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Dolphins add Eric Steinbach as RG

Eric Steinbach knows Joe Philbin because the NFL veteran lineman played for the coach at Iowa.

And now he'll try to play for him with the Dolphins.

Steinbach today signed a one-year deal with the team.

Steinbach didn't play in 2011 because he suffered a back injury that landed him on the Cleveland Browns injured reserve list. The injury required surgery. He was cut by the Browns but has drawn interest from the Ravens, who worked him out recently.

Steinbach, 32, also worked out for the Dolphins who were much more aggressive in making a decision on the veteran. The signing is indicative of Miami's uncertainty at right guard where neither third-year player John Jerry nor veteran free agent addition Artis Hicks seemed impressive in camps and OTAs.

The Dolphins waived Derek Dennis to make room for Steinbach on the roster.

It is unclear if Steinbach is completely healed of his back issue or will require more time. The Dolphins have mitigated their risk on Steinbach by signing him to a one-year contract.

Steinbach, 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds, began his career with Cincinnati from 2003-2006 then joined the Browns until he was cut. The former second-round pick has started 124 of the 125 games he's played.  I'm told the reason the Dolphins excited Steinbach because he expects to start in Miami.

If he's healthy, that's a practical certainty.


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Ross is too cheap to pay Tannehill fairly.

Which QB did Jon Gruden have conviction for that he wasn't able to draft? Please tell me which QB he wanted when he was HC, but his GM was unable to draft for him?

PUHLEEEEASE | July 26, 2012 at 03:43 PM

I wasn't in the War Room and couldn't answer that question but you stated that he never devloped specific players and the ones you mention couldn't play much, is there any arguing that point?? Hey maybe his ego had him thinking he could do something with the guys mentioned again I don't know but when given somebody with some degree of intelligence and an NFL arm he made them better, that's all I'm saying partner, nothing more nothing less. Your arguing his talent evaluation in any event not his Coaching ability and can see your point but my argument is based on him Coaching his QB's up. If you remember Brian Bilick was considered a QB GURU and he actually Coached Gannon in Minnesota by the way were it went nowhere before that monster 98 Season then fell flat with Redmen and Boller in Balt. now there was a fraud of an X's and O's Offensive GURU.

I'm not a JI fan, but I want the PHINS to do well and win a SB but JI has failed on draft picks than picking a winner.. But he is not alone on that there are GM right now probably as bad or worst than JI. But it's been too many years that JI has failed! If this year and last years picks don't pan out and. The team has more L than W than he needs to be fired. This is it for JI Improvement or bye bye. Don't let the door hit you on your
A s s on the way out!!!


My point is, a QB guru should be able to identify the right QB for the offensive system he runs. He had opportunities to get bonafide talent. It's hard to use the excuse that he had no talent when he allowed talent to pass him by in the draft. The HC works with the GM in the draft, and this years Dolphins draft is prefect evidence of that. Do you think Jeff Ireland drafts Ryan Tannehill if Sparano is here, and not Philbin? Fat chance. If Jon's ego was so big that he felt that he could do more with less, than shame on him. Check out the 2005 and even more so, the 2007 draft.

What was Ireland's biggest blunder?

A) Drafting Chad Henne
B) Drafting Pat White
C) 3 picks for D Thomas
D) The Dez Bryant debacle
E) Hiring Joe Philbin

Mark @3:50,

Good post and agree with it for the most part, guess I'm just a little jaded and lacking confidence even though I think if healthy Miller might be the steal of this draft in Rd.4

Hello Amish, thanks for keeping track of me and reporting back to the blog, I appreciate your interest in my viewpoint. I'm fine with your assessment, but in the sake of being completely accurate, I'd say I'm optimistic with the new direction of the team, but mostly because it's July. I'm ALWAYS optimistic in July. Come talk to me in Oct. and see how merry I am then.

On the RG signing, good move by Ireland. What's worrying is the coaching staff got a tiny look at what they had already at the position, and are now running to fill a void. SCARY! Especially when you think about the oline being tinkered with for FOUR years under what was supposed to be an oline coach. Thank GOD Sparano's with the Jets!


What's up, you must be in RG3 HYPERBOLE !

Guys I gotta run, lets "tackle" this more tomorrow. I hate to say but we went after Grubbs also. He picked where he wanted to go. He did not see us as a good short term option, so he took a better oportunity somewhere else. You gotta realize that any FA looking to win, over $$ is going to be overpriced for us. All I am saying, is THIS pick up on this blog, was a GOOD move vs. the risk. Which is none. He can only have an upside. I am not saying we addressed the RG 100% properly. But I believe in Philbin right now, I like what I see, and to me it seems he is calling his shots here. This is one of HIS guys. thats all. More debate tomorrow fella's. Fun to be talkin with you all again! WHAT UP DC! I am out!

Steinbach will be great for the Dolphins.... he plays with a nastiness and will be a great leader on your line. I'm sad to see him leave the browns but am happy that he landed on a team that is going to be good very soon.

Gruden is not a QB Guru, He has underdeveloped more QB's than he has Developed.

If that's the Case Parcells is A QB God. Simms, Bledsoe,Pennington, Romo

Weeden Sucks,He Failed at Baseball he will fail at Football.

I would have a problem if the Fins got complacent and not go after nobody for the RG spot. The Fins have to go after A veteran for the minimum, remember We are Building thru the Draft from Now On(philbin's Philosophy).

Let the Line Develop this season, If it develops how we all expect (3 out of 5 set for the Next Decade). The 2 OG's are going to be the only thing that will need replacing next season. I like Incognito, but If Martin Works Out the only hole on the Line Will be OG.

Can We Please Stop Judging 1st rd Picks against 3rd rd Picks(Lupati Vs Jerry).

Logic/Common Sense
Use It

Also Those teams might've found value with their pick, but look at the rest of the draft. When NE got Gronk they had 12 picks and only 3 are any good. Who else did the Saints draft the Yr Graham got Drafted?

Dudes.....everyone stop complaining about how bad the team is. We aren't competing for the playoffs..PLAYOFFS?....this year anyway. Both guard positions are going to need upgrading, as well as WR, and probably safety before we're a playoff team. Tanny is going to need a year at least to get comfortable too. Incognito is pretty good, but he doesn't excell at zone blocking and will be replaced next year. We have 5 picks in the first 4 rounds next year and should be able to fill at least 3 starting positions. I really believe we'll be a solid team then. (Caveat......if Tannehill is the real deal)

Welcome Home, Mando.

Negative, negative, negative....

Big surprise! Team picks up a guy who was a Pro Bowl RG at one time and all we get are comments about Jimmy Graham, Daniel Thomas and Pat White. Truly amazing! It's like Pavlov's dog....mere mention of a pickup and the negative comes flowing on commnand.

Team hasn't even started camp yet and the same crap comes up. Tough life!

Okay, three questions.
1) Why Steinbach over Jake Scott who had already met with the Dolphins twice?
2) Is there anybody else who sat out all of last year that we haven't signed yet.
3) What is this turn back the clock year?

Tall and pretty lean. Less weight on a guard means less stress on his body and room for athleticism. Cant go wrong with adding some depth.

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