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Edwards works out for Dolphins, who are interested

The Dolphins have worked out Braylon Edwards and the team has serious interest in signing him.

First reported on Hard Knocks, the workout showed the Dolphins that the former 1,000-yard receiver is healthy and could be an option for the team in the near future. Edwards wants to revive his career after missing most of last season due to injury while with the San Francisco 49ers.

Edwards has also drawn interest from Seattle.

I'll have more on this and the entire Dolphins wide receiver situation from the team's perspective, in my column tomorrow.

Today's practice was interesting on several fronts.

First, Ryan Tannehill worked for the first time since signing his contract late Saturday night. Tannehill will not be in full pads until Wednesday when the team comes back from its day off on Tuesday. I assume Tannehill isn't going to be off on Tuesday as he has catching up to do.

Nonetheless, he looked sharp today. He threw two interceptions -- one to Gary Guyton, one to Jason Trusnick -- but those came in 7 on 7 drills and both resulted from the fact receivers failed to make otherwise routine catches and tipped the ball in the air.

Tannehill was accurate despite his layoff, which he said wasn't very long as he worked with the receivers last on Wednesday before the opening of camp. I would say Tannehill was the second-most accurate passer in camp today behind David Garrard, who continues to lead the quarterback pack.

Tannehill is a long shot to win the starting job. He's not expected to get as many first-team repetitions in practice as Garrard or Moore initially but he will get some -- a topic around which offensive coordinator Mike Sherman danced today.

“Fortunately, our practices are structured, outside of the preseason games, our practices are structured where we’re getting a ton of reps," Sherman said. "We’re getting 150 snaps, 160 snaps at practice. Normally, your third quarterback, your second quarterback wouldn’t get nearly as many as we’ve since been seen out here. We’re working a couple groups at the same time and getting a lot of reps. When you get into the preseason, obviously only one guy can go onto the field at the same time. I don’t think they’re going to let us go back-to-back and have two groups going, which I wish they did, but you are limited by the amount of snaps you have in a preseason game. So you have to be very selective on who gets what and you have to make a timely decision on who the starter is going to be.

“Today, I just wanted to get him some reps. He got more reps than anybody. He worked primarily with the second group and then eventually we’re going to work him in with the first group once he gets caught up to snuff, which I think will be sooner rather than later because it seems like he’s right on task right now. But you still want to get those veteran guys here reps that they’ve earned and they deserve.”

Tannehill, nonetheless believes he has the opportunity to be the starter as you will see in this video:

Matt Moore?

He connected on a beautiful TD pass to Charles Clay down the seam in team drills but otherwise seemed to struggle with accuracy. He got most of the work with the first team. Moore would have been something of an interception machine today if Miami's starting CB duo had held on to the football. Sean Smith had a ball in his hands that he had to leap for but probably should have snagged for a turnover. Vontae Davis had a ball bounce harmlessly away despite the fact it was right in his bread basket. Davis had another possible interception bounce off his helmet.

Today was the first day in pads for the Dolphins. There was actual football contact.

I was pleased to see that the offensive line seemed up to the task of playing against Miami's defensive line. Remember, offense is typically behind defense this early in camp and Miami's defensive line is considered a team strength while the offensive line has serious question marks on the right side.

But there were no major or obvious breakdowns by the offensive line today. Protection was generally good. There were plays that would be sacks in a game, but a majority were coverage sacks. There were no huge holes on run plays but there were creases, which means there were opportunities.

One side offensive line note: Coach Joe Philbin said the reason Eric Steinbach is working on the left side with the second team is because he is being given a chance to get his footing after missing all of last year with a back injury and he's also working in a new system.

But the coach left the door open for moving Steinbach to right guard or perhaps even moving Richie Incognito to right guard if Steinbach is one of the best five offensive linemen on the team. In other words, don't get too caught up in the fact the starting offensive line has been stable the first three days of training camp.

Change could be coming if Steinbach is his old self. He has started 124 NFL games at left guard.