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Kalil signing today may impact Tannehill talks

Minnesota Vikings first-round pick Matt Kalil signed today.

The deal had no offset language, according to various reports.

That's good news for Ryan Tannehill as his representative continues to talk to the Dolphins about signing their deal without offset language. Offset language allows a team to recoup some of the guaranteed money it pays a particular player in the event that player becomes a bust and is cut before his contract of four or five years (depending on a club option) expires.

The negotiations between the Vikings and Kalil was reportedly being held up by those teams insisting on offset language. The Vikings caved on the issue.

The Dolphins negotiations with Tannehill have included a team desire to include offset language in the deal. According to profootballtalk.com, the offset language issue is what is holding up Tannehill from agreeing with Miami. I have confirmed that is correct.

Obviously if other teams are backing off the demand for the language, the agent for Tannehill can also make the case his client shouldn't have the language in his deal.

So we'll see where this goes as the Dolphins are trying to get Tannehill signed in time for tomorrow's first practice. (Players already reported to camp today.)

With that said, consider this: It is absolutely wise for the Dolphins to try to protect themselves from the possibility that Tannehill might become a bust. But pushing the issue to the extreme that he misses significant training camp time starts things off on bad footing, thus increasing the possibility that Tannehill would be a bust.

It's a catch 22.

The Dolphins nonetheless remain optimistic a deal can be reached by the end of the weekend.


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Hey ALoco, how about when the Heat beat those sissy Celtics?


4-12 or 5-11 this year........4th consecutive losing season

I'am gonna go 7 and 9, They still have a very good Defense....IMHO....


In my book Colt might have a shot at being a serviceable QB on an O team he doesn't have to carry. The Browns he's been forced to lead are the NFL equivalent of cruel and unusual punishment. A team that was led by P.Hillis with a lousy rightside of an OL to boot which like a young pitcher in Baseball can break a young player irreparably. Sometimes it comes down to the Luck of the draw, team and system a player ends up in plus Holgrem has never really backed him or given him much to work with and all but pulled the plug with Weeden.

I hear you and wont put either Colt or Barkley in elite status but believe Barkley shows a certain moxy that I like and believe his arm better than McCoy's. Like you said his Pro day will tell but feel he has more zip on the ball than you give him credit for.


What's up Bro! I feel anywhere between 6-10 to 8-8 depending on the bounce of the ball in a couple of close ones.

I'm seeing a 5-11 to 7-9 season, that offense is gonna drag us down this year.

Joey, Cant be any worse then Fisty Sparono...
Then again, What do I know..
F4L, I concur, A couple good bounces might help..

Tan doesn't have enough games under his belt and was drafted high. Lots of money on a thin resume.

Truth hurts...lol!!

I predicted 6-7 wins this year. However, I can still see upto 11, or miraculously 12 wins. But it GREATLY depends on these 3 things:

1. Pass rush and pass defense.
2. Chad Johnson. The Cincinatti Bengals version.
3. David Garrard staying healthy entire season.

Garrard's a former pro bowl calibre and by far the most experienced qb on the roster. If these 3 things listed become come to pass. Winning 11 or miraculously 12 games isnt a farfetched wet dream.


I Agree Barkley has "It". He has a Year to Build Up his Arm Strength to above Average. So he Can Be a Top 3 Qb in next Years Draft.

Potential Wise, they are about 5-6 QB's eligible for next Years draft, and Barkley or Jones Might not even be the Best 2 coming out next year.

Washington, Clemson, TCU, Arkansas and Alabama all have Pretty Good QB's. More Potential.

/I Agree with everything YG just said @ 12:27

The Dolphins can go Anywhere from 6-12 Wins depending on those 3 things. (I got them at 9-7, all depending on the Qb's Performance. 6-10 if T-Hill has to start the season or gets put in After the Bye-Week.)

1. Top 10 D, With an Improved Secondary (#15 or above Pass D), Better Lb play, and more Sacks from the Edge(DE) with the 4-3 alignment. More Turnovers is just a bonus.

2. I would say all the Wr's need to step up. If we can have 4 Good Wr's we will be OK. The Fins don't need 1 Great WR. This System Depends on the TE's and Rb's being Wr's as well. So Expect Egnew and Miller going in Motion. Or Bush and Clay, Fasano and D.thomas. Multiple Combinations. We can Go From Goalline to 4 wide. If we go 0 Wr's, 3 Te's and 2 Rb's in the Huddle.

The Fins don't need a prototypical No. 1 Wr. Not with this system, not this Season. Now will it be nice if Chad can lead the Group, Yes. But 8-5 and Mentoring sounds like a Joke.

3. The Qb's Performance. I really don't care if it's DG or M&M. DG makes more sense because even in his Old Age he can Protect the ball better than Fumble Moore. Plus he's faster and more Agile than Matt. He Fits the T-Sizzle Mold. Now if the Fins plan to go from 9-7 to 12-4 this should be #1 not 3.

4. The O-line. "RG and RT". Will they go with a Veteran RG so they can bring the Rookie RT along? Get rid of Ben&Jerry, have Hicks and Stitch battle it out or share time at RG. With Murtha and Martin doing the Same in the Early part of the season, Remember it's high tempo. I expect for even the O-line to be rotating players from time to time.

Man, he's smart as hell(he's going to be a future MD, just like I am now); he won't be an easy sign.

I don't make predictions, LV does it for me. 7-9.

Man, I had a terrible day at Calder today. You see, when the track is very dry, you see all that loose sand flying and some horses start to climb.Even in humid Miami, they should water that track better. Makes for more uniform betting, you know.

-rolls eyes at so many of the immature bickering-

Grow up people...And it's a wonder of why most the true dolphin fans stay away from this blog. Most of the people here are fair weather fans at best

-just sits back & laughs at the know it alls-

Let the boy's play.. End of discussion

Lifelong Dolphins Fan...Win Or Lose

You really don't want to rile him, that guy is smarter than all the Dolphins FO personnel put together(with the possible exception of Ireland).

We havent written T-Man off, Irelands the one we wrote off.

Home thinks Ireland should have signed the bust clause!


I side with the team on this one. Tannehill has not taken one snap and deserves no special treatment.
Let him hold out. We don't miss him yet.

I like everything the Dolphins have done this offseason! It is time now to move on and win games. Sign Tannehill and remove the offset language. You picked him so pay him, then play him. Lets get down to football now.

I like everything the Dolphins have done this offseason! It is time now to move on and win games. Sign Tannehill and remove the offset language. You picked him so pay him, then play him. Lets get down to football now.

Nope! Disagree! Keep the nonperformance clause! You don't perform, you don't get big money!

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