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Edwards works out for Dolphins, who are interested

The Dolphins have worked out Braylon Edwards and the team has serious interest in signing him.

First reported on Hard Knocks, the workout showed the Dolphins that the former 1,000-yard receiver is healthy and could be an option for the team in the near future. Edwards wants to revive his career after missing most of last season due to injury while with the San Francisco 49ers.

Edwards has also drawn interest from Seattle.

I'll have more on this and the entire Dolphins wide receiver situation from the team's perspective, in my column tomorrow.

Today's practice was interesting on several fronts.

First, Ryan Tannehill worked for the first time since signing his contract late Saturday night. Tannehill will not be in full pads until Wednesday when the team comes back from its day off on Tuesday. I assume Tannehill isn't going to be off on Tuesday as he has catching up to do.

Nonetheless, he looked sharp today. He threw two interceptions -- one to Gary Guyton, one to Jason Trusnick -- but those came in 7 on 7 drills and both resulted from the fact receivers failed to make otherwise routine catches and tipped the ball in the air.

Tannehill was accurate despite his layoff, which he said wasn't very long as he worked with the receivers last on Wednesday before the opening of camp. I would say Tannehill was the second-most accurate passer in camp today behind David Garrard, who continues to lead the quarterback pack.

Tannehill is a long shot to win the starting job. He's not expected to get as many first-team repetitions in practice as Garrard or Moore initially but he will get some -- a topic around which offensive coordinator Mike Sherman danced today.

“Fortunately, our practices are structured, outside of the preseason games, our practices are structured where we’re getting a ton of reps," Sherman said. "We’re getting 150 snaps, 160 snaps at practice. Normally, your third quarterback, your second quarterback wouldn’t get nearly as many as we’ve since been seen out here. We’re working a couple groups at the same time and getting a lot of reps. When you get into the preseason, obviously only one guy can go onto the field at the same time. I don’t think they’re going to let us go back-to-back and have two groups going, which I wish they did, but you are limited by the amount of snaps you have in a preseason game. So you have to be very selective on who gets what and you have to make a timely decision on who the starter is going to be.

“Today, I just wanted to get him some reps. He got more reps than anybody. He worked primarily with the second group and then eventually we’re going to work him in with the first group once he gets caught up to snuff, which I think will be sooner rather than later because it seems like he’s right on task right now. But you still want to get those veteran guys here reps that they’ve earned and they deserve.”

Tannehill, nonetheless believes he has the opportunity to be the starter as you will see in this video:

Matt Moore?

He connected on a beautiful TD pass to Charles Clay down the seam in team drills but otherwise seemed to struggle with accuracy. He got most of the work with the first team. Moore would have been something of an interception machine today if Miami's starting CB duo had held on to the football. Sean Smith had a ball in his hands that he had to leap for but probably should have snagged for a turnover. Vontae Davis had a ball bounce harmlessly away despite the fact it was right in his bread basket. Davis had another possible interception bounce off his helmet.

Today was the first day in pads for the Dolphins. There was actual football contact.

I was pleased to see that the offensive line seemed up to the task of playing against Miami's defensive line. Remember, offense is typically behind defense this early in camp and Miami's defensive line is considered a team strength while the offensive line has serious question marks on the right side.

But there were no major or obvious breakdowns by the offensive line today. Protection was generally good. There were plays that would be sacks in a game, but a majority were coverage sacks. There were no huge holes on run plays but there were creases, which means there were opportunities.

One side offensive line note: Coach Joe Philbin said the reason Eric Steinbach is working on the left side with the second team is because he is being given a chance to get his footing after missing all of last year with a back injury and he's also working in a new system.

But the coach left the door open for moving Steinbach to right guard or perhaps even moving Richie Incognito to right guard if Steinbach is one of the best five offensive linemen on the team. In other words, don't get too caught up in the fact the starting offensive line has been stable the first three days of training camp.

Change could be coming if Steinbach is his old self. He has started 124 NFL games at left guard.



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Mike I think you're asking me that question? Or calling me a liar, lol, it's all good.

But if you are talking to me it was a tweet that Vontae Davis sent out (pretty darned sure it was Vontae but it could have been another Dolphins player) on the first or second day of the mini camp in the spring. A couple people commented on how big he had got in the weight room and said his whole demeanor had changed, that he was way more focused this season and was on a mission.

I wouldn't lie bro, I have no agenda here. Just talking about our team.

Between trading for Wallace or signing Edward for the Minimum?

Sign Edwards for the Minimum.

I believe Bess is the only WR who has a Guaranteed Spot.

Hartline is on the bubble.

For the WR's to be a Question we have a pretty good group. The only question is do we have a Prototypical #1? No, but we have about 4-6 Good Wr's.

/On the Ireland Subject

Did the 08 team have the Depth this team has?

Jeff hasn't only found Starters, He's found good back-ups too.

The O-line seems to have about 6 good linemen this year.

The Rb's are stacked. Yeah the Fins didn't get D.Murray, Neither did the Pats or Jets and they really needed a RB. Didn't the Pats take 2 RB's before Murray?

The west coast offense is more of a finess run blocking scheme. Usually employing slightly smaller, quicker, and more agile olinemen.

These type linemen arent going to consistently overpower d-linemen. Mainly they create creases in the d-line, not gaping holes. When holes are open they wont be open long. That's the need for smaller quicker faster rb's in the west coast run blocking scheme.

Most times the bigger bruiser type backs may not be able to consistently hit the hole quick enough in this blocking scheme. There arent very big fast quick rb's in the nfl. There may not even be 10 in the entire nfl of that type.

The double whammy influx of Ocho and now flirting with B Edwards is two fold inho...

1.) For YEARS Philbin has been around top tier WRs and a team that knew what to demand and expect for the players receiving passes.

2.) When Mando comments that Tannehill looked sharp in general BUT with 2 picks on otherwise very catch-able balls that throws up huge red flags to Philbin.

Couple that with losing your biggest WR crutch in 2011 in BM and here come the WR tryouts! As with any coach, his coaching butt is on the line as well so he has to bring the GB swagger to the Fins asap.

I like what Philbin is doing in general and can't wait to see what sort of clock manager,game plan designer, halftime adjuster and overall game day coach he is.



Do you think Clay will be use coming out of the back field on passing situations?
Or be also used as a FB! I agree on Thomas he will be use in short yardage!
But this game have evolved into a passing league. And the pounding type of running game is not seen as much, what's your opinion on that!

YG I would agree with you about Marshall being a better red zone threat if he hadn't run out of bounds after catching a ball wide open with no one in between him and the end zone AND dropped 7 td passes last year, in the end zone. But maybe it was the scheme or something. Maybe his time in Chicago will prove you right.


Sorry man, I'm not going to stop. I'm expressing an opinion. That's what I feel about Marshall and I used Owens as a comparison. Great talent but wore out his welcome everywhere he went. Marshall did it in Denver and he did it in Miami. He'll do it in Chicago too. just give it time. I'm already on record as saying I think he'll have a great year this year but give it some time and he'll do some dumb stuff and eventually it'll end badly in Chicago. Ireland cut his losses with him now and while I like the guy as a player I'm OK with that.

Rob OC,

Both Ocho and Edwards are likely one year rentals. Ocho's begins the season 34yrs old.

Heck, as one year rentals, we can get both Ocho and Edwards for half of what Marshall would have been paid this season. Probably equates to far more passing td's between the two also. Marshall had what, 6tds last year?



You read my post wrong. I said Braylon Edwards is the far better redzone threat. Youre reading to fast dude. LOL

Good point Dashi


marshall was a mistake, too many issues with him and he gets too much in the qb's head, selfish guy. they chose to sign marshall instead of drafting dumb loser dez, talented guy but beats his mother. in the end, either choice was the wrong choice.

What everyone is forgetting is how much the tight ends can be used with the westcoast offense. Clay and Egnew will both be playing in this offense. Moreover Bush can play in the slot and so can the rookie from the Hurricanes Miller. That is alot of speed there to make up for the slower WR group. Johnson can not be considered fast at 34 but measured against the Dolphins current WR's he is. The speed can come from Edwards to stretch the field or if the Dolphins can get Mike Wallace they have a great shot at being dangerous.


Its not like Marshall was a flub. Just that when you're throwing to guy often enough to accumulate 100+ receptions. That wr needs to put up at 10 or more td receptions too.

If not, that wr's just a "ball hog". The ball hog's gone now. LOL

Sometimes when a player is on his last chance to play this great game and at the end of their careers. Than may play great and have a great year! I say sign Edwards. Throw him out There to see what is left in the tank! No guarantee no promises!!

Shout to DD, whats shakin on a Sunday afternoon?

Craig M still here and still argumentative as ever! Good to see you on and consistent. lol. Seriously though I like the fact that many times your are the "other side" of the coin on these threads. If we all just agreed and parroted it would get super lame in a minute.

Many of the usual suspects in YG, Phins78, fin4life, bobbyd12, payuenwings (along with scads of others I left out) I see are on as well. Should be another year of ragged, raw and raging debates. Good ta see ya all on.


...If I may comment@ 1:28..I think that we are fooling ourselves if we think this is going to be a pass it around offense this year..It isn't our strength. Our best,or deepest position is running back. Our offensive line has proven to be good run blocker, poor pass blockers. The complicated pass offense takes more time to install, and click then the running game. Just look at our personel it is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole..We do not have the players, or IMO the quality at the quarterback position to throw it 30-35 times a game and have a chance...

The offense takes time. Look at the good ones, and those quarterbacks have been in that system for a few years. Yes it seems like you have to be ableto chuck it around to compete in this league..And one day hopefully we have the persnel to do this..I just think we are fooling ourselves thinking this years version of the offense will look a whole lot different then what we have seen in the past..Situational playcalling not included.


Speedwise Edwards is in the same category as Marshall. He's not going to consistently blow the top off any nfl secondaries. However, like Marshall, he can out-physical db's for the ball.

He is a much greater redzone threat than Marshall though.

YG.... Great points on those WR.

From a sheer $$ invested vs injury and dumb stuff protection B. Edwards and Ocho should make Miami more sound offensively.

Marshall made some great plays and nice catches while he was in Miami but for that kinda $$$$$...he left waaaaaay to many plays on the cutting room floor.

Good comments bro.


ray, I don't know what they're going to do but I know if I were the offensive coordinator I would have Clay all over the place. Good speed, exceptional hands, runs solid routes. He is listed as an h-back and Hernandez plays the same position in New England. New England lines him up in the backfield at fb and sometimes rb to either block, run or go out for a pass. He has that skill set and so does Clay so I would use him in different places to throw the defense off. Also if you use him at the fb position you can bring out Egnew on the line lined up left side, Fasano right, and Bush at RB.

Now you have four guys that can catch those short wco passes OR a great set up for the run. The defense will have problems recognizing what play we are running. Refreshing after Hennings offense was allowing opposing DBs to read our plays before the snap of the ball and tell our wrs what routes they were running. Sherman and Philbin are smart offensive minds (Sherman was fired because his defensive knowledge stinks and it showed on the field) so I believe this offense is going to surprise everyone. But we need patience to let it become the Dolphins way of doing business. Give Philbin some time to install his plays and philosophies, then we may have something here.

And no matter how much of a passing league it is (you're right about that), there will always be a need for a back who can pound through the line. Goal line plays especially. 10 yards isn't a lot of room for a qb to throw. Also getting the ball away from your own endzone as well as short yardage situations between the twenties.

all of you Ireland hater's are funny and probably most of you really have no idea of what your talking about.

only craig M and Phins78 know what's really going on, Ireland's only been in charge for the last two years and even last year's draft can't be measured, none of those rookies had an off season to learn the playbook and the speed of the pro-game, some of you are already saying that D Thomas is a bust, what jerks.

Coaching is a big component also, sparano was totally clueless, I'm confident we have a very good GM, Coach and owner.

look at Ireland's record the last two years, is very impressive, those of you that don't see it are either too blind because of your hatred for the man or too stupid to understand it.

Sorry YG :)

..Craig..I respect your opinion.I do. It just seems like you will defend Ireland to the point that it becomes a little overboard..I know these weren't your exact words..But insinuating that Ireland will be applauded for having the foresight to trade Marshall is just false..The team had enough. Chicago offered the best deal. It wasn't brilliance it was him doing his job..It isn't like we exactly got over on them. It was a fair trade.

Rob in OC......WHAT UP !!!!!!!!!!!
I'm fired up for the season. Actually really looking forward to Hard Knocks..It is cool to have an inside view of your team. It is going to be great TV for Phin fans(Thatsprobably about it..but who cares) Good to see you here!

Garrard is fully capable of chuking the ball 30-35 times a game given adequate protection. Dont forget Garrard's a former pro bowl qb. When on his game he has better than average accuracy and throws one of the better deepballs in the league.

Dont underestimate Garrard if fully healthy.

Rob OC,

Marshall made catches, thats great. But we also needed him to make td's. For half of what Marshall would have been paid this season, Ocho and Edwards could easily combine for twice as many td catches as Marshall had in 2011. Which was only 6.

Thank you FZB but I would also just like to point out to the blog that I don't believe for one second that Craig and I are the only ones who know what's going on. :)

I just don't want people hating on me! I'm keeping it nice this year. hahaha I'm just giving opinions here.

It's hatred against JI but stupid I'm not!
But you have your opinion I have my!
No one here is disrespecting anyone here! We all dolpfans. We love our team, and time will tell how good your boy JI is! LETS GO PHINS. AND WHOOP THOSE JETS. PATS. BILLS!!! Hahaha!!

Td's win games, not the amount of receptions a wr has(Marshall).

What's up Rob in oc!? Seasons almost here. Like the song says,,,,"it's the most,,,wonderful timmmmeeeee,,of the yeearrrrrr".

I always say this in August but am usually pretty bitter come October. Hopefully this year will be a little different!!!!

..YG..Maybe, But go back and look at the Pro-Bowl year. And Garrard averaged less then 25 passes per game. I just do not think we have the personel to do this consitantly. Sure there will be games where we throw it 35-40 a game..But like with Henne last year. I would wager a big amount we will be under 500 in those contests, and 500 or better in the games where we throw 25-30 times

Omar said about Tannys wife

RT @ServantOnIce: She ain’t nothing special, give me someone with some pigmentation and curves any day» 2nded

Racist much Omar?

Thomas will HAVE to bring up his YPC in order to earn any respect or be thought of as a top back.

With where he went...the extra draft picks to get him in the 2nd round...the RBs that had success after him in Murray, Helu and that Eric Rhett type RB from SF (name escapes me atm) THAT is what throws the wet blanket on RB Thomas's production/worth/value thus far.

He had a couple games where he flashed but I am leery that he can become a "Beast Mode" back from what I have seen. Seems to get tackled rather easy for his size and
has not been much in short yardage to date.

I will not throw dirt on his grave just yet but I have seen enough to form early opinions.

If you wanna grab pom poms and exhort Thomas on to stardom that you are sure awaits him be my guest.


Definitely the D should be ahead of the O at this point. Probably the up-tempo practice has them confused and maybe tired. Like NE does.

Sign Edwards to a one-year league minimum and see what's left in the tank....


Very well said. I'll echo Phins78's commments. I don't think I know more than anyone else here, I just tend to have a different opinion. I would have had Tannehille signed and ready to go before Friday but I think Ireland had a plan and I'll respect his desire to follow that through.

DD, all I'm saying is I think time will show that Ireland was smart to cut his losses and get something for Marshall while he could. Has nothing to do with me defending Ireland on everything. I liked Marshall but the reality is we were 7-9 and 6-10 with him here. Didn't move the needle even a tiny bit while he was here. I'm not sure I would have made the deal Ireland did but I get the logic behind him. Hopefully we're still talking when we see Marshall bouncing around from team to team like guys like Edwards and Burress are now.

Rob in OC, shout out to you brother! Good to be back talking football. Not convinced our team is going to do much this season but I'll be as charged up as ever hoping for success!

Go read the blog at the sent. Sheramn talking about how the Dolphins are taking 160 snaps per practice.

You read anything from Sherman and Philbin and it just seems like these guys get it. They know how to talk to the media. They know the game of football very well, true pros. And they know what the fans want. They're consistently practicing as close to the fans as possible unlike Sparano who kept the team on the other side of the world so the fans needed a telescope to see anything. They are confident in what they bring and they are confident in their players. That has to rub off in the right way on the entire team. Unlike Sparano who acted defeated and scared around everyone. And the whole playing to keep it close thing,,,,,,,,BLECH!!

Refreshing, refreshing, refreshing.

Is not Safe.

Sherman that is. Damn it I'm typing too fast as well YG!


Hope springs eternal at this time of year...coupled with all the worst to first stories and proven history of playoff turnover in the last 10 years...why not???

No crime in feeling good until the football team actually proves they have no talent, plays, coaching, leadership etc to win.

Good stuff! Hope we can enjoy at least some good highlights and a few wins this season.


john!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! I made that point about Omar in another blog. Could you imagine if Cote said he didn't think Marshalls wife was pretty and he preferred someone who was more white?!

Oh man the national media would be having a field day and Cote would be hung. Ridiculous immaturity on Omars part.

And what has Lauren done to be scrutinized for her looks in a sports page of a newspaper? Sheesh.

Last season was Ireland's 1st of full oganizational conrol. Thats he begining point I've decided to judge him by. The Bush and Moore moves were highly nstrumental in adverting total and complete disaster.

Pouncey was a safe pick and in this case safe was very good. Clay seems he will become a real gem. Jimmy Wioncan arguably be considere the greatest 7th rd pick of the entire nfl last season. Only pick not currently on the roster is 7th rd'er DT Frak Kearse.

Jury's still out on D Thomas, but I look for him to make a great contribution. Maybe Irelandgave too much to move back into the 2nd rd for him. But Istill think D Thomas will prove to be a better than average player for us.

Only Gates(4th) is still a huge question mark. Still, he has a chance to make a huge impact on st's. That would be huge if he does. The greatest bungl of 2011 may have been Tony Sparano inspired(Mark Columbo).

So I personally rate Ireland's 2011 season slghtly above average.

Craig M @ 2:02,

This quote from you says it all!

"Good to be back talking football. Not convinced our team is going to do much this season but I'll be as charged up as ever hoping for success!"

Great way of looking at it my friend. I always don my aqua n orange colored lenses and throw caution to the win at this time of year even if the little voice inside is screaming "Don't do it!" lol


i think some of you have the memory of an ant. the majority of hof players needed time to develop. the rookies that start out on fire and stay on fire are rare. my point is that some of you knuckleheads pass judgement on first and second year players far too quickly. there wasn't even a full off season last year. different players learn at different paces and also it depends on the players around them and the coaching. lots of variables. thomas odrick gates wilson misi martin will not all be busts the way some of you talk. if more than half of them prove their worth than that is as good as the best gm's an do.

There's a role for D. Thomas on this team. He's not expected to be the guy to carry the load and he likely won't be putting up any huge fantasy numbers but I do think he can be a good goaline guy for us and God knows we need that. On top of that, if we have the lead and need somebody to get the tough yards he can be that guy. Now we can debate all day whether we should have traded a 3rd, 5th and 7th for him and whether he was worth a 2nd round pick, but if he's getting the job done and we're winning games, who really cares. There is a role for this guy and God willing that he be healthy, I think he can fulfill that role.

It is becoming evident that our QB's to open the Season will be Tannehill, Garrard and Devlin. That,it was obvious to me last year too, and to Shula, and to Ireland.

I don't believe in any "poor practice" Player. You don't practice well, you won't be here come the Season.


How often we pass all depends on how the defense plays. Playing with 7pts or more leads makes it easier to both pass and run. It keeps the defense on it's heels.

As a oc or hc, you dont go into a game saying we must thrwo 30-35 times a game. You just need to be capable of it if comfort or need arises. If you're playing against a team with a bottom level run defense youre not going into the game looking to pass 30-35 times. Youre looking to run the ball 30-35 times.

Its game situation and opponent that dictates need or comfort to throw 30-35 times or run 30-35 times. Ther're even times you need a delicate balance of both run and pass situation or opponent dependant.

lew @2:09pm, very well said! Far too many guys trying to pass judgement on players after a shortened off-season from last year. The reality is we won't know about some of these guys for three years. It's the same guys who wrote Odrick off after getting injured his rookie year. Some of those guys have had to swallow hard on those words and are looking foolish now. It's also the guys who would have said that Brees and Rodgers were busts because they didn't make their marks in the league for a few years. As you've said, guys develop differently.

I'd hazzard a guess that if these guys were Titan fans they'd have already labeled Locker a bust because he hasn't wrestled the job away from Hasselbeck.

Miller, D. Thomas had a lot of trouble with Math while at School.

btw, Thomas graduated.

I watched Edwards here in Cleveland....like Marshall, lots of drops (though we didn't have a good qb) with less upside.

In New York, not so stellar.

He is large...but overrated when it comes to actual play-making. Just like Marshall...except in the pro bowl.

Oh, by the way...isn't the new offense supposed to spread things around. No dive receivers...?

Why is everyone looking to pick up a diva receiver? They will just Bit%$ and whine for a season or two, then leave. (see how long Chad lasts)

We have NO idea really what quality receivers are already on the roster cause they have never been properly used.

Blacks are normally terrible in math and science. They excel in gym, babble, and grabbing women.

one nice thing, all our top backs are great pass catchers, bush, thomas, miller. i don't see that we need any more aging vet receivers. let's see if one of the youngsters cn step up, give them a chance. i won't be surprised if our offense is ahead of the defense.

And people who refer to themselves as "Thurston" likely have very small...

oh nevermind. Ain't worth it.

ajdczar is the resident expert on...

oh nevermind. Ain't worth it.

As for passing quick judgements on rookies...so many years of losing will tend to shorten most windows of optimism except for the slow witted or extreme optimists...take yer pick.

These 4 year "Henne type windows" to find your niche in the game should die with Philbin. I think he see's what he needs. I think he will move faster on talent upgrades (as we are seeing with the WR tire kicking even though Ireland used late draft picks on WRs) and throw pride wind regarding holding on to players that don't cut the mustard faster.

I am just spit balling with the limited time he has been in charge but I think Philbin has a definitive plan and seems like a guy that will die trying to implement his tempo, player demands, precision, execution etc.

I think the interior view of the Packers org will serve him well as a new coach. He should know whats a pie in the sky expectation and what's real.


It is very clear, Thurston, that you have not been burdened with an overabundance of education.

should read "throw pride to the wind" @2:36

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