting overpaid handsomely for doing so

Why give up that gig to work 100 plus hours a week trying to rebuild a 1.1 Billion dollar trash pile known as the Miami Dolphins

C'Mon Man!

Long Live Gruden!

John Jerry = Bust Thanks Ireland

fin4life we could have had Home's pick instead of lard ass Jerry

Mike Iupati who is amazing now and credited w much of San Frans offensive success

Iupati mauls DL and then gets to second level and pancakes LBs

Why do you think Alex Smith looks so good

Pre Draft pick by Home was Mike Iupati

and Ireland got us "John, have a nother jelly doughnut Jerry"

smh :(

jerry should have been cut last year but ireland is trying to minimize cutting (horrible) draft picks. ireland & sparano loved jerry,later realized he couldnt move. same with carey & columbo;cant move their feet.

They'll hold onto D Thomas another year and then cut him.

Home/ ray,

I get the feeling Gruden is happy in his cushy TV gig as is Cowher both eyeballing the thrown vacated by Madden of X-S.B. winning Coaches but both suck to me on TV, couldn't carry Madden's jock with what he was thru the 80's and 90's especially. Gruden can't bring himself to criticize anybody and Cowher isn't in the least bit interesting and maybe the worst game day host I've ever seen.

Ray, Best had 390 yards rushing last year, compared to 581 for DT. Are you sure you want to make that comparison.

You right on, On Gruden Too many hours and no head coaching jobs are guarantee to last four years!!! I think the average is about 4 years!! Coaching innthe NFL makes you get older and go bold!!! I see your point and fin4life point!!

Micheal @2:28,

Best was hurt most of last Season, look it up and he had a monster rookie Yr. and doesn't suffer from osteoporosis like our pick that Yr. Odrick does as has been publicized.

If you follow Home's line of thinking we could have had JPP or Lupati instead and even in trade down we could have had D.Bryant even with the baggage or Best which would have rendered the R.Bush trade mute and to go further had we taken Maualuga instead of P.White we could have 11.5 Mil a Yr. in FA because MLB Dansby wouldn't have been a priority either.

Michael, I'd love to make the comparison.

Perhaps you should check the the games played between the 2 players & ypc before blindly pledge your allegience to a guy just cause he's on your team.

Then get back to us.

He's number 77 on San Fran

It's Iupati with an "i"

He would have played right next to Jake Long for a decade

No no Michael. I'm not comparing players! I'm just saying in 5 years how many draft picks are still here or even starters.., Ther are some players that JI picked that have talent but have they made a impact on this team, draft picks Not free agents. DT could turn out to be a good RB. With in 5-6 yards
Big bruising back! I think this year DT will be use to get us that 3 down and 1 more than anything else! Well got to go be back within the hour!!

Looking at this mess at RG we should have signed the still young and very nasty Ben Grubbs in FA. Great move by the Saints letting Nicks walk and getting Grubbs for less than half the money.

I misspoke I meant to say this:

Seriously his man boobs droop to his naval and fat drips over the side of the chair when he sits down


Posted by: Home on the Herald | July 26, 2012 at 02:43 PM

Stienbach and Columbo on the right side, awesome!

Wait a minute, sorry! My bad. I got confused since I switch my names so often. Forget I say anything!

Says a lot for Sparano that his "expertise" was as a line coach and he had to have John Jerry after actually having him at the Senior Bowl.

"Gruden never successfully developed young quarterbacks as a head coach. He found success with Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson, and later moderate success with Brian Griese and Jeff Garcia. Chucky failed to truly develop King, Marques Tuiasosopo, Bruce Gradkowski, Josh Johnson, Luke McCown and Chris Simms."

So who cares which young QB Gruden has a hard-on for?

If only I'd leave when I say I will.

So who cares which young QB Gruden has a hard-on for?

PUHLEEEEASE | July 26, 2012 at 02:53 PM

Not for nothing but Gruden inherited S.King from Dungy, you remember the 99 NFC Champ. game when the Bucs held the Greatest Show on Turf Rams to 3 points for 3 and 3/4 Qrt's before Warner threw up a prayer of a pass to I.Bruce while getting hammered which gave them the lead??

Tuiasosopo out of Washington whose claim to fame was beating the Canes in a home game back in 2000 were the clock ran out on a serious Miami comeback and was himself a mid-round pick. J.Johnson, Gradkowski and L.McCown, really????

A 38 Yr. old Garcia who couldn't throw it 40 yards anymore and spent plenty of time hurt in his Tampa stint or B.Griese who at that point had hit journeyman status and was generally hated at all stops for being an aloof outsider probably from living in Daddy's shadow.

If you make the argument then give me somebody Gruden had a conviction on not alot of one stop gaps and before hurting his spleen the very up and down C.Simms looked like a player under Gruden, sorry but your argument lacks much merit.

Does anyone else feel this team grabbing for straws

LOL at Home on the Herald comparing John Jerry to Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.

Doesn't lack much merit, you're just making excuses for every guy pointed out in that statement. He didn't make anything out of any of those guys. He should be convicted as falsely portraying a QB Guru. How's that for conviction? A "QB Guru" can develop young talent, as well as guys that have been around the block. Gannon was just a late bloomer, and Gruden gets too much credit for him anyway.

Hmmm, eat too much, don't exercise, get fat and resemble a tub of lard...or...be an NFL football player, get paid even more than I already have(which I haven't earned) and not be a waste of freaking space. Decisions, decisions.

LOL at Home on the Herald comparing John Jerry to Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket.

Posted by: The United States Marines | July 26, 2012 at 03:13 PM

In case you didn't already know, this is me trying to give my posts some attention. Why am I the only one responding to my posts?

Sounds like Justin Smilely Part 2.

Hopefully the Dolphins can get the right side jigsaw puzzle solved.

Did you guys figure it out yet that I said I was leaving & still post under different names? How lame am I?

Is it true about Jerry did that tub of lard really come into camp outta shape again?

PUHLEEEEASE | July 26, 2012 at 03:14 PM

I don't mean to come off as some Gruden apologist but your talking about players who lacked the talent to hack it in the NFL and are career journeyman. Outside of Tuiasosopo who had physical gifts the rest were stiffs with mediocre arms and less than desirable athletic ability.

Alot of so called GURU'S BOMB without the talent to make it come together. You remember Hudson Hauck who was considered the best OL Coach in Football a GURU'S GURU if you will who Saban hired in 05?? Those lines were terrible but with talent like McCintosh and Carey manning the Tackle spots he didn't have much to work with without talking about the inside blocking on those Dolphins. He moved to S.D. and abra cadabra "GENIUS" again.

Dom Capers widely considered one of the best DC in all of Football another GURU who bombed with horrible talent in Miami in 07 and is now a GENIUS again after re-inventing Charles Woodson's career in G.B. and that's just to name you two examples close to home, I could go on for pages alone on this subject.

My point is you mention players that never had it and were very low project picks like Gruden was supposed to make them Brady or something and that argument doesn't hold water for me.

I do not feel this move is like pulling straws. I think this is a low risk high reward pick up for an area where we need an upgrade. Vet minimum, can be cut if not worth it. This is a no brainer in my opinion. I am not a fan of this front office either, but this move is the least of criticisms!

WTF is taking Hennehill so long to sighn? Ireland low balling players as usual SMH.

Which QB did Jon Gruden have conviction for that he wasn't able to draft? Please tell me which QB he wanted when he was HC, but his GM was unable to draft for him?

The least of criticisms? Come again?

So, the fact that we are looking for a RG every single year & are ALWAYS wasting FA money, draft picks & signings on guys who never work out doesn't deserve criticim?

Thomas? Murphy? Carey? Jerry? Hicks? Ndukwe? Alleman? Mcquistan? Incognito? AND THERE ARE MANY MORE!

I wonder what level of ineptitude, in your mind, this team/orginazation would have to stoop to to deserve critcism.


What's up, not knocking the pick up and especially this late just thinking about Ben Grubbs who the Saints got for a reasonable salary while taking my shots at Ireland, were is DC??

DC has joined the circus of merry men at the Amish fins site. Along with Bonerseye, phins78, aloco & the ever deranged Oscar.


I agree with your draft analysis of past drafts and have echoed a lot of the same sentiment during the Sparano years.

However, I love this year's draft. I thought it was a draft that highlighted the needs you ahve to have in today's game. They drafted players who impact the passing game all up and down their board. Even the running back they drafted was a pure blazer and not a bruiser.

Maybe it was Sparano who had to share some of the balme for the past stinkers or maybe it was just Jeff being late to the party but regardless, I thought he did what he needed to do last April. By the way, Jerry for one had Sparano's fingerprints all over it. Been widely documented that he loved the player from his time coaching the senior bowl.

And as horrible as Ireland was in past drafts, at least he never totally flubbed the crucial first round picks. All of them are very good. Even Odrick. he will show people this year what he can do in a 4-3 - it will be more benefical to him than anyone else in that front 7, IMO.

Gruden had top 5 picks in 2005, 2007, and had opportunities to get Aaron Rodgers, Jason Cambell, Kevin Kolb etc . . .

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