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Edwards works out for Dolphins, who are interested

The Dolphins have worked out Braylon Edwards and the team has serious interest in signing him.

First reported on Hard Knocks, the workout showed the Dolphins that the former 1,000-yard receiver is healthy and could be an option for the team in the near future. Edwards wants to revive his career after missing most of last season due to injury while with the San Francisco 49ers.

Edwards has also drawn interest from Seattle.

I'll have more on this and the entire Dolphins wide receiver situation from the team's perspective, in my column tomorrow.

Today's practice was interesting on several fronts.

First, Ryan Tannehill worked for the first time since signing his contract late Saturday night. Tannehill will not be in full pads until Wednesday when the team comes back from its day off on Tuesday. I assume Tannehill isn't going to be off on Tuesday as he has catching up to do.

Nonetheless, he looked sharp today. He threw two interceptions -- one to Gary Guyton, one to Jason Trusnick -- but those came in 7 on 7 drills and both resulted from the fact receivers failed to make otherwise routine catches and tipped the ball in the air.

Tannehill was accurate despite his layoff, which he said wasn't very long as he worked with the receivers last on Wednesday before the opening of camp. I would say Tannehill was the second-most accurate passer in camp today behind David Garrard, who continues to lead the quarterback pack.

Tannehill is a long shot to win the starting job. He's not expected to get as many first-team repetitions in practice as Garrard or Moore initially but he will get some -- a topic around which offensive coordinator Mike Sherman danced today.

“Fortunately, our practices are structured, outside of the preseason games, our practices are structured where we’re getting a ton of reps," Sherman said. "We’re getting 150 snaps, 160 snaps at practice. Normally, your third quarterback, your second quarterback wouldn’t get nearly as many as we’ve since been seen out here. We’re working a couple groups at the same time and getting a lot of reps. When you get into the preseason, obviously only one guy can go onto the field at the same time. I don’t think they’re going to let us go back-to-back and have two groups going, which I wish they did, but you are limited by the amount of snaps you have in a preseason game. So you have to be very selective on who gets what and you have to make a timely decision on who the starter is going to be.

“Today, I just wanted to get him some reps. He got more reps than anybody. He worked primarily with the second group and then eventually we’re going to work him in with the first group once he gets caught up to snuff, which I think will be sooner rather than later because it seems like he’s right on task right now. But you still want to get those veteran guys here reps that they’ve earned and they deserve.”

Tannehill, nonetheless believes he has the opportunity to be the starter as you will see in this video:

Matt Moore?

He connected on a beautiful TD pass to Charles Clay down the seam in team drills but otherwise seemed to struggle with accuracy. He got most of the work with the first team. Moore would have been something of an interception machine today if Miami's starting CB duo had held on to the football. Sean Smith had a ball in his hands that he had to leap for but probably should have snagged for a turnover. Vontae Davis had a ball bounce harmlessly away despite the fact it was right in his bread basket. Davis had another possible interception bounce off his helmet.

Today was the first day in pads for the Dolphins. There was actual football contact.

I was pleased to see that the offensive line seemed up to the task of playing against Miami's defensive line. Remember, offense is typically behind defense this early in camp and Miami's defensive line is considered a team strength while the offensive line has serious question marks on the right side.

But there were no major or obvious breakdowns by the offensive line today. Protection was generally good. There were plays that would be sacks in a game, but a majority were coverage sacks. There were no huge holes on run plays but there were creases, which means there were opportunities.

One side offensive line note: Coach Joe Philbin said the reason Eric Steinbach is working on the left side with the second team is because he is being given a chance to get his footing after missing all of last year with a back injury and he's also working in a new system.

But the coach left the door open for moving Steinbach to right guard or perhaps even moving Richie Incognito to right guard if Steinbach is one of the best five offensive linemen on the team. In other words, don't get too caught up in the fact the starting offensive line has been stable the first three days of training camp.

Change could be coming if Steinbach is his old self. He has started 124 NFL games at left guard.



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Not really a Braylon Edwards fan but by all means sign this guy to compete for a spot. WR is probably the weakest position on the team and if this means an upgrade or a guy who is going to push the other guys then I'm all for it.

Don't get the guys criticizing Ireland for drafting a RT in the second round. Wasn't it this blog where every second post last year was about how inept Colombo was? Wasn't Martin considered a first round talent by many? Wasn't RT about the biggest need on the team last year? Wasn't the right side of the OL an embarrassment last year? So guys are criticizing Ireland for not taking a WR, who likely wouldn't have had much impact on the team this year? Huh? Seems to me if he'd gone that route he'd be ignoring that big gaping hole on the right side and that would be worse. He filled the need, has hopefull upgraded RG with Steinbach and Puncey should be better too. Mission accomplished!

Sigh Braylon him an Ocho Stinko might move us up 1 spot from having the worst WR corps in the league.


I read some of your comments from yesterday about Ireland. To summarize you said 'one colossal mistake after another for the last 4 years'. That's not exactly accurate, is it bud? First of all, he hasn't had control of the team for four years, try two. And I'm sure you're still hanging onto blaming him for the Pat White pick, the Patrick Turner pick, the Henne pick and all the FA missteps. Again, not accurate to blame Ireland solely but if it makes you feel better, then go ahead.

What you've neglected to include are some good signing and draft picks (obviously to skew your argument). Last year he signed Moore and trade for Bush, who had a career year. On top of that there was the signing of Wake from the CFL. He drafted guys like Davis and Smith, when there was huge gaping holes in the secondary. Add to that the drafting of guys like Hartline, Thomas, Jones, Odrick, Pouncey, Miller, Martin, Misi, Wilson and Clay and all of a sudden we're seeing one solid pick after another. It's the same formula that they used in Dallas and while they've yet to win anything in Dallas, you can't argue that they didn't do a good job of assembling talent. Sometimes it comes down to coaching, and I think we'd agree that Phillips and Sparano weren't the guys to get it done.

They need to sign him 5 mins ago...

Right, Miller, but the Safeties are no great shakes either. In both groups we are going with re-threads, unproven 2nd year men and Rookies. It's not Safe.

Go after Wallace Please. If you're serious about winning and winning now get Wallace now.

Irescum has NEVER drafted a good playmaker.

You know what has impressed me? They are making the DB's run wind sprints. At least they won't be out of shape.

Sorry, except Bess.

If only the Dolphins could land an elite receiver. I'd say trade as much as 2 third round picks for one.

Craig M
I just to let you know something that maybe you didn't know about JI!! I lived in south florida for 35 years. I listen to talk shows all those 35 years. Their is a morning and sports analyst and talk host Joe Rose
He had JI one morning on the radio talking about the picks in 08 09. And JI admitted that he took full responsibility of the Pat with pick and other picks that did pan out!! If some one can knows Joe Rose or can email him or Tweet him he will collaborate with my story!
It's true. To say JI didn't pick him is bull
C r a p!! Fin4life. I got your back!! JI sucks picking talent and always will!!!

Did you see that Chinese girl that swims faster than Brian Lochte? HMMM....


I remember the East Germans brought in some kind of super-shotputter and she had a Cl-t about 2" long.

JI is a true scumbag.

Look if its possible get Wallace Mr Ross. Because JI doesn't have the eye to draft playmakers!!! Yes FA he has picked but only because they are already proven players!

Yes, Ireland admitted on radio he thought Pat White would be a great playmaker in the NFL.

ray that's BS and I actually have proof. Here ya go. From PFT.

"As Bill Parcells looks back on his time running the Dolphins, he can’t help but second-guess himself over some draft picks gone wrong. And no pick looks worse in hindsight than the decision to take Pat White in the second round of the 2009 draft."

“We violated our principles,” Parcells told Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, in reference to picking White. “He just wasn’t a prototypical quarterback pick. He was a great college player, and we let that color our judgment.”

"Parcells thought White had the potential to be a game-changing player in the wildcat offense, but looking back on it, he thinks the Dolphins should have been looking for a pro-style passer, not an all-purpose athlete."

"And the best pro-style passer to enter the league in the three years that Parcells was running the Dolphins’ war room, Matt Ryan, is one player Parcells wishes he would have drafted. Asked if the Dolphins should he have picked Ryan instead of offensive tackle Jake Long in 2008, Parcells said, “maybe, we should have.”

"Although Long has turned into a fine tackle, there’s no “maybe” about it: If the Dolphins had taken Ryan first overall, they’d be a franchise in much better shape right now."

And this from the bleacher report.

"Many have questioned the selection of Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan first overall--then taking Chad Henne in the second round. But the one that most baffles the "experts" came the following season, when Parcells and Tony Sporano selected West Virginia quarterback Pat White in the second round, 44th overall."

"White only played one season, 2009, only threw five passes (none complete) and only really only saw the field as a wildcat quarteback. He was released prior to the 2010 season and never returned to the NFL."

"Now that he's free and no longer with the Dolphins, Parcells explained the gaffe to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald."

“We violated our principles....He just wasn’t a prototypical quarterback pick...He was a great college player, and we let that color our judgment.”

Tannehill was not in pads today and therefore not hit. Well, Mr. RT, expect some Heat to come your way on Wednesday.

You guys have a link or a quote so we can hear or read that Ireland said that? I'm all for calling out his mistakes but I'm certainly not going to put that bloated, egotistical, windbags (Parcells) mistakes on his shoulders.

Parcell's was Ireland's boss and the man pulling the strings. To think he actually let Ireland have final say on draft picks over him is a little naive.

And Ernest Wilford was another Parcell's mistake. Ireland has had his fair share but lets not give Parcell's a pass here, after all, he did hire Sparano and Ireland too.

So why would JI admit it on the Joe Rose show??? Look dude I'm not making this story up. I hear it and I'm sure 10 of thousands fans or football fans heard the interview!! I wish someone here here also that interview!! If some else did please back me up on that!! Anyways if he didn't pick him that's Pat White that is, why take responsibility and be the fall guy?


How about this one, bud. I've read a number of your posts over the last few days and you're everything that's wrong with the Miami Dolphins and their fans. You're still living in 1972. Those days are gone, bud....finito! You're a defeated soul! You've given up on this team before they've even played a snap. You're the type of guy I like to avoid in life. The living in the past type of guy. The 'things were better in the olden days' type of guy. The 'let's complain about life but do nothing about it' type of guys. This is a public forum and you're welcome to your opinion but we'd never be friends in life and I don't value what you have to say. So go on your merry way and beat this team up every step of the way, OK?

Edwards was great for the jets....and he made some HUGE catches against us....Osama Bin Edwards...and Chad Johnson...sounds like the makings of a nice receiving core....throw in Bess...and and we just got formidable....

Yes, Ireland admitted on radio he '''''(thought Pat White would be a great playmaker in the NFL.)''''

A lot of people did but that doesn't mean he picked him. He didn't admit anything. He said he thought he would be a great play maker, didn't say he made the pick.


I tend to agree with you. I've never been an Edwards fan. I liked him coming out of College but he's been an underachiever in the NFL. Why? I have no idea. I see nothing wrong with signing this guy and letting him compete for a spot. If he can stayed focussed and realize this might be his last chance he could turn out to be a valuable addition.

Phins78, thanks for the info above. I knew all that stuff but really couldn't be bothered getting into it with another guy who has it in for Ireland with nothing to back it up.

ray I didn't hear him say it so I really can't comment on that. If you have a link or if anyone can direct us to the recording we could figure it out.

All I know is Parcells is in print saying he made a mistake. And Armando wrote about it right here.

Guys I'm not an Ireland apologist. I realize the guy has made some really questionable moves and done some weird things that make you question his ability to be a good gm.

Where I draw the line is hating on someone so much that I absolve everyone else involved of any responsibility for running a team and put it all on one guys shoulders. That to me is not right. I have no personal grudge against Ireland and I can see that Sparano and Parcells had just as much to do with the Dolphins sucking as Irealnd if not more.

Why more? Because Parcells hired him and Sparano wanted Colombo. Other people make decisions regarding the team as well when three people are working together. To think Parcells was looking up to Irelands wisdom and allowing him to make final calls on free agents and draft picks (the first two seasons here) just isn't logical.

Craig M
Ireland held the title GM. If he was just holding a title and collecting a paycheck then I have even less respect for him than I would if he would just say I have been making bad choices, learned from them and trying my best to get better.
But collecting a paycheck and going to an office everday then using a cop out is not worthy of respect by fans or his peers.

But in saying that ray, you are certainly entitled to your opinion and I'm not trying to take that away from you. Just a friendly debate.

...I don't really have a problem with trying out Braylon Edwards. But are our young guys really that bad? Signing veteran recievers to one year contracts(I don't know what Edwards contract would look like..just guessing) are for 2 type of teams...Either real contenders that need a vet presance. Or poor teams that lack skill players, and are rolling the dice on the past...Really, as far as this year goes.My expectations are low. So go ahead. Give Edwards a shot. If things are this bad, they can't get much worse.

Braylon, if a player cant find work anywhere else you can always start for the lowly Dolphins.


The plan for Ireland all along was to learn from a guy like Parcells and hopefully become a competent GM. We can debate what we think of Parcells and we can debate what we think of Ireland but are you telling me if you'd had a chance to do that you wouldn't want the opportunity to learn from a guy who's had a lot of success in the NFL and won Super Bowl rings, while getting paid for it? Come on! Critcize the guy all you want but let's keep it to what he's done and hasn't done and let's not start making things up.

Why give Ireland a pass on anything? He was AT LEAST heavily involved in all the decisions. 6-10 in his 4th year says it all. 3 picks for D Thomas was as insane as his Pat White pick. Merling, Turner, Jerry, Misi, Gates are all busts.

me good point. But also remember that Ireland was a gm in training. Parcells was here to over see the development of the ENTIRE team. He was here before Ireland and Sparano and they were his hires. It was well known that he was going to coach them on being successful NFL people. His door was open and Sparano/Ireland had to check with him before they even took a dump. That's the Parcells ego for you. "don't want to be in charge if I'm not shopping for the groceries". Not putting it all on him, simply spreading the blame around because they were a team. That's why Bill said "we violated our principles", they worked together making decisions.

It's speculation but I have a REALLY hard time believing that Ireland said I want this guy and Parcells didn't have any say or input. They are all guilty of the mistakes made the first two or three years.

And people really need to stop giving Parcells this pass. He came in and made us mediocre, just like he did with every other team he was with except the Giants. When the going got tough he left early, job unfinished, and kept the Dolphins money.

Go ahead and hate Ireland, but that means you have to hate Parcells more for hiring him and then stealing our money right?

I'd also include Henne. Hartline, and D Thomas as busts.

monte Ireland in no way gets a pass. I think the point is neither should the other two morons who are no longer here. Ireland seems to be the only one taking blame for decisions that were made by two others as well. Some fans are now acting as if Irealnd was in charge of Parcells and Sparano and that is simply false.

Ireland, damned typos.

Really Monte? Thomas already? You may be right but it seems premature. At one point last year nfl people were talking about Thomas' play and future potential. Injuries hampered his ability and no off season hurt.

I'm hearing some good things about DT from player tweets. Vontae said "watch out for Thomas, he a beast on a mission".

We will definitely know after this season.

What most of you fart heads can't comprehend is that great QB's make receivers look great. Look at what Hartline has had to deal with, constant qb changes, all mediorce, oc changes, broken down oline.

Have any of you thought about what some of our receivers would look like on GB, NE, Pitt, NO? I'll bet Hartline would look twice as good on those teams.

Hit the nail on the head there Rezo.

The Dolphins are shy on WR talent because Parcells hated diva wide receivers. Moreover he was clueless on getting a WR in the draft. Jeff Ireland is also short on the ability to get a WR with talent. The Dolphins should go after Mike Wallace with the Steelers big time and if that does not work out settle for Edwards who helped the Jets get to the AFC Championship game. If healthy Braylon can stretch the field and then we will have to pray that he catches the ball.

lol except for the fart head thing.

..So I understand that we have to put a team on the field this year. The goal is to make the squad as competitive as possible. If Braylon Edwards is a guy the FO believes can help us then we should sign him. IMO he is a much better player then Chad Ocho Cinco..For THIS OFFENSE..Not what each guy may have done in the past..But right now.

What gets me..and this is where I am confused about player personel moves. Should we sign him(I know nothing has happened, nothing may happen)..Who is the sacrificial lamb..Do we eat another contract and have more dead money on the books. Or do we cut a couple of young guys in favor of a reciever who more then likely will be a 1 year guy anyway(even if the contract language says 1-3 years..No way would the Phins not protect themselves so they could cut ties at no expense)

Like it or not we are rebuilding. Kid yourself all you want and drink the kool aid that every fan of bad teams drink in the preseason..the flavor tastes like we actually could make the playoffs if this happens..This is the great part of the preseason..We all get to dream.

Anyway..We are rebuilding. Adding Edwards would probably help this year..But is it such an upgrade over ouryoung guys? Will he be such a difference maker that nobody else on the roster can do what he may be projected to do dshould he come? Again..I have no problem should we sign this guy. It just makes you have to question the talent, or lack of on the outside that we have to go after these sort of veteran players to fill the void.

I give Sparano a pass because Ireland didnt supply him with any talent. Philbin is doomed also with Ireland as GM.

We have 12 wr's now. 12!!!! You are telling me 3 or 4 are not worth keeping and we are better off with an oft injured player at the end of his career? I'd rather stick with what we have and draft a top wr in the next draft.

I hear you no problem. I agree but I might be wrong but I could have sworn I hear him say that he took full responsibility of all picks that year! But ok let's move on... Also there is another Ray. Using my username, I guess I have start every post as ray from Orlando or change my username! How can I change it I tried to but can't, any idea?

D Thomas will likely be the 4th RB option this year. Thats a bust if you gave one pick for him let alone 3 PICKS!

The question is , is Hartline has a future here doesn't Bess have a future here! Why so much concern on WR! Fellas. There is a problem!

Let's face it, not one starter on our team would be a starter anywhere else.

Also guys why JI didn't make a better plannir have a plan installed when he trade Marshall? Now look was going on scrambling to find a WR! That's the reason I just don't trust JI decision making!

rwo 3rd round picks is about the most you'd get for selfish psycho woman beating marshall. let him pout and cause unnecessary penalties elsewhere.

Fin 77, he never ever said that, where did you ever get that quote. That is a lie.


Daniel Thomas played through a number of injuries last year, some of which were compounded by a shortened camp and no off-season camps. He wasn't right from the get go. Pretty early to be giving up on a 25 year old running back. Are guys going to continue to hang onto this 'Ireland made the biggest mistake in NFL history' crap because he gave up a 3rd, 5th and 7th for him. REALLY? That's what you're hanging your hat on?

Also, Brian Hartline was a 4th round pick. Seems to me he's giving EXACTLY what you'd expect from a 4th round pick who's had to deal with turnover at the QB position. I'd say you're batting about .000 so far.

Edwards would actually be a cheaper version of Brandon Marshall. A much better redzone threat too.

Both Marshall and Edwards are big physical wr's. Both have a little too many drops for wr's of thier calibre. Like I said, cheaper version of Marshall who's a much better redzone threat.

ray you have to sign in on type pad and then your name will show up in blue. People can still use the name but they usually do it to try and make you look bad. Ignore them and they go away. And the other posters will know who you are after everyone learns your writing style. It's pretty obvious when someone is messing around.

My guess is when it's all said and done, Ireland will look pretty smart for getting back two 3rd round picks for Marshall. Give it a couple of years and Marshall will have NO value at all, same way that a guy like Terrell Owens bounces around from team to team for nothing. I expect Marshall to be a good contributor in Chicago this season and then for the wheels to fall off. Trouble just seems to follow some guys all the time and Marshall is one of those guys.

Also, Edwards would be a helluva 1yr rental at wr. In 2013 we have the luxury to draft a wr 1st or 2nd rd.

You're right Monte, if he were the 4th option this year we could call him a bust after the draft pick thing.

But I don't see it playing out that way. Think about it. What do Miller, Bush and Slaton have in common? All smaller quicker running backs.

Daniel Thomas is a big bruising type back. He will be used in short yardage situations and possibly at the FB position when Clay is splitting out or lining up on the line as a TE. IMO Slaton will be 4th. We will see what happens with Miller.

But more interesting to me is how are they going to keep 3 smaller fast type scat backs on the roster? Maybe Slaton stays for special teams? Can't wait to see how it plays out but one thing is for sure we have great competition at the position and some pretty decent talent there as well.

Don't blame you Ray. It's going to take some wins for fans to ever trust Ireland.

I really can't say for certain what the thinking was with the Marshall trade but I do know that it was reported Philbin just didn't like the guys attitude and was the one who really wanted him gone. I read that Ireland actually fought for him to stay. But who knows, none of us were there. That's just something that Izzy Gould wrote back when it happened.

Craig M...Stop bro. We can all agree that Marshalls time here had run it's course. We were lucky to get 2 3rd rounders IMO. But to say Marshall will have no value in a few years..You don't know that. If this was a Dolphin player, and a blogger said the same. wouldn't your reaction be..How do you know? He hasn't played a snap..Typical Dolphin fan.

Odds are, again IMO. that Marshall will shine in Chicago. Miami just wasn't meant to be for him, or the team..It didn't work out here..Thats it. He's gone now, we got a couple of picks instead of just releasing him which I'm sure probably came up..good job by Ireland there. But don't make this out to be something it isn't

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