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Everything Matt Moore and David Garrard said today

There are three quarterbacks in camp for the Dolphins now -- David Garrard, Matt Moore and Pat Devlin. Ryan Tannehill is not signed and not present.

This is everything Moore and Garrard told the media today:

Quarterback Matt Moore

(On how it feels to be back at training camp) – “It felt great to get going. I know guys were excited for this day, especially with all the changes that have gone on. It was just great to be back on the field and kind of get going.” (On if he reads anything into taking reps with the first-team offense in practice) – “I don’t know, probably not much. I know how it’s going to go. Zac, (assistant quarterbacks) coach Taylor has told us tomorrow David (Garrard) will be taking all those reps. So we have a really good understanding like I’ve been saying the whole time and so. But it was good to get out there and take those reps today. Whatever that means is we’ll figure that out later, but just trying to make the most of the reps that you get.”

(On finishing the 2011 season strong and seeing the team sign Garrard and draft Ryan Tannehill) – “You can only control what you can control. They have a job to do. They have things that they are planning for. For me, you kind of sit back and you watch. I knew going in, Jeff Ireland was very clear with me that they were going to go after somebody if not two guys, which they did. So there were no surprises there which is appreciated. But you know, you got to go out and do your best and do your job and you can’t worry about the transactions that are being made because that’s out of your control.”

(On Tannehill being absent from practice) – “I think it’s a little unfortunate. I know they are working through things. I’m sure he wants to be here. I don’t know the situation, so I can’t comment too much, but from getting to know Ryan, I’m sure he wants to be here. When he gets here, he’ll be ready to go.”

(On how much instillation of the offense Tannehill will miss from not being here) – “One install is a lot of, I think it was 96 slides on our deal, so I mean it was a lot of information that he’s missing. (He’s a) sharp guy. He’s obviously got a background in this offense a little bit. He’ll definitely be a step behind. Missing a day, in training camp the way it is now, I mean that’s a huge piece with only the one practice and the walkthrough tonight. That’s a big deal, so he’ll have some stuff to make up and some stuff to study up on, but I’m sure he’ll be fine whenever he gets back.” (On the pace of practice and Coach Joe Philbin saying the offense probably leads the league in number of snaps taken in one practice) – “We’ve got to. We have to lead the league (laughing). It’s great. I know it wasn’t where we want it. I think Coach Philbin made it clear, especially to the quarterbacks, we need to pick it up a little bit and I think most of the players agree. I think it’s only going to be an advantage to us as our tempo. It was good, it’s not where want it to be.”

(On how much he is looking forward to working with Chad Johnson) – “A ton. He made a ton of catches today, which is great. I think he’s got his motivation and his own personal drive – he’s got a lot to prove I think or at least that’s the way he feels. And so he’s going to be a key player for us. So I’m obviously really looking forward to working with him. He’s obviously still got the first quick step. He’s got the speed and the hands. I have no doubt he’ll follow through with the mental part of it. He’s done a great job since he’s been here, coming in late in into OTAs, mini-camp and such. (I’m) just really looking forward to continuing to work with him.”

(On if he and Johnson talk a lot about Oregon State) – “Not a ton. We were there at different times. I’ve never played with another Beaver, so that’s just my first and it happens to be a guy like that. So that’s good.”

(On if he tries to block out what is said and written about the quarterback battle) – “Yeah, I try to. That goes back to kind of what I said – you can only control what you can control. It’s difficult at times just because all the cameras and people writing. It’s hard not to hear about it, but, as a player, I don’t know, I just try to do my job. You know what I mean? And the coaches have a job to do in preparing us, preparing each guy and I think naturally somebody is going to rise up and become the guy. I’ve got too much other stuff to worry about than thinking about the two or three other guys that are also at that position.”

Quarterback David Garrard

(On the start of training camp) – “Just the first day is exciting. It’s exciting to have the fans out here. I’m sure they were happy to see a little bit of football again. You know, it’s not games and that kind of stuff, but just the fact that we’re back out practicing and getting ready for games is exciting to them. It’s exciting to us as well, especially myself having taken last year off due to my back. It was great to be back out here with a team, a team that wanted me. To be feeling healthy and healthy enough where I feel like I’m ready to roll.”

(On how the tempo of OTAs and mini camps prepared him for today’s practice) – “Yeah, you know, I’m glad we did have OTAs because we do practice fast. We have a fast tempo throughout the whole practice. We’ve got to be leading the league right now with most snaps in practice (laughing), so it’s pretty cool to see how many snaps you can get off. I like the tempo and, as fast as we are going, coaches continue to say that we’ve got to go even faster. When we get up to the speed that they like us to be at, it’s going to be a two-minute drill the whole time.”

(On if he has something to prove to the NFL or Jacksonville Jaguars) – “I put all that in the past. I’m just excited and I have something to prove to myself – something to prove that I can come back from back surgery and still get out and perform and still get out and show myself that I can still play in this league. This has been a dream of mine ever since I was seven (years old) and I want to continue that dream. My biggest dream is winning a championship, so you’ve got to be on the field or on the team to even be close to being able to do that. So I’m one step closer to that.

(On Matt Moore receiving first-team reps) – “It just means that he opened with the one-snaps today. They had to give it to somebody and they gave it to him. That’s fine. We’re going to continue to battle throughout training camp, so I’m not reading anything into OTAs or into the first day of training camp. We’ve got a lot of snaps left and we’ve got some games to play. Those will be more of the deciding factors than just who led in training camp with the ones.”

(On Ryan Tannehill not being at practice today) – “Yeah, you know if he was any other rookie that didn’t know the offense, it would be definitely tough on him, but he knows most of the offense. I think just not being out here with the guys is probably the toughest thing for him, but I’m sure once he signs his contract, it’s not like in days past where guys were trying to get 50 million dollar guaranteed, that kind of stuff. I’m sure once they iron out the little details, he shouldn’t be too long I wouldn’t think, but I’m not his agent or the GM or anybody trying to negotiate his contract. But he’ll be fine. Like I said, for him, coming from this offense in college, that’s a big plus for him.”

(On his chances of winning the starting quarterback job) – “I think my chances are pretty good. I don’t think they would have me here or even say that it was open competition if my chances weren’t good. I know I can still play. I’ve just got to continue to prove it on the field and that's what’s going to be the deciding factor is how we perform on the field. The quarterback position is the one position that you can clearly see most of the time who should be out there. As long as I continue to do my job and do what I can do and play my best, then hopefully that’s enough.”

(On if it’s hard to ignore the cameras for Hard Knocks)  – “No, I’ve actually been through them before back in 2004. They weren’t quite as much in my face, but I got used to them then and you get used to them now. After a few days with them running around poking a camera in your face, you can actually talk to them and tell them, ‘Maybe not right now.’ Or if you just keep going on doing what you’re doing. You don’t have to act. It’s not acting. It’s not like we’ve got to put on a show for the cameras. We just do what we do and, if that was a good byte for them, then great. If not, they’ll just find something else to plug in there. So it’s all good with them.”