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What's happening at Dolphins camp today

Here's a quick rundown of what is happening at Dolphins camp today:

First, Brian Hartline and Chris Clemons did not practice. Clemens apparently has some sort of right knee bruise. Hartline's problem is unknown. [Update: Hartline has a calf injury, according to Barry Jackson.]

For the second consecutive day, David Garrard was the most impressive quarterback in camp. He's simply more polished right now. He threw Chad Johnson open on an in-cut. He connected a couple of times with Davone Bess and once with Julius Pruitt where he lofted the pass just out of the reach of the defender.

Johnson, by the way, has complained (yes, already) a couple of times about being open and not getting the ball. Coach Joe Philbin said he agreed with Johnson on at least one of those and actually told Garrard about it.

Me? I think Johnson needs to shut up and practice, but I guess the coaching staff and quarterback don't mind.

Matt Moore, who worked mostly with the second-team today after taking first-team snaps Friday, struggled with his deep passes today. He overthrew a couple of deep sideline passes including one to Johnson.

My darkhorse most impressive player of the day was, wait for it, wide receiver Chris Hogan. He caught two passes -- one from Moore, the other from Pat Devlin that split the seam of the opposing defense. He got open for both and simply snatched the football out of the air.

I was interested in watching Lamar Miller for parts of today's practice. He's not figuring at this point in the two-minute offense. The running backs ahead of him there are Reggie Bush on first team, Daniel Thomas on second team and Steve Slaton on third team.

But I watched later on and Miller does show a burst throw the hole. Very impressive. I've no idea if he will do that when the hitting starts, but I'm encouraged. By the way, the hitting begins Sunday.

Coach Joe Philbin confirmed the team will be in pads for at least part of Sunday's practice and there will be some contact.

 talked to Eric Steinbach after practice. He explained that although the Ravens worked him out before the Dolphins, they didn't offer him a deal. He said they were concerned about his back, the issue that landed him on injured reserve in Cleveland last season.

"These guys didn't have a problem with it here and they figured I'm recovered one hundred percent from the surgery, which I have," Steinbach said.

Steinbach is familiar with Philbin from their days at Iowa.

"It's good to be here," Steinbach said. "It's good to get back with someone you know and have a relationship with. After a year of missing games with back surgery, it's good to know somebody wants you. I'm looking for the most part to just get back in action."

Steinbach is working with the second unit at left guard. The Dolphins are obviously letting Steinbach work his way in. But could he work his way all the way to starting status?

He's played left guard all his life and it creates an interesting situation because the Dolphins are much more settled at left guard with Richie Incognito than at right guard with Artis Hicks. Could Incognito, who has played the right side, make the switch?

Maybe. But if the Dolphins ask Steinbach to make the switch, I doubt he would balk.

"The role is to come in and as a veteran be a leader and help the offense as much as I can," he said. "I don't care what position it is. you play the best five up front. As long as I'm healthy and getting the system down, I'm confident I'm one of the best five."

Reggie Bush spoke for the first time this camp. What follows is part of the availability.



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Dawn Aponte joined the Miami Dolphins on February 1, 2010, bringing with her a wealth of football experience at the team and league level. She is responsible for the management and strategic planning of the Dolphins salary cap, player contracts and budgets.

The Fins know they will be amongst the worst teams this season and want to have the flexibility to cut Tanny, when they draft Barkley next off season.



..Craig M. from the previous thread. Are you seriously saying that the Phins have a plan to keep Tannehill in a contract negotiation so that the veteran quarterbacks get more reps? That Ireland knows that Tannehill isn't likely to be the starter so missing time is no big deal as he will be riding the pine? Are you really trying to sell this as a reason this mess lingers on..Really.

Your a smart guy. This isn't a drive bye assasination of your opinion.I just think that you are reaching bud. You support Ireland. That is fine. Alot of the times I think you are on the money when you call people out for being unreasonable. It is good to have a voice "on the other side"...But this is a joke. Dolphin fans have every right to question the front office in this situation. Even though 99 percent of us could not fully comprehend a contract negotiaiton(on a proffesional football level) We can see clearly that this is another case of what inthe hell is this team doing?

It is frustrating because it is unneccesary. What does it accomplish? The team saves a bit of money if Tannehill sucks, or gets his leg broken? He was a quarterback taken in the top 10 of the draft..He gets paid, thats how it works. If the team had any reservations about this, why the pick?

Miami..show some faith, and stop trying to be the most clever guy in the room...It keeps making you look like idiots.

What lie will Philbin make up about Hartline now?

..If this franchise had been a winner the last decade. Nobody would question the club about player moves. We probably wouldn't be drafting a quarterback in the top 10 if we had. Anyway..Since this has been a painfull kick in the nuts the last 10 years(plus or minus a few good years)..Until the front office produces a formula for success. Every move is going to be overly scrutinized. Rightly so. They(Ireland) hasn't done anything that deserves the benifit of anyones doubt. If you choose to give it to him..Cool. But understand, fans have every right to be synical..Until things change. this is just the way it is..Put it this way. The dolphins front office is a lot like a hot chick that won't let you bang her. after awhile do you accept this and just be friends..Be the guy who she calls on the phone when she is upset. Or do you be the guy who says screw this guys and girls shouldn't be just friends... I think a lot of dolphan fans are tired of being the side buddy.

This team is doomed until it is sold and rebuilt from the ground up. We are 10 years away from seeing the playoffs.

Get off the doom and gloom already.

Hi Miami Herald, SS & Walker and all MB fest bloggers
Home went to training camp this morning

Had a great time, tempo was fast paced, have 188 pictures of camp today alone

Today's autographs and close up pictures of Matt Moore, David Garrard, Donald Thomas, Les brown, Simply The Bess, Pruitt, Anthony Fasano, and more

Home Talked to Matt Moore, David Garrard, Pruitt, and Fasano, etc.

Home even gave a shout out to helmetless Sean Smith, who replied, "How's it going buddy!"

If Sean only knew lol

Walker, Gigi or whoever what is the email address A your site so we can send u some pictures to enjoy

Home will check back

Love Home

The Team looks BETTER than Home imagined!

The tempo is awesome

Great day

Got lots to share

Home Photos r real cool esp of our 2 QBS

No TannyREACH yet, Thank goodness!

Agreed with K. Instead of being nay-sayers why don't you people actually SUPPORT the players that are currently on the rose. Its ridiculous and shows just how ignorant people really are

Wait till the games begin to complain. None of you are scouts or GM'S

And Darryl.. I agree...to a point. If they underachieve yes people have a right to be upset. But before a real snap has even happened during the season? The point it...no one KNOW what will happen. All the negativity does is feed into the media hype and the concept that Dolphin fans don't support their team. Which has already taken a beating thanks to all the CONSTANT negativity.

However, I am a firm believer of supporting an organization you claim to LOVE and stop bashing them because your don't like the roster moves that have been made. Let it be decided on the field.

I've been a loyal Dolphin fan since the late 70's early 80's, growing up with players like Marino, Stephenson, Clayton, Duper, Nathan, Offerdahl, Duhe, and the other greats. So yes I am used to them winning. However. Just cause they don't, I don't start calling them losers, sucky, lame ducks or any of that other BS. I support the product they put on the field and hope for the best. I still try to watch every game if I am unable to make it to the stadium. I support them win, lose or tie. I am a TRUE Miami Dolphins Fan for Life. Can any of you truly claim the same? Or are you only here when things are going good?

Hit the nail right on the head DD. I think this is the first year that I'm not even excited for football to start. I guess my expectations arent that high.

go phins ):

Im excited about my new RG3 jersey though.

How old is Dawn Aponte? Just the name sounds exciting.

I will support my beloved PHINS till the day I leave this earth! But I will never support JI
IMO he will get the benefit of the doubt this year, and I hope he succeeds. But something about JI just seams wrong! His attitude sucks and now after Joe Philbin came on board is the PHINS being more open to the FANBASE! Because of Joe not JI!! Even Ross said it to Joe, and I qoute. He told Joe do you want to take up that responsiblity of Hard knocks. So with Ross saying that and Joe suggesting to be more open to the media shows that JI has nothing to do with it, JI would prefer keep everything in the secret
And not inform us fan and media! Just like Parcells did. Remember that Parcell protege
I like the way camp is going fast fast fast tempo, hopefully the PHINS are not complacent like last year!! I believe it won't be, I see more TD this year especially in the red zone! I LIKE IT!! GO PHINS!!

No, no, I told you, it is :-)

home where can i see your camp photos and get the low down? what web site?




From earlier....

Just to clarify a couple of things. I'm not in support of what Jeff Ireland is doing. I think Tannehill should be there, on time and be participating in everything the team is doing. Yes, I think he has reason for why he is doing this. If you and others don't agree that's fine. It's what makes the world go around. I'll stick to my original argument, there is no way Tannehill should be or will be the starter to start the season. He hasn't played enough or shown enough to beat out two pretty competent QBs in Moore and Garrard. To think he's going to come in and beat both this guys out after only 6 weeks of training camp is setting the kid up to fail and is setting unrealistic expectations. We can argue this point all day long but I think this organization made many mistakes with Henne and I'm hoping that Ireland has learned from that. Guys will argue that Henne never had it and that's fine to argue that but I don't believe the organization handled him properly. I'm hoping there's a better plan for Tannehill and they've learned from the Henne mess. Part of that is to have no expectations on the kid early and not to rush him. Making it clear to everyone that the battle is between Garrard and Moore and letting them battle it out is what's best for the organization right now and what will be better for Tannehill long term. Guys will argue this point and that's fine too.

Lastly, you talk about questioning what this team has done for the last 10 years and how everything Ireland does should be questioned as a result. I don't get the correlation. How is what this team did under Wannstedt and Spielman and other anything to do with Ireland? Shouldn't you be judging him on is last two years and how he did in the draft and FA? Going back to your 'woman analogy', it's like blaming your current wife or girlfriend for the fact that your first marriage failed. The two aren't connected. to do what your saying is just carrying your history or baggage forward and I'm questioning why someone would do that?

the harold has the worst fin fans on the web, more then likely transplanted jest fans that what they sound like, such sad little men lost on the fire Ireland .plane

Did you get a picture of Dawn Aponte, Home? You have me intrigued.

What's up Home? C'mon Man bring the goods! What happened at camp today? Who's looking good? Did you really speak with Matt Moore and Garrard? lol at Sean Smith shout out.


The first thing Dawn Aponte did for the Dolphins is screw up the release and re-release of Joey Porter

Garrard is the man regardless. Moore is ok but if they are going to win, it's going to be with garrard.

Can someone post some pics from the post-practice showers? Charles Clay and Hartline are hotties!

Is it basketball season yet?

@ Verdad Dawn Aponte is overseeing the team in the AFC East with the least amount of cap space. Look at the rosters of the Bills, Jets & Patriots and tell me how ridiculous that seems.

Where is a photo of the camp practice and Home?

No talent and No cap space. Thanks Ireland.

I want to go to Dubai and see all the new skyscrapers and new subway and airport. I think most flights are through London or Paris. Are there direct flights from Miami or West Palm Beach?

home is a fraudulent fellow constantly copying other people

I agree with Cote. This team is going nowhere this year. Start Tahhehall from day 1 and let him get his experience.

Dawn Aponte is quite doable.

Ah Dawn............

Confucius say secretary not permanent part of office until screwed on desk.

..Jailyl..Good post. Here is the thing. Can a fan support a team and still be critical. Does it make someone less of a fan if he or she doesn't support every move the team makes? I can only speak for myself here. I do not like the way the team was put together. I thought we were one step behind the real contenders, and falling farther from the top. I still put the my own opinions aside each Sunday, and root for my squad. Just like you, or any other Phin fan. I am still here haven't jumped ship(even though Lex Hilliard is a Viking..lol) This doesn't mean I should be satisfied with the play on the field. It has been dissapointing.

We have a new regime now. I agree. No snaps have been taken this year. We the fans need to give this group a chance. Will the program be turned around overnight? I don't know the answer to that.I am excited to see what happens. My issue..And this whole debate has been raging on these chat rooms for the entirety of JI's reign here. Is he a capaple general manager? Again, it is probably unfair to judge him as he hasn't had full control of the team for a period long enough to say. The problem is that if he hasn't had immediete success. I understand it rarely works this way. I think it is fair to question his moves until he proves otherwise. When he does, I will be the first one to say well done. Put it this way. It is not in my best interest to see him, and the team fail. He has a plan moving forward. Will this plan be aces, or will it come up flat remains to be seen.

..Craig M..I'm with you on Tannehill. I don't think he will, or should play this year. IMO he was drafted with the idea he would have an real opportunity next year. My frustration has nothing to do with him losing reps, or falling behind this year..I think he will be fine. It is that we drafted him in the top 10. The team has it easy now as rookie wages are pretty much limited. so those days of ridiculous rookie contracts are over. This said, he was drafted to be the future here. Why the holdup? I could be totaly wrong, and the team is in the right here. I just think we drafted a quarterback. With this comes with the idea we have to ante up some cash and security.. As I said yesterday. This could end today..any minute, and all would be fine. I was speaking on the idea this becomes a dragged out negotation. At that point the team, and Ireland look bad..Even if it is the right move for the teams perspective..I can't see how having your number one pick absent from camp benifits anyone..Even if the plan has him as a backup.

As far as Ireland taking the blame for our past failures. This isn't what I meant. My point was that we haven't had good decision making at the top for to long. It goes way past Ireland. We can point the blame in many directions. Ireland is the guy now, and not much has changed..So it is natural that some(myself included) have some doubt about his ability as a GM..I think he has yet to prove anything as far as erasing this doubt. Now obviously as said above. None of us know how this years team will take shape. I also understnad blaming Ireland for every mis-step is ludicrous. At what point does he lose his pass as far as a concrete or fair timeframe for evaluation of his efforts?

Tannehill looks like a bust. Matt Barkley is our only chance for the future. Barf for Barkley in 2012.

Thanks for nothing! Why even bother asking questions here???


Seems Tannehill isnt looking worthy of the #8 pick. Also seems Ireland's setting up the alibi as to why Tannehill will see "ZERO" action in 2012. "Missed valuable reps to start training camp.

However, the real deal is, during minicamp and ota's Ireland see's he and Ross screwed the pooch drafting Tannehill at #8. Yes, they will cave to the offset language barrier, because imagine what happens if Ireland doesnt sign Tannehill?

Itv either makes available to re-enter into next draft or become a free agent. Which also equal not even having a 1st rd pick in 2012. Each day passing without Tannehill being signed closer suggests he's being seen as "potential bust" by this coaching staff. Also seeming more and more like Ross did force the Tannehill at #8 pick on Ireland and the new coaching staff.

Clearly Matt Moore isnt the future and neither is David Garrard. Wont be long before another fire Ireland march is started at Davey.

Everyday Tannehill goes unsigned, the more fans begin to believe Ireland/Ross screwed the pooch drafting him at #8 overall.

What you talking about it has been started!!


I see it's 'Headless Chicken' time around here again.

Seriously, some of you guys have WAAAY too much free time on your hands---making mountains out of molehills and seeing deep, dark conspiracies behind the most innocuous and inconsequential news.

Tannehill will sign, and soon. It really doesn't matter if he plays or not THIS year---he's a guy for the future (hopefully) who by ALL accounts will need plenty of work before he's capable of being a quality starter that can propel this team forward.

Calm the eff down. You guys sound like a bunch of hyperventilating teenage girls frantically wondering what Justin Beiber is doing. Jesus.

Whats wrong with these guys getting hurt in practice? Are they not supposed to be professional athletes? Don't they stay in shape? Give me a brake! As for Tannehill? Its looking more like this was a desperate pick, another bust of a first round pick. And given the history of these current fools selecting talent, I would not find it hard to believe. Ross, stop being CHEAP! You are the reason this team lacks star quality players.

Sure it would be nice to have Tannehill signed and practicing but let's keep calm. Let's focus on who is playing and be positive as there seems to be some good news with Garrard and other players. @DD As a ture fan I agree we can be critical, but fans here just seem too negative. It is day 2 of camp and people are already using the term bust and predicting another 10 loss season. That is just stupid

How is the accountant doing?

To all the morons. Please explain this or stfu.

How can Ryan be the future if the club wants to insert language in his contract which indicates he may not be the future?

It doesn't add up!

Aaron Rodgers had bust written all over him, did anyone see that draft day slide, he sat behind Farve for 4 years, nobody in Green Bay thought he was the real deal. One set of OTA's does not indicate if a rookie quarterback will be great or a bust. So he holds a clipboard for awhile, learns the pro game and steps in when ready to play at a high level. I personally like what Ireland is doing, I believe Phibin will be a very good head coach, tanny will be the franchise eventually and I like our last two drafts. Things have settled down and are moving in the right direction, tempo of practice is fast, players are all saying the right things and I expect us to be very competitive. What is happening with tanny is unfortunate but this isn't the first contract holdout and it won't be the last, he needs to get to camp more than Ireland needs to get him to camp. He should sign the contract and prove that he is not a bust then hold the dolphins feet to the fire when his contract is up. Sounds to me he is not sure himself and that would make me a little nervous so Ireland is protecting the organization. Beat him up if you would like but I like what I see so far and am taking a wait and see approach. The schedule sets up nice, we have a solid defense and Gerrard will make plays, 7-3 after 10 games and nobody will remember who our third quarterback is. GO FINS

Peyton Manning would have sat behind Bret Favre.

No one was going to start until Favre was GONE!

Why can't you guys understand that? Quit trying to compare Ryan to Aaron!

Look don't come down on us if JI is a idiot that drafted a QB that was suppose go in the second or possible third round! Look their is a lot if pro talent evaluators that disagree tanny being drafted in #8 spot of the first round! So now JI doesn't want to pay the guy because he knows that he f u c k e d up!
Look I dint care what anyone say. They must of seen something in minicamp OTA THATis concerning them! So explain why the delay!
And why in Gods Green earth do any team wants to draft a QB that needs developing at #8 spot in the first round!!! Just doesn't make sense!!! And remember Rodgers had Farve
That's the reason he didn't start earlier!!
Guys it just don't add up why the delay!! I think the first ten picks in the draft should start and contribute some in the first year! Not to develop a player!!!

This might be a good time to trade Tannehill for Gabbert, even swap.

ray,wake up.

sherman coached tannehill for years and knows him better than anyone. so you think after a few days of ota's they suddenly change their mind?

do us a favor and get sterilized.

Ok dr.zit
I will thanks bro!
You right what do I know I'm just a dumb a s s Stupid 42 years of seeing the PHINS play, Fan!! Never mind I guess I thought I live in good old USA, but I guess I live in Cuba where got to be careful what I say!!! HAHAHAHA!! My bad!!


For all we know the holdup is a clause to get Tannehill's wife into the cheerleader squad. Stop speculating about that and focus on what we can all see and that are perfomance in camp. BTW NFL networks just reported he just signed so go get another strory to complain about

ray and the other psycho heads must feel really stupid with their crazy theories now that tann is signed.

About time Tannelhill signs!! Now let's find out if he is a NFL caliber QB!! Good luck

I think the funniest poster on this site, by far, is BOYCOTT.

Clearly, he misunderstands the meaning of the word. "Boycott" means to not show...but here she is, posting every day.

Little girl, you must understand: if you show up...you're NOT boycotting...you're just WHINING!!!

You commit an error. I can defend the position.

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