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Kalil signing today may impact Tannehill talks

Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Matt Kalil signed today.

The deal had no offset language, according to various reports.

That's good news for Ryan Tannehill as his representative continues to talk to the Dolphins about signing their deal without offset language. Offset language allows a team to recoup some of the guaranteed money it pays a particular player in the event that player becomes a bust and is cut before his contract of four or five years (depending on a club option) expires.

The negotiations between the Vikings and Kalil was reportedly being held up by those teams insisting on offset language. The Vikings caved on the issue.

The Dolphins negotiations with Tannehill have included a team desire to include offset language in the deal. According to profootballtalk.com, the offset language issue is what is holding up Tannehill from agreeing with Miami. I have confirmed that is correct.

Obviously if other teams are backing off the demand for the language, the agent for Tannehill can also make the case his client shouldn't have the language in his deal.

So we'll see where this goes as the Dolphins are trying to get Tannehill signed in time for tomorrow's first practice. (Players already reported to camp today.)

With that said, consider this: It is absolutely wise for the Dolphins to try to protect themselves from the possibility that Tannehill might become a bust. But pushing the issue to the extreme that he misses significant training camp time starts things off on bad footing, thus increasing the possibility that Tannehill would be a bust.

It's a catch 22.

The Dolphins nonetheless remain optimistic a deal can be reached by the end of the weekend.


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They took the risk in drafting him so they should pay the price.....

If they had doubts they should have passed on him that early in the draft! Quit playing games and get him signed!!!!!

If Home did not want TannyReach before the draft

and Home does not want Tanny Puke after the draft

and Ireland now knows Tanny is a bust

then you gotta have the bust language!

Why didn't Ireland listen to Home on Tannehill & Martin

Now we are doomed

Welcome back Armando! I have a greater appreciation for your work after reading the crap the SS produce with the jester they have pretending to be a reporter...

Here goes Ireland low balling players again, just give Tannehill whatever money he deserves and get him in camp.

Can we trade Tannehill to Jets for a player who wins football games in college and the Pros

FB/QB Tebow!

Looks like Tanny is a bust already in Dolphins management if they are so hardcore in getting him to sign the offset.

Who the f**k cares what Home thinks???

If it was up to him, we'd have that virgin h0m0 tebow under centre.

Did Ohio die? I haven't seen him in here in a long time?

Tebow owns the Dolphins, Jets, Steelers,KC and Bears in his very first time playing against them

when is Tebow marrying Taylor Dane?

That's what I've been posting now for two days. JI and the coaching staff seen something in minicamps than concerns the front office and the coaches!! Look guys for the Tanny. Fans. He isn't going to start and JI picked that is a project! He may have the all tools and can make all the throws, but he needs to develop! And that's the beef I got with JI Tanny was not worth the #8 spot in the draft this year! JI should a picked a play maker and he didn't !!! Now he us trying to cover his a s s. That's all it is!!

Ireland insist on a "Bust Clause"

because Ireland finally caught on, duh

Tannehill = BUST

Don't sign him

The posts on this subject are ridiculous. None of you know Tannehill from John Elway and yet have the book written on him. At least watch him play first. You guys must suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome. You all love losing so much that you sabotage any player before they step out on the field. No wonder so many Florida pro teams suffer in attendance. The market sucks and is filled with so many losers...



He needs to come back to this blog

Tanny should not sign the offset! Let JI look like a d u m b a s s for pick him at 8.

Mark STFU, your in Toronto, no one gives a fock about that city. Stick with the Blue jays wanker

"With that said, consider this: It is absolutely wise for the Dolphins to try to protect themselves from the possibility that Tannehill might become a bust.

Tannehill might become a bust.

Tannehill might become a bust.

But pushing the issue to the extreme that he misses significant training camp time starts things off on bad footing, thus increasing the possibility that Tannehill would be a bust.

Tannehill would be a bust.

Tannehill would be a bust.

Seems like the NFL world is catching on to Home's scouting report ;)

Home, I actually have been to multiple Dolphins games thanks. I've even been known to fly back and forth multiple times during a season in order to do so. And judging by the attendance most of the losers in the market can't even bother to buy a cheap seat once a year to show up. So up yours. And my family does own property in Florida, so thanks for coming out.

And Justin, judging by the grammar and how you so eloquently put that entry together, you should probably be more concerned about your own future than what I think about that craphole of a sports market known as Florida.

Mark @3:50,

Good post and agree with it for the most part, guess I'm just a little jaded and lacking confidence even though I think if healthy Miller might be the steal of this draft in Rd.4

fin4life | July 26, 2012 at 04:08 PM

My reply to your post from the last thread, my problem is that there is noway of knowing what Tannehill can be, so why no risk on Mallett last Yr. Your probably dead on with Sparano having more of a hand than people know with alot of these picks but no excuse this Yr.

Tanny................Big project in the making

Martin...............I liked this pick and his workouts aside will wait and see what he does in a game

Vernon...............Seems primed for a move to OLB in a 3/4 his size and speed are tailored but were going to beef him up and play him at DE in a 4/3, teams will run at him early and often

Egnew...............Went to Mizz were the T.E. is an after thought in the pass game, sounds like a project.

Miller..............LOVE this pick!!

I can see what they were trying to do and fill needs but some of these players from what we've seen and read maybe in need of serious tunning and not the best matches in our system. I PRAY I'M WRONG BELIEVE ME!!

Pay Tannehill you cheap SOB!

How do u really feel? lol

and Home started, ran, built up and sold his own service company 25 yrs b4 retirement age and now longer has to do a damn thing except play

Bought my first house cash b4 my son was born
Humble, but Home will take it

Mark , U still work 5 months a year just to give it to the Canadian government? lol

have a good day, sorry u believed in TannyREACH

several games in his whole lifetime. lol

Think Home went to twice as many in the fall of "83"

Canadian clown. lol

Home you're still here instead of some patriots site like you said you were going to yesterday?

You know to support your new team, the Patriots, the place of your birth.

And if I lived in florida, I would be there every Sunday. Unfortunately, I can't. If the average resident of South Florida cared 10% as much as I did, that place would be sold out and have a waiting list as long as that of the packers. I'm at least one game a year when i live a million miles away. But yet most can't be bothered to drive 10 miles.

It's a disgrace watching a game on tv and hearing the visiting team sound like the home team. It's a disgrace seeing the aerial view of the stadium during games and all you see is orange seats.

We've all done a lot to call out the organization but waht about the residents of the area???

Say what you want about Toronto, but we support our teams. Try getting a leaf ticket. Our baseball game had 40,000 people there this afternoon although the team is decimated by injuries and no shot at the playoffs. If Miami was half as supportive as Toronto... only if.

And Home, judging by your post, you're at least in your 40s and still act like such an idiot ....

haha, pathetic. At your age, you think you'd find something better to do with your time. I at least have the excuse of being at a desk and down time to occupy.

If Canada was half as great as America. Only if. Instead Canada is our bea-atche..

Sorry your stuck at a desk Mark

Cheer up

Picture Reggie Bush catching a screen pass and juking his way 60 YDs for Miami Dolphin TD

Home makes this blog unreadable


I don't know how big of a project Tannehill will be. Judging by some pre draft grades i saw on him, he was definitely a first round pick. Maybe a slight reach at 8, but definitely not a 2nd round talent as most here like to say.

Vernon. Can still be very productive in nickel packages this year. With wake on the outside with Vernon, and Odrick inside - that can be very disruptive.

On running downs, you can move him off the field, and move Odrick outside.

A 1st round pick.

A Ha Ha Ha

U r funny Mark

Justin, assuming you or someone in your family even owns a home, look to your right, and your left, and across the street. Odds are, a Canadian now owns at least one of your properties. That is assuming you at least live in a semi decent neighbourhood. We only buy up your good property. You can keep the rubbish.

29 incompletions against Texas, 3 interceptions and a loss

yup def a 1st round pick and NFL franchise QB

A Ha Ha Ha


Mark, whatever

Since when does a QB go on the 8th pick , that lost 6 games his senior friggin year in college?? ANYONE?

Just sign him, and stand by your decision to pick him in the first round. If he doesn't pan out as a QB move him to receiver. He should still have some value in that position and at worst as an overpaid third string QB.

Scotty, BEAM ME UP!!

Just sign the kid I say. Frigging ridiculous this is holding up a deal. Once agin the Dolphins fron office looks like they are IDIOTS as we are the last team to sign are #1 pick. FIRE THE GM I say as Ireland is the problem in Miami!!

Maybe Tannehill can sign with the Marlins!

Didn't Ireland's last QB pick Pat White go play baseball too, b4 he got cut there too.


stanger says:
July 26, 2012 at 4:55 pm

If Martin doesn’t start somewhere, I won’t be a happy puppy.

Home is scary great with his looks into the future.

He predicted Tanny would be a bust and what do you know. Home has informed us Tanny IS A BUST.

Home has been right all along. He is right AGAIN.

Ah.......except Tanny hasn't even participated in a training camp, let alone a pre season game or ANYTHING AT ALL. Hello? Reality kicks Home in the head again lol.

Such as it is with all of Homes so called predictions. He makes them, runs his mouth about them as long as he can. PRONOUNCES himself correct again. Until reality kicks in. Then he's usually and ultimately proven wrong again. At which point he disappears, hides until the dust of ridiculousness settles and comes back with yet MORE great predictions.

To bad he's wrong about 90% of the time. Other than that little statistic, he's great. Totally serious, I've been somewhat keeping tabs. He get it's right about 10% of time. But I just equate that with a broken clock being right twice a day.

Home O great one, can you spell Duh-Lusional?

If ignorance is entertaining Homes should be headlining Vegas.

Tannehill will be a bust. Home & Stanger are right.

Misi probably will never live up to the fact that he was taken two spots before New England Patriots Pro Bowl tight end Rob Gronkowski. That’s a mistake the Dolphins’ front office still cringes about. But Misi is not on the “Bust Watch” because Gronkowski is an elite tight end. Misi has had enough troubles on and off the field to make this a huge third season. Misi was charged with alleged assault in California in March and could face league suspension if found guilty. On the field, Misi has shown flashes and has 5.5 sacks in two years. Misi is the favorite to start at outside linebacker for Miami, and this is a big third year to live up to his draft status.

Walker it just me and u and Miami Dolphin Training Camp

lol ;)

Marinofan13 says:
July 26, 2012 at 5:48 pm

70 MPH winds, baseball-sized hail, massive power outages throughout the region, and 425 or so lightning strikes in the last 30 minutes is what is being reported here. Damn the NWO and HAARP.

MF13 is feelin the NWO weather weapon of mass destruction

and Home started, ran, built up and sold his own service company 25 yrs b4 retirement age and now longer has to do a damn thing except play

Posted by: Home for Christ's Sake ; ) | July 26, 2012 at 04:35 PM

Assuming this isn't a "jail House Story" where everyone get to be whatever DuhLusional thing they can dream up, you're still a loser by your own words.

You're asking us to believe you did all these great things as a businessman. You acheived great success and are independently wealthy before retirement age. Now you can do whatever it is your little heart desires. It's the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous for Homes. It's PLAYTIME, reaping the benefits of your great success.

ASSUMING this is all TRUE, what is it that you chose to do?

Oh yeah, you're a 24/7 "Shock Jock" on a Miami Dolphins Sports Blog? ROTFLMAO. Thats a good one. As Charlie Sheen would say, L-O-S-E-R!

You have all this wealth and freedom and you CHOOSE to ruin sports blogs and even get banned from them 24/7 lol?

Don't try any back peddling now, we ALL see how you're here CONSTANTLY. Independently wealthy, you can do anything in the world you want as this is IT? Ha Ha, now thats pathetic.

I saw you talking to Dorothy earlier. I hope you told her to keep clicking her heels together, cause you Sir are definitely NOT in Kansas anymore.

Duh-Lusional - ROTFLMAO.

Misi is not a bust yet, but if he gets suspended than that will set him back and probably puts the bust label on him! But if he doesn't get suspended than he has this year to improve or will be a bust...

GetterDone Phins says:
July 26, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Sounds like your getting HAARP’d! ;)
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Marinofan13 says:
July 26, 2012 at 5:52 pm


What's up everyone! fin4life, Poizen, Toronto, the whole gang's getting back together. Can't wait.

Fin, yeah, LOVIN' DC right now. Definitely gonna try to see RG3 live. It's pretty electric out here. I wonder if it's the same in Miami? Just kidding, look, I'm glad we got a QB, but we'll have to see if Tannehill is THE guy. Maybe, maybe not, but I sure am rooting for the kid.

With that said, we need to sign him. DON'T take a chance on a guy at 8, 1st QB in DECADES, and THEN get cold feet and want to backtrack. That's setting him up for failure. Did Odrick have offset language (for not playing year one, not becoming a starter until year 3 or 4)? 1st rounders don't get paid ANYTHING CLOSE to what they used to, so it's not a lot of money. Give the kid all the confidence he needs, develop him, and trust in YOUR DAMNED TALENT EVALUATION SKILS MR. IRELAND!

That's all, good night.

Some people here defends JI and his draft picks! And than posts that The Patriots and Belichick also doesn't hit on most of his draft picks! Hmmmm ok. Belichick has been head coach and director of player personnel for a few years now right! Maybe he missed one a couple of drafts. In what 10 years, but JI only been a GM and has failed miserably! Plus Belichick has won SB!!! So bad comparison!
I wish we had half the talent the Patriots have!

LOL @ the Truth

Home is here for u and it was not that hard to accomplish
after all Home lives in Flori-DUH
All u have t do is know your trade and be able to complete a full sentence

and not amazing amount of wealth, just enuf to get by :) , but paid cash for the House and creature comforts

No cruises on the QE2 or anything this year. lol

Home has been thrown out of much better places than this!


Go Tebow!



The Dolphins are the 33rd most exciting team.


It IS the fair way. Yes indeed

Thank you ALoco

Can Home buy u drink?



Did TannyPUKE sign yet w a clause if the fans say he sucks Lauren has to cheer lead w no panties on and Ryan has to give the money back to Tim Tebow's fav charity?

Don't sign him cut your losses at just a high draft pick. Save the money for our first round qb next season

Barf for Barkley in 2012!!!

Ya'll better love Tannehill, he is your QB for the next decade. Deal with it

John Jerry, Koa Misi, and D Thomas = more Ireland busts

Hey as long as JI is gone, we can deal with Tannelhill as a WR!! LMAO!!!

So Ross said he hopes to retire Tannehill's # but is nickel and diming him .

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