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Kalil signing today may impact Tannehill talks

Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Matt Kalil signed today.

The deal had no offset language, according to various reports.

That's good news for Ryan Tannehill as his representative continues to talk to the Dolphins about signing their deal without offset language. Offset language allows a team to recoup some of the guaranteed money it pays a particular player in the event that player becomes a bust and is cut before his contract of four or five years (depending on a club option) expires.

The negotiations between the Vikings and Kalil was reportedly being held up by those teams insisting on offset language. The Vikings caved on the issue.

The Dolphins negotiations with Tannehill have included a team desire to include offset language in the deal. According to profootballtalk.com, the offset language issue is what is holding up Tannehill from agreeing with Miami. I have confirmed that is correct.

Obviously if other teams are backing off the demand for the language, the agent for Tannehill can also make the case his client shouldn't have the language in his deal.

So we'll see where this goes as the Dolphins are trying to get Tannehill signed in time for tomorrow's first practice. (Players already reported to camp today.)

With that said, consider this: It is absolutely wise for the Dolphins to try to protect themselves from the possibility that Tannehill might become a bust. But pushing the issue to the extreme that he misses significant training camp time starts things off on bad footing, thus increasing the possibility that Tannehill would be a bust.

It's a catch 22.

The Dolphins nonetheless remain optimistic a deal can be reached by the end of the weekend.


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Ryan Tannehill

#17 QB Miami Dolphins 2012-2026

There you go

I think Tannelhill by 2015 will be warring #84
and being one of the tallest WR in PHINS history!!

All wrong Ray - Mark my words, Tannehill is your QB for the next 15 years. I love it! Deal with it

The way the cost to sign a Rookie QB has been reduced from where it was before the rookie cap gives this team a better option to draft another QB high in the draft in the next two years if Tannehill does not pan out but to try and call him a bust this early is just foolish banter IMO. His contract can be no more than 15-20 million dollars compare that to Sam Bradford's 70 million dollar contract. So to me quite arguing over language in the contract and just sign him now!!!!! Start him now too.

TanneREACH and greedy Laureen have one shot to steal as much money as the fool Ross is willing to give up

for throwing the ball four times in his debut to safety Jones or moving in slow motion as to be sacked every other play

but TannyPUKE knows the playbook and never was developed after a few yrs together by fired college coach Mike Sherman on a losing team

So Jeff Ireland says, "Lets do it again w both of them, but only if we can push TannyPUKE up to the 1st round and look totally foolish!

Go Phins!


Ok...QB/WR But third string QB/WR haha!

Tannehill looks like the 2nd coming of Chad Henne.

Sign our 3rd dtring QB now and let the tradition continue

Losing and more empty seats

Go Ireland!

Sign TannyPUKE!

Pay him twice as much as our starter QB Matt Moore

Lauren wants to go shopping!

5-11 here we come


Trade Ireland,TannyREACH,Martin,2 WRs and throw in a
Kaddu and an Egnew

might be some promise in Miller

Keep em!

Happy hour
Look the part the just got me dumbfounded is JI picks a QB with 19 starts in college playing against mediocre competition and failing at it, Makes JI think he is NFL caliber QB!! Hahahahaha!!!

Sounds like someone here wants a TannyREACHAROUND, and is jealous of Lauren. Tanny is your QB son, deal with it

Ireland has Ross totally dumbfounded and his investment in the Dolphins has gone done only a couple million now, but expect it to plummet

Fact is this team is no more talented than other elite teams practice squads and now ill take at least 3 yr and the firing of Ireland to redo the whole stank pile of refuse

have a HAARPy day :(

Anybody here thinks Payton is going to do great for the broncos?? I think he will but it takes time to gel to build cohesiveness, it's a new offense there is got to be rust build up in that older body! We will see!

Keep reading alot of posts about how bad Tannehill is and will go on the record and say this. The kid can make every throw as he showed on his Pro Day and has it physically to run and move in the pocket. My only knock on him is the limited time of experience playing the position in Div 1-A. None of us really know IF his College WR's ran correct routes or not causing some picks given that his Coach at Tex. AM was Sherman who runs an O predicated on going thru the reads quick and throwing to specific spots before his WR makes his breaks his miscues could have been an inability to gel with his WR Corp.

I am not simply talking out of my rear it is Sherman's version of the WC Offense and Tannehill has a plenty strong enough arm to thread seams in zone D's but does he have the smarts and quick reaction for that type of tempo game or not?? Here in lies the 13.5 Million Dollar question (more or less what his deal should be at pick 8) but if conviction had you make the pick then front load it with a big signing bonus with minimal cash on the back end if it doesn't pan out by Yr. 4. You don't do what Ireland is doing adding terminology into the contract that penalizes him before he ever even takes the practice field for the 1st time as a Pro!!!!!

Some on the other post by Mando were and are still sticking up for Ireland saying, well if Newsome and the Ravens signed Steinbach their geniuses but since it's Ireland, YADA YADA YADA, complete B.S. It is a re-occuring thing with Ireland every offseason to make a move that the entire Football world questions, scoffs at and laughs at. Hey I was one of those that felt uneasy about this pick because while a physical specimen at QB Tannehill brings as many questions about his instincts and smarts but if your conviction had you pull the trigger in April with pick 8 then sign him and lets roll the dice and see what we got already, till when will this amateur hour comedy of errors be force fed to us, was it the 13 Marino wore or something that cursed this franchise, jeez!!!

TannyPUKE will never even sniff the field

Moore is and has been the only choice

the rest is Poppycock!

Better off just sticking w Henne and Moore and move on

Garrard was a ridiculous signing, a soon to be 35 yr old one step slower injured losing QB w Krohns disease

Freaking Joke

We could have traded bak and got DeCastro, Kuechley or Cox and still have gotten Weeden if u u felt compelled

Tanny sucks sooo bad

Happy hour

Totally agree! If this team stinks again and last year this year picks dont contribute in some capacity than this team next year will be looking at end of the year to rebuild again! dear God please help our team, don't let these players JI picked fail.

Right you are Fins4life. That was a well thought out commentary on Tannehill. Good job


I really believe the Broncos are going to run away with the AFC West and by Playoff time be a team to be recon'd with. I think Manning will be on a mission and be at his perfectionist best by mid-season, IMHO.

Maybe I'm not the best at interpretting comments, but it seems as if some, like home WANT Tannehill to be a bust, in order to prove thier preconcieved opinions of him right. It's as if being "right" is more important to some of you, than seeing the dolphins win! You all do realize what Drew Brees is NOW, and what Drew Brees WAS in his first 3 years in the NFL, right? He was worse than Chad Henne in his first 3 years! Stop crying that we shhould have drafted Drew Brees, because had we, he STILL would be a SAINT, because this fan base would have ran him out of town. SO please, lets not do that with TANNEHILL. Some of you are already starting, calling him a bust, before his first TRAINING CAMP. EVERY ROOKIE QB has a chance to be a BUST. LUCK. RG3. STOP wishing he is one! START supporting him, not trying to beat him down, before he even plays a game!

Scouting reports said Tannehill holds the ball to long, has poor mechanics, struggles under pressure, has trouble making some of the throws in particular the deep ball

So far in his pajamas Tannehill redshirted would have been sacked far too many times and has thrown way more INTs than TDS

Freaking Joker

Dolphins last in the AFC east


Zero 2012 Draft picks starting!

PUHLEEEEASE | July 26, 2012 at 07:18 PM

You Sir can debate Football with the best of them and your writing style seems familiar?

Home, why dont you just become a jet fan!

After preseason Dolphins will not be able to even get a 5th round pick for TannyREACH and Ireland will lose his hair ;)

Fins4life - I doubt it. I hardly ever post here. Thank you for the compliment though. You are wise and knowledgeable yourself sir

Chandler Jones or Vernon

Gronkowski or an "Egnew"

Hightower or " a "Kaddu"

Brandon LLoyd or "Ocho Stinko"


Happy Hour w Home | July 26, 2012 at 07:23 PM

Don't know were you read that scouting report but I watched his Pro Day live from College Station and he was zinging the ball 60 yards down field on a dime and was throwing frozen ropes into the flat. He ran the 40 in 4.65 seconds at 6'4"/225 Pds. When run thru drills by Mariucci his flaws were mechanical in that he pats the ball right before throwing it, doesn't sell play action ect... but the physical talent is there if he has it upstairs which is the ? I have as should everybody given the lack of experience and playing time.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Welcome back.....for the both of us

Soiled :)

Nice good comment, see your points on JI but Tanny still comes here at a high draft pick with not enough experience out of college, and how about the phins receivers is it a equivalent to what Tanny had in college?
Let's say for the sake of not arguing, his receivers in college was the cause of his failures do you think this receiving core will help out Tanny? Just saying I'm not sure!

CJ 1st RD VO 3rd RD. RG 1st RD ME 3rd RD. Hightower 1st RD Kaddu 5th RD.


Chandler Jones or Vernon

Gronkowski or an "Egnew"

Hightower or " a "Kaddu"

Brandon LLoyd or "Ocho Stinko"


Happy Hour w Home | July 26, 2012 at 07:32 PM

That on the other hand is difficult to argue with!


There you are and right when I'm getting ready to throw some boneless chicken breasts on the grill with a backed potato!

logic homey

U don't see people comparing
V.davis to those 4 Cb's the patriots have drafted the last 4 yrs in the 2nd rd.

Or R.Bush to D. Woodhead.

Stop Repeating Ur Asinine Post.
Use Some F'n Common Sense.

Who had a Better Year DT or those 2 RB's the Patriots took before him last year.

Funny How The SS killed it's own Blog. Nice To see Everyone here. Mando is King Of Football in SFla, LOL.

Homey reminds me of someone from over there though. We all know Who.

I don't mind Buddy Posting a Million Times in 2 Days. It's just Homey Repeats his Post every 5 Minutes. We got it the first time.

Mr. Soiled Bottom,

We seem to have all come back on the same day, missed your musings! See if we catch up on the morning radio show.

ray | July 26, 2012 at 07:39 PM


I hear you and don't misunderstand me Bro, I am simply wondering just how in sinc Tannehill was with his College crew in the type of O Sherman runs but if we don't sign him we will never know one way or the other given his lack of playing time in Div 1-A. In all honesty after reading what the hold up was with his contract if I were Tanny I'd be insulted and if there is such little faith that we can't tie up 3 to 4 Million in a rookie deal with him then why the hell did they take him, don't you think??

Tannehill will sign soon. It's going to be a big thing for Hard Knocks. A little drama

Yes I agree what is the hold up!! Just sign the kid show confidence that you made the right choice, but this tactics of JI just sends a bad message to the rest of the team
What I mean is that the rest of his team mates probably wonder did our leaders pick the right guy to lead our offense? You know what I mean? JI needs to remove the language clause so the kid don't be under so much pressure to be scare to make mistakes or feel he might get cut! Sign him and let him compete to see if he can play or not.. Agree.

T-Sizzle should be signed before camp starts tomorrow. Like they say It's all for TV(Hard Knocks).

Dear Mr. fin4life

I checked the blog regularly to see if Mr. Salguero was still employed by the Miami Herald.

I also thought Mr. Salguero mite be in some witness protection program for his knowledge and possible testimony against Jeff Ireland and Mr. Ross for crimes committed to Miami Dolphin fans.

Now that he's no longer being protected I fear for his articles on this blog.


Soiled :)

29 incompletions against Texas, 3 interceptions and a loss

yup def a 1st round pick and NFL franchise QB

A Ha Ha Ha


Posted by: Happy Hour w Home | July 26, 2012 at 04:55 PM

Interesting criteria to base his future on.
Didn't he beat RGIII head to head??
Rhetorical question.
Proceed with your enlightenment.

Home is a dolt. Why do you people even talk to that fool?

The only difference between Home & a bucket of sh*t is the bucket.

ray | July 26, 2012 at 08:04 PM


My worry is the message there sending Tannehill which basically is, "Hey after watching you in limited drills without pads we think you suck and want to void two Yrs. off your deal if were not satisfied by the end of 2013" WOW!! Hey if I were him that would be in the back of my mind and consider that his College Coach who is directly responsible for mentoring him is part of the evaluation process. If there not careful this kid will come in uptight about the game over thinking ect.. and turn into ROBO-QB 2.0 or blow every bodies socks off but again sitting at his College Station home in Texas we will never know.

SoiledBottom | July 26, 2012 at 08:11 PM

LMAO!! And very true I kept checking as well and thought that the blog might be done forcing me into a percipitous jump to Mr. Kelly's blog which is apparently run by someone else whose name escapes me and whose blog topic is benign in nature in search of my neeeded Fins fix only to find there log in more complicated than my AT&T Uverse bill with a registered Fin4life no less,I felt blasphemed. I searched high, I searched low and scowered the endless cyber universe but alas our fearless leader returned once again restoring balance to the Football Universe

Ok whats the deal with Tannehill being the ONLY unsigned 1st round pick?

Why? The why scares me. Offset language? OK, lets call it what it is, REFUND MONEY!

We can't sign the Kid because Ireland wants a guranteed refund if he goes bust? Are you freaking kidding me? After just being so confident in the Kid you spend T-H-E 8th OVERALL pick on him.

With the Rookie Salary Cap the numbers are negligable compared to years past. Somethings very wrong here, think about it.

1. A few months ago Ireland had so much confidence in Tannehill he took him 8th overall. Ok, GREAT. If you spent that high of a pick on the Kid, you MUST BE CONVINCED he's your future. Am I right? You have to be or you don't pull the trigger on him that high.

Ireland could have passed(or traded down)and hoped he would still be there. He didn't. Therefor we can KNOW Ireland was convinced Tannehill was the real deal. Whether he starts right away or not doesn't matter. Ireland's actions DICTATE that he was convinced Tanny is the future.

2. Wanting some GUARANTEED refund money. Thats OK too. There's nothing wrong with showing fiscal responsibility. But up to what point and what cost?

Training camp starts in the morning. How can Ireland hold out this long? This will start affecting Tannehills development within hours. Ireland was so convinced about this kid just a short time ago, but NOW he's willing to possibly infringe upon his initial development stage? Besides the physical nature of it, you have to also consider the psychological effects and ramifications. The psychological possibly being the more impacting at this stage.

3. Somethings up with this. There is more going on here than meets the eye. What could have happened between being sold on draft day and now, holding up the process over what amounts to a negligible amount of **REFUND MONEY**.

I hope I'm wrong, but it's either one of two things.

1a. Ireland is as happenstance and mentally challenged as a large part of the fan base believes.


2. The obvious and logical ASSUMPTION(I stress very stringently **ASSUMPTION**), The powers that be in Dolphin-Land have seen some things during OTA's and meetings that have planted extreme doubts in the backs of their collectrive minds.

Otherwise, how else can Ireland justify his actions to Ross, Philbin, Sherman, the team and uncomfortably enough, Tannehill himself?

Over some hypothetical and negligible REFUND clause on the guaranteed money?

C'mon Man!

Coalition To Get Coalition Out Of The Closet | July 26, 2012 at 08:35 PM

Great post agree 100% I posted similar remarks but attention to detail in the going on's in the mind of one Jeff Ireland is the best guesstimation I've read so far, by the way good to have you here old friend!!


Whao!! If I add anything else to your comment I will ruin it... I just don't get JI thinking, that's scary!

The Dolphins are a cheap dysfunctional franchise.

Ur talking about the 6 Td game against RG3. Or the 65 yd Td Run against OSU. Remember T-Hill didn't have a Blackmon or K.Wright to Throw to. Or a great TE as a Security Blanket.

Now he does need developing which is the Reason why We aren't starting him from Day 1. The Potential is there, we just need to be Patient.

Even Luck and RG3 had a hold-up with their Contract because of Off-Set Language. Do they feel Pressure About being Cut? Is their fan base getting all Paranoid?

Be Easy, Even if T-Hill doesn't sign for a Couple Days that doesn't make it the end of the World or it will destroy him before he steps on the field. Didn't Pouncey Hold-Out for a Day or 2 last Year? And we were expecting him to start from Day 1.

Toronto Mark, are you rich?
$25 for gas, $25 for smoke, $25 for parking, $10 a beer, at least $30 to $40 for tailgate supplies and at least $50 a ticket.
And thats just for 1 person, try bringing kids and see how much U pay.
What really sucks is paying all that money and U still lose. Lol
Sometimes u are better off just going to Bru's room. Lol


If your out there the web address you sent me sends me to facebook.

Dashi In Ur Mouth | July 26, 2012 at 08:54 PM

Good point!!

TannyPuke just signed

his rent check and a Credit Card for the prostitute w a plan, Lauren's Visa bill


tWay wrong mando!

You see, we drafted this guy at #8. Why would TanneHenne's agent back down when he has Ross and Ireland by the nizuts?

What are they going to do? Cut him?

TanneHenne can ask for the world and they must pay it unless they want to look like the idiots they actually are.

Use Tannehill at WR instead of Hartline.

The fact is Ireland finally has realized, like Home did 6 months ago, ... that the Dolphins do not even remotely need this chump poser QB

TannyREACH has nothing, NOTHING over even close to 35 yr old Krohns diseased, grandpa w herniated disks in his back and runs a 5.6 in the 40, that was 6th runner up to the AFC Pro Bowl

Why do jaded Dolfans and ignorant local sportswriters want to insist that the one time sixth runner up of the Pro Bowl was actually a legitimate Pro Bowl QB?

Rock Star, California Coolie, Lady Slayer, 12th ranked, offensive MVP of the AFC twice last season is

C'Mon Grandpa Garrard the perrenial loser or 27 yr young Matt Moore

Go Phins!

Interesting news!!

The Pack released starting S.S. Charlie Peprah and moved Woodson into that spot. Given our lack of experience he might be one of those late on the cheap additions Ross and Ireland love, especially if Philbin thinks he's a good locker room guy who can play.

Nicely played, Jack Sparrow

Time for Lauren the Ho to spend some of Ross's millions


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